Chapter 15: Meet the Family



Sookie and I decided that I needed to meet Willa formally before I met the rest of her family. I had to tell Sandy too… and Ginger… That little fling was coming to a dead stop. I would probably stop talking to her altogether. It wasn’t fair to Sookie if I kept in contact with a chick I’ve had a lot of dirty sex with.


I was sitting at the house, walking around with Molly on my heels. I needed to make sure there wasn’t anything lying around the house Willa could get into. We also had to decide which room would be hers when the girls moved in. Unless Sookie decided to stay at her house until we found a new one. There were a lot of details to work out still. Hell, I didn’t even tell Bobby when I picked up Molly.


I gave Sookie a house key as soon as we got back home. I wanted her to feel like she belonged there, even if it was awkward to be in another woman’s house. That also meant that when she and Willa showed up she just walked in. I was in the kitchen, looking for something to snack on while I waited. I was a nervous eater.


As the girls walked in I could hear Willa jabbering about whatever it was toddlers talked about. That was until they found me and she went silent as she stared at me.


“Hey, ladies,” I smiled. I was more nervous to meet a two-year-old than anyone else. That was strange.


“Hi. Willa do you remember Eric?” Sookie asked. Willa answered that question by clamoring for her mom to pick her up. Sookie lifted her and Willa hugged her mother’s neck. Molly made her way over to Sookie, too. Sookie knelt down and said, “Oooh look, baby, this is Molly. She wants to be your friend.”


At least I hoped Molly wanted to be her friend. She was a fairly calm, mild-mannered dog. I never really had her around kids though, so I was unsure. Her tail started to wag as she tried to sniff Willa. She seemed to like her. That was a definite plus.


“She likes it when you pet between her ears,” I told Willa.


She grunted and held onto Sookie a little tighter. Stubborn like her mother. Sookie played with Willa’s curls and sat down on the kitchen floor. I could hear her whispering in Willa’s ear but I couldn’t really tell what was being said. Then Molly licked Willa’s cheek and I heard a giggle.


“Oooh, she really likes you,” I chuckled. “Sook, are you guys hungry or anything? I have string cheese and Cheez-its for a snack.” At least the girl at the store told me that’s what kids liked for snack time. It wasn’t quite dinner time.


“I think string cheese sounds good. Munchkin and I can share one,” she answered. Willa slowly loosened her grip on her mom to turn her attention to Molly.


“Mama her tail is fast,” Willa said.


“She’s excited to have a new friend,” I answered for Sookie as I got their cheese from the fridge. I grabbed a juice box for Willa too. Sookie let me know what she was allowed to drink and what she liked before she left in the morning to go to her parents.


Willa looked up at me with the same judgmental look she gave me the morning she caught me in her mom’s room.


“You too high,” she informed me.


“I can’t help it,” I shrugged. “If you want I can lift you so you can see what it’s like up here.” I knew that wasn’t happening. I had to offer.


“You could get down on her level,” Sookie suggested sweetly and kissed Willa’s head. “You’ll both be taller than me soon enough.”


“You shorty!” Willa pointed at her mom and giggled.


“You’re going to have to wear a neck brace,” I chuckled as I walked over to squat next to them. I didn’t get too close. I was going to have to learn how to deal with children.


“Probably.” Sookie blew a raspberry on Willa’s neck, making her squeal with laughter.




She really was a beautiful little girl. Sookie was lucky to have her. Too bad her dad was a selfish asshole.


I handed Sookie the cheese while I held the juice box. Molly knew to walk away when there was food around, so she left the kitchen but didn’t go too far so she could keep an eye on the new tiny human.


“Do you want to go sit out back?” I suggested. I had a covered patio with plush outdoor furniture that overlooked the backyard.


“Maybe in a bit. I think I’ll let Willa decide what she wants to do,” Sookie answered.


“Willa, would you like to play with Molly when you’re done with your cheese?” I asked.


She shook her head and took the cheese Sookie gave her.


“Just give her some space. She’ll come out of her shell when she’s ready,” Sookie told me.


I nodded. I had no idea what to do. I stood up again and moved to sit in one of the kitchen chairs so I was still closer to their level. I knew Alcide was tall. I could tell by the picture of him with Maria that he was around the same height as me. I wasn’t sure what I was allowed to say to Sookie in front of Willa yet. I wanted to discuss them moving in, but I didn’t know if Willa knew.


“Do you know what area you want to start looking in for a house?” I went with. It seemed like a safe topic.


“I’d like to stay somewhat close. My parents and Jackson are regulars in our lives. I have a deal with Jackson so he’s taking her one night a week, but he’s not getting any younger so I don’t want to be too far away if she gets to be too much,” she told me.


“I’m fine with that. Uh… how old are you?” I should’ve known how old my wife was. Ugh.


“Thirty-three,” she told me.


“I’ll be thirty-seven in September,” I told her. “What night does Jackson get her?”


“Friday.” Sookie gave Willa another piece of cheese. Big eyes looked up at me curiously.


Willa pulled off part of her cheese and held it up my way. “You have some,” she said.


I smiled as I reached to take it. “Thank you, Willa.” I hated string cheese but I ate it for her.


She gave me a toothy grin and then shoved all the cheese in her little mouth. She was adorable.


“How would you feel about Friday night date night?” I asked. “That’s one of the new things I would like to implement.”


“I think that’s a great idea,” Sookie agreed.


“And maybe if Jackson can’t take her on a Friday we can include her,” I offered.


“If Jackson won’t take her Mom and Dad will.”


“Okay,” I nodded. I wanted Sookie to know I wasn’t going to get mad that Willa was around or that it would be an issue if we didn’t get a break from her. I was serious when I said that I knew she was part of Sookie. They were a package deal and I wasn’t going to be the asshole stepdad mine was.


Willa got up on her own and went looking for Molly.


“It’ll be fine. We’ll work something out,” Sookie assured me.


“I toddler proofed the best I could while you were gone,” I told her. “So, are you guys going to stay at your place or here until we find a house?” We weren’t a hundred percent clear on that.


“I don’t know. She’s got so much stuff. It’s ridiculous how much a two-year-old has accumulated. Hell, she’s not even two. She’ll be two on the third of September.”


My eyes went wide. “Willa and I share a birthday,” I smiled.


“Really? That’s crazy. And cool,” Sookie replied. “She’s very excited to be this many.” Sookie held up two fingers.


I laughed. “I’ll have to tell her when she comes back. Also, if you’re okay with it Molly and I can come to you for a while.”


“I’m fine with it. Truthfully, Willa might adjust to you a little better if she’s in her own space, you know? She’s a pretty independent kid and she’s good at entertaining herself, but I don’t want to pack everything up to bring it here just to do it again in a month or two,” Sookie replied.


“Makes sense,” I nodded. I was just one man for the time being. “Since this is so new we probably don’t have to spend every night together either. I do want to see you every day though.” Who was I kidding? I was going to be sneaking into her bed every night regardless.


“Hopefully George doesn’t lick you to death when you sneak in,” she snickered.


“Hopefully George and Molly get along,” I pointed out.


“That would be good. There’s no way Willa will give up her buddy. He’s like a furry brother to her.”


“Hmm, maybe we can give her a furless brother one day?” I smiled.


“That was my plan. I think it could be again.” Sookie got up off the kitchen floor and washed her hands.


“Obviously we should wait until we figure out if we like each other enough to procreate, but I’m looking forward to it. The practice should be fun too,” I chuckled. I got up to follow Sookie to the sink and wrapped my arms around her from behind.


The minx in her said, “I’ll have to stop swallowing once we’re really practicing.”


“Mmm, yes you will,” I growled, leaning down to nibble on her jaw.


“Munchkin needs to take a nap soon.” She rubbed her ass against me.


“Do you think she’ll fall asleep here?” I moved my hand down to rub her mound through her pants. We were still facing the sink so if Willa walked in she wouldn’t see what I was doing.


“She might. If I lay down with her for a little while she probably will. She’s fallen asleep on the floor with George as her pillow.”


“Mmm, good,” I purred, moving my nibbles up to her earlobe. “You’re going to need to find a room for her here in case you guys stay over.”


“I know,” she breathed. “I’ll have to get her a bed for here too. Her favorite color is yellow and she loves sparkles.” She reached back between us to rub my thickening erection.


“I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow.” I groaned, rocking my hips up against her hand.


“Covering yourself in sparkles?” Smarty pants.


I smacked the side of her sexy ass. “Covering your daughter’s favorite room in yellow and sparkles.”


“I was close.” She squeezed my cock.


“Mama, more juice please!” Willa came running in.


“You got it, baby.”


Ugh. I was going to have to get used to cockblocking.


Sookie kissed my cheek and then pulled away to get Willa more juice. Willa stood there dancing to music only she could hear.


“Do you ladies want to go pick out your favorite room?” I asked once my cock deflated and I could face the room again.


“Good idea,” Sookie said. “Wanna race, munchkin?”


“Yessss!” She followed Sookie to the stairs.


“Ready, set… go!” Sookie hung back to let Willa get a head start.


It was like watching a baby deer learn to walk.


“She’s adorable,” I finally said out loud.


“Yeah she is,” Sookie agreed. She started up the stairs but went super, super slow.


I walked behind her with my hand firmly planted on her ass.


“She can have any room but ours,” I said as Willa reached the top step. My office was even okay. I rarely used it anyway. I did most of my writing out back under the patio.


Willa got to the top of the stairs first and pridefully announced, “I did it!”


“Yes you did. You’re so fast, munchkin,” Sookie huffed like she was out of breath. Ahh, so that’s how that worked.


“I lost you after two steps,” I added.


Willa giggled and ran down the hall. Molly shot up the stairs and snuck by Sookie to catch her new friend.


“Molly’s going to love having her around,” I said quietly. There were going to be a lot of little changes I was going to have to get used to. Sookie knew what it was like to raise Willa with someone. I was getting an instant family after thinking I’d never have one. I liked it. So far, anyway.


Sookie took Willa from one room to another until Willa decided she liked the room that had a window seat overlooking the backyard.


“What color would you like to paint it?” I asked Willa. Sookie said yellow was her favorite but I wanted to hear it from her.




“Lellow, huh? Do you waaaaant… sparkles too?” I smiled.


“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Willa jumped up and down.


“Okay. I can go to the store tomorrow morning to get some paint. Maybe Mom will bring you back so you can help me paint.” I looked at Sookie. It was going to be messy, but worth it to bond with her.


“Pleeeeeease, Mama?” There went the eyelashes and the pout Sookie said never worked.


Sookie smiled and said, “Well I can’t say no to that face.”


“If you’ll let me I can even hold you up to get the hard to reach places,” I suggested.


Willa didn’t reply to that but then Molly started licking her face again so there were more giggles.


It was going to be okay. I had a long way to go with Willa. I just wanted her to love me completely before Sookie and I started having kids. I also hoped Sookie knew that once that happened I would treat Willa any different. She didn’t have a dad anymore. As much as I hated Alcide, I would be the bigger man and make sure Willa didn’t forget him. I knew it scared Sookie that she started to forget him. I realized then that I not only had to forgive Maria, but I had to forgive Alcide too. That wasn’t something I wanted to do, but I would work on it for the sake of my new family.




It wasn’t at all surprising to me when Eric and Molly followed Willa and me home that night. I couldn’t really tell how Willa was feeling about it. She seemed to be handling Eric’s presence okay but I knew it would take time before she felt comfortable enough to curl up with him like she would me or her dad. She was a friendly child but cautious, too.


When we pulled up to the house, I could hear George barking his fool head off inside. I knew he missed me. He had been staying with Jackson while I was away. It gave my former father-in-law some companionship and I didn’t have to board George somewhere while I was gone. Everyone was a winner. Willa was becoming a professional at unbuckling her car seat all by herself; I just hoped she didn’t start doing it while we were in a moving vehicle.


“You know, you’re going to need a car seat in your truck,” I told Eric once we were all out of our respective vehicles.


“Uh… I didn’t think about that. Tell me what kind to get and I can get one while I’m paint shopping,” he told me.


“I have the one that was in Al’s truck unless you want to get a new one. Maybe you and Willa could pick one out together,” I suggested.


“Yeah, no offense, but I’d rather get a new one. We can all go together whenever you can,” he replied. “Am I okay to let Molly off her leash?”


“Depends on if you think she’ll run off. We’re not fenced in here and the house is sitting on a five acre lot. George always comes home but I don’t know how Molly will do with that,” I said as we walked to the door. As soon as I opened, George came shooting outside. He completely disregarded his furless sister to go after Molly instead. It wasn’t a violent confrontation but there was a lot of sniffing of butts.


“I’ll keep her on leash outside for a while.” Eric looked down to watch the dogs for a moment. “There’s no growling, that’s a good sign.”


“Gigi be nice!” Willa ordered when the dogs started to playfully snap at each other.


“I think they’re just playing,” Eric told her. “They like each other.”


“No biting,” Willa said anyway.


“It’s a good rule,” I agreed with her. She wasn’t going to comprehend why it was okay for the dogs.


“Gotcha. Yes it is a good rule,” Eric said. I could tell he was holding back a comment for me.


I quirked an eyebrow at him and gestured for him to inside. He called Molly in and George followed with Willa right behind them. I closed the door behind us all and helped Willa get her shoes off. The dogs took off together when Eric took Molly off her leash. I wasn’t the least bit surprised when George went straight for his doggie door and Molly followed him outside.


“She’s a smart dog. She shouldn’t go anywhere George doesn’t,” Eric said.


“I’m sure she’ll be fine. George doesn’t usually stray too far from the house. He’s also fixed, so no worries there,” I smiled. “No unexpected puppies up in here.”


“She’s fixed too.”




“Mama, I play,” Willa told me as she climbed the steps.


“No, you get ready for bedtime,” I told her.


“But I plaaaaay,” she whined.


“I said no,” I replied firmly.


Cue meltdown in three… two…


“Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” Willa wailed at the top of her lungs. Her head was thrown back and her big crocodile tears were going full force.


Eric looked terrified at the sound coming from such a tiny human.


“Keep this in mind when it comes time to practice,” I told him before I bent down to pick up my wailing baby. Of course Willa fought me but I expected it. She kicked and flailed as I carried her upstairs but she’d settled down once I got her in the tub.


The next ten minutes were murder on my ears but as soon as she cute little behind hit the bubble bath, she shut her piehole. I let her splash and play for a few minutes before I forced her to let me wash her hair. She hated that part the most because she didn’t like the water on her head. It wasn’t like she wasn’t already soaked, but whatever. She got to play for a few more minutes and then I plucked her from the tub and wrapped her in her yellow ducky towel. I got her dried off, back in a fresh diaper and then she picked one of her little nightgowns to wear to bed.


Downstairs, Eric was watching some show on ID and I was shocked when Willa toddled right over to him and took a seat beside Eric on the couch.


“Hi,” she smiled up at him.


“Hi,” he smiled back.


“Willa do you want a snack?” I asked her.


“Yes, please,” Willa replied politely.


“Eric?” I offered.


“I’m fine, thanks.”


I went to the kitchen and watched Willa sitting beside Eric. She was close to him but not quite curled up. Still, the fact that she chose to sit right next to him was a really good sign. I got out a couple of green grapes and washed them off. I cut them in half and put them in one of Willa’s bowls for her. When I set it on the coffee table she slid off the couch and leaned against it while she popped pieces of grapes in her mouth. Her eyes were glued to the episode of Dateline that was on. I sat down on the couch on the other side of Eric and rested my head on his chest.


“Is this okay for her to watch?” he asked quietly. Eric slipped his arm around my shoulder, resting his hand on my hip.


“As long as it’s not too graphic,” I replied. “Did the dogs come back yet?”


“Yeah. I don’t know where they are now but I didn’t hear the doggy door again so I assume they’re somewhere in the house.”


“I can put the guard down on it if you don’t want her going out alone overnight,” I offered. George didn’t go too close to the main roads but Molly didn’t really know where she was so I didn’t want her to wander around up there and get hit by a car or something.


“I would appreciate that,” he nodded. Eric gave me a light kiss on the top of my head.


When Willa was done with her grapes she moved around Eric’s long legs to climb up on the couch to curl up with me. She ended up with her head on Eric’s leg and I noticed that he smiled a little. I pulled the blanket off the back of the couch and threw it over my lower half to cover Willa. My fingers ran through her hair and within minutes she was yawning. It wasn’t going to take long for her to go to sleep that way.


Molly and George came trotting in and curled up on the floor near the fireplace. I started to yawn too.


“This feels good,” Eric whispered.


‘It does,” I agreed. I closed my eyes and for a moment it was almost like I never lost Al. I felt bad for thinking that way, but it was a familiar scene I was sitting in the middle of. For Eric, however, it was probably something he didn’t think he’d ever have. He had told me that he and Maria had talked about adopting a child but hadn’t really gone through with all the necessary steps to make that a reality.


It took less than ten minutes for Willa to conk out for the night. We waited until the show was over before I carefully sat up and scooped my sleeping munchkin off the couch so I take her up to her bed. Both dogs sprang up to follow me.


“You coming too?” I whispered to Eric. “You don’t have to.”


“Yeah.” He turned the TV off to get up to follow me too.


George led the procession up the stairs. Eric double checked the front door on our way up to the second floor. I kissed Willa’s cheek and whispered, “I love you, munchkin,” before I put her in her little bed. She rolled on her side and hugged the stuffed duck she loved the most. I covered her little body and kissed her head one more time before I turned to put her nightlight and the baby monitor on. Eric followed me out of the room and I closed the gate in front of her door and then pulled her bedroom door halfway closed.


I led Eric down the hall to the bedroom and closed the door so the dogs wouldn’t think they had an open invitation to join us. I’d be able to hear Willa just fine if she woke up overnight.


“Tired?” I asked.


“A little,” he answered as he pulled his shirt over his head.


“Seems the munchkin is warming up to you,” I smiled before flopping back on the bed with all my clothes on.


“That’s a good thing.” Eric climbed onto the bed so he was hovering over me. “Are you tired?”


“Depends on what you have in mind,” I smiled.


“I wouldn’t mind slipping your pants off and sliding into you nice and slow,” he smiled back. “It would feel good to do that over and over until we cum.”


“That does sound good,” I agreed.


“We can save the crazy sex for Friday nights,” he chuckled. Eric stood up and leaned down to help me take my pants off.


“Date night in bed?” I chuckled too and lifted my hips so he could pull off my pants and panties.


“I’ll take you out but when we get home I’ll do my best to make you scream for me and cum so hard you pass out in a cum coma.” He pushed his pants to the floor. Eric pressed my thighs back and bent down to rub my clit with his flattened tongue.


I moaned and reached down to guide his head, not that he really needed my help. He was pretty good at what he was doing.


“That’s a lofty goal, Mr. Northman,” I said in a breathy voice. He sucked on my clit and it made my nipples tighten under my tank top.


“I’m pretty confident I can do it.” He pulled his hand up and slid two fingers into my core, slowly pumping them in and out.


I was too.


If nothing else, the sex between us was dynamic. I liked to think there was more to it than that and it would last beyond the initial honeymoon phase, but only time would tell.


My back arched as his tongue worked my clit. His fingers twisted and scissored inside me. I noticed his other hand disappeared, presumably to stroke his cock. When Eric decided I was wet enough, he stood up and lined up his thick cock with my opening so he could slide into me, slow and deep just like he said.


Eric groaned quietly as his hips surged forward, filling me completely before pulling back until he almost fell out. He continued the slow in and out for what felt like forever.


“Have I told you today how fucking gorgeous you are?” he breathed as his eyes raked up and down my body.


“Not today,” I breathed. I reached down to play with my clit and it made my walls flutter and Eric’s cock pulse deep inside me.


“You’re stunning, Sookie,” he told me as his hips started to swivel. “I’m a lucky motherfucker.”


I gasped and tried to smile but an unexpected ripple ran through me, making my walls clench harder. My hand sped up and almost out of nowhere, I was cumming. Hard.


Eric lifted my hips some while his thrusts sped up. He started to grind his hips against me each time he was completely buried inside of me. I felt his thick length pulse and swell within me.


“Where do you want it?” he breathed.


“Don’t… care…” I panted. I truly didn’t at that moment.


He slammed in a handful of times before he pulled out and shot his hot, thick release all over my mound so it dribbled down my slit.




“Uh huh.” I was still a little shaky but I shared the sentiment.


“I’ll be back. I’m going to get a washcloth to clean you up,” he told me. “Unless you want to sleep covered in my cum.”


“Maybe on date night,” I winked. “You can try that marking thing…”


He leaned down to kiss me before he got up and disappeared into the bathroom. I heard the water running for a moment before he came back into the room to wipe between my legs.


“Such a thoughtful husband,” I smiled.


“I like to spoil my woman.”


“And you balked at the notion of a sex towel.”


“Things change,” he shrugged before taking the washcloth back to the bathroom to rinse it. When he rejoined me he rolled me onto my side and spooned in behind me.


“You still think this is what you want for the rest of your life?” I asked once we were settled on the bed.


“Yeah, I haven’t changed my mind,” he promised.


“Good,” I whispered. He was right that it all felt good.


For some crazy reason we fit; we made sense.


All my life I’d heard talk about the grander plan and how sometimes things just didn’t seem to make sense until they did. It was true that Al’s affair hurt me but without it I wasn’t sure I ever would have met Eric. I definitely wouldn’t have married him on some drug induced whim in Lake Tahoe. Maybe it wasn’t going to work out in the long run, but for the moment I was happier than I had been in a really long time. I really hoped it would last.


8 thoughts on “Chapter 15: Meet the Family

  1. Pleased to read that they are making a go of it. Thought that Willa’s introduction to Eric was done nicely. Hope the rest of the family is as easy going. 🙂


  2. Seriously loved this chapter! I think my favorite line was Eric’s when he thought he would have to forgive Maria and Alcide. I completely agree. I think they both do. I like how Eric is trying to make Sookie and Willa comfortable. The painting idea is a good one. It shows what kind of man Eric is that he doesn’t want Willa to forget Alcide, because Eric will be the only dad she knows. I think Sookie is doing this the right way. Part of me still thinks Sookie should tell Jackson about Alcide. It puts things in a different perspective . Great chapter.


  3. Beautifully done! Their meeting could have gone worse but went better than expected. Have a feeling her parents and Jackson might not go as smoothly. I feel Jackson should be told about Alcide before something is said in the heat of the moment. I can certainly see tempers flaring during an initial meeting and it being blurted out. Looking forward to reading about the next hurdle in meeting her family so they can continue to their own lives.


  4. So far, they’re taking it all unexpectedly well. Maybe they’re just still shocked 😉 I bet this is overwhelming. I’m surprised that we didn’t hear anything from Sookie’s parents yet, though.


  5. Yes, this will work and thanks to cheating spouses, Eric and Sookie now know what perfection really is. This is still just the beginning, but that only means it’ll just get better with time; )


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