Chapter 11: If You Leave Me Now


Chapter 11: If You Leave Me Now


I’m a little surprised to see Bill’s car in the driveway when I get home. I’ve spent the last few days in a hotel, trying to figure out my next move. Part of me wants to confront Bill and let him know that I know he’s a lying scumbag who deserves every ounce of my anger and mistrust. Ultimately, I know I have to slap on my Stepford face and pretend like everything is alright.


I get my bag from the backseat and walk to the kitchen door. I’m prepared for whatever Bill might say but the house is surprisingly quiet. He hasn’t even called me in the last few days.


“Bill?” I call out. I expect to hear him reply, but I get nothing.


I take my bag upstairs to the bedroom and unpack. There’s a load of laundry that needs to be done so I start on that. Once that’s started I pause outside my son’s bedroom. I hear voices coming from inside. One male, one female and the female is definitely moaning instead of talking.


Without hesitation I throw the bedroom door open and get an eyeful of something I never wanted to see. The days of looking at Lee’s bare backside are supposed to be behind me. Unfortunately I had to be sure it’s not his father. Both Lee and the girl scream at the sight of me standing there.


“Get dressed,” I hiss. Lee should be at school. I slam the bedroom door and go downstairs to wait for him.


He comes thundering down the stairs a couple minutes later, the girl right behind him. He walks her out without even introducing her to me.


“What are you doing home so soon?” he asks when he meets me in the kitchen.


“What are you doing home on a school day?” I counter. I don’t owe him any explanation.


“I wasn’t feeling well,” he shrugs. “Amanda came by to help me feel better,” he says with his dad’s cocky smirk.


“Like father like son,” I sigh. “You’re grounded.”


“For how long?”


“Until it no longer amuses me.”


How ya like me now?


He sighs and flops down on a stool. “What does it include this time?”


“I should make you go to Granny Caroline’s for her lecture on premarital sex.”


“Oh, I’ve gotten that one before when I was watching Food Network and Giada was showing a lot of cleavage,” he tells me.


“It’ll be longer after I tell her you were doing a girl doggie–”


“Mom! I don’t want to think about you walking in on us,” he says loudly.


“I don’t either but that’s your own fault,” I shrug. “Are you at least dating the girl?”


“She’s not interested in dating,” he shrugs.


I bite my tongue instead of asking him if he’s just going to chase all the tail he can get like his father does. Lee is a teenager. This is more acceptable for someone his age.


“Are you using condoms?” I ask point blank. I’m not ready to be a grandma yet.


“Yes,” he nods.


“Every time?”


“Yes,” he nods again. “I’m not ready to be a parent.”


“Good. I’m happy to hear the sex lectures worked. Look, I know you’re almost an adult and I know your father probably told you it was okay to cut school because he wasn’t really listening to you when you ran it by him, but I don’t want you to get off the path you have had figured out for yourself since you were twelve,” I tell him. Just because I know my son, I add, “I also don’t want you thinking you can fix your dad and me. That’s up to us, okay?”


“Are you leaving him?” he asks and picks up an apple to take a bite.


“Would you be mad if I did?”


“No. I think you should’ve done it when he was caught before,” he shrugs.


“Really?” I’m a little surprised to hear that.


To prove they all have their own personalities, our children all reacted differently after Bill’s heart attack and the affair came to light. Sarah was diplomatic, trying to understand both sides of the story. Tommy took Bill’s side and blamed me. Lee wanted his parents to stay together. Hearing him say now that he thinks I should have left is unexpected.


“When you guys stayed together I was happy at first, then you guys turned into who you were before the affair. I’ve suspected Dad of cheating on you again for a couple years now, but I didn’t think you would’ve believed me,” he explains. “I want you guys to be happy and I thought staying together would’ve made you happy, if you guys got back to where you were when I was a kid. I was wrong,” he shrugs again and takes another bite of his apple.


I don’t know what to say to that.


“It’s complicated, but I’m not going to leave your father,” I tell him. “I said for better or worse until death and I meant it.”


“I just hope he was telling the truth when he said he wasn’t cheating again,” he sighs. “It’s not fair to you, Mom.”


“You want to know the easiest way to make me happy? Don’t treat women the way your father has, like they’re nothing more than objects or servants to make him look or feel good about himself.”


“I can do that,” he promises.


“Good. Are you hungry?” He’s eating an apple but that means nothing. He’s got the appetite of a professional football player.


“Yeah, I can eat.”


“How about poor man’s steak?” I haven’t made that in a while.


“Sure. It’s not like I can do anything else,” he chuckles.


“You can peel potatoes for me, unless you want to skip the mashed and gravy.”


“I can peel potatoes,” he agrees.


“I might have you try your hand at making gravy too,” I warn him. “It’s not that hard. I’ll make sure you don’t ruin it.”


“Trying to turn me into a good husband?” he chuckles.


“Nope, just a self-sufficient adult. I might not always be around to make your dinner,” I remind him.


“I’m not sure I’m too comfortable with that, Mom,” he says seriously.


“Being a self-sufficient adult?”


“No, you not being here to cook for me,” he clarifies.


“You’d get by,” I assure him.


“I don’t think so,” he says. He believes it.


“Well you know I’m not going to boot camp with you right?” I chuckle.


“They didn’t say anything about not being able to take our moms.”


“Son, the cord was cut less than a minute after you were expelled from my loins,” I tell him.


“Well, I’ll make sure to spend as much time with you as possible before I go,” he promises. “Not that I have a choice now that I’m grounded.”


“That’s true. Hey, I have a whole stack of movies based on Nicholas Sparks books we can watch–”


“No! I’ll hang out in my room.”


“You can help me with my sewing for the church bazaar,” I offer.


“I’ll hang out and talk to you. I’m not sewing anything,” he chuckles.


“You can wear camo and a rifle while you do it.” That paints a picture.


“No. I don’t even have my own rifle yet,” he tells me.


“Fine, no sewing.”


“How about I just work on my homework and maybe come out of my room to watch one of your girly movies with you once a week,” he offers.


“Deal,” I smile. I move over to the cordless phone on the wall that hardly ever gets used and call Bill. I’m not surprised when he doesn’t answer. I don’t bother leaving a message when I see his keys hanging on the hook.


My next move is to call 4-1-1 and ask for Governor Burrell’s office number. I want to know if my husband is having dinner with the governor or if he’s in Jackson trying to get his dick wet.


“Governor Burrell’s office,” a woman answers.


“Yes I’m calling because my husband, Bill Compton, mentioned an appointment with the governor today and I can’t reach him. I was hoping you could just confirm the appointment for me so I stop worrying,” I explain.


“I’m sorry, Mrs. Compton but I’m not at liberty to discuss the governor’s appointments. Even if it is to deny that I have a Bill Compton anywhere on the governor’s calendar.”


I knew it!


“Thank you. Have a nice day,” I reply and hang up.


I want to be pissed but it hits me that I could be getting a phone call in less than twelve hours telling me that Bill’s dead.




I’m at my apartment cleaning out the fridge when my phone rings. It’s Bill. I’m nervous to answer; I know this call could change the rest of my life. Even if it’s for the baby, can I really live with myself for intentionally killing a man?


“Hello?” I answer.


“Hi, princess,” he replies. “Daddy’s in town. Can you come to my room?”


It makes me cringe when he talks like that. He doesn’t know what happened to me as a kid, so he doesn’t know any better.


“When did you get to town?” I ask as I walk toward my room. Bill has spent a lot of money to make sure I’m always in a cute dress and heels. That’s what he wants to see, so that’s what he gets.


“A few hours ago. I’ve been thinking about you and that friend you brought home to play with. Any chance she’d come with you?”


“I can try. I’m not working at Hiphugger anymore, so I’m not sure if she’s available. If she isn’t will I do all by myself?” I ask as I start to go through my closet. Part of me wants to invite Ginger so I don’t have to do anything; the other part says I shouldn’t put this off on some poor unsuspecting soul.


“Of course, princess,” he says.


“Same room?” I ask when I find the perfect dress.


“Same room.”


“Okay, I’ll see you soon, Daddy,” I purr before I hang up. My immediate thought is that there’s no way in hell I can do this to Eric, or our baby.


I scroll through my numbers to call Ginger. As I’ve mentioned before, she’s so doped up she won’t even remember tonight.




“Hey, Ginger, it’s Sookie. Are you busy right now?” I ask as I shimmy into a fresh pair of panties.


“Nope, it’s my night off,” she slurs.


“Hmm, how would you feel about meeting up at the Marriott downtown? Remember Bill Compton?” I hope she does. She was a fan.


“You mean to play with Moneybags and your fun bags?” she asks hopefully.


“Mmhmm. And let me tell you, my tits have gotten bigger since the last time you saw me.”


“Thank God I’m not an ass man,” she jokes. “What time?”


“An hour? Room 522,” I tell her. I want to get there a little earlier than her to give him the pill.


“I’ll be there. With toys.” Ginger sounds giddy.


“Great. I can’t wait to see you, Ginger.” I have to hang up before I back out.


I run to the bathroom to pull the top of my hair back. I put on a strapless bra and shimmy into my dress. It’s a little tight, but I don’t have to wear it too long. I apply some makeup, slip on my shoes and get on the road.


The drive to the hotel takes about twenty minutes. I’m expecting Ginger in about fifteen minutes. When I walk in I wave at the clerk at the desk and then hop on the elevator. When I get to Bill’s room I take a deep breath before I knock.


Here goes nothing.


Bill comes to the door in his usual khakis and henley. There’s that usual, deviant smirk on his face but he’s scruffier than he normally is. I’ve never even seen Bill with five o’clock shadow before.


“Come in, princess,” he says.


“Thanks,” I smile. As I walk past him I trail my fingertips along his stomach.


“Where’s your friend?” The door closes behind me.


“She’s going to join us soon,” I inform him. “I wanted to talk to you about something before she gets here.”


“Alright,” he nods. “Have you thought about my offer?”


I reach into my purse to grab the pill. I’m holding it in my hand when I nod slowly as I walk toward him. I want to junk punch him for that fucking offer. I have a role to play though.


“I was thinking…” I trail off as I wrap my arms around his neck. “Maybe we can discuss that a little further after Ginger leaves?” I finish quietly as I start to trail wet kisses along his neck.


“Of course we can, princess,” he agrees. Bill kneads my ass as he talks.


“I was also thinking something else…” I reach between us and start to rub his hard-on through his khakis.  “I want you to be able to keep up with me and Ginger tonight… would you mind?” I pull my other hand down to show him the little blue pill in my hand. I hope like fuck he’s not going to argue.


“Is that… Viagra?” It’s hard to tell what he’s thinking, but I can feel his heart pounding.


“Daddy, Ginger and I get… mmm; we get a little… intense. We want this big cock ready to go the whole time.” I give him a squeeze and start to unzip his pants. Bill Compton is far from big.


He doesn’t stop me from unzipping him, of course. Bill stares at the pill and for a minute I think this whole thing isn’t going to work.


“I shouldn’t, but if Ginger is as sexy as my princess, I’m going to want to be ready too,” he agrees. Bill opens his mouth so I can put the pill on his tongue. When I do, he chases it down with bourbon.


“Mmm, good boy,” I whisper as I pull his cock out. “Ginger is pretty fucking sexy, Daddy, you won’t be disappointed,” I promise. For good measure, I drop to my knees and start to lick his head. He’s solid as a fucking rock, but I want him to cum with Ginger, not me.


“You never disappoint Daddy, princess,” he pants and thrusts his hips a little.


“And Ginger will allow you to fuck her in the ass,” I offer. He looks like he’s about to have a fucking heart attack just from the thought. I’m about to take his cock in my mouth again when there’s a light knock on the door. “Shall I get that?”


“Please.” Bill helps me up off my knees and gives me a passionate kiss before sending me to the door with a pat on the ass.


I giggle as I walk away, making sure to add a little extra sway in my hips as I walk to the door. When I open it Ginger is on the other side. She looks pretty good, better than I’ve seen her look in a while. I assume that’s to impress Moneybags.


“Hey, come on in,” I smile and take a step back. I can tell from Bill’s growl he approves. She doesn’t have the giant tits and ass that I do, but she’s not lacking either. She’s a bit smaller than me around the middle, which I know Bill loves. He hasn’t asked me to lose weight, but he did comment on the size four dress he bought me the last time he took me shopping.


“Hello,” Ginger says. As she steps inside, she pauses to give me a lingering peck and it gets another growl out of Bill. “Who’s your friend, Sookie?”


“Ginger, this is Bill Compton,” I introduce him. “He was getting a little service when you knocked.” I motion to his rock hard cock poking out of his khakis. “Would you like to pick up where I left off?”


“Only if you’ll help me,” she replies and sets her bag on the dresser.


“What’s in the bag?” Bill asks while Ginger approaches him.


“Toys. The kind Sookie can wear so you can fuck me together,” she winks and drops to her knees in front of him. Ginger’s not at all shy about swallowing his dick.


In my shoes I’m the same height as him. I walk up to stand behind him, settling my hands on his hips. “Is this what my Daddy wanted?” I whisper as I start to pull his shirt up.


“Yes,” he grunts. “Will you let her fuck you while you suck me off?”


“If that’s what you want. I think you should get this first orgasm out of the way,” I suggest as I reach down to play with his balls.


“I love you, princess,” he groans.


“I know you do, Daddy,” I whisper. I trail my lips along his neck from his shoulder up to his ear while I tug. I can feel his heart beating through his back. He’s getting extremely worked up.


Bill grabs Ginger’s head and holds her steady while he fucks her throat. She moans and reaches into her panties to play with herself.


“Princess, get undressed. I want to watch her taste you after I cum,” he says.


“Yes, Daddy,” I agree.  I take a step back. I turn around and start to unzip my dress. The zipper is about halfway down when I stop. I turn to face at him with a pained look in my eyes. “Bill,” I groan. I don’t know if he’s going to buy this or not, but I’m about to put on a show. “Bill, I’m not…” I race to the bathroom and drop to my knees to throw up. The mere thought of touching him more than I have allows my gag reflex to kick in and I actually do throw up my lunch. Of course I don’t hear from Bill or Ginger while I’m in the bathroom. When I come out he looks at me like he still expects me to join.


“Come here, princess. Let Ginger make you feel better,” he says.


“I want to,” I lie smoothly. “I’m starting to cramp up… I…” He doesn’t know I’m pregnant, but he’s eyed my belly a couple times. “I need to go…” I glance down at my belly. I don’t know if it’s happening because of the shit that’s about to go down, or if there’s really something wrong, but my stomach cramps, and I don’t think it’s how a pregnant girl’s stomach should feel.


He growls and pulls Ginger off of him.


“You’re pregnant,” he sneers with disgust.


“Duh,” Ginger snickers like he should know that already.


“I am,” I confirm. He’s known about Eric, so this shouldn’t be a huge shock. “That doesn’t mean I don’t want–”


“I barely wanted my own children. I’m not raising your bastard,” he says.


Ginger scoffs at that.


To try to soothe him I reach up to stroke his face. “Daddy, I’m not keeping it,” I lie.


“Then you can stay and play with us,” he smirks.


“I can,” I agree. My stomach turns again. I need to figure out a way to get out of here before he goes though. I don’t want to see it.


“Come here, Sookie.” Ginger crooks a finger at me and then pulls her skin tight dress up over her head, leaving her naked on the floor. Bill growls and reaches down to tug on her nipple, making Ginger growl. She wraps her hand around his dick and keeps stroking him.


For the moment, I play along. I kneel down on the floor between Ginger’s legs and start to rub her folds.


“Is this better, Daddy?” I ask as I wiggle two fingers into her pussy.


“Much,” he groans.


Ginger moans and begins riding my hand before her lips wrap around Bill’s head again. Her head starts to bob while Bill watches me fuck her. I use my other hand to settle on her belly and use my thumb to draw light circles around her clit. Ginger should get something out of this. An orgasm isn’t a bad payment for doing this with me…


I work a third finger into her core and start to scissor them.


“Do you want more, baby?” I ask Ginger.


She pulls off of Bill and says, “I want to eat your pussy while Bill fucks me from behind.”


“Mmm, that sounds perfect,” I lie. “Why don’t you two get started while I get undressed?”


“Deal.” Ginger leans over to kiss me before she gently removes my fingers from her pussy.


She gets up on the bed on all fours and Bill follows her. I watch him fill her pussy and start pounding into her. The pill must be working since he hasn’t cum yet.


“Oh God! Put it in my ass, baby,” Ginger moans.


I watch as Bill pulls out and moves his cock up to slide it into her ass with a deep groan. His eyes are closed and Ginger has her face buried in the bed. I slowly walk backwards to the door, grabbing my purse on the way. I’m still watching them when I open it and step out, quietly closing it behind me.


This is it. The next call I should get should be to tell me Bill is dead. With a heavy sigh I head down to the elevator. I stop at the public bathroom to wash my hands. I don’t look in the mirror. I don’t want to see myself right now. I just did the worst thing I ever could have done.


As luck would have it, while I’m drying my hands I get another sharp pain in my stomach. Fuck. This isn’t good at all. I go to the stall to make sure I’m not bleeding. The last time I had a pain like this I was losing a baby. Once I know I’m not bleeding I still decide to go to the ER. I need to make sure the baby is okay. I don’t know if it’s stress or if something is wrong. I walk out to my car, hop in and head toward the emergency room.


As I’m pulling into the parking lot I call Eric. He doesn’t know what I was doing tonight. We weren’t planning to see each other today.


“Hello, Baby Mama.”


“I just left Bill and Ginger fucking,” I blurt out. “I’m at the ER. I’m getting stomach cramps.”


“Stomach cramps or baby cramps?” he asks nervously.


“I think it’s just stomach. I think it’s stress, but I want to be sure.” I get out of the car and start walking briskly toward the entrance.


“I’m on my way. You’re not bleeding, right?” I hear keys rattle and a door slam.


“I wasn’t when I checked. I haven’t felt anything… like that since I’ve been in the car.” I really do hope it’s something like stress or gas. I don’t know if I’d be able to hold up if I lost the baby.


“I’m leaving the house now.” His car starts. “I’ll be there in five minutes,” he says even though it’s at least a fifteen minute drive.


“Drive safe, baby,” I sigh. “I’m not going anywhere.” I walk into the hospital, right up to the desk to get checked in.


Chapter 11


8 thoughts on “Chapter 11: If You Leave Me Now

  1. I understand sookie and eric’s relationship, but bill makes me want to choke the shit out of him. sookie’s character is better than me, I couldn’t have sex with him after seeing his true nature. I wouldn’t kill him, but I’d beat the shit out of him. he’s all kinds of wrong. the comments about the children and baby would’ve earned him a throat punch.


  2. I have to say I had mixed feelings about Bill being killed but after those comments about his own kids and the things he said to Sookie about her being pregnant he has to go!!


  3. Ok, after those comments about his kids I don’t care if they torture him. I agree with Caroline now – he doesn’t deserve his children or her.


  4. Great chapter… In a way, a much ‘safer’ scenario is indeed for Ginger to find herself with Bill defunct between her legs since she can’t say anything because she doesn’t know anything… Although of course she’ll have to explain how she ended up in dead company in the first place…
    I do hope Sookie is ok and her baby too… Both her concern and Eric’s is refreshingly humane after hearing Bill’s take on children… Geez what a douchebag…


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