Chapter 4



I’m up and ready for the day by seven. I told Sookie eight so I can have a little me time in the morning. Having a personal assistant is going to fuck with my privacy simply because she’s going to need to know things I wouldn’t generally tell people. Eventually she’s going to have access to my house. She’s linked to the email account I use for work, but not my personal one. That’s not a big deal.


I talked to Talbot last night after she left. After a stern ‘talking to’ he finally drew up the confidentiality agreement and put her on the payroll. Ultimately, he’s happy I finally went through with getting an assistant, he doesn’t like the way I went about doing it. I gently reminded him I’m a fucking adult and can run my life the way I want to.


As for fucking around with Sookie in the pool. She was smart to stop it when she did. If I would’ve fucked her, I probably would’ve wanted to do it again and again. She’s my assistant, not a sex toy. It would be hard to work with her if I knew what she felt like intimately, which I bet is fucking amazing.


I’m in the house because I expect her to be here any minute… Or right now.


When the doorbell rings I make my way out of the kitchen to the door to open it. I contemplated staying naked for about ten minutes just to give her a taste of what it’s like to walk around the Northman house, but after yesterday I decided that was a bad idea. I know I would’ve gotten hard the second I imagined her soft skin beneath my hands and lips. So I went with my standard uniform of jeans and I left my T-shirt on the back of a kitchen chair to put on before we go anywhere. I mostly have phone meetings I can do from home.


“Hi, come on in,” I smile when I open the door for her. I can smell the food she brought with her and I reach out to take the coffee.


“Good morning,” she says cheerfully as she pushes her sunglasses up on top of her head. “That’s a vanilla latte. I don’t know if you like them but we’re about to find out.”


“Thanks. Vanilla lattes are perfect,” I tell her as I turn to walk into the kitchen with Sookie right behind me. “I have all your paperwork in the office so we can pay you.”


“Sounds good. I brought you breakfast sandwiches too. Since I wasn’t sure what you liked I got a couple of everything,” she tells me. It’s obvious she’s trying really hard to look me in the eye.


“Sounds good. I’m not real picky about my breakfast food,” I shrug. “Let’s set this down and get the dirty work out of the way.”


“Fine with me.” Sookie follows me into the kitchen and puts her bags on the kitchen table before we go onto the office.


When we get to the office I grab her written offer and the agreement along with all of the paperwork for tax purposes and such.


“You’re welcome to have a seat and read through whatever.” I hand her the papers and a pen.


“I’ll just bring them back to the kitchen,” she tells me. “After I sign these I’ll scan them to my laptop so I have copies.”


“Sounds good.” We leave the office and as we walk past one of the guest rooms I say, “If you ever stay the night here or store any clothes here that’s the room you can use.”


“I doubt I’ll be storing clothes here. Although there is a bikini in my purse just in case.”


I keep my comments to myself about going naked. It would be a bad idea to have her get naked in my house again so soon. Instead I stick with, “Well, just in case. You’re welcome to store that bikini here too.”


“I know. You made that pretty clear yesterday.” Sookie takes a seat at the table and starts unpacking the breakfast options. She claims one of the sausage, egg and cheese muffins and then starts unpacking her laptop.


I grab a bacon and egg muffin sandwich and lean against the counter. Once she’s done with the paperwork I have no idea what she should do.


“I don’t know that I have anything for you to assist me with this morning…” I inform her. I know I have a lunch meeting at one with a producer.


“I was thinking I could sync our calendars?” Sookie suggests. “That way I know ahead of time where and when things are going down so I can make sure you’re ready and present when you need to be somewhere. I can make sure your office is stocked for any work you need to do. If you need anything from the store, you can put it on a list and I’ll be happy to go get it for you. Basically anything you don’t want to do yourself, short of jerking off or wiping your own ass, I’m here.”


I chuckle and say, “Didn’t I tell you ass wiping would be part of your job duties?”


“Nope, and it’s not anywhere in my paperwork so you’ll have to hire an asswiper,” she smiles at me.


She has a pretty smile.


“Damn, and I was already so comfortable with you,” I sigh dramatically.


“With an ass like that, I’m sure you won’t have any trouble.” Sookie picks up her sandwich and takes a bite. She leans back in her chair while she chews and looks around the kitchen.


“You like my ass, huh?” Shut up, Eric. Don’t fuck this up.


Sookie trains her eyes on me with a devilish little smile.


“So far it’s one of your better attributes,” she says.




“Most girls that have seen me naked would prefer… I’m going to stop now,” I sigh. I need to stop.


“You be gagged?”


“More like gag on a specific appendage,” I mumble, hoping she doesn’t hear me.


“What was that?”


“Nothing,” I lie.


“Uh huh,” she smirks and takes another bite of her sandwich.


In order to keep myself from saying anything else moronic I start eating too. Sadly, I eat fairly quickly so I grab a second sandwich and devour that while she works.


“You know, my calendar should’ve automatically synced when I added my email to your phone,” I point out.


Sookie checks her phone and smiles.


“Yep, it did. I didn’t even check yesterday,” she says. “Do you have routine things that you expect to have done that don’t need to go on the calendar?”


“Not really. I go to the grocery store whenever I feel like it. Since I’m between projects I have way too much free time. I do have a movie coming out in a couple months so press for that will start in about three weeks. Things for you will pick up then.”


She nods and says, “Well, then I guess in the meantime I can deal with your mail, make sure that you have transportation to the press junkets and all that good stuff.”


“That works,” I shrug. “All of my fan mail goes to my management company so it’ll just be the house bills and shit. Any cards with my full name handwritten in swirly handwriting with no return address, please tuck away in my office. I’ll deal with those.” My mother sends me cards every few months, but I don’t respond. As long as she’s married to the prick I won’t talk to her.


“I can do that,” she nods. “Since you were so concerned that I was a stalker, do you have one or a hundred?”


“I have a few über fans,” I chuckle. “There is a girl that sends my management office a letter a day asking me to marry her. I’ve been followed by fans, I’ve received suicide threats. None of them have showed up, unless you’re a good actress,” I tease.


“So no girlfriend coming by regularly? I can’t remember if I asked that or not,” she says without looking up from her laptop.


“No girlfriend,” I remind her. She did ask me. “There will be rumors swirling around about you if we’re seen in public together.”


She snorts and says, “They’ll go extra crazy if they link me back to Gran.”


“Yep,” I say, popping the P. “Try to keep your eyes off my ass,” I wink.


“You know you’re not the only one who knows how to get around all stealthy like,” she says.


“Good to know.”


“So… what do you want me to do now?” she asks me.


“Come to the backyard with me to finish our coffee,” I tell her.


“I can do that.” Sookie picks up her coffee and follows me out back. “Do you like your coffee hot, iced or both?”


“Hot,” I answer as we walk around the pool. The air is crisp, but the sun is shining. It feels good out here. I lie on the couch, which happens to be long enough for my six foot five frame. I love this damn thing. “I assume you have more questions for me.”


“Tons but I figured I’d be learning by observing. You’re a tough nut to crack, Northman.” Sookie crosses her legs and slides her sunglasses back down her nose.


“We’ve known each other less than twenty-foyer hours. What is there to crack?” I chuckle.


“Your nut,” she giggles.


“You had a crack at my nuts yesterday and swam away,” I remind her.


“I’m sure I’ll get another shot,” she smirks.


“Nope. That was your one shot,” I joke. If she stripped down and told me to fuck her, I’d be on it. I still have a semi from yesterday.




I stop myself from telling her to come over so she can hop on. Yeah, definitely time to get laid. I have a feeling I’ll need to make a few more trips to see Nora or Jessica with Sookie around.


“You were right, it’ll be better this way.”


“It’s true,” she says. “I mean once you had me you’d be on me all the time and I’d never get any work done. You’d have to hire your assistant an assistant, your career would fizzle… I’m doing you a favor.”


I laugh. “I’m sure it would be the other way around, Miss Stackhouse. I saw how hard it was for you to walk away.”


“And I know how hard it was for you period.”


“That’s true,” I agree. Unfortunately it’s getting hard again and if I don’t stop she’ll notice soon. “I prefer bacon to sausage. If you’re going to get me food, you should know things like that.” There… Nope, just kidding, still growing harder. Fuck.


“Not that it matters, but I’m the opposite. I prefer sausage.”


Of fucking course she does. “We need to stop talking about meat. All kinds if innuendo is running through my head.”


“Get your brain out of the gutter, Northman.”


“Working on it,” I smile. My hand is resting on my stomach and my pervy side wants to slide my hand down. My semi-professional side keeps me in check. “I don’t watch TV.”


“So then I don’t need to worry about making sure your DVR isn’t too full of things.”


“I don’t even have a DVR.”


“Also good to know.”


“Anything else you can think of?” I ask. I might as well get all this shit out of the way now.


“Are you a morning person?”


“I’m an any time of day person. I don’t get mad easily, either.”


She nods. “Food preferences other than bacon?”


“I try to eat as healthy as possible. I don’t fry much, egg whites, wheat or whole grain bread, brown rice a lot of leafy greens, no mayo on anything simply because it’s disgusting… I don’t eat fish, and I’m allergic to shellfish.”


“I don’t like mayo either. It’s a disgusting invention,” she says with an abhorant tone. “Good to know about the shellfish. No other food allergies I should know about?”


“Nope,” I shake my head. “What about you?”


“No food allergies,” she says.


“Any allergies to anything?” I sit up to take a sip of my coffee.




“Good to know,” I chuckle.


We go quiet and I close my eyes. My backyard is as soundproof as I can get. I can still hear some of the cars in the neighborhood. When the wind shifts I can smell Sookie’s perfume and I have to smile. Whatever she’s wearing today is a nice, clean scent. I like it. I doubt we’ll need to go out together too often, but I do feel bad for her when she finally does get seen with me. The media is going to eat it up. Which reminds me.


“I don’t google myself. I’d rather not know what the media has to say about me,” I tell her out of the blue.


“That’s understandable. I don’t know if I would want to hear other people making comments about my life either,” she tells me.


Sookie and I have gone quiet again when I hear the back door open. I look back to see Ras walking toward me. His eyes are on Sookie, trying to figure out who she is.


“Hey, man,” I say and sit up.


“What’s up, fucker? Who is this lovely lady?” Rasul asks, turning on the charm.


“This is Sookie Stackhouse,” I tell him. “My new personal assistant. Sookie, this is Rasul.”


“Nice to meet you, Rasul,” Sookie says, extending a hand to him.


“Likewise.” Rasul takes her hand. “So you finally caved, huh? At least you’ve got good taste.”


“With all this Oscar shit, it’s time. Sookie happened to show up, and I couldn’t turn her down,” I smile.


“Has he sexually harassed you yet?” Rasul asks her.


“You could say that,” she smirks. “But in all fairness, I started it.”


That gets Ras to raise an eyebrow.


“I was being a good boy,” I defend myself.


“That shit might work in front of cameras but I fuckin’ know better,” he chuckles and plops down in the chair next to Sookie’s.


“I was innocent, I swear. She really did start it. I even had my shirt on.” Not that that makes a difference. Women throw themselves at me all the time, not that I think Sookie was. She would’ve gone through with it if she was.


“What can I say? I come from a line of women that likes taking their clothes off in front of strangers,” Sookie shrugs and there goes Ras’ eyebrow again. “My grandmother is Adele Hale.”


“Should I know who that is?” he asks, looking to me.


Playboy model from the early years. She was fuckin’ hot. Sookie looks a lot like her,” I explain.


“I don’t know if I should be proud or creeped out by your knowledge of such things,” Rasul tells me.


“My dad was a fan of old pinup girls and shit before he died.”


“And you’re a fan of the new ones,” he snickers.


“I’m a fan of this one,” I say, nodding toward Sookie. She knows I think she’s hot.


“You were in Playboy?” Ras asks her.


“Pfffft… never going to happen,” she says. “By today’s standards I’d need lipo and they’d probably still have to airbrush fifty pounds off me before I’d be acceptable.”


“Today’s standards are bullshit,” I comment. “You saw what happened to me when your clothes came off…”


“It’s amazing I didn’t lose an eye,” she snorts.


“Sweetheart, don’t feed this fucker’s ego,” Rasul tells her.


I chuckle and flip him off. I don’t have ego problems.


“Just trying to keep you humble.”


“You’re doing a fine job, Dick,” I say and take another drink of my coffee. “Are you going to be staying here a while or over at Melanie’s?”


“Haven’t decided yet.”


Melanie is Rasul’s on again, off again girl. When he’s in town it’s a toss-up over who he’s going to stay with. Since he doesn’t know, I assume they’re on now.


“Alright,” I nod.


“I’ll clear out and give you guys a chance to catch up,” Sookie says as she gets out of her chair. “It was nice meeting you, Rasul.”


“You too,” he replies and watches her ass as she walks toward the house.


Once she’s through the door I look back at Ras and say, “Fuck, she makes me hard.”


“I’d hit it,” he agrees.


“I was so fuckin’ close yesterday,” I admit.


“Ah, so you still can’t close the deal,” he chuckles.


“She was rubbing her bare pussy on my dick and decided since I’m her new boss it would be a bad idea. Honestly, it would’ve been a bad idea. I have to keep a professional-ish relationship with her.”


“I think you blew that already,” he says.


“That’s why I said ish,” I chuckle.


“I give it to the end of the week before you’re fuckin’ her,” he says.


“You think?” I really don’t have any plans to try again.


“I think if she gets naked again, game over.”


“I doubt she’ll do it unless she wants to fuck,” I shrug.


“Maybe,” he shrugs.


“I don’t think she wants to go down that road…” I trail off when the back door opens again and Sookie comes walking out pretty fucking close to naked. My fucking hard-on is back instantly when I see her little tiny bikini barely covering her tits. Fuck me; this girl is trying to kill me.


“You were saying?” Rasul snickers.


I’m so fucking screwed.


13 thoughts on “Chapter 4

  1. I’m with Rasul…I think they’ll be doing the nasty before the week is over. Of course, in her shoes I would be, too. 😉


  2. At least Eric decided to respect her decision… well, that was until she popped out to the backyard in a barely there bikini. I still think she should quit the tabloid then she’d have free reign to do the boss as Eric’s pa;D Maybe that’s just me?


  3. Now if she wasnt there under false pretenses, i would be happy as a clam 🙂
    Not that Im not happy, cos dang this has all the markings of being a brilliant story that i will enjoy reading many times 😉 Its the inevitable train wreck, its as concerning as it is compelling!!

    I do love the stories you lovely ladies write. I get the feeling Eric and Sookie are going to cave soon 🙂


  4. One of my fav things about this story so far is that Gran was such a daring woman… Canon Gran being portrayed in most stories as rather prude and conservative (from a gender standpoint), it is fantastic to imagine her as a centerfold model… I want to know more about Eric’s dad and why he isn’t talking to his mum… I fear there is some serious unpleasantness there (and unfortunately something worth a tabloid story?)


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