Chapter 15


I don’t really have time to think about the call I got from Sookie for a few hours. After the meetings, when I’m on my way home I start to think.


This is a good thing. This way all of those fears Sookie has can be squashed. She is no longer the bad guy if this man doesn’t want anything to do with Brie that’s on him. Sookie took the steps to tell him about their daughter. If he decides he doesn’t want anything to do with her, that’s his loss. As long as Sookie will allow it, Brie has a father. If Rasul wants to be a part of her life, great, as long as he doesn’t try to fuck up the good things she has going for her now.


I run to my house first to grab a change of clothes for the morning. I don’t know if I’ll be staying the night, but I want to be prepared. As I’m walking out I shoot Sookie a message.


Me: Do you already have a plan for dinner or should I pick up pizza?


Sookie: I’m about to put pasta in the oven to melt the cheese.


Me: Ok. I’m on my way. Do you need me to pick anything up?


Sookie: Nope. I’m good 🙂


Me: see you soon. :-*


I finish grabbing a few things and head over to Sookie’s. When I get there Sookie has the door ajar for me so I walk in.


“Smells good in here,” I say when I find Sookie in the kitchen. Brie is in her bouncer, getting a little workout on her legs.


“Thanks,” she smiles. “How was your day?”


“Good,” I smile back and walk up behind her, wrapping my arms around her waist. “How are you?” I ask and kiss her temple.


“Good, surprisingly. I decided I’m not going to worry about Rasul since I can’t control how it’s going to turn out anyway.”


I move my hands up to massage her neck and say, “That’s good. I’m glad you got to tell him.”


“Me too,” she agrees and tilts her head to the side a little.


I work on her spine and that spot where her shoulder meets her neck. Her neck on display like this is turning me on. I don’t want to be turned on with the baby in the room. I dip down to kiss the side of her neck softly, but I straighten up right away.


“On a selfish level, I kinda hope he doesn’t want anything to do with her,” I admit.


“Selfishly, so do I.”


“It worries me that he might get a wild hair up his ass and try to take her from you. I know he would never get her, but legal battles would be shitty,” I say. I don’t know what she’s thought about, I’m sure everything, but all of these scenarios are running through my head.


“If he thinks he’s taking my daughter to Hawaii for any amount of time he’s got another thing coming,” she says.


Note to self: if we get married, Hawaii is not a honeymoon destination.


“I doubt he will,” she sighs. “His initial reaction indicated that he’s not very interested in being a dad.”


I growl softly. The idea of someone not wanting Brie pissed me off.


“I say if he calls back and says he doesn’t want anything to do with her you should have him legally give up his parental rights to avoid any trouble later.” Plus if I Sookie and I get married I can adopt her.


“Yeah, I was thinking about that.”


I go quiet for a moment and I start to massage down her shoulders. She’s tense.


“Relax,” I whisper. I’m sure she’s spent the day thinking too much about this and I can feel it in her muscles.


“I’m trying,” she whispers. “But now do you understand why this is such a big deal?”


“I do,” I say and pull her back against my chest. I wrap my arms around her shoulders, hugging her close. “You’ve done what you can, baby, it’s up to him now.”


“I got in a fight with Thalia too,” she confesses.


“About what?” They don’t fight often. I don’t know how she could get pissy with Sookie right now.




I loosen my grip and ask, “What do I have to do with anything?”


“She takes your side when things happen with you and me and I called her on it,” Sookie explains.


“First of all, I didn’t know anything was happening with us. This isn’t about me. This is about your daughter. This is about you. I would’ve gotten pissed too,” I say a little angrier than I expect. I don’t know what she said, but I should’ve never been a factor.


“Apparently she thinks I would fuck up and throw you out after you emotionally exploded from all this. She blames me for us breaking up before too. If she had been in my situation I would have been threatening to beat Mustafa’s ass for doing that to her. Not Thal though…”


“What a fucking cunt,” I growl. “I’m sorry, I know she’s your friend, but that’s bullshit. For what it’s worth, I wanted to kick my own ass for what I did. Now though, with this… Yes, I love Brie, but I know even if that guy wants to be involved she’s not going to love me any less.” Ugh. Thalia really irritates me sometimes.


“I know,” Sookie nods. She turns to face me and says, “I think about the possibility of Brie someday having to go through what I did and the last thing I want is Thal telling her it’s somehow her fault. Honestly, I’m not sure why we’re even friends sometimes.”


“Because after all these years it’s hard to let go. You love her, and I believe Thalia has your best interest most of the time. She’s just a little skewed and maybe she needs an eye opener,” I say. “And you know it wasn’t your fault, right? I’d also murder anyone that touched Brie inappropriately.”


“I know it’s not my fault and I know you would commit multiple felonies for your little angel,” Sookie smiles. “I changed when I got pregnant. I had to stop being irresponsible and living selfishly. Thal isn’t at that point yet.”


“Maybe you just need a break from her,” I sigh. Brie starts squealing behind us trying to get our attention. “Can I pick her up?” I ask.


“Yeah, she’s done her time.”


“Uh oh,” I smile at Brie as I walk toward her. “Did Mommy put you in a time out?” I pick her up and her feet are going crazy until I settle her on my hip. I guess it’s my ribs, but tomato tomahto.


“I just needed to be hands free.”


“She needs to work on her thigh muscles anyway. She’s gonna be crawling any day now, and next up is walking,” I finish in a ridiculous baby voice as I chew on Brie’s neck.


“She got to play in her exersaucer today and loved it. She was in there for over an hour before she fussed.”


“Good, I’m glad she’s getting better at being independent,” I say.


“Me too,” Sookie grins and comes closer to sneak tickle Brie.


She squeaks and her little hands go flying in the air. Kids are so easy.




I’m lying in the middle of Sookie’s bed. She’s in the bathroom getting ready for bed. We haven’t had sex since date night, and I’m hard thinking about her. I can hear her brushing her teeth, but in my head she’s fixing her hair. In my imagination I can see her sauntering over to the bed in a little nightie, no panties… fuck.


When she walks out she’s in an oversized T-shirt and yoga pants.


“Babe, how about you lose the clothes?” I smile as she approaches the bed. I’m sure she can see my erection through my sleep pants.


“It’s a little chilly for sleeping naked,” she smiles.


“What if I promise to keep you warm?” I ask. My hand slides under my waistband and I rub up and down my cock. I need some sort of friction right now.


“How do you plan to do that?” Sookie pulls off her top and sits on her knees at the end of the bed.


I groan and say in my sex voice, “I want to fuck you until you’re panting and sweating…”


“Oh yeah?” Her hands run up her sides and start playing with her tits.


“Yep. How about you lay back and spread your legs so I can have a midnight snack?”


“It’s not midnight yet,” she smirks and then moans when she twists and pulls her nipples.


“Then we can call it dessert. I want to taste your honey,” I purr and push my pants down enough to allow my cock to spring free.


“Mmm…” Sookie licks her lips and stares at my cock.


“Do you want to suck on it?” I ask and I start to stroke my length.




“Baby, take off your pants… come, sit here,” I say quietly and tap my lips. “You can lean over and suck my cock as long as you want.”


“I like this plan,” she says and wiggles out of her pants. Sookie tosses them to the side and kisses me before she straddles my face.


“Mmm, perfect,” I moan and tilt my head to lick through her slit.


I grab her thighs and push my tongue into her core, fucking her in quick, deep strokes. I’m fine with a blowjob, but I need her to cum as soon as possible. She tastes delicious. I pull back and move down to suck on her clit, groaning when I feel her shudder above me.


“Mmmm… that’s good, Eric,” she pants and her hand wraps around my shaft.


My hips buck up, but I don’t let up. I slide my hand around her leg and push two fingers into her pussy. I drop my head while I pump my fingers in and out. After a few seconds I work a third finger into her.


“Ohmygod,” Sookie gasps and her grip tightens on my cock. Her wrist twists and then she leans forward to let her soft tongue swirl around my tip.


“Mmm,” I groan. My hips begin to thrust up slowly. I wrap my lips around her clit again and flick the tip of my tongue quickly over her nub.


She moans and her head starts to bob quickly while her hand moves to my balls to rub and tug gently on them. My cock twitches in her mouth. I want her to take me deeper, but I’m letting her take control of this. I think I’ll always allow her to control the blowjobs.


I twist my fingers and curl them to rub her spot. I can feel her walls pulsing. I want her to cum. I need her to cum. I pull my fingers out and then I push two of them back into her cunt and I rub her rear hole with the third.


“Is this okay?” I ask as I apply a little pressure. I don’t know if she still likes anal play.


“Mmhmm,” she hums around my shaft. My head nudges the back of her throat and she gags at first, but then she swallows.


“Oh… Fuuuuck!” I cry out. I push my finger into her ass and I start fucking her in both holes. I can feel her throat massaging my tip. “Fuckfuckfuck!” I chant before sucking on her clit again.


Sookie’s moans get louder but they’re muffled by my dick in her throat. Her walls start to pulse around my fingers and I feel a fresh wave of her honey coat them as they pump into her.


I keep my fingers moving slowly in and out. My head falls to the bed and I moan when her lips hit the base of my cock again and again.


“Baby… I need to fuck you,” I pant. It’s taking all of my willpower to stop my hips from slamming up into her mouth.


She moans and tugs a little harder on my balls. I keep my hand in her pussy and I move the other hand down to hold onto her shoulder. I begin to thrust up slowly. I want to flip her around and fuck her so I can kiss her, but I’ll let her take what she wants.


“So good, baby,” I moan.


Sookie keeps moaning and letting her lips reach my base. I thrust a little faster when I feel my length begin pulse and twitch between her lips.


“Almost there…” I breathe. Her hand skims my balls and her lips are tight around my base. It’s too much. I buck my hips once and I explode deep down her throat. “Fuck! Yes!” I cry out and my fingers curl inside of her again.


Her walls pulse around my fingers and Sookie keeps bobbing her head to clean me up before she finally releases me.


“Goddamn, baby,” I say. I pull my fingers out and ask, “Do you want to sit on my cock now?”


“Mmhmm,” she hums and her head rests on my hip as the fluttering in her pussy becomes more intense.


My thumb brushes over her clit, rubbing in soft circles. “Do you like it when I massage your cunt, baby?” I ask her. I tilt my head to rub my tongue over her clit.


“Yes… so fucking good,” she groans and her hips flex.


“You can have this whenever you want, Sookie.” I wrap my lips around her clit again and suck hard. I want her to cum.


“Ohhh… right there, Eric. Oh fuck!” Sookie cries out and her walls clamp down around my fingers.


“Mmm, good girl,” I moan. I start licking through her folds, around my fingers, then back to her clit.


I gently extract my fingers and kiss her clit before I begin to lap at her opening. I could eat her pussy all day.


“You’ll make me cum again if you keep that up,” Sookie says as if that’s a problem.


“Mmm, I’m greedy for your cum,” I tell her and go right back to licking.


“Oh God,” she moans and her fingertips dig into my thighs.


“Do you want to cum on my mouth? Or do you want to ride me?” I ask. I hold onto her legs and I continue to slide my tongue up and down through her lips, over her core.


“I want… oh fuck… I want your cock,” she whimpers.


“You have him right there,” I tease. “Tell me where you want him.”


“My pussy. I want you to fuck me.”


I keep licking until I feel her legs tremble. I move her off of me, keeping on her knees. She’s still shaking when I get up on my knees behind her. I drag my cock through her folds and as soon as my head reaches her core I slam in, pulling her hips back at the same time.


“Fuck, yes!” I whisper-yell.


“Again,” Sookie whimpers.


I give her the same thrust again and again.


“Your pussy feels fucking amazing,” I pant and I pull my hand back to smack her ass.


“Fuck, yes,” Sookie growls. Her hand moves down to rub her clit.


I do it over and over. They’re light smacks, but I know after a few they start to sting. She loves it. Her pussy is gripping me harder.


“You’re gonna make me cum, lover,” I tell her.


“Mmm… don’t stop, Eric,” she moans. Her fingers move faster and she buries her face in the blanket when she cums.


Her orgasm milks me of my own. I drop my head back and slam in one more time, cumming deep inside of her. I slap her ass one more time before I collapse on top of her.


“Mmm…” Sookie moans and keeps playing with her clit. I’m still buried inside her so I feel her cum again a few minutes later.


I have to pull out after that orgasm so I don’t get hard again. I have to work in the morning, so I need to sleep at some point.




Saturday after I’ve just put Brie down for her nap when my phone rings. The area code tells me it’s Rasul. My heart leaps into my throat.




“Hi… is this Sookie?”


“Yes it is. How are you, Rasul?” I ask politely.


“I could be better,” he chuckles. “Listen, I uh… I’m calling about the baby.”


Duh. I didn’t think he called to talk about the latest episode of Chicago Fire.


“Okay,” I say as I sit down.


“I’ve done a lot of thinking, and I… I’m just not ready for this. I never wanted kids. She’s a beautiful girl, but…” He pauses to clear his throat. “If she has questions later… I guess I don’t care what you tell her. I’ll send you my address and any other contact information in case she has any medical issues and you need family history…”


My heart breaks for Brie. This is so unfair to her.


“I’d appreciate it. I uh… I’d like for you to file papers to terminate your rights to her,” I tell him. “Someday when she’s old enough to decide for herself if she wants to know you I’ll leave that up to her, but right now there’s a man in her life that wants to be her father.”


“That’s only fair,” he agrees quietly. “I’m sorry, Sookie…”


He’s got that right.


“Yeah, so am I,” I sigh. “I’ll text you my email address. Goodbye, Rasul.”


“Goodbye,” he says and hangs up.


I send off the text I promise and then get in the shower to get ready for date night. I told Eric I would wear one of my old dresses and I have a strapless, sequined one in mind. I wash up and shave my legs. When I get out of the shower I wrap a towel around me and damn near have a kitten when I find Thal lying on my bed.


“Jesus tap dancing Christ, Thal!” I clutch my chest.


“I’m sorry,” she says.


“What are you doing here?” I ask her.


“Apologizing. Mustafa pointed out what I was doing, and I’m sorry. I defended Eric because I know he makes you happy and I know how you get. You push people away, and I didn’t want you to end up pushing away something that makes you smile the way he does.”


“Thal, I push away people who aren’t worth fighting for. I’m too old and too tired to deal with unnecessary drama. I have no intention of pushing Eric away,” I tell her. She doesn’t know that Eric went to therapy with me. It’s none of her business, to be honest.


“Well, I’m sorry regardless.”


“Thank you,” I say softly. “Look, I don’t want to lose you as a friend, but my priorities are different than yours and the way I deal with things is different from the way you handle things. I just… I don’t really feel like I get a whole lot of support from you a lot of the time. It makes talking to you difficult.”


“I know. I got into my first post-marital fight over that. Mustafa called me on my shit and warned me that I would lose you if I don’t take things more seriously,” she admits. “I don’t want to lose you.”


“How about we have lunch tomorrow?” I offer. “Tonight is date night and you’ll be relieved to know the stretchy pants are staying at home.”


“I am relieved,” she smiles. “Call me in the morning and let me know where to meet you.”


“Sounds good,” I nod. “Oh, and Eric’s balls are normal color again.”


“Good,” she grins. “I’ll get details tomorrow.”


“Yes you will,” I agree.




“I’ll be down in a minute!” I call out to Eric when he shouts up the stairs to let me know he’s here. Mom came an hour ago to get Brie. She likes having her grandma time with the baby.


I slip my heels on and grab my clutch. When I get downstairs Eric is in the kitchen sipping a beer.


He moves the beer down to the counter as he stares at me.


“I don’t know if I want to show you off or fuck you right now,” he tells me with a heated stare.


“I’ll take that as a compliment,” I smile.


“You look delicious, baby,” Eric compliments me.


“Thank you. Are you ready to go, or should I assume the position?” I tease.


“Come over here,” Eric says, crooking his finger. He’s still leaning on the counter.


I walk over to him and say, “This is why I stick to stretchy pants.”


“You look fuckable in stretchy pants too,” he purrs and takes my hand to place it over his growing erection. “Your thighs just caused this.”


“Naughty thighs,” I say as I squeeze him.


“Mmm, but they can be good if you spread them for me,” he says as he runs his fingers through the back of my hair.


I pull away from him and bend over the counter. “Like this?”


“Mmhmm.” He turns so he’s standing behind me and he slides his hands up the back of my skirt to squeeze my ass. “Do you want to be pumped full of my cum before I take you to dinner?”


“That sounds like an offer too good to pass up,” I whisper. His voice is doing all kinds of things to me right now.


I hear his zipper go down just before I feel the head of his cock drag up and down my folds through my panties.


“We have to make this quick. We have reservations at eight,” he tells me. He pushes my panties to the side and his head rubs my clit.


“Mmm… then I guess you better fuck me fast,” I moan.


He groans as he keeps playing with me for a moment before he holds my hips and slides deep into my pussy from behind. I moan and I’m not sure what comes over me, but the next words out of my mouth are a surprise to me.


“Does that pussy feel good, Eric?” I ask him and clench my muscles around his thick shaft. “Make me cum all over this big dick, baby.”


“Mmm, there’s my girl,” he groans and pushes my skirt up a little higher so my ass is bare. He gives me a playful swat and then pulls my cheeks apart so he can get in deeper. “Fuck, you feel good.”


“Mmm… so do you,” I moan and look back at him. I’m blaming the dress because I feel the old me coming out to play. My eyes catch Eric’s and I ask, “What would you do if I flirt with our waiter all through dinner?”


He sucks on his finger before he spits on my ass and he starts to work his finger into me. He starts to pump in and out in a counter rhythm and says, “If he’s what you want I’d let him come home with us so you can have your way with us.”


His answer surprises me but I roll with it.


“Would you like that Eric? Do you want to watch me fuck someone else?” I ask him and reach down to help myself along by rubbing my clit.


“I didn’t until you threatened to flirt with our waiter… Do you want me to take you with another man?”


I shake my head and say, “I just want you.”


“Good… then I’ll reach under the table and play with your pussy right in front of the whole restaurant, but they can’t know, baby. I’m going to need you to stay quiet. The first sound you make and I’m going to stop,” he tells me and swivels his hips at the same time he twists his finger.


“Oh fuck,” I gasp. My fingers move faster and it’s like my orgasm sneaks up on me. I gasp again and my back arches. “Eric!” I scream his name for him as I cum hard.


He pulls his finger out, grabs my hips and pulls me back even harder on his cock. “So. Fucking. Perfect.” He punctuates each word with an almost brutal thrust before he explodes deep inside me.


“That’s not how I saw this date starting,” I pant. My legs are shaking and I have a feeling dinner is mostly going to be foreplay for round two when we get back.


“Neither did I,” he chuckles. Eric pulls his cock out and uses two fingers to rub the cum that spilled out into my clit. “I love it when you’re pumped full of my cum, Sookie.”


He fixes my panties and skirt before he goes to wash his hands.


“I love it too,” I smile and stand up slowly.


I haven’t told him about Rasul yet, but now’s as good a time as any.


“I have something to tell you,” I say as he dries his hands.


“What’s that?” he smiles.


“Rasul called the other day. He’s decided to forfeit his parental rights to Brie,” I tell him.


“That’s bittersweet, isn’t it,” he states and comes up to wrap his arms around me.


“Yeah, it is. He’s sending me medical history for his family in case anything comes up with Brie somewhere down the line, but that’s it.” I hug him back. “I’m sure it’s for the best but I still feel terrible for Brie. Maybe it would be different if she looked more like me, but it’s obvious that her daddy was different.”


“It is what it is. She’s loved regardless, that’s what’s important. You know she has me, too. Even if you and I don’t work she’ll always have me,” he says quietly and hugs me tighter. “I know I don’t look like her either, but maybe knowing somebody wants her will help… I’m sorry. I’m just trying to see the good in this.”


“No, it’s okay,” I smile up at him. “Thank you for taking all of this so well. Most guys would run the other way.”


“Most guys wouldn’t have made it through that first date,” he chuckles. “I want what’s best for you, and for Brie. If I lose my shit every time something comes up I’m no good to either of you.”


“As long as you know that I appreciate you and everything you have done to help me, that’s all I care about.” I push up on my toes to kiss him.


“I do.” He kisses me back. “I’m proud of you, too.”


“Thank you.” I kiss him one more time and say, “We better get out of here before Old Sookie comes back for another round and we miss dinner.”


“As long as Old Sookie knows she’s not getting Old Eric I don’t hate the idea,” he grins. He let’s go of me so I can go grab my clutch.


“Which Old Eric? The shy sweetheart that blushed or the sexy Sir that spanked me until I came?” I just need to know.


“I highly doubt you can make me blush anymore,” he says in lieu of an answer.


“That sounds like a dare,” I lift an eyebrow.


“Sookie, you know I can’t go too hardcore with that,” he says quietly, “I’m not going to pretend I can this time.”


“I think you underestimate how good you are at it, but if it makes you uncomfortable I’m not going to ask you to do it,” I say sincerely. “I don’t need it like I used to. It’s just for fun now.”


He smiles at me and says, “Thank you. If you’re naughty tonight you might get a good, hard spanking… for fun…”


“Then maybe I will flirt with the waiter,” I wink and turn to walk out of the room.


“Flirt as much as you want. I’ll be able to feel what the waiter, or waitress, does to you since my fingers will be in your cunt,” he says as he follows me.


“Keep talking dirty like that and I’ll be sucking my cum off your cock on the ride to dinner,” I reply.


“What’s dirty?” he asks innocently. “I just want to feel my cum inside you. I bet I can get three fingers in you right off the bat. Then I can work in a fourth.”


“Not at the dinner table you won’t. I don’t think you understand how three of those tree branches feel,” I chuckle as I lock up the house.


“Mmm, even better. I let you sit on my lap,” he waggles his eyebrows.


I snort and say,” That won’t be too obvious or anything.”


“Fine, no fucking in the fine dining restaurant. Two fingers,” he pouts.


“You poor, poor thing,” I say without a hint of sympathy and head to Eric’s car. I’m all for keeping things interesting but I do not want to call my mom to bail me out of jail to do it.



14 thoughts on “Chapter 15

  1. Sookie is really ticking me off. She doesn’t seem to be taking any responsibility for what happened before. Placing all the blame on Eric is cruel to him. Yes, again, No means No but within the context of her kink……………..

    Yes, Thalia should be more supportive of her as her friend, but I’m glad she is kicking Sookie’s ass. Sookie seems able to take responsibility of some things, but not others. I’m not terribly fond of this Sookie.


  2. it still confuses me too, because when eric rubbed his tip around her mouth I’m still wondering how he got his cock in her mouth without causing some serious damage to that area and why sookie didn’t crystal clear shut it down then. it seems she let the brat overrule her judgement in that moment. that said, I’m glad their getting back to their complete selves and communicating in all aspects of their life. brie will be all right, I believe that the way you HANDLE any situation brings about how good or bad it turns out.


    • I just had a talk with my girlfriend about the brie and rasul opinion was that rasul has a right to say what he wants to do with his parental status as well as sookie had. she choose to be a mother and rasul made his choice, that he believes is BEST for brie not anyone else, the child. women fight for their right to have a choice and men have that as well. you can’t give people rights at the expense of others rights.


      • Thank you! I was going to say that, but wanted to read through these comments first to see if anyone else mentioned parental choices, be they women’s or men’s. Either gender has the right to choose, and I appreciate someone making that point!


  3. Indeed. I am extremely passionate about parental rights. Several years ago I had a friend who told her boyfriend she was pregnant. He was understandably shocked and politely asked if he could have the weekend to process the information. By Monday he was excited and even went out and bought some cute little onesies. When he showed up at her house, she announced she’d had an abortion and here was a bill for his half. Women bang on about their right to their body but men have just as much right in these cases. On the flip side, again, friend of mine announces she is pregnant but that she doesn’t want the baby. He does. So he asks her to please go through with the pregnancy and if, after giving birth, she still doesn’t want the baby, she can sign over her rights….and that is exactly what happened.

    In this case, Sookie shoes to go through with a pregnancy which Rasul obviously would not have been ready for. Whether he chooses to withdraw from Brie’s life now, or before she was even born, the outcome is still the same. Everytime someone has sex they run the risk of falling pregnant and need to be prepared for all eventualities. Rasul was well within his rights here.


  4. It’s just as well that Rasul doesn’t want a part of that, but Brie deserves to know bio dad. Sookie is getting back to herself and they need to be careful with all that extra freaky. I’m glad Sookie and Thalia talked and will talk more about their friendship issues.


    • Brie deserves to know him if she wants to get to know him. Her mother can give her the information and she can make contact – when she is old enough to make those decisions.


  5. Great chapter! You’ve certainly raised some real issues with this one! There were some sensitive topics raised and you wrote them quite realistically and very maturely. Sookie had a right to be angry at her friend; she may indeed be guilty of the things her friend accuses her of, but every friendship has it’s boundaries, and her friend overstepped. The apology from her was great, and it was lovely to read that she realized she was wrong and did apologize. We’ve all made our thoughts known on the Rasul matter so I won’t go into that except to say that it was written splendidly. The two of them handled things like adults should. If only all the others in that position would handle things like that… I am just as… I guess I’m confused whenever the subject of Sookie & Eric’s former relationship is mentioned and “what he did to her” or “the assault.” WTF? He was playing her game, or did I not read something correctly? It seemed to me, and I went back & read it again, that Eric was going along with the bondage/Master thing, and was clueless that Sookie was no longer playing. How exactly was he supposed to know that? I read the fictional account twice & I didn’t know it! So years later, she’s referring to it as assault? That’s not assault; it’s mixed signals if it’s anything. Once Eric discovered that Sookie was no longer interested, he stopped immediately. Assault would be defined as someone who would not stop, but would continue on to even further criminal actions. I just don’t understand that part & why it’s even brought up anymore at this point in the story. Otherwise, I’ve really enjoyed this short story and the characters. It’s been a really terrific one, and I’ve loved reading about the relationship between Sookie and Baby Brie, and the addition of Eric to it. I can’t wait to read the rest of it!


    • I agree on the eric/sookie situation I’m still confused. for myself ,if eric had done that to me,at best I would’ve push him away and said listen hear ass-ears pussy play is over for you and your lucky I don’t whop on that ass. just gonna shove your cock in my mouth like that, you fucking dick. I would’ve been mad and then gotten over it, but it all depends on the person it happens to and how they view it and feel.


      • I would have explained the rules more specifically, especially since he told her that he really didn’t know much about the lifestyle and she was supposed to be “guiding” him. Depending upon the situation, if a man had ever done that to me, he would have needed a catheter for the rest of his life. Not being interested in that lifestyle, I’ve never had a problem.


    • I’m confused here too… I thought the therapy session cleared everything up, but now this chapter left me a bit confused once again. Sookie is again referring to the situation as if Eric was the only one in the wrong when she’s having her issues with Thalia. Sorry, but back then Thal was right… she agreed back then the situation was wonky but she did not want to see Sookie lose a good guy in her life.

      This recent issue with Rasul, I will agree Thal should have shown immediate concern for Sookie’s well being… not her relationship with Eric. Her friend should come first, even though she meant well.

      I think Sookie might be wrong about how she seems to think she is more mature than Thalia and deals with things better. Thalia recognized years ago that Sookie should not have just dumped Eric and talked things out with him….so really who is more mature?

      Thanks for writing this story as always, you have us all chatting about it so that’s a good sign! I really like the plot and characters. =)


      • Yeah, I’m glad you pointed these things out & say you’re confused as well. I always feel like “Oh no, it’s the feeble-minded old lady again on one of her rants!” LOL! This Sookie really confuses me! Mature? No, not yet, but she’s making strides. Being a single mother doesn’t make you automatically eligible for your maturity card. Ever seen MTV’s 15 & Pregnant? She’s not in a position to judge her friend; they live two completely different lifestyles. Thal has had Sookie’s back and not been very judgmental. She’s been fairly honest with Sookie who likes to run away when things get a little tough. Sook’s always a work in progress though so how can you not love her? I wish she’d just let go of “the episode” which is something her therapist should be telling her, and probably would if the truth was being told… I have more sympathy for Eric than anyone. Brie too.

        Such a terrific story! I really love the way you’re writing the conflicts in this one and some of the ways you’ve written the characters handling the conflict resolution has been so impressive. Nice work, ladies!


  6. Hi, i usually have barely enough time to read a chapter these days, let alone sit and think on what to put into and then write the review.

    But, in so saying, i wish to inform you that you are a fantastic writer and as i heard in a movie once fantasmagorically stupendous.

    I admire how you pull real life issues into the story and things that people do not talk of that happen behind closed doors, and you write them with the right feeling. The right emotions, and understanding, and with compassion.
    I am absotively, posolutely,{from an old stephen king novel} hooked on your writings. Thankyou.
    I thank you for that and for allowing us all to read this story.



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