Chapter 4



This feels good. I haven’t had good adult time in forever, and it helps that I’m with a cute guy that seems to like me. We’ve had a few beers, and I’m not drunk, but I have a good buzz which loosens me up some.

“I like this,” I tell him, leaning a little closer. “I feel comfortable with you.”

I haven’t been around enough eligible men lately to care about comfort.

“It’s the Legos,” he smirks and nods to the box of them in the corner.

“Those do add to the comfort level. It could just be you,” I say, giving him a flirty smile. At least I think it’s flirty.

Eric jumps up suddenly and leaves the room without a word. Awkward. He comes back a moment later with the apple pumpkin candle and a lighter. He gets the candle lit and sets it on the coffee table.

Once he’s sitting on the couch, a little closer now than before, he says, “You were saying…”

I look between Eric and the candle a few times before I lose it. I start laughing so hard I can barely breathe. I blame the buzz, but when I sober up a little I realize I’m just a little closer to him; almost touching him.

“You’re cute,” I smile. His eyes are very blue. And very pretty.

“You’re beautiful,” he counters, and his fingers graze my neck.

“Mmm,” I hum, closing my eyes, stretching my neck to give him better access to touch me. “You feel good too.”

“I’ve been curious…” he whispers, and moments later I feel his lips replace his fingers on my throat.

“Curiosity is a very, very good thing,” I breathe as my hand moves to stroke his arm. He has really nice biceps.

He groans as his lips move up my neck to my jaw, his lips are feather light as they move to my mouth, and then he kisses me.

The kiss is light at first, but I get impatient and I reach up to grip the back of his head. His hair is soft too. My tongue flicks out to touch his lips, seeking entrance. When he grants it I moan softly. He tastes like the beer we’ve been drinking and what I assume is just him.

“Is this okay?” I ask between kisses.

“Perfect,” he answers, and his hand dives into my hair to hold my head while he kisses me some more.

I growl and push him lightly, but enough to let him know what I want and he shifts back. I start to crawl on top of him as we make out and before I know it I’m lying flat on his chest with my legs straddling his. This has already gone farther than I expected when I came over, but you’ll find no complaints coming from me.

Eric’s hands move down my back and settle on my ass. He grips it tightly and his kisses move to my neck.

“This is good,” I moan and flex my hips, earning a sexy little growl from him.

“You have a great ass,” he tells me and gives it a little slap.

I yelp and giggle, before I moan when he grabs my ass a little harder.

“You have great hands,” I tell him and when I grind against him again I can feel his erection growing. It feels like he has something else nice in his pants.

“Wanna give me a sample of your belly dancing skills? You don’t even have to get up,” he says, and sucks lightly on my collarbone.

“You mean like this?” I moan and roll my hips before rocking side to side.

Eric growls louder and I feel him getting harder under me. He brings my lips back to his and he kisses me hard.

I guess that’s exactly what he meant.

I keep moving. Eric moves under me, matching my movements until we’re both panting and moaning.

“We need to stop,” I breathe. If we don’t stop now I’ll let this go too far.

“No,” he laughs quietly and lets go of my hair.

“Sorry,” I say, looking down at him.

“It’s okay. I’ll just be thinking about kissing you all the time now.”

“Kissing you is good,” I smile, “I’m just worried that I won’t be able to stop at kissing if we keep going.”

“It’s okay, Sookie,” he says as he tucks some of my hair behind my ear.

“Thank you,” I whisper and lean down to kiss his lips softly.

I don’t want to stop.

But we should. I’m not that kind of girl.

“You don’t need to thank me. You’re a very good kisser, by the way.”

“So are you,” I tell him and I sit all the way up on his lap. “Um… do you have anything else we can do while half-drunk that doesn’t involve me contemplating ripping your clothes off?”

“I’ve got board games for a toddler,” he says. “We could watch a movie.”

“A movie would work, I’m over toddler games for now. Maybe if we hang out with Joey again we can play, but for now I want a movie with live actors,” I smile hopefully.

“Bad language, violence and strong sexual content?”

“Yes please,” I nod enthusiastically. The problem with that is my hips move at the same time over his hard-on. Thankfully I hold in the groan.

Eric doesn’t.

“How violent do you want to get?” he asks.

“As much killing and blood as you can find. Quentin Tarantino violent, unless you have something better in mind.”

I reluctantly climb off of his lap and sit on his coffee table so he can get up too.

“I can do Tarantino,” he smiles. “I have those in the other room so Jake doesn’t get a hold of them.”

“Good call. May I use your restroom?” I ask as I stand up.

“Of course.” Eric stands up as well and shows me to the bathroom.

I smile at him and lock myself in the small room. I go pee and when I go to wash my hands I gasp when I see a small hickey on the side of my neck. It’ll go away soon enough, but I’m way too old for these damn things.

When I get back to the living room Eric is putting the movie in. He’s bending over to get down to the DVD player and I get a good look at his ass. If I would’ve known I would’ve complimented it earlier. I’ll wait.

“Looks like someone was trying to claim territory,” I tell him and I sit on the couch.

He looks back at me with confusion all over his face.


I just tap the mark on my neck.

“Oh,” he smiles. “It’s all your fault for being so delicious.”

“Smooth talker,” I grin. I’m sure I would be blushing if I didn’t have any alcohol in my system.

“I’m merely stating a fact. Have you seen Planet Terror?”

“No, and I should warn you I’m squeamish,” I say.

“Well this is a nod to exploitation films from the ’70s, so the gory stuff is over the top and looks really fake.” Eric parks himself next to me on the sofa.

“Okay, I might spend the movie with my head in a pillow,” I tell him and hold up a throw pillow.

“I’ll make sure none of the zombies come out of the TV to eat your brain,” he promises.

“Thank you,” I smile and I take the opportunity to snuggle into his side. It’s been way too long since I snuggled with a man and since I just spent the last forty-five minutes making out with him I feel comfortable enough to snuggle. “I’m ready,” I tell him with a pillow near my face.

Eric pushes play on his remote and his fingers graze up and down my back. I pull the pillow up closer to my eyes and I have to cover my face about five minutes into the movie. Then I decide the pillow doesn’t smell as good as Eric so I drop it and bury my face in his chest.

“Tell me when I can look,” I mumble against his shirt.

He chuckles and says, “When the guy stops screaming, you’re good.”

“Okay,” I say, nodding into him. When the screaming stops I turn my head to watch the movie and add, “Can you warn me before it starts again?”

“I’ll do my best.”

He does. He warns me before the next gore-fest, and that’s the last thing I remember before I pass out. When I wake up again I’m being nudged, but it’s not my daughter’s tiny hand.

“Sookie,” a much more manly voice says my name.

“Hmm,” I hum.

“I’m going to bed. Do you want to crash here?” he asks softly.

“Ummm… okay,” I agree, and drop my head again.

“Do you want to sleep on the couch or on a bed?”

“Surprise me,” I murmur.

I hear him chuckle and then he’s lifting me off the couch. Eric carries me through the house and sets me on a very comfortable bed.

“Do you want to borrow a shirt to sleep in? I hate sleeping in jeans,” he says.

I sit up and start to unbutton my jeans before I remember where I am and who is in the room with me. I finally open my eyes and look up at Eric.

“Please, I’m sorry I passed out,” I pout a little. I didn’t mean to fall asleep and I feel weird staying, but I don’t think I can drive.

“It’s fine. I don’t blame you. I’m usually in bed by nine on my nights off,” he says as he hands me one of his shirts. “I’ll get changed in the bathroom. Just knock when you’re decent.”

“Thanks again,” I say as I wake up a little more.

I wait until he’s gone and I pull my shirt off before changing my shirt. I’m swimming in his t-shirt, but that’s good so I don’t feel weird about being half naked in a strange man’s house. This is completely legit. I giggle to myself and pull my bra out of the arm before setting it on top of my folded shirt and then slide my jeans off.

Once I fold my jeans and place them on top of the pile I walk over and knock on the door. “I’m decent,” I call out and then go to climb into the comfy bed.

“Be right out,” Eric replies over the running water in the bathroom.

I lay down and snuggle under the covers. Eric’s bed is warm and soft. It feels good. He comes out of the bathroom in a pair of basketball shorts and nothing else. There’s a tattoo on his chest of a heart rhythm with the letters JLN under it.

He looks delicious.

“This is almost awkward,” I giggle.

“Awkward would be waking up with Jake between us, grabbing your boobs,” he says.

I laugh and say, “So your boy is a boob man? Tell me, Eric, are you just an ass man or do you appreciate both T and A?”

I must still be drunk.

“I like the whole package,” he says as he stretches out on his bed, but not too close to me. “But I definitely checked out your T’s while you were sleeping.”

“Mr. Northman!” I gasp in mock offense. “At least do it while I’m awake and can give you a better show.”

“You said not until the fifth date so I took what I could get with you laying on me like that.”

“You’re a good man, Eric,” I say softly and reach over to thread my fingers through his.

“Thank you,” he says. “I apologize in advance if you wake up with an Eric-shaped space heater wrapped around you. I’m a snuggler.”

“Do you want to just snuggle now so it’s not weird in the morning?” I offer. “I’m a snuggler too.”

“Do you prefer spoons or another arrangement?”

“Um… surprise me?” I say in a questioning tone. “I really don’t care either way and I haven’t snuggled in a long time.”

Eric moves closer and turns on his side before he pulls me closer by my hip. “Spoons,” he says.

“That works,” I say quietly, looking into his eyes. “Do you want to be the big spoon?”

“I think I’m genetically engineered for that,” he smirks.

“You are, but you could get off on trying to be the little spoon.”

“Next time you sleepover.”

“Okay,” I smile. I move in a little closer to kiss him softly on the lips.

“Goodnight, Sookie,” he whispers.

“Goodnight, Eric.” I move back and shuffle around until Eric is spooned in behind me with his arm wrapped tight around my middle.

“Too tight?”


“Sweet dreams,” he says and kisses my shoulder.


When I wake up in the morning Eric is mostly on top of me, pressing me into the mattress. I can barely breathe and I have to pee.

“Eric,” I wheeze. I can’t move.

“Ungh,” he grunts.

“Can’t. Breathe…”

He shifts off of me but stays on his stomach. I scramble off the bed and race to the bathroom. I do my business before I wash my hands and face. I see he has mouthwash so I swish some around my mouth and spit it out. When I leave the bathroom his clock shows five-thirty-eight. I’m definitely going back to sleep.

I get back into the warm bed and lay with my back to Eric, but I’m not touching him. I quickly fall back asleep and when I wake up again he’s right back on top of me. He should’ve warned me about more than his anaconda arms. I’m being poked in the back of my thigh by another anaconda.

He’s no longer snoring so I whisper, “Are you awake?”


“Mmm, okay,” I hum, but don’t try to move him again.

“Sorry I trapped you, but I did warn you,” he says. His morning voice is deep and makes me want to hear him talk more.

“I’m not bothered, I just couldn’t breathe earlier. This is good now, perfect,” I tell him quietly.

“You do fit nicely,” he says with a slight shift of his hips.

“I’d say so,” I mumble under my breath.

His fingertips graze my thigh before his hand settles on my stomach. “What are you up to today?”

“Nothing, I’m off again and I don’t have to pick up Joey until tomorrow morning,” I say.

“Another day of freedom.” Eric’s fingers begin to draw on my stomach.

“Mmm, yeah, probably the last one for a while.”

“You should do something to mark the occasion,” he suggests.

“Like what?” I ask. “I usually just sleep after I clean.”

“I have ideas but since this is still the second date I’ll keep them to myself.”

“Well now I’m intrigued,” I tell him and turn my head to look at him. His hair is sticking up. He’s adorable.

“It starts with my shirt ending up on the floor and ends with you screaming my name and begging for more,” he says.

“But you’re not wearing a shirt,” I tease.

“Nope. You’re wearing my shirt, and look sexy as fuck doing it. In between the loss of the shirt and you screaming my name, we’d find out where I fit nicely.”

“You sound very sure of yourself, mister,” I tell him.

“I am,” he smirks.

“Hmm, you have three more dates to take me on before I start taking your clothes off,” I say as I wiggle against him.

Last night I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to consent, but this morning is looking more and more likely.

“Technically, I don’t need to take any of your clothes off to see if I fit,” he purrs. “Anytime you want a demonstration, I’ll be happy to give it to you.”

“Maybe you should give me more incentive,” I whisper.

“What sort of incentive?” His hand starts to move down my stomach slowly.

“Mmm, you’re headed in the right direction,” I tell him with my eyes locked on his.

Eric’s fingers graze my thigh again and start moving up again, but under the shirt. His fingertips skim my panties and he asks, “Am I closer?”

“Mmhmm,” I hum, biting my bottom lip.

He rubs over my mound before parting my thighs a little bit more so he can stroke my slit.


“You’re on fire.”

Eric’s eyes are still on mine when his hand slips into my panties and his fingertip rubs light circles around my clit.

“You feel a little too wet for you to be on fire,” he growls as his finger moves closer to my opening.

“I feel like I’m on fire,” I tell him. I feel like I’m vibrating I’m so turned on.

Eric breaks eye contact so he can dip his head down and suck on my nipple over his shirt. His finger moves back to my clit and rubs a little faster.

“Oh… mmm,” I moan. I hook my leg over his and curl my arm up to hold his head to my breast.

“Do you want me to make you scream, Sookie?” he purrs.

“Do your worst,” I tell him.

“You’re about five years too late for that,” he says in a cocky tone of voice just before his long, thick finger slides inside me and starts to pump in and out slowly.

“Oh wow…” I pant. “You’re doing great, but I’m not a screamer,” I tell him.

“We’ll see.” Eric adds a second finger and his thumb starts to rub my clit. His mouth moves to my other nipple to give it the same treatment.

“Mmm, I guess we will.” My fingers thread though his hair and my hips rock back and forth trying to get a different angle.

Eric’s fingers twist and scissor a few times, stretching me a little, and then they curl just right.

“Oh… my…” I cry a little louder than normal, but nowhere near a scream. “Is that all you have?” I tease when I gain my composure. He’s pretty good so far.

Eric growls and he moves down my body quickly. His fingers keep pumping, rubbing that same spot, and all of a sudden his tongue is flicking quickly against my clit.

“Eric!” I scream. “More!”

Instead he stops and says, “I told you so,” and then he begins to suck on my clit, flicking his tongue against it at the same time.

My fingers dig into his hair harder and my hips are bucking.

“Oh God! I’m–” I let out a cry as my back arches high, and my legs clamp around his head. The orgasm the takes over my body makes me see stars.

Eric growls around my clit and he slows down but he doesn’t stop. His fingers stroke me through my orgasm and he only stops when I push his head away.

“Too much,” I pant. I’ve never cum so hard in my life.

He withdraws his fingers and licks them clean.

“You’re delicious everywhere, Sookie,” he tells me.

“Do you want… um do you want me to do that to you?” I ask. “Or did you have something else planned?”

“I’m not anatomically designed for you to do that to me,” he smirks.

“Well then tell me what you want, Eric.” I’m still panting and I have a sheen of sweat all over my body.

“How far do you want to go?”



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