Chapter 7



“So Eric’s friend caught us fucking,” I tell Amelia when I get home from work.


“Oh yeah? Is he hot?” she asks.


“He looks like a rugby player, but yummier.” Rasul is a good looking man. “He’s about the same height as Eric, but he’s definitely broader. He’s got dark hair, mocha skin and hazel eyes.”


“Mmm, did you ask him to join?” she giggles.


“No. One guy Eric’s size is enough at one time.”


“Will you hook up with him when everything with Eric blows up in your face?” she asks hopefully.


“I have no idea. I think he’s seeing someone anyway,” I shrug.


“Just checking. Have you thought anymore about what you’re going to do?”


“I have but then his dick gets involved and all my ethics disappear along with my panties,” I tell her.


“Good dick is a powerful thing,” she sighs.


“Girl, you don’t even know the half of it,” I sigh. “I wish I was morally bankrupt. That would make all this easier too.”


“Did he pounce you as soon as you walked in? Oh! Maybe I could come over and walk in on you guys? I wouldn’t mind a big dick and you,” she says excitedly. She’s high as a kite.


“Never gonna happen, sweetie,” I say sympathetically. “I’m pretty sure I’d get fired for bringing you to the house.”


“It sounded like a really good idea in my head,” she laughs.


“Of course it did,” I pet her.


“Well, I got nothin’ for ya.”


That’s nothing new. She’s better at getting me into trouble than helping me out of it. I get off the couch and go back to my bedroom to take a shower. At the moment, I’m feeling exceptionally dirty.




My day off was pretty boring. I painted my nails, went for a swim and had lunch with Amelia at a diner we love near the apartment. Now I’m pulling up to Eric’s house. I know he said things will pick up, but I feel like I should be doing something other than twiddling my thumbs most of the time.


When the front door opens without me even having a chance to knock, it catches me off guard. Although the naked man standing behind it is an even bigger surprise. Ugh, dammit.


“I should nail gun your pants on,” I joke. Well it’s sort of a joke. Not really.


“I woke up late and I just finished drying off,” he shrugs.


“Coffee.” I hold up his cup.


“Thank you.” He takes his cup and takes a giant drink as he turns to let me in.


I step inside and go straight to the kitchen. There’s almost nothing on his calendar today either. I might have hated Madden but at least he kept me busy. I set my bags down and take a long drink of my iced latte.


“Do I have anything going today?” Eric asks.


“Dentist appointment at three.”


He scrunches his nose and says, “I hate the dentist.”


“I think that might be unanimous,” I smile.


“Oh, I finished my grocery list,” he tells me and leans on the counter.


“Good. It’ll give me something to do besides sit here.”


“Do you want to clean out my closet?” he asks.


“That could be dangerous. I accidentally threw away my brother’s favorite shirt once and he didn’t talk to me for six weeks,” I tell him.


“I can come in and tell you what not to touch,” he shrugs. “It needs to be done, but I hate doing it.”


“That works. Or I can make piles and you can approve or reject things,” I suggest. “Either way is fine.”


“I’ll come with you.” He motions for me to follow him and he starts to walk out of the room. When we get to his closet he grabs a pair of track pants to put on before he takes a seat on his little stool.


“So how much do you want to get rid of and what do you wear all the time?”


He stands back up and points to a section. “This is what I wear all the time. I don’t want to touch my suits at all, but all of this.” He motions to the other three quarters of his closet. “We can go through. I’m going to donate whatever we get rid of.”


“Okay,” I nod and move to the other side of his ginormous closet. “Most of this stuff still has tags on it.”


“I’ve never worn it,” he shrugs. “I have a stylist and he bought most of that.”


“I think your stylist needs a stylist,” I say as I pull a mustard yellow silk button down from the rack. “This should be burned.”


“Someone will wear it. I’ve never worn anything he’s ever bought.”


“Sounds like someone expendable from your payroll. I would have fired him on the spot for this,” I chuckle. Then I see the price tag. “Four hundred dollars for a man blouse the color of piss?”


“Is that how much that shit cost? I only use him for award shows now.”


I show him the tag.


“Holy fucksticks. Yeah, he’s fuckin’ fired. You’re welcome to make that call,” he chuckles.


“This color is all wrong for you. Did he not know what you look like?” I take the blouse off the hanger and throw it to the side. That shirt should not exist.


“Do you want the job?”


“Of dressing you? Sure. I promise not to buy you blouses, anything with ruffles or sequins and nothing in the yellow spectrum, nothing mesh or fishnet… Oh! Nothing that looks like a Halloween costume. I’m pretty sure that’s a matador’s jacket over there,” I point.


Seriously, did this guy go shopping with Amelia?


“Total shit, I know,” he chuckles, “Los Angeles is about to get ten grand of absolute shit for free.”


“Better them than you, sweetie,” I pat his arm. “So I guess that means you’re not bull fighting in your spare time?”


“Nope,” he smiles, shaking his head.


“Thank God,” I chuckle and go after that jacket next.


We spend the next hour going through the shirts. It’s good progress until I come across a black and pink zebra… thing. It might technically be considered a kimono.


“What the sparkly fuck were you supposed to wear this to?” I ask him.


“Wore it to a pimps and hoes party,” he laughs.


“Oh then that makes sense. I was going to say this will do nothing to squelch the gay rumors.”


“Those don’t bother me,” he shrugs. “I know I like pussy, that’s all that matters.”


“That makes two of us. I mean knowing you like pussy,” I clarify. “Do you want the pimp shirt?”


“Nope, toss it.”


I could probably sleep in this thing. I toss it to the side and start to open a drawer but Eric stops me.


“No, that one’s off limits,” he says, pulling my hand away.


“Porn collection?” I joke as I move on to the next drawer. Which turns out to be his porn collection.


“Nope, that drawer is,” he winks.


Rabid Butt Sluts III?” I bust out laughing.


“I don’t see anything funny about watching chicks get pounded in the ass,” he smirks.


“I’m laughing at the title, and the fact that this is the third of the series.” I pick up the case to read the back of it.


“I don’t even look at the names,” he admits. He reaches out to rub my ass and asks, “Have you ever been fucked here?”


“Yes,” I admit. “I’m guessing you’re a fan of it?”


“Sometimes. It’s obviously not an all the time thing, especially since you’re so fuckin’ tight as it is.”


“I haven’t done it since my ex, so it’s been a year or so since the last time and he was nowhere near your size.” I put the DVD back in the drawer.


“Did you like it?” His hand is still slowly caressing my ass.


“It definitely has its merits. It’s one of those things I have to be craving in order to really enjoy it, like popcorn or movies with subtitles,” I explain.


“Well, if you ever get the urge, you know where to find me… all the time,” he snickers.


“I think I better work my way up to your size,” I snicker. “I’ve never had a submarine up my ass before.”


“I’d be happy to buy you something to help out,” he offers.


“You want to buy me sex toys?” I lift an eyebrow.


“If you’d be using them with me, why not?” he shrugs.


“I’ll consider it.” Honestly, I don’t think that’s going to be necessary. “Does this mean you’re expecting I’ll keep sleeping with you?”


“I hope you do. We’re pretty good at it and it’s not affecting your job.”


“So far my job has mostly consisted of getting you coffee and making you cum,” I point out.


“Have you looked at my schedule two weeks from now?” he asks, arching an eyebrow. “This time is slow, but good to get to know each other.”


“Did you hear me say so far?” I counter. I know he’s about to get busy.


“I just don’t see why we should stop something that’s been working so well.”


“I suddenly feel like I’m in a sequel to The Secretary. Minus the saddles and spanking.”


“You think?” he chuckles.


“If I see a saddle, I’m outta here,” I warn.


“No saddles,” he promises.


“Good. A girl’s gotta draw the line somewhere,” I laugh.


“I do too,” he agrees.


“Then I’m glad we agree on that point.”


“So…” He steps behind me and rests his hands on my hips. “Would you like to take a break?”


“Sure,” I grab another movie from the drawer. “Maybe you can explain the cinematic value of Babez In Toyland.”


“Or I can kneel between your thighs and eat your cunt while you watch it,” he whispers and nibbles my ear from behind.


“Or that.” I agree. “Are you expecting Rasul today?”


“Nope and he bought me a Do Not Disturb sign for the front door,” Eric chuckles.


“That makes much more sense than calling first,” I laugh.


“He likes to do things the hard way,” he says and starts to slide his hands up my stomach under my shirt.


“How do you like to do things?” I ask.


“Depends on what I’m doing. I work very hard when it comes to getting someone off,” he tells me. He reaches my tits and pulls the cups of my bra down to play with my nipples.


“I’ve noticed.” My back arches, thrusting my tits into his large palms.


“Come on, let’s go put on the movie unless you’d rather lay down here and let me work…”


“I’m curious about the movie,” I admit. Plus the closet floor isn’t very comfortable.


Eric tugs my shirt off, followed by my bra before he takes my hand and leads me to the living room. He takes the movie from me to put it in and tells me to finish getting naked. I peel off my jeans and panties, and then sit down on the couch.


“How do you want me?” I ask him.


“Ass on the edge, lean back and spread your legs,” he directs me.


I do as he says and prop my feet up on the coffee table so my legs are spread wide for him.


“Like this?” I ask and reach down to spread my lower lips for him too.


“Mmm, fuck, just like that.”


He brings me the remote and drops it on the couch next to me. He steps between my legs and kneels on the ground. My back arches when he leans over to lick the length of my slit with his flattened tongue.


“Just as good as I imagined,” he groans and rubs around my opening with two fingertips.


I try to pay attention to the TV, but that’s easier said than done with Eric’s tongue teasing my clit like it is. He flicks quickly and starts to slowly work his fingers into my pussy. Once they’re all the way in he twists and starts to rub my g-spot.


“Tell me what you want,” he purrs and starts to suck my clit.


“Just keep doing that,” I tell him.


My hips start to rock and I become more engrossed in watching Eric than I do the movie on the enormous TV in front of me. Just being able to get enough air into my lungs becomes tricky as the orgasm builds, but hell if I’m going to tell Eric to slow down. JB compensated for what he was lacking in other areas by being really fucking good at eating pussy. Jury’s still out on whether or not Eric is better.


“Mmm… fuck, right there, Eric,” I moan when his tongue flicks just right.


He takes direction well and keeps his tongue right where it is, moving at the same speed. His fingers move faster over my sweet spot and he slides his free hand up my body to tug and pluck my nipple.


“Ohhhh… mmm…” I moan and my eyes screw shut. Damn close to being better than JB. My hips move with Eric’s thick fingers and my hand goes to his head to grab his hair. “Yesyesyesyesyes…” I chant in a breathy voice when my walls start to pulse quickly around his fingers.  They move easier with the extra honey that’s coating them now.


Eric starts to pull gently on my clit with his soft lips. He makes sure to flick his tongue just right between each pull. Eric’s soft moans are vibrating through my core and his eyes are closed; lost in the pleasure he’s giving me. He keeps going right through my first orgasm and into my second… and then my third.


“Enough,” I pant after the third and push his head away.


His lips and chin are shiny with my juices. He has this drunk, satisfied look on his face and he pulls his fingers out to suck my honey off of each one, savoring every last drop.


“I could’ve kept going for hours,” he says as he leans against by body. He wraps his arms around my middle and resting his head on my chest.


“Maybe next time,” I smile.


“Mmm, just say when.”


Right now I can’t even think about next time. I close my eyes and can’t remember the last time I felt so relaxed or comfortable, and that in itself presents a bit of a problem. All the things I want to pretend aren’t an issue start pulling at me. The deception involved in what I’m doing starts to bubble and churn in my stomach, making me feel nauseated.


For the millionth time I ask myself what’s more important, my dreams or my integrity? Is one worth having without the other? Am I going to kick myself if I abandon the article to become Eric’s assistant and… fuck buddy? This is all a big double edged sword. I feel like either way I go, I’ll lose.


It hits me then that I’ll have one of those light bulb moments when I’ll know for certain which way I should go. Until I have that moment I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing. I can always bury the article. No one knows about the article besides Amelia and Madden. Eric never needs to know if I decide to give it up.


With my conscience settled some, I feel better. My eyes open and I find Eric looking up at me.


“You alright?” he whispers and reaches up to tuck my hair behind my ear.


“Yeah,” I nod. “Just having a little debate with myself.” It’s not a lie so I feel good about that.


“Is it whether or not you should pass out now or let me fuck you until you pass out?” he jokes.


I chuckle quietly and say, “It’s about whether or not I want my assistant to be male or female since sexing you up seems to put me on the disabled list.”


“I fail to see how that’s a bad thing. If you get an assistant, that’s coming out of your paycheck, not mine,” he snorts and grabs the remote to turn off the DVD.


“I should get back to work. There’s a big mess in your closet that needs to be cleaned up.”


“Mmm, okay.” He leans up to kiss me before he stands and holds his hand out to help me up.


11 thoughts on “Chapter 7

  1. Didn’t Sookie’s previous article get leaked to the competition? Victor, Amelia or some hacker might get access to Sookie’s notes…
    This level of deception’s gonna cause some serious heartbreak…


  2. I agree with redjane… Sookie is conveniently forgetting about how real the threat of someone busting her is. Even without the leak or Amelia bubbling something on one of her high trips, it’s still a real possibility that someone might simply recognise her (for example someone from another tabloid who remembers her from working at the same event).
    Also, she seems to think that the only alternative she has is to work for Madden or to work for Eric. Why doesn’t she try to look for another job that would suit her better now that she still has some spare time?


  3. Glad Sookie has second thoughts but as commented above why is Madden her only chance at writing? Seems like she’s enjoying assisting Eric, even without the amazing sex, and is making more money too, so why not take the slow period and either look for something else or try freelancing… Not sure the way she is going about getting this story is going to get her the type of work she wants anyway.
    Hope she figures out who she is and what she wants before it’s too late.


  4. Ugh! As always this story is great but I’m so nervous that my stomach is in knots! I can hardly enjoy the sexy scenes! I may have to wait until this story is finished bedore reading anymore. I’m biting my nails waiting for the other shoe to drop!


  5. Hmmm… Waiting for a lightbulb moment…. Assuming that if she decides Eric, that he’ll never find out…. I’m thinking these decisions are going to come back and bite her in the ass!


  6. I’m amazed that Sookie is okay with the current situation, I see it blowing up. Either way she will lose all credibility in both professional and personal spheres.


  7. Hm, Eric feels more for Sookie then he thought he would especially now that Sookie is seeming to be the ultimate girlfriend. She does everything an assistant is supposed to do and gives Eric great sex, so girlfriend seems about right. I’m surprised no one saw this especially when Eric spoke to Jessica and everything Sookie heard him say on the phone was vague then he left the room. He can’t be just nice. Sookie better confess before it becomes a problem.


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