Chapter 5



Leaving Sookie was harder than I wanted it to be. I don’t know if it’s Sookie or the baby that has me thinking about them all the time, but I was pissed I agreed to dinner with Al and Debi. I could’ve napped with her all night.


It’s Sunday evening and I’m heating up leftovers when my doorbell rings. I remember Sookie had dinner with her parents, but I doubt it’s her. She’s been iffy at best around me. I also could just be paranoid because I want her around but she’s always busy.


When I get to the door I open it and I smile, before frowning. It’s Sookie, but it’s clear she’s been crying.


“Sookie, come in, what’s wrong?” I ask as I usher her inside.


She blows out a deep breath and says, “My dad. It was going okay and then I told him I met you at the club and he implied that I’m a stupid slut.”


I growl quietly and don’t think twice about pulling her into a tight hug.


“I’m sorry,” I whisper and kiss her forehead without thinking.


She breaks down and through her tears she says, “It’s just frustrating. I never do anything right in his eyes and I feel like I’ve done pretty good and…” she trails off and squeezes her eyes shut.


“From what I know you’ve done great,” I whisper, rubbing her back. “I don’t know him, but he’s an idiot if he doesn’t think you’re anything less than amazing.”


Sookie nods but she doesn’t stop crying. She’s crying so hard I can feel her tears bleeding through my shirt. I don’t do crying women very well, but I’m going to have to learn I think.


“Come on, let’s sit,” I say quietly, but don’t let her go. I shuffle us over to the couch and when I sit, I pull her down onto my lap.


It takes a few minutes for her to calm down but when she does, Sookie kisses me softly and says, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to dump all over you like that.”


“It’s okay,” I assure her, squeezing her a little tighter. I’m not going to like it when she leaves my lap.


“I told my dad that if he ever talks to me that way again it’s going to be the last thing he says to me for a long time and I’m not going to let him talk like that in front of my kid.”


“Good,” I whisper. “I don’t want that kind of negativity around you or our baby. You’re an adult; you didn’t do a damn thing wrong.”


“I know,” she nods. “You’ve got my mom on your side though.”


I chuckle and joke, “For some reason the ladies are always on my side.”


“Accept for me, right?” Sookie sniffles.


“I’m trying with you. I’ll get you to crack one day,” I smile and kiss her head again.


“How about today?”


“I would love for you to switch to Team Eric today.”


“I want to go out with you,” she tells me. “A real date. Not a quick lunch or a not so quick fuck, a real date.”


I grin and ask, “When’s your next night off and what time can I pick you up?”


“Next Sunday and I can be ready anytime you want,” she answers.


I brush her hair back and lean down to kiss her softly. “Noon, I’ll pick you up at noon.” I already know where I want to take her. I just hope she’s not scared of heights and she doesn’t get sick.


“Noon, huh? You go on marathon dates? Or do old guys want to catch the blue plate special?” Sookie teases.


“No,” I smile and tickle her side. “What I want you to see is better during the day. Bring a change of clothes too, something for a nice dinner.”


“I can do that,” she nods and wipes her face free of tears.


“You’re much prettier when you smile,” I compliment her.


“Oh come on, my hot mess cry face is a serious turn on,” she laughs.


“Don’t count it out. You’re gorgeous regardless, but the smile is better.”


Her hand rises and Sookie strokes my cheek with her thumb for a few seconds before she leans in to kiss me. I rest my hand on the back of her head to hold her in place. I can feel myself getting hard under her, but I’m going to be good. I pull back from the kiss and lick my lips, tasting her delicious flavor there as I rest my forehead on hers.


“Would you like to watch a movie or something?” I whisper. I know she isn’t going to stay all night, but I want to keep her with me as long as possible.


“Sure,” she agrees. “But I can’t stay too late. I have finals tomorrow.”


“So, no Gone With The Wind?” I tease.


“Not tonight,” she smiles.


“Want to go to the media room or stay here? We can just talk too if you like,” I offer. “I have a pie in the kitchen that’s been screaming my name for hours.”


“The media room is good. I’m sure it never gets used,” she giggles.


“Ah, this will be the first time,” I admit.


Sookie climbs off of my lap and I get up behind her, adjusting myself in the process. She follows me up to the media room and I cue up The Goonies.


When I sit in my recliner I say, “You’re welcome to sit here with me,” and pat my leg. As it turns out I love cuddling with her.


“Thanks, but you’re riled enough. I think I’ll stick with the couch,” she winks and takes a seat.


“Aww, I would’ve been a good boy,” I smile. “I just want to cuddle a little.”


“Maybe if I get scared.”


“It’s The Goonies,” I chuckle.


“Oh… then you’re shit out of luck tonight,” Sookie laughs.


“I could always come over there. I promise to keep anything that can penetrate you to myself.”


She laughs again and says, “Oh… Okay. You win.”


I grin and hop up from my spot. The couch is huge and I lie down, pulling her with me so I’m spooned in behind her. I rest my hand on her belly and rest my chin on top of her head. I’m sure she can feel my erection too, but I’m ignoring it.


“Perfect,” I whisper and hit play.


“If I fall asleep please wake me up when the movie is over,” she says.


“I will,” I promise and kiss the top of her head. She feels good next to me.


“Thanks,” she whispers and laces her fingers with mine over our baby.


Sookie falls asleep in under five minutes. I’m happy though, she’s growing a baby, my baby, and it makes me happy when she rests. Her job is strenuous, and I’m hoping her interview tomorrow goes well.




“Are they going to do an ultrasound today?” I ask as we walk into the doctor’s office together. I’m sure they are, I’m just nervous. This appointment is going to make the baby thing really real.


“Yep,” Sookie grins.


“I’m pretty excited to see it,” I smile. “We’ll probably hear the heartbeat too, huh?”


“Yep,” she says again with the same grin.


“You know you’re really cute when you grin like that,” I wink.




“You’re welcome.”


When we walk into the waiting room Sookie checks in and we take a seat near the door. I start fidgeting, probably for the first time ever. My leg starts shaking; my fingers tap my other leg. I go for about thirty seconds before I feel Sookie’s small, warm hand on my leg.


“Relax,” she whispers and kisses my cheek.


“Sorry,” I sigh. “This is going to make it real and it scares me,” I admit and lace my fingers with hers.


“Shoot, you should have told me. I would have come over and puked in one of your twenty bathrooms.”


“Nine and two halves,” I deadpan.


“I was close,” she shrugs.


“Sorry,” I sigh and kiss her head. “I guess the morning sickness is getting worse?”


“It’s been sporadic but when I get it, it attacks with a vengeance.”


“I have a cushioned toilet seat in one of the bathrooms if you ever need a comfy spot to throw up,” I tell her.


“I will keep that in mind. I’m also going to need you to draw me a map so I can find this haven.”


I smile. “Thanks,” I say quietly. “I’ll get it drawn up tonight. You know I’ve only ever used two of the bathrooms?”


“That’s not surprising. I went on field trips as a kid that took less time than your house tour.”


“Something tells me you think it’s overkill.”


“Well for just you? Yeah. I mean you don’t even have pets.”


“I’m not there enough for pets. I do have two maids to keep the dust out of the rooms I don’t use.” The more I talk about it, the more ridiculous my house sounds.


“Just two? Do you have them dress in frou frou costumes and carry feather dusters?” Sookie asks with amusement.


“Pfffft, no. I barely see them,” I tell her. “Plus I don’t want to see either of them in maid uniforms. At least not the sexy kind.”


“You better get carrier pigeons for when you have the kid over. Maybe walkie-talkies…”


“Come on, Sookie, it’s not like I’ll leave the child to roam the house alone. I’ll be with it… maybe walkie-talkies.”


“Yeah, I mean he or she might want you to pass the salt,” she deadpans.


“Mmm, that table is only used when my parents come to town and their friends come to see them. Otherwise it’s the breakfast nook.”


“It’s a lovely nook.”


I smile over at her and her name is called. We stand up and follow the nurse back to take Sookie’s vitals before we go wait in the room. I take a seat in the tiny chair and watch Sookie hop up on the table.


Because my nerves are shot to hell and my brain/mouth filter is on the fritz I say, “This could be the beginning of very dirty porn.”


“How do you figure?”


“Oh, right, one of us would need to be the doctor.” I stand up and start opening drawers until I find the KY. “Miss Stackhouse, are you ready for your internal exam?” I purr.


She plays along and says, “Why Dr. Northman, you’ve never needed KY before.”


I take a step closer and say, “Mmm, I think you’ll want it for where I plan on probing you.”


She rolls onto her side and looks over her shoulder at me. “It’s a good thing this hospital gown leaves me so exposed. You can probe me anywhere you want.”


I bite my bottom lip and groan. I need to stop or the doctor is going to catch something they might not want to. That doesn’t stop me from leaning against the edge of the table and reaching up to rub her ass.


“Do you realize how tempting this is?” I ask quietly.


“I have a pretty good idea.”


I glance at the door and down to Sookie again. “I’m going to go sit down before the doctor walks in on me giving you an actual internal exam.”


“Good idea.”


I adjust myself and take the KY back to the drawer before I sit back on the chair. It’s way too small for me, but if I stand I’ll want to spread Sookie open and start fucking her. I don’t think that’s on the menu.


The doctor comes in a few moments later. It’s definitely a good thing we stopped.


“Hello, Sookie, how are you feeling?” her doctor asks.


“I’m good, Dr. Pardloe,” she answers. “This nervous young man is Eric Northman, the father. Eric, this is Dr. Preston Pardloe.”


I stand up to shake his hand. “Good to meet you,” I smile.


“Likewise, and congratulations,” he says as he firmly shakes my hand. When he lets go he moves to his desk to read Sookie’s chart. “Everything looks good here, Sookie. Your weight is on track, blood pressure is good… How’s the morning sickness been?”


“Not too bad. I’ve been more tired than nauseated.”


“That’s not uncommon. It will most likely pass after the first trimester until the baby starts moving and waking you up at night,” Dr. Pardloe says.


“That’s not a problem. I’ll just start drinking until I pass out,” Sookie jokes.


I have another suggestion to wear her out, but I keep it to myself.


“Make sure you don’t half ass it,” Dr. Pardloe chuckles. “Alright, let’s get the fun physical exam over.” He gets the stirrups in place and Sookie puts her feet in them.


Sookie looks at me and asks, “Still look like porn?”


“Even more so,” I smile. “I might want to get a set of those and put them in an unused room for playtime.”


“It might scare away the squatters,” she jokes as the doctor starts feeling up her stomach.


My eyes go to his hands to watch what he’s doing. I’m still watching him when I say, “Even more reason to set up a sex room.”


“Then you can show the baby where it came from,” Dr. Pardloe smirks. He pulls on a pair of gloves and moves down Sookie’s body.


“What’s that supposed to mean?” I ask. I think I should be offended by that.


Sookie chuckles and says, “Kids ask where babies come from.”


Dr. Pardloe puts some of the KY on his fingers and Sookie flinches a second later. I look down at the doctor before looking up at Sookie’s face.


This is an actual internal exam?” I ask her. It looks all kinds of invasive.


“Uh huh. Doc, don’t show him the speculum or he’ll hit the deck,” she says.


I shift so my back is to Dr. Pardloe and I’m looking at Sookie’s face.


“I am so glad I’m a guy right now,” I chuckle.


“You’ll get yours when you have to go for your prostate exam in a few years.” Sookie sucks in a breath and makes an uncomfortable face.


I cringe for her, but I don’t turn around. I lean down and tell her, “We’ll make it a lot more fun with the stirrups at my place.”


Sookie giggles. “Does that mean I get to do the probing?”


“No, ma’am,” I smile. “I’m dreading the prostate exam.”


“Practice makes perfect.”


“I’m good with being a novice there,” I laugh.


“Judging by your weight gain and size I’m going to guess you’re at about eleven weeks,” Dr. Pardloe says. “But getting a look at the little critter will tell me more.”


I squeeze Sookie’s hand. This is what I’ve been waiting for. I could’ve done without the internal exam. Dr. Pardloe leaves the room to get the ultrasound machine while Sookie puts her clothes back on. Huh, I never noticed how sexy getting dressed could be. I could just be horny.


She lies back on the table again and Dr. Pardloe knocks before entering the room with a mobile machine. My heart starts racing. This is it. I’m about to see the little thing Sookie is growing inside of her.


Dr. Pardloe hands her a paper towel to tuck into the waistband of her pants, and once it’s in place he squirts some clear gel on her bare stomach. Sookie reaches for my hand as the monitor comes on and Dr. Pardloe begins moving a wand around on her belly.


I keep my eyes on the monitor waiting to see more than the fuzzy screen. I lean in closer when he runs over a spot with a little flashing black dot. Dr. Pardloe clicks a few buttons, making screen shots. That is until he smiles before pressing another button and the room is filled with the most glorious sound I’ve ever heard.


“Is that it?” I whisper and look down at Sookie.


She has tears in her eyes. “Uh huh,” she whispers.


I lean over and kiss her soundly on the lips. This is very, very real and suddenly a child I never knew I wanted is my only reason to breathe. I can only imagine how I’m going to feel once he or she starts kicking.


“Everything looks good,” Dr. Pardloe says. “Excellent heartbeat and you can see the spine here,” he points at the screen, outlining the baby’s tiny spine.


“It’s so tiny,” I comment.


“Very. If it wasn’t for the ultrasound we wouldn’t be able to see him or her,” he says.


“Can we get the pictures on a disc? I want to email them to my parents,” I say. I’ll call them this week to tell them.


“Of course,” Dr. Pardloe nods.


“Thanks.” I look back down at Sookie and say, “Sookie, we’re having a baby.” Like she doesn’t know. My brain is temporarily out of order at the moment.


“I know,” she whispers with her eyes glued to the screen.


I turn back to the monitor and watch as Dr. Pardloe finishes up. As soon as he turns off the screen and hands Sookie a towel to wipe up I kiss her again. I can’t stop myself.


She doesn’t stop me either but I don’t get more than a lingering peck before she pulls away to clean up.


Once she’s clean we stop on the way out to pick up the disc and the printed images. Sookie makes another appointment and we walk out of the doctor’s office.


“Do you want to be there when I tell my parents?” I ask.


“I can be if you want me to.”


“Kinda,” I shrug. “Mom will request to talk to you.”




“Do you have anywhere to be right now?” I ask as we reach our cars.


“No, I’m good. If I do any more studying my brain is going to explode,” she says.


“Would you like to have lunch, or go back to my place and order a pizza?” I offer.


“Either would be good.”


“Let’s get pizza. I feel like changing out of my suit,” I tell her and open her car door for her. “I can call on the way.”


“Okay,” she nods. “I’m going to stop at home to change and then I’ll head over to your place.”


“Alright. I’ll leave the door unlocked for you. Go ahead and walk in.” I close her door when she gets in and I walk the two spaces to my car.


I make the call to order the pizza on the way home. When I get there I run upstairs to change into some basketball shorts and a tank top. Just as I’m getting downstairs the doorbell rings. The pizza showed up just in time. I pay and I’m standing in the kitchen taking down plates when Sookie walks in.


She’s changed into a slinky summer dress and she’s left her hair down.


“What’s on the pizza?” she asks.


“I did a combination. I figured you can pick off whatever you don’t want.”




“How much do you want?” I ask.


“I think I’ll go one slice at a time.”


“Alright.” I place a slice on the plate and go to get her a glass of water.


Sookie takes a seat at the island and smiles when I set down her plate and water.


“Would you like anything else?” I ask as I put four pieces on my plate.


“I’m good, thanks.” I notice she’s picked off the olives and green peppers.


I’ll know for next time. Check.


“So… that was… crazy. The heartbeat, ya know?”


“It sounds like I’m growing a mustang,” she chuckles.


“It does,” I smile. “It’s still crazy. That made it really real for me.”


“Me too.”


“How are finals going?” I ask and devour half a slice in one bite.


“Good, so far.”


“Good,” I smile and shove the rest of my pizza in my mouth. “I was thinking of making the room next to mine the nursery. When it’s older the kid can pick any other room they want.”


“Make sure you don’t let the guesthouse be an option. The last thing my daughter is going to need is a love shack of her own,” Sookie snorts.


“Oh, don’t worry, I’m only partial moron. I know better,” I smile and start working on my second piece of pizza.


Sookie gets up a moment later and comes back with four pieces of pizza on her plate.


“If we have a boy, no using your stairs as a skate ramp to do tricks on,” she says.


“Damn,” I pout. “I thought I’d pull a Bam Margera and build a whole skate park in here.”


“You go ahead and I’ll pull a Knoxville and destroy it,” she chuckles.


“Ah, already destroying our fun,” I smile.


“He can have fun. Just not the kind that puts him in a wheelchair,” Sookie giggles. “You know pottery is becoming a lost art form.”


I look at her for a moment before I burst out laughing. “You’re serious, aren’t you?” I laugh.


“Yes,” she laughs. She’s ridiculous and adorable.


I reach over and grab her hand, pulling it up to kiss her knuckles and I say, “I promise never to allow our child to participate in something that will land him or her in a wheelchair.”


“Thank you,” she smiles.


“I will warn you that if we do have a boy he may indeed eat you out of house and home anytime he hits a growth spurt.” Probably just in general if he’s anything like me. I finish my third piece of pizza in record time and as I’m stuffing number four down my throat I’m walking to get numbers five, six, and seven.


“Yeah, my brother was like that too,” Sookie says. “Just so you know, I expect my kid to fall down and get hurt. It has to happen so he or she can learn to pick themselves up and the world won’t end. I’m not going to be one of those helicopter moms. That said, I’ll be doing a lot of cringing and holding my breath.”


“You’re going to be an excellent mother,” I smile.


“I hope so,” she says with a nervous smile.


“Hey, I don’t know you extremely well, but what I do know tells me I’m not going to regret raising a kid with you,” I tell her. “If they end up with at least half of your drive and independence I’ll consider myself pretty lucky.”


Sookie’s eyes well up and she says, “Thank you.”


“You’re welcome,” I reply softly and lean over to kiss her cheek. “None of that crying,” I whisper.


“Sorry. I cried at a coffee commercial this morning.”


“As long as it wasn’t the incest one I won’t judge,” I snicker.


“The incest one?” She raises an eyebrow.


“Yeah, the overly, awkwardly sexual one between brother and sister. The guy comes home from Africa or some shit and the sister is looking at him like he’s her long lost high school sweetheart or some shit talking about he’s the only thing she needs…”


“Oh… wow. Yeah, I’ve never seen that one and I’m okay with that.”


“I’m sure it’ll come back next Christmas season,” I chuckle. “Little known fact; I’m a Christmas movie junkie.”


“Awwwww,” she swoons.


“Hush,” I laugh. I don’t think I’ve ever admitted that out loud. She would figure it out sooner or later.


I get up to take my plate to the sink before I sit back at the island next to Sookie.


“My favorite movie of all time is The Three Amigos,” she tells me.


“You have good taste,” I smirk. “I’ll admit mine is Love Actually. I’ve never told anyone that either.”


Sookie grins. “You, sir, are adorable.”


“Thanks,” I chuckle. I get up to refill her water. She’s almost done with her food. “You want to stay for a movie? I find the couch in the media room is insanely comfy.”


“How long have you lived here?”


“Uh… two years,” I admit with a little blush. I’ve never made time to use all the rooms.


Sookie shakes her head. “You should try out the furniture in the other roo– oh, you can pick out where you want your sex room!” she cackles.


“Mmm, I’ll need help trying out that furniture then,” I flirt.


“I’ll call Amelia,” she deadpans.


“I don’t think so. I don’t have a need for disease ridden whores,” I say.


“Oh so you don’t want your dick to look like a paint by numbers?”


I shiver in disgust and say, “Fuck no.” She’s done with her pizza so I grab her plate to take it to the sink when she pushes it away.


Sookie giggles behind me and says, “Thanks for lunch.”


“You’re welcome.” I turn and go back to lean on the island next to her. “So… yay or nay on the movie?”


“You don’t want to go scouting for sex room locations?” Her eyes shift to my lips briefly.


“We could do that,” I say quietly. I’m not going to push anything, but I won’t turn down sex with Sookie.


“Then let’s go do that. I could use some exercise.”


My cock jumps and I reach down to adjust before I take her hand to help her up. I lead her up the stairs to a spare bedroom. The room farthest from my room, actually.


“We can start here,” I smile as we walk in. This is actually the room with the padded toilet seat in the bathroom.


I walk over to the bed and bounce on it a little before I lie on my back with my arms folded under my head.


“Nice room,” Sookie says as she looks around. When she steps into the sunlight I can see the outline of her legs under her dress.


“Mmhmm,” I hum, licking my lips with my eyes settling at the top of her delicious thighs.


“This room could work.” She grabs one of the posts of the bed and swings around it like it’s a stripper pole.


“It could,” I agree. “Why don’t you come up here and try out the bed with me?”


Sookie climbs up on the bed and crawls over to me. Instead of lying down, she straddles me so she’s sitting on my growing erection.


“It’s a little hard,” she smirks.


I rest my hands low on her hips and help her rock back and forth. “Give it a second and it’ll be a lot hard,” I purr and thrust my hips up.


“Why Mr. Northman, are you flirting with me?”


“I believe I am, Miss Stackhouse,” I smile, thrusting up again. With her sitting on me like this I know she can feel how hard I’m getting with each passing second.


“Good,” she says and leans forward to kiss me.


I don’t know where this is coming from; I’m not even going to question it. I go along with the kiss, slipping my tongue into her mouth. I moan as soon as her soft tongue meets mine and I can feel her warm center rubbing me through my shorts. My hands move to her ass and I press her down against my hard-on.


Sookie breaks the kiss long enough to pull her dress over her head and drop it on the bed. Her hips keep grinding against as her lips attack mine. I sit up, never breaking the kiss, and I reach back to unhook her bra. I slide it down her arms before it meets her dress. I reach up to grab the back of her hair and tug lightly to pull her head back. My lips blaze s wet trail down her neck, stopping at her collarbone to suck lightly before completing my journey to her tits. My lips wrap around her nipple and I suck lightly in case her breasts are sore.


Sookie lets out a low, raspy moan. “Oh my god, that’s never felt so good,” she pants.


“Mmm, good to know,” I purr and cup her tits, moving to the other nipple to give it the same attention. I pluck the other as I start to suckle. Her hips are grinding in slow circles against me, making me groan against her skin. I scrape my teeth over her tight peak before I run my scruffy chin between her breasts back to give more attention to her right nipple, while I roll the left between my thumb and index finger. I could do this for hours.


Breathy moan after breathy moan leaves her and Sookie whispers, “This is going to make me cum.”


Holy shit. I’ve made girls cum with my mouth, but it’s usually sucking on another swollen body part. To add a little fuel to the fire I hold her tit up and rub my tongue around her nipple before I pull back and blow a light stream of air over it. I move back and forth between her tits for a few minutes before sucking hard on one of her rosy buds.


“Eric!” she cries out and her whole body shakes.


“Mmm, too bad I wasn’t inside of you just now,” I whisper between soft kisses along the underside of her breasts. “Let’s see if the next room is just as fun. Wrap your legs around me.” I start to scoot to the end of the bed so I can carry her to the next room.


Sookie wraps herself around me and starts pressing slow, wet kisses along my neck. I groan as I walk into another bedroom. I set her on the bed and step back to pull my undershirt off, quickly followed by dropping my shorts. I bend down to kiss her and reach down to rub my fingers up and down her folds.


“Goddamn, you’re wet,” I whisper. “Do you want to cum on my fingers or my cock?”


“Both,” she pants, but pushes me back. Her hand wraps around my shaft and starts to stroke me. “Your turn first.”


“Mmm, yes, dear,” I moan when she drops to her knees.


Sookie looks up at me with those pretty blue eyes while her tongue runs up the length of my shaft several times. Her soft, pink lips wrap around my head and suck hard.


“Mmm, fuck that’s good,” I groan, running my fingers through her hair.


Her hand moves up and down my shaft while her tongue plays with my head, flicking against the very tip, over and over until finally she starts to bob up and down on my length. Sookie hums as she works, taking more and more of me with every pass. When I nudge the back of her throat she pulls off and moves to my balls instead.


“Good girl,” I breathe as her tongue swirls around my sac before she starts to suck. “Keep stroking me, baby.”


Her hand glides over my shaft, twisting on the upstroke. She hums as she sucks my right ball and then does the same with the left. I keep stroking her hair and I gently pull her away from my balls. I wrap my hand over hers around my shaft and angle it to rub my tip along her lips.


“Take me as deep as you can,” I plead.


Sookie’s lips part for me and she begins bobbing again. Her jaw relaxes and when I nudge the back of her throat again she swallows my head.


“Oh fuuuuck,” I growl and drop my head back. It takes all of my willpower not to grip her hair and start fucking her throat.


Sookie moans and when her lips reach my base, she does that thing with her tongue. Yeah, I’m going to cum hard from this.


“I’m gonna cum, baby,” I pant. My hips start to move a little on their own.


Sookie moans again and her hands settle on my hips. The more I thrust my hips the more she moans. Her tongue keeps brushing my sac and her nails dig into me when I begin to swell.


“Fuckfuckfuck!” I shout when I can’t hold back any longer and I release while I’m deep down her throat. “Fuck!” I shiver again as she swallows everything I have to give her.


It takes a second for me to calm down. When I do I pull Sookie to her feet and I lead her to the game room. I push her panties down her thighs, allowing them to drop to the floor and I lift her up to set her on the pool table.


“Lie back,” I softly command as I start rubbing her lower lips.


Sookie leans back and rests on her elbows. She props her feet up on the edge of the table so her legs are spread wide for me. I pull my hand back to suck on two of my fingers while my other hand rests on her lower abdomen so I can rub her clit. I keep my eyes on hers and I begin to press two fingers into her core. I keep sliding them in, curling when I know I’m going to hit her g-spot. Instead of pumping in and out I rub, making her walls clench.


“Oh fuck,” Sookie breathes. “Right there, baby. Fuuuuck, right there.”


I smirk and continue to rub. My fingers speed up a little and I start drawing light circles over her clit. I’m already getting hard again. Jesus.


“Mmm, cum for me, Sookie. I need to see it,” I purr.


Her body tenses up and her hips start to flex. I can hear her breathing hard and she grabs my hair since it’s what she can reach.


“Yesyesyesyesyes! Fuuuuck!” Sookie screams when she cums.


“Mmm, gorgeous,” I whisper. I slowly pull my fingers out and suck them clean. I scoop her up from the pool table and carry her bridal style to another bedroom. I set her on the bed and say, “Get comfy, baby.”


Sookie turns over and lies on her stomach with one leg bent at her knee and pulled up some. I climb up, straddling her straight leg and turn angle her just enough to line my head up with her opening.


“Ready?” I ask. Before she can answer I slide in to the hilt. Jesus fuck, she’s tight, and really fucking wet.


“Mmmm… so fucking big,” Sookie moans.


I grab her ass and I begin to pull out before driving in again. I go slow at first, building up to a punishing rhythm after a couple minutes.


“Fuck, you feel like fucking heaven, Sookie…” I growl, giving her ass a hard slap that makes her pussy clench hard.


“Again,” she pants and reaches down to rub her clit.


I do as she requests and smack her ass again and again. Her walls pulse each time my hand comes down on her sexy ass. I grab her bent leg and lift it, turning her to her side. When I rest her leg on my shoulder I’m straddling her other thigh and able to get insanely deep. I keep slapping her ass, watching it turn a delicious shade of pink. With my other hand I hold her thigh tight, using it as leverage to drill in harder.


“Yesyesyesyesyes! Eric! Fuuuuck!” Sookie screams again when she cums a third time.


“Good. Girl,” I growl, punctuating each word with a hard thrust. Her pussy gets impossibly tighter, milking my own orgasm. “Fuck… where do you want it?” I pant.


“In me,” she breathes.


I slam in a handful of times before I explode, grinding my cock into her pussy. “Jesus fucking Christ,” I pant. “You have an amazing pussy, babe.” When I’m calm enough to pull out I groan when my cum trails after my dick and dribbles down her lips to her thigh. Goddamn, that’s hot.


Sookie moans and her leg slips down from my shoulder. She rolls onto her back and reaches down to collect some of my cum so she can suck it off her finger.


“I still have a little dripping down my dick too,” I offer, only partially joking.


“Mmm… want me to clean up the mess?” she offers.


“Only if you want to,” I say and sit back, stretching my legs out.


As it turns out, she wants to. Sookie ends up sucking me hard again and we move on to christen four more rooms before we pass out curled up naked on the couch in the media room.



19 thoughts on “Chapter 5

  1. I loved the scene in the doctors office. It was a beautiful moment. I also liked the scene at the start when she cried and Eric comforted her. Their fun banter and sexness is back. I enjoyed the chapter.


  2. My goodness, they could create a whole Northman army with so many bedrooms and still have squatters. Eric better start saving for the army’s college funds. Or maybe just the groceries if they stick with each other to create the Northman army.


  3. Loved the doctor’s appointment!
    So glad she is giving him a chance as they seem to be getting along great. Looking forward to next update.


  4. Great chapter! Loved the first scene where Sookie went to see Eric after her dad’s a-hole moment and Eric was just the perfectly supportive (boy)friend. He then continued on the same vein at the doc appointment – can’t wait to see Sookie meeting Eric’s parents and also Eric standing up to Corbett… Finally Eric’s two maids will have something to clean in all those spare rooms…


  5. I admired their determination to christen every room in the mansion. Won’t that impress the help!!. Impressed with how supportive Eric is. Looking forward to Sookie meeting his parents.


  6. He loves Christmas films and Love Actually, this Eric is perfect! At the very least he can come watch TV with me! Although add in a border collie and he’d be my fave Eric you’ve written! As for that commercial, it’s way beyond my comfort zone. Although my niece’s ex and his sister walked into each other’s rooms naked. It was witnessing that that made him the ex lol.


  7. ….phew!!!….does anyone mind if I open a window?….damn that was hot, hot, HOT!!!!…….and that weird commercial was sooo not, not, NOT!!!!…….love that eric + sookie have re-connected!…. x


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