Chapter 19





“You’re looking a little puffy there in the middle, Sook,” Hadley says, poking my stomach.


“You hiding a bun in the oven?”


I roll my eyes.
“It’s just the shirt, Hadley,” I laugh and shake my head. She’s six months along with her first, a baby boy due in early February.


“So why didn’t you bring the boyfriend?” she asks as she takes another bite of pie. I’m pretty sure that’s her third piece. Eric sent four apple pies with me and I felt a little bad for not inviting him to come for dinner as a result. I didn’t think we were quite ready for meeting the family, especially since it’s a holiday. I would rather have my parents over for dinner.


Jason’s met him, however, and it went pretty well. Jason was his usual goofball, protective self, simultaneously joking and threatening Eric’s balls if he fucks me over the way Trey did. It’s sweet of him and I learned a long time ago to just let Jason go through his routine. If Eric gets flustered, it’s probably better I know it ahead of time because Jase isn’t going anywhere.
The two of them bonded over their love of the Blackhawks and even have a ‘man date’ to go to a game with Alcide in a couple of weeks. It’s good that Eric’s getting out and doing social things. He’s been so deep into the bakery for so long that the rest of his life has suffered for it. He lost his wife, for starters, but I can’t really complain too much about that. The important thing is that he let his life get out of control. I worked a lot too when the salon first started but I also had help.

Of course we didn’t have a ton of stylists in the beginning. It took time to pick up the people we have now and for our reputation to build, but now that it has I’m not afraid to block days off on my calendar. It ensures that now when I am at the shop, I’m busy as shit. Plus, since Eric and I both end up doing a lot of weddings, we can kick each other business back and forth. It works out pretty well.
“It’s too soon,” I answer Hadley. “Maybe I’ll bring him for Christmas.”
“I need pictures,” she tells me. “Remy’s all freaked out about the baby moving so anytime I try to sex him up he loses his shit if the baby kicks him.”
“Does he think he’s going to hurt it or something?” I snort.
“My hand to Jesus, it’s like that scene in Knocked Up when Seth Rogan thinks he’s going to hit the baby in the head over and over,” she says and we both laugh. “He wishes he was packin’ that much heat.”
I shake my head and say, “I told you not to throw away the sex toys when you got married.”
“Well I didn’t think pregnancy was going to make me this fuckin’ horny. I swear to God, Sook, the weirdest shit turns me on these days. Smells, tastes, random visual shit… Some telemarketer called, probably from India, and I almost had phone sex with the guy.”
I’m dying. Tears are spilling down my cheeks, I’m laughing so hard.
“Just wait. You think it’s funny now, but wait until it’s you,” she says.
“I think it’ll be a while. Eric and I are nowhere near ready to talk about kids. Hell, I don’t even know if he wants to get married again.”
“Yeah, well, the clock’s tickin’, girlie. You better find out for sure if he wants the same shit as you. You don’t want to end up one of those John & Kate Plus 8 types.”


“Oh hell no! Now that was just some exploitative shit,” I shake my head.


Hadley and I end up getting into a discussion about reality TV. By discussion, I mean a debate. I can’t stand that stuff. I don’t really watch much TV in general since I’m usually too busy for it, but when I do it’s definitely not reality stuff. Hadley is pretty much glued to E! when she’s not at work. Just hearing about the Kardashians makes me feel like I’ve lost brain cells and IQ points. I couldn’t imagine actually watching a show about their lives.


Honestly, does anyone really care about any of them?
Eventually, Hadley and I get back to her original request to see a picture of Eric. I find one on my phone from dinner at Alcide and Debbie’s house last weekend. I like Alcide, even if he does look like Brett Michaels’ evil twin. He makes some bad ass barbeque, though. I offered to blow him for the secret to his brisket. He hesitated before turning it down; making both Eric and Debbie give him dirty looks. All in all, it was a fun night. Debbie’s a little high strung, but otherwise not too bad. We have plans to go out with them again next week.
“Shit, son, can I borrow him?” Hadley asks. “Those paws suggest he’s no tiny Tim and I could use a good stiff one since Papa Bear’s decided I’m damaged goods.”
“Sorry, I’m not sharing. I tried that once already and it didn’t end well.” She doesn’t know about the Aude situation but it didn’t have a happy ending.
Her sister, Kennedi, came in from New York to try and talk some sense into her. Apparently Aude had a little breakdown after Amber died and she’s supposed to be on medication to keep her mania in check. The problem with manics, Kennedi explained, is that once the meds start working the ill person thinks they don’t need the medication anymore so they stop taking it. Aude was no different. She went off her medication and became obsessed with the idea of getting pregnant again to replace baby Amber.
When I told Eric all that he understandably flipped tits and had a total panic attack until I assured him that Aude isn’t pregnant. The last thing he needs is to have her as a baby mama for the rest of his life. She’s back on her medication now and doing better. She’s going back to being the Aude I know. All the same, it’s going to be a while before I can really try to be friends with her and I know she’s completely fucked where Eric is concerned. He wants nothing to do with her ever again. I can’t say that I blame him, honestly. Mentally ill or not, she crossed a lot of lines.
“Selfish,” Hadley sighs and hands me my phone back.
“Don’t worry, you’ll have that cute little baby to snuggle soon enough and he’ll be the only man in your life you care about,” I promise her.
“He better be cute. I swear to God, if I give birth to an ugly baby after the heartburn, vomiting, headaches, water retention and lack of sex from his father, I’m selling him on the black market,” she says.
I think she’s only semi-serious.
“He’ll be the cutest baby in the whole world,” I assure her.
“You know it’s too bad Trey turned out to be such a lying doucheweasel. We were supposed to get knocked up together,” she says.
We used to joke about that when we were kids, but I think deep down we both knew it was never going to happen.
“Maybe for baby number two,” I laugh.
“Depending on how this labor goes, he might be it. We’ll see.”
It’s funny hearing her say that since Hadley grew up telling everyone that would listen that she was going to have eight kids someday. She grew up an only child so she never had to compete for attention, toys or anything like that. She was always jealous of Jase and me for having each other, even though we fought all the time when we were kids. Of course now it’s different and we’ve switched roles. I used to think that if I ever had kids I’d only have one because I knew what a pain in the butt a sibling could be. Now that I’m older and my brother is one of my closest friends, I couldn’t imagine raising just one kid.
I shake the topic of babies from my brain. I don’t need to show up at Eric’s place with nothing but chubby-cheeked little snugglebugs floating around in my head. Mom brings me a bag full of leftovers and insists that I have Eric come for supper one night soon before she heads off to bed. She’s going shopping with Aunt Linda and they’re leaving at two in the morning to go stand in line. I don’t know why, considering there aren’t any kids to buy for in the family anymore. Hadley’s son will be the first in the next generation and he definitely doesn’t need any presents yet.
Since it’s getting late and I want to spend some time with Eric before he has to go to bed, I say my goodbyes to everyone. I check my calendar and put Hadley in for an appointment the following Tuesday. The benefit of having a hair stylist in the family that owns a salon is that not a single family member pays for a single treatment they get done, whether it’s a haircut, massage or manicure. I wouldn’t feel right charging them.
I collect my bag of leftovers and then head out to Eric’s place.



“Mom sends you dinner.” I hold up the bag of leftovers for Eric to take. The only thing I want in there is the separate container of stuffing. That sucker’s mine. It even has my name on it. “If you eat what’s in the container with my name on it, so help me God, I won’t be held accountable for what happens to you.”

“What is it?” he asks as he starts to take stuff out to set on the counter.

“A little bit of everything. Turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potato pie, stuffing, green bean casserole, broccoli bake, homemade yeast rolls, gravy…” I shrug off my coat and drape it over the kitchen chair.

“No, in the Sookie container,” he chuckles. “Unless you make your own mashup…”

“It’s stuffing and gravy. I only get to have stuffing once a year since it’s a lot of work to make it so I intend to gorge myself on it tomorrow. I even brought pants to accommodate my food baby,” I giggle.

“You’re cute. You’re also in luck. I don’t like stuffing,” he tells me.

“Those are the sweetest four words you could ever say to me,” I say seriously.

“Good to know,” he winks and starts in on the mashed potatoes. “Debbie’s fuckin’ sister is suddenly allergic to potatoes and they had mashed cauliflower. Not gross, but not fuckin’ potatoes.”

“Amen to that.” I push myself up on the counter. “So my family is expecting you to come for Christmas. My parents want you to come for dinner soon. You would have thought Jason was the one dating you the way he was gushing.”

“Um, Christmas Day or eve, or what? I normally spend it with my family,” he tells me.
“Are you going to Oregon?” We haven’t talked about it yet but that’s about to change.
“Since Pam just moved, they’re retired, and I have the bakery they’re coming here,” he informs me. “Plus I have the room for them.”

“Gotcha. Well… I didn’t commit you to anything so if you’re busy; I can tell them another time. It’s not that big of a deal.” I don’t want to take away from time with his parents since he gets so little these days.

“They usually go visit friends on Christmas Eve, so I’ll be free once I’m done making the shit at work. I usually make sure I’m out by eleven.”

“Okay. I’ll talk to Mom tomorrow and let her know.”

“Hmm, I guess I should tell my parents about you,” he chuckles and shoves another bite of mashed potatoes in his mouth.

“Probably. Are you coming to the ugly sweater party we’re throwing for the salon employees?” We’re doing it at O’Leary’s since everyone who works with me knows where it is.

His eyes light up and he nods frantically.

“Fwuck yesh,” he says with his mouth full.

I laugh and grab a napkin to wipe some gravy off his chin.

“You’re awfully excited about ugly sweaters,” I snicker.

“That’s the fun in Christmas,” he snorts. “We used to tease my grandmother for having a closet full of them. They were disbursed between my mom and Pam when she died. I can see of Mom has one that’ll fit me and have her send it.”

“Whatever works for you. I found one… man… it needs a battery pack,” I smirk.

Eric gasps and his eyes light up. “Really?”

“Yup. It’s awful. I love it.”

“I can’t wait to see it.”

“Soon, my pretty, soon,” I wiggle my eyebrows.

Eric puts the mashed potatoes away and starts making a turkey and gravy sandwich on a yeast roll.

“I’ll get busy the week before Christmas. For some reason everyone and their fuckin’ mom wants me to bake something for fuckin’ Christmas like I don’t have my own fuckin’ family. I shouldn’t be complaining, but fuck, just one fuckin’ slow holiday would be nice.”

“Believe me, I understand. The salon is already pretty much booked solid until after New Year’s.”

“Nature of the fuckin’ beast,” he sighs and shoves half of his little turkey sandwich in his mouth.

“Exactly,” I nod. “The best part about being the boss is that I can take time off whenever I want as long as at least one of the other owners is available to field problems and guess who’s taking a week off in January?”



“Amelia?” he smiles.

“You’re running out of guesses, Northman.”

“You know it was Lafayette that gave me your address,” he chuckles. “What week are you taking off and are you going to wake me up with sex every morning of your vacation?”

“I know it was him. That bitch thinks he can copy anyone’s handwriting but it all comes out the same,” I snicker. “And I’ll be off the ninth through the sixteenth. The sexing remains to be seen. Depends on if you make my naughty list.”

“I’ll give you a fuckin’ naughty list,” he snorts.


“Mmhmm. If you weren’t wearing your Thanksgiving pants I’d get started right now.”

“That is a shame,” I agree.

“Maybe we can snuggle with my cock inside of you later,” he winks.

“Maybe. I do need to get these pants off. I don’t suppose you would be interested in helping with that.”

“Have I ever turned down taking your pants off?”

“Nah, just blowjobs,” I snort.

“You’d just swallowed my dick. I can’t be held accountable for whatever came out of my mouth.”

“Uh huh.”

“You still haven’t figured out what I can do for you,” he says as he starts to put the food away.

“Nope, I haven’t.” Honestly, I don’t need fancy tricks; I just like keeping things interesting. Sex isn’t supposed to be boring.

“You know where to find me if you think of something.”

“So,” I slide off the counter, “What’s on this naughty list? I already offered sexual favors for a recipe.”


“Alcide’s, remember?”

“No,” he chuckles. “You gave me a handjob on the way home. I forgot the whole dinner.”

“Huh. Then maybe I should have done it,” I tease.

Eric growls and grabs my hips. “That would be very, very naughty. Thankfully Alcide is a loyal man that’s scared to fuck over Debbie,” he chuckles.


His hands slide around to grab my ass, giving me a hard squeeze.

“Would you have done it, you know, if Debbie and I weren’t in the picture?”

“I don’t know. I don’t really think of him much at all,” I answer.

“Good answer,” Eric purrs and dips to nibble on my jaw.

An idea pops in my head and I say, “I just thought of something you could do for me.”

“Mmm, what’s that?” He scrapes his teeth along my neck.

“You can show me what happens to naughty girls that blow your friends,” I tell him. I know he’d dump me like a bad habit, but I hope he plays along.

He straightens up and grabs me by my chin to force my head up so I meet his eyes. He has that same feral look he had when I deep throated him.

“Is that what you two did out back while Debbie and I were in the kitchen? Did you get down on your knees and swallow Alcide’s dick?” His other hand is still resting on my hip.

“I was naughty,” I say softly. He knows I didn’t and honestly, I wouldn’t.

“Do I have to tie you down again and punish you with my long, thick cock deep in your ass?” he growls.

I gasp at the suggestion not because it sounds bad, but because it makes my pussy clench. Hard.

“I’m not sure that’s a punishment,” my smart mouth replies.

He smacks my ass and says, “If you want me to fuck you in the ass, just say the word. I can push your face in the pillow and spank you as I pound into you.”


“If that’s what bad girls get…” I trail off.

“I’m thick and naughty girls get it hard, don’t forget that, pretty girl with the virgin ass,” he purrs and his fingers rub up through my cheeks.

“I won’t forget,” I whisper.

“If I wanted to really punish you I’d hold your head down on my friend’s dick so you have to swallow him while I pounded into you… Go upstairs and take your clothes off.”

“Yes, Eric,” I say. He releases my chin and I hustle toward the stairs. I’m so tempted to call this off just so I can fuck him right now, but I won’t.

When I get up to his room I strip down and sit on my feet at the middle of his bed to wait for him. He comes into the room a few minutes later.

“Hands and knees,” he commands without looking at me while he goes to his bottom drawer.

I shift to my hands and knees, and stay quiet. I have no clue what he’s getting from the drawer but I can feel my juices running down to my inner thighs. I jump when a bottle of lube, the thigh high he used to tie me up before and an average sized dildo land on the bed.

“Head down, hands behind your back,” he directs as he climbs onto the end behind me.

“Yes, sir,” I breathe.

I drop my head to the mattress and put my hands behind my back like he told me to. Eric grabs my wrists and ties them together with the stocking. I feel his hard-on rub through my cheeks while he does it, making me groan.

“I see how wet your thighs are, Sookie,” he comments. I yelp when he smacks my ass hard.

“Mmm… anticipation is killing me,” I moan.

He chuckles and picks up the dildo and the lube. I hear him flip the cap and I jump when it hits my rear hole he rubs it in with the tip of the dildo. He reaches down and slips two fingers into me as he applies pressure with the dildo.

“Mmm… this doesn’t feel like a punishment,” I moan.

He stays quiet as he continues to push the toy into me. Once the head has popped in he pulls his fingers from my pussy and spanks me again.

“Ohhhh… fuuuuck,” I groan. Even with the dildo stretching me, my pussy clenches.

“Mmm, dirty girl,” he purrs and spanks me again, this time on my other cheek. He pushes the dildo in deeper, pumping slowly.

“Ohmygod,” I whimper and rub my thighs together.

“Spread your legs.” He pushes my legs apart so I can’t rub them together. He swats me harder in the same spot on my left cheek. Eric pushes the toy in a little deeper and starts to pump faster.

“Mmm… Eric, please, let me cum,” I beg.

“No.” He spanks me again and again, getting harder each time he swats me.

“Please,” I whimper. I don’t expect him to let me, but I have to ask.

“You don’t deserve it, naughty girl.” He shoves the toy in deeper and starts pumping faster.

I whimper and rock back. Fuck, this feels so fucking good. Even the hard swats on my ass are delicious.

He doesn’t stop fucking me with the toy before I feel his cock at my entrance. He starts to push into my pussy and he growls, “Cum. Hard.”

“Yesyesyesyesyes… fuuuuck!” I cry out as the orgasm erupts. “Mmm… thank you, Eric,” I moan.

“You’re welcome,” he replies and starts to pound into my pussy. He reaches up to untie my hands and he starts a counter rhythm with the toy. “Fuck, this is fuckin’ good…”

“So fuckin’ good,” I pant. “Harder, baby.”

He does as requested, fucking me as hard as he can. He goes deep, fucking me just as hard with the dildo. “This is going to make me cum, Sookie… Where do you want it?”

“Wherever you want it,” I pant. Shit, I might cum again too.

He slams in a handful of times before he grinds against my clit and he releases deep in my core.

“Fuuuuuck! Yeeeeess!” he roars and smacks my ass again. He pulls the toy out just before he pulls out of my pussy. “Fuck, you should see my cum dripping out of your cunt.”

“I can feel it,” I tell him.  It’s running down my thigh.

“Too bad we don’t have someone to lick up the mess,” he chuckles and swipes it off of my thigh with his thumb, only to shove it back into me. “Your pussy is still fuckin’ pulsing, mmm.”

“Mmhmmm. You made me cum really fuckin’ hard.” I drop my head to the bed again.

“Good to know.” He pats my ass again and gets off the bed. He picks up the dildo and goes to the bathroom. I hear the water running and he comes out with a warm washcloth. He wipes me clean and says, “Get comfy. I’ll be back in a second.”

I practically slide off the bed to get my nightgown from my bag and slip it on before climbing back onto the bed. I sprawl out on my back and close my eyes while I wait for Eric. This isn’t quite how I saw the day ending but I’m not complaining.


8 thoughts on “Chapter 19

  1. i’m loving these two. eric and sookie genuinely like each other and that goes a long way with love, trust me. they’re suited for each other


  2. Well, that’s a helluva Thanksgiving! They’re entertaining the idea of meet the parents and holidays,that’s great. Yay, they’re getting more serious than they were! 😍!


  3. Very happy thanksgiving indeed….

    Also Hadley is a riot right? Her commentary on being horny while pregnant was hilarious… Sookie has to keep Eric away or he may get harassed… It would be kinda funny… Do we get a Christmas chapter where Eric meets the Stackhouses?


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