Chapter 36


It’s an awkward moment when Alyssa asks me why I’m walking funny on Eric’s birthday, but I blame the heels I was wearing the night before. If she doesn’t believe me she doesn’t say so, but I doubt she’s aware that overdosing on sex can cause ouchy lady parts. Someday she’ll find out for herself.

We got our pedicures as promised. She came back to the apartment with me with sparkly pink toenails. I could tell Eric was weeping on the inside, but he held back whatever whining he wanted to do about his baby girl growing up. Dinner went well with the kids and I got to talk to Levi’s new girlfriend a little more. She’s a nice girl and I had my second awkward moment of the day when I found out she knows that I’m also her current boyfriend’s ex in addition to being Eric’s current girlfriend. I’m not sure how she feels about it but she didn’t seem to freaked out.

The time came for me to get going and Eric still assumed I was going back to California. A quick phone call to Jess the night before confirmed that she would be coming down to Arizona. The flight doesn’t take too long and I leave my car at the airport. When my plane lands in Phoenix I take a cab to the hotel Eric is staying at and check into a room. I’m only here for two hours when there’s a knock on my door.

Jessica’s here.

I get up to answer the door, and hug her when I see her. I haven’t seen her since she came out to my place the first time Eric came out to see me.

“How are you? I’ve missed you,” I tell her and step back so we can go into the room.

“Good, this is a welcome break,” she says. “I know it’s a break from fucking for more fucking, but I’m getting tired of weird fetishes.”

“So don’t do those parties anymore,” I shrug. “You know there are plenty of girls that would be willing to take that on.”

The problem is that those parties pay more and when you’re used to making big money you feel the loss pretty fast.

“I’ve stopped doing a lot of them. I do have this one guy that is gorgeous and wants to fuck my armpit. I’m keeping him on because it’s funny and he gives my who-ha a break,” she laughs.

“Your armpit?” That’s a new one. “Jesus fucking Christ, with all of the options you come with, that’s the one he picks?”

“Yep, and I usually take him as my first client after a few days off because he wants me to have hair. He’s a lawyer and I think he has mommy issues, but I feel comfortable with him. Just weird.”

“Uh, yeah,” I agree. “Wow, I am so not ever going back to work there.”

“I had a guy ask me to fist his ass last week too. That was a no. I can do a lot, my whole hand in some dudes asshole is way too much,” she cringes and takes a seat on the bed, kicking her shoes off.

“Yeah that’s when you call Thalia over and let her field a request like that.”

“Oh she did, you know how little she is. She said she made it almost to her elbow. I just hope to God she wore one of those long full arm gloves. Eww.”

I cringe right along with her. No way would I have done it either. I have no desire to be fisted and I sure as hell don’t want to do it to someone else.

“Well you’ll be happy to know there won’t be anything too kinky going on. My original plan was to roleplay, but then Eric and I were talking and in a roundabout way he asked for a threesome and since it was his birthday I couldn’t say no. So he’ll be doubly surprised,” I explain.

“Would you have said no if it wasn’t his birthday?” she asks.

“No, I wouldn’t have. We agreed that we could stop having them but that we don’t want to. Maybe someday if we get married or if we have a kid together it’ll change.”

“I thought he had a vasectomy? How would you have a kid?” she questions.

“The procedure is reversible. We haven’t had the marriage and kids talk yet but it’s too soon for it. Besides, he’s not even officially divorced from the first wife yet so it’s not like we’ll be skipping down to the courthouse anytime soon,” I shrug.

“You guys are doing good though? He still treats you well, right? You aren’t doing this to appease him after a nasty fight or anything?” Jess is familiar with my history and it’s nice that she’s concerned.

“We’re doing great. We decided to live together, so after this I’ll be flying back to Utah to get my car, and I’ll probably spend a few more days with Eric. Then I’ll go home and start packing. He treats me better than anyone ever has. He’s a boyfriend, not a pimp, no matter how disappointing that is to his twins. And you’re here because Eric likes watching us fuck and I like having sex with you,” I tell her.

“How old are his twins? And do they look anything like Levi?” she asks. Dirty slut. I love her.

“They’re seventeen, most likely virgins and they’re dead ringers for Eric.”

I think her head is going to explode.

“You can send them my way when they turn eighteen. I’ll show them things that will change their lives,” she laughs.

“I’d rather call Thalia,” I snort.

“That bad, huh?”

“It’s just… You know those guys that come into the brothel and they have this attitude of entitlement or superiority, like we should just shut up and let them treat us like trash because we’re all whores so we must deserve it?” I’m sure Jess has come across her fair share of that bullshit. She nods and I continue, “They’re kind of like that. Their mother told them that I was a prostitute so I think they somehow got it in their heads that I’ll fuck anyone or take off my clothes if they harass me long enough.”

“Let’s hope they grow out of that, or we can get Pam to come out of retirement and let her loose on them. She’s a hundred times worse than Thalia,” Jessica suggests. It’s not a bad idea.

“Hopefully it doesn’t come to that. I’d prefer they stop seeing me as a pair of tits. At least Eric isn’t making excuses for them anymore.”

“Honey, Eric is their dad. He’s never treated you like a whore, and they’ll figure it out. I gather they’re mama’s boys since it’s only them treating you like this?” I nod, “I have faith they’ll come around and get that you’re a person and not tits and ass. If not we revert to plan B and let Pam go to town.”

I laugh and say, “Deal.”

“Now, where’s your honey? I’m ready to fuck and I want him here to watch us.”

“He’s not here until tomorrow,” I tell her. “And I don’t feel right about having sex with you without him being there.”

“You really are in love, aren’t you?” she says more as a statement than a question.

“Absolutely,” I nod. “Did you bring a swimsuit?”

“It’s Arizona in September; all I brought was swimsuits,” she snickers and gets up to unpack her bag.

A few minutes later we’re both in bikinis, headed down to the pool to get some sun.

♦ ♦ ♦

I slip my shoes on and then step out of the bathroom.

“What do you think?” I ask Jessica. I’ve got on a pencil skirt, crisp white shirt and the black fuck me shoes that never fail to get Eric going. Plus my hair is pulled back and I have my reading glasses on.

I have wood with you dressed like that. Poor Eric is going to cum on the spot,” she compliments.

“Then mission accomplished. Okay, so I’ll tell him I’m calling the front desk but really I’ll call you. Sound like a plan?”

“Yep,” she says, popping the P. “This man better appreciate what you do to keep him happy.”

“He does,” I smile, and grab the black suit jacket that goes with my outfit. It makes Jess bite her bottom lip so I know it’s time to go before she pounces on me.

My cell phone and room key are in my jacket pocket and just as I’m getting out of the elevator in the lobby Eric calls. I told him to call me when he got to the hotel. I spot him walking toward the front desk and answer.

“Hello, Mr. Northman, and how are you today?” I ask.

“Better now,” he smiles. “I’m here, about to check in.”

“I know. That suit makes your ass look amazing,” I say and his head whips around to look for me.

“Are you shittin’ me? Where are you?”

I step out from behind a giant potted plant and his eyes glaze over when he spots me.

“Surprise,” I say into the phone. “I couldn’t let you travel without your favorite assistant.”

He hangs up and power walks to where I am. “I have to check in and then there’s two hours until my first meeting.”

“Then go check in. I’ll wait here.”

“Please tell me you’re not wearing panties,” he breathes. I flick my eyes down and he’s already getting hard.

“Oops, I knew I forgot to put something on,” I say with disappointment.

“Fuck it, I’m telling them the flight was delayed.” He gives me one last look and then turns to go to the desk to check in.

I stay right there to wait for him, and when the clerk starts taking too long I think he might actually punch the guy. He eventually hands Eric his room key and then my boyfriend is coming toward me with a predatory look in his eyes.

This was a great idea.


“Come,” I command when I reach her just before the elevator.

“You’re good but you’re not that good,” she sasses me. I turn to give her a look that says sassy Sookie is going to be punished if she keeps it up.

“Baby, I am that good,” I wink and take her hand, tugging her along behind me.

She snorts, but keeps quiet.

“When did you get here?” I ask as I press her into the back wall of the elevator once the doors close.

“Yesterday. So I lied about going home, obviously. I went straight to the airport.”

“I think some lies are okay,” I smile and lean down to kiss her. Before I can get too into it the elevator door opens at our floor. I don’t even care that we were caught kissing by an older couple. “I can’t actually miss the meeting,” I say as I unlock my room and open the door.

“I know. I don’t expect you to blow off work so I can blow you,” she says as she walks past me.

“We have time for you to blow me now though,” I say and I start to unzip my slacks. If I’m going to fuck Sookie I’ll need to take them off anyway.

“Why Mr. Northman what kind of girl do you think I am?” she pretends to be offended.

“Mmm, you’re a very good girl, with a very sexy little mouth,” I say and pull my stiffening cock out and begin to stroke.

“But you’re my boss.”

“I am and I would like to assess your skills, Miss Stackhouse.”

“Which skills, exactly?” she asks with her thighs rubbing together subtly.

“Let’s start with seeing how far you can take my dick down your throat,” I smirk with my eyes trained on her full lips.

“Yes, sir,” she says, and drops to her knees.

“Good girl,” I groan as I step in front of her and trace her lips with my tip.

“Your cock is so big, Mr. Northman,” she says and licks my tip.

“Are you saying it’s too big?” I question and push my head in before pulling out again.

“No, sir. It’s perfect. I suppose I should tell you I haven’t got a gag reflex. I hope that won’t ruin my scores.”

“No, sweet girl, only improve them.” I groan as I thrust into her mouth, and she starts to swallow as soon as I hit the back of her throat.

Her hair is up so I can’t lock my fingers into it like I normally do. Instead I place one hand on the back of her head and run my fingertips over her cheek as she sucks and bobs, taking me in so deep her lips are hitting my base.

“Mmm, you’re doing so good, Miss Stackhouse,” I say and she hums around my shaft. She’s great at surprising me and this is one of the best so far.

Her mouth feels too good and I’m fucking her throat so hard and deep. It only takes a few minutes before I explode down her throat, holding her on my cock as she swallows everything I have to give her. If this is any indication of the next four days, this is going to be the best business trip ever.

“Are you alright?” I ask as I pull out of her mouth, running my thumb over her chin to wipe up what spilled out.

“Excellent, sir,” she smiles and sucks my thumb.

Keeping with the game I say, “You did very well with your first review, Miss Stackhouse. Do you have any other talents?”

“I’m quite flexible.”

“Is that so?” she nods and I help her stand. She’s wearing my favorite heels and I think I’m ready to go again. “Show me how well you can bend.”

Sookie hikes up her skirt but doesn’t take it off. She walks over to the bed and lays down… and then she puts her feet behind her head.

“Quite flexible indeed. Would you like it if I fucked you like that? Do you want my big cock in that wet little cunt?”

“Yes. I want good reviews,” she says, and starts rubbing her clit.

“Keep rubbing your clit, pretty girl,” I say, breaking character for a moment.

Since I am still hard I approach her and rub my head around her opening and then slam in, making her cry out.

“Was that what you wanted Miss Stackhouse?” I ask and then pull out, only to slam into her again. “You want this fat fucking dick splitting this pussy open?”

“Yes!” she cries out.

I smirk and do it again, pulling all the way out and driving in to the hilt over and over, making her scream with each thrust.

“I said keep rubbing that fucking clit,” I snarl when she stops so she can grab the sheets.

Her hand immediately goes back to her swollen nub and I speed up my thrusts.

“Tell me, sweet Sookie, do you want me to cum deep in this snatch?”

She nods and says, “I want you to watch it drip out of me.”

“Mmm, I fucking love it… you’re such a dirty girl for me.”

I’m able to hold out until she starts to cum and I lose it. Her contracting pussy milks me to completion and I slam in one last time before I start to cum. I manage to start pulling out as I shoot my load into her and just as the last jet of cum shoots out I get it all over her clit. I keep my eyes on her quivering pussy as it contracts and my cum seeps from her hole.

“That is a gorgeous sight, pretty girl,” I whisper and run my fingers through my cum and rub it around her clit.

“You should take a picture for my file,” she moans.

“Good idea.” I grab my phone from my pocket, spread her lips with my fingers and then snap a picture of my cum oozing from her pussy. “That’s definitely in the spank bank,” I chuckle.

“Next time take video in case there’s something you’re unclear on later,” she says.

“Mmm, I will,” I say and she puts her legs down so I can help her up. “I need to clean up so I can get going.”

“I’ll call for more towels,” Sookie says and gives me a kiss before going to the phone.

I slip into the bathroom and take a quick shower to wash off the flight and cum before the meeting. I towel off and then redress in my suit. When I exit the bathroom I just about shit myself. Sookie has definitely outdone herself this time.

“Jessica, how sweet of you to join us,” I say, trying to keep my excitement at bay.

“Sookie didn’t want to be all alone while you were in meetings all day,” she says and gives Sookie a heated look.

Before I can say anything my phone rings and I answer. It’s a co-worker making sure I made it to town okay. I let him know I’m on my way now and hang up.

“I have to go. I suggest you girls be wet and ready when I get back.” I grab my briefcase and walk out of the hotel room without another word.


16 thoughts on “Chapter 36

  1. These two are the bee’s knees! Glad the surprise went well; it made me a bit nervous to be honest – I’m always sure something’s going to go wrong. Loved the role play & love Jessica too! It will be interesting how the three of them work out now things are more serious between Eric & Sookie.


  2. I think letting Pam loose on the twins is a brilliant idea! Pity they aren’t 18 already, or is their birthday coming soon? Cos while I’m not sure I really want to know the full details, some Pam POV of before and after that initiation, would be fun. I’m sure shed enjoy breaking those two in and pulling them down a notch.

    As for our lovebirds, this trip seems like it’s going to go very well :). Talk about leaving poor Jessica high and dry though lol


  3. There is a definite bonus to having a girlfriend with brothel experience and friends until your rude children get involved and are trying to experience her brothel techniques.


  4. So good to see these two back! Love how cute they are together… And sexy… And now their deal seems so functional compared to the ‘I’m on fire’ duo… I hope Jessica’s presence is just a good fun gift and doesn’t become disruptive. Lots of talk about those twins… As Itsamia72 said, I am always worried something is going to go wrong for them… Hope not though. I really want these two to get a HEA, they both deserve it…


  5. One thing that bothers me is that Sookie is referred to as being Levi’s ex girlfriend. I don’t see her as that at all. They met in Vegas, partied as part of a group of people, then went their separate ways. Yes, they intended to “start ” something, but it never got off the ground. They had one date and that was the night Levi introduced her to Eric and we all know what happened there. She didn’t date in my opinion and Eric met her first. If she was anyones ex, she was Eric’s. Just wanted to vent a little. LOL. Totally loving this story.


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