Chapter 6: I Lost My Poor Meatball


Since I usually had just a glass of wine, maybe two, three shots of tequila and two glasses of wine was a lot for me to drink in the span of a few hours. I was definitely drunk when I got off the elevator at Eric’s building. I knocked on the door and when it opened, I threw my panties at him.

“I took those off in the cab,” I giggled.

Eric tucked them away in his pocket before he tugged me into his apartment. He closed the door before pushing me against the back. He had that familiar heat in his eyes as he ran his hand up my inner thigh.

“How much have you had to drink tonight?” He reached my center and started to massage my slick folds.

“Some wine. A few tequila shots.”

“So no flipping you over to spank you for being a naughty girl,” he smiled. “You’re very fucking wet, Lover.”

“I was thinking about your big dick,” I admitted. I reached out to unzip his pants but he caught my hands.

He pinned them above my head before he went back to playing with my pussy.

“You’ll get my big, hard dick when I’m ready to give it to you,” he growled.

I pouted. “Pretty please? With Sookie on top?” I could be cute and bat my eyelashes.

“I didn’t even have to tell you to beg,” he purred. “I like it.” I felt his solid erection rub over my belly. “Tell me what you want me to do to you.”

“I want those pants open and I want you to fuck me right here,” I told him. Usually I wasn’t such a hussy, but tequila…

His hand disappeared from between my thighs. I heard his zipper slide down before he released my hands. He lifted me up by my thighs and when I started to slide down his thick cock slid right into me.

“Is that what you want?” Before I could answer he pulled my hips away from the wall slightly and started fucking me harder than I remembered him doing before.

“Yes,” I moaned. “God, that’s good.”

My hands settled on his broad shoulders and I looked down to see his cock filling me over and over again. It was so freaking sexy.

“See how wet you make me, Eric? Mmm… fuck, that’s so good.”

He swiveled his hips every few thrusts, giving me a different sensation. His fingertips dug into my ass as he pulled me forward a little more, allowing him to get deeper.

“Does your wet little pussy belong to me, Sookie?” Eric’s eyes caught mine.

“Hell yes,” I breathed. Right about then he could have asked for a lung and I would have let him have it if he wanted it.

“Good girl,” he whispered. He leaned in to kiss me hard, matching his thrusts. He continued on like that for a few more minutes before he had me wrap my arms around his neck and he staggered back toward the couch. When his legs bumped he sat down. “Ride me,” he breathed into the kiss. “Take what you need from me.”

I began to move up and down quickly. I tried to unzip my dress, but Eric had to help me with it. He got the dress over my head and dropped it while I yanked down the cups of the strapless bra I was wearing. He cupped my tits and tugged my nipples while I bounced on his lap. My hand moved to play with my clit.

“Yesyesyesyesyes… oh fuck…” My head fell back and I stopped bouncing as I came hard.

“Goddammit,” he grunted. Eric scooted down a little so he could hold me up and thrust up hard, filling me over and over. “Fuck… where do you want it?”

“In me,” I answered. My head was still back as the aftershocks rippled through me.

He pulled me down, keeping me in place as he erupted, filling me with his release.

“Jesus, woman,” he panted. He pulled me forward to kiss me again. Eric’s hands went back to my hips to help me rock.

“You’re a unicorn,” I told him.

“You’re cute,” he chuckled. His hands slid back to massage my ass. “You made me cum way faster than I intended.”


“Don’t be. I had a long day and this was just what I needed.” He kissed me again. He was still in his suit.

“You look really fucking sexy in a suit,” I told him. “I bet it would be really hot if you bent me over your desk at work… mmm…”

“You should come visit me for lunch someday,” he smiled.

“Do good girls get fucked in public?” I sat up and started to rock my hips.

“Good girls get whatever they want. If you want me to take them into a bathroom at a café or bend you over my desk, it’s yours.” He slipped his down to massage my clit with his thumb.

“When you put it like that, it sounds like you’re my bitch,” I giggled.

“If you were my sub you would be the one in charge, ultimately. We don’t do anything you don’t consent to. We would discuss the different punishments and rewards you’d get. I wouldn’t say I’m your bitch, but it would we would share in the job of pleasuring each other.”

“That doesn’t sound so bad.” I rocked back and forth, keeping him buried deep inside me. It felt so damn good.

“The pleasure is immense, but the pain can be too,” he said. He brought his thumb to his lips to lick my honey from it before he went back to rubbing my clit.

“If I’m a good girl I don’t have to worry about it.” I leaned back and slowly lifted up until just the tip of his cock was inside me.

“No you don’t.” His eyes were trained on my pussy stretched around his tip..

I slid down slowly, taking him an inch at a time until I was completely filled. I moved in slow circles for a few seconds and then I climbed off of him. The look on his face made me giggle. I’d planned on getting down on my knees to blow him but instead I ran away.

Eric caught up to me in the hallway in record time. He wrapped his strong arms around me and I felt his hard-on rub across my ass.

“Where do you think you’re going?” he growled into my ear.

“I don’t know,” I giggled. “Probably to your room for a spanking.”

“Mmm, I could try the paddle out on you.” He rubbed my ass with one hand.

“I don’t think so, Stretch.”

“You’re no fun,” he chuckled. He slapped my ass. “Go to the room and get comfortable.”

Eric let go of me and I swung my hips as I walked toward the bedroom. I heard him groan behind me. When I got to his room I climbed up on the bed and stayed on my knees but I leaned forward to rest on my elbows so my ass was up in the air.

I could hear Eric removing his clothes behind me. After a few moments I felt the mattress depress at the end of the bed before his big hands rubbed around my ass.

“What did you do tonight to deserve a spanking?” His fingers stroked my slit.

“Nothing. I was a good girl. I had drinks with my friend and told her how good you are in bed, and then I came here,” I told him.

“So you want this as your reward?” I felt his lips press against my right cheek.

“Wait. I did show her that picture you sent me of your pants.”

“Showing off what’s meant for your eyes only would definitely earn a nice, hard spanking.” He sat up again and rubbed a sensitive spot on my ass. “How many swats do you think you deserve?”

“Two,” I giggled. My tequila soaked brain wasn’t taking him seriously.

“Just two?” I could hear his smile. “What about one for taking off your panties in the cab?”

“I did that for you,” I pointed out. “The driver didn’t see anything.”

“So you think.” His hand disappeared before it landed on my right cheek. He didn’t spank me hard, but there was a sting.

“I was very discreet,” I assured him and wiggled my butt.

“I have to take your word for it. For future reference, alcohol and playtime aren’t things I like to mix. Judgment can get blurred when there’s alcohol involved and I would hate for you to feel regret once you’re sober. But, since you already took your punishment so well, what do you think you should get as a reward?” He spanked my left cheek, giving me the second stinging slap.

“Mmm… kisses. I like kissing you.”

“Where would you like the kisses?” He leaned over to kiss the two spots he spanked.

“My lips. The ones up here.” If I didn’t clarify he’d be going down on me until dawn.

Eric manhandled me and flipped me onto my back. He was completely naked when he leaned over my body. My legs moved of their own accord to wrap around his hips as he settled on his elbows, caging me in between his strong arms.

“I like kissing you too, Lover,” he whispered before his lips met mine. The kiss was slow and much sweeter than I was used to from him. His tongue slid between my lips to meet mine in a slow, now familiar dance. There was always so much passion in his kisses. Like the only thing that mattered in the world during that time was me.

It was intoxicating. It also surprised me considering how casual he seemed to want things to be. I liked spending time with him. Three nights in less than a week I was spending at his place. Maybe it was just me or my girl brain, but that didn’t seem like it was just casual. Still, I was going to let it be. If it evolved to something else, so be it.

I don’t know how long we made out for, but by the time he pulled back he was ready for round two and I was drunk on his kisses even more than I was the booze.

Eric reached down between us and positioned himself at my entrance. He pushed up on his locked arms so he could look down between us as he slid his length into me. He let out a low growl as my heat surrounded him. Those blue eyes moved up to mine, meeting me with the same familiar heat I’d gotten used to. When he started to thrust he didn’t move fast or hard. His thrusts were slow and smooth, allowing me to feel every long, thick inch of his cock.

The connection I’d felt last time I was with him started to flicker and steadily get brighter. My legs hitched up to let him get deeper. Goosebumps broke out on his skin when my fingers trailed up and down his sides. I stretched forward to kiss him and my hands circled around his back to grab his ass.

He took the cue to drive in deeper. He reached down to hook one of my legs, opening me up even more for his driving shaft. Eric’s hips swiveled, giving us both a different sensation. It was exactly what I needed. Judging by his expression, it seemed to be what he needed too.

“Ohhh… Eric…” I moaned. Our eyes met again and his forehead pressed against mine. He was going to pull one hell of an orgasm from me.

“Yes, baby,” he breathed. “Cum for me.” His thrusts became harder and more deliberate, rocking my body up each time he surged forward.

“Mmm… you want to feel it, Eric?” My fingers dug into his lower back, trying to keep him deep. The way he was moving had my walls gripping him over and over. “Fuck… oh god, I’m gonna…” Explode. Hard. Loudly.

He growled and sat up on his knees. He pulled me down as he slammed into me over and over. This went on for a few minutes before he pulled out and erupted all over my mound.

“Jesus fucking Christ,” he panted, dropping his head back.

“Best ever,” I whispered. It was. It really, really was.

“Mmhmm,” he hummed. Eric leaned over me again to pepper kisses all over my face. “You’re going to spoil me if you keep coming over and fucking me so good.” He had a cute, boyish smile on his handsome face.

“Want me to go away and never come back?”

“No way,” he chuckled. “I’ll take whatever spoiling you want to give.”

“What if I want a date? Clothes on, in public, conversation and not pillow talk.”

He looked down at me for a moment. I couldn’t quite figure out the look he was giving me. He leaned down to press a quick peck on my lips.

“I have next Tuesday evening free if you’d like me to pick you up for dinner,” he offered.

“I accept. You might have to meet my grandmother,” I warned.

“I know. That’s why I’m picking you up. I know she wants to meet me and you’re spending an awful lot of time with me.”

“It’s hard not to. I think I’m addicted to your kisses, among other things,” I smiled.

“You’ve seen what just thinking about you does to me,” he chuckled.

“I have. Do you want me to stay again?” If he wanted me to go, that was okay too. I hoped he wanted me to stay.

“Please do. I like waking up with you.” He kissed me before he got off of the bed and headed for the bathroom. I heard water going and then Eric came back to the bed with a warm washcloth. “I made a bit of a mess…”

“Yes you did.” I let him clean me up. It was sweet of him to do it. He didn’t have to. Most guys I’d been with would have left it to me to handle. “You’re way too good at cuddling for a guy who just wants casual.”

“I can try to be bad at it,” he offered. Eric took the washcloth back to the bathroom and rinsed it out. When he got back to the bed he settled next to me but did not touch me.

“Are you playing hard to get?”

“I’m being a bad cuddler,” he smiled.

“Hmph…” I sat up and stretched a little. My stomach rumbled. Actually, it was more like a muffled T-Rex roar. Pizza! I looked at Eric and said, “I want to go get pizza. Do you want to go get pizza?”

“I can go get pizza,” he agreed. “Or we can order in since you’re still half drunk.”

“Nope. I want to put my clothes on, fix my hair and stand at the counter in a shop while I eat a slice.”

“What the lady wants, the lady gets.” Eric got out of the bed again.

“Are you sure you want to go? If it’s past your bedtime…” I trailed off and giggled at the narrowed eyes I got in response.

“Put your clothes on, woman,” he said. Eric bent over to grab his pants. I noticed he didn’t grab his boxers. He was going to go commando.

I couldn’t help but reach out and smack his ass. I owed him one. It was a cute tushie, begging for it.

“You’re asking for it,” he chuckled. “I’m going to get you later.”

“You already got me.” I got up off the bed and stood carefully on the five inch Gucci sandals I was wearing.

I found my clothes in the living room. For the life of me I couldn’t find my panties.

We walked out of his apartment together and rode the elevator down to the lobby. I wasn’t too familiar with his neighborhood, so I let Eric lead the way. By suggesting going out for pizza at one in the morning I was hoping I’d sober up a little on the walk. We hadn’t gone even a whole block when he reached for my hand.

“Oooh we hold hands?” I laced my fingers with his.

“Yes, we hold hands. After the things you let me do to you in the bedroom, I didn’t think you’d have a problem with my hand in yours.” He lifted our hands and kissed the back off mine.

“Not at all. Can I ask you something? It’s kind of personal.”

“You can ask me anything you want to.”

“The women you had those special relationship with, were they your girlfriend?”

“No,” he answered. “I was married at the time so dating a woman wasn’t really in the cards. Aude knew about my… desires and she wasn’t into it. We had a deal. I could do what I wanted with whomever I wanted, but I couldn’t get feelings or have a romantic boyfriend/girlfriend type relationship. She understood sex was just sex. There were a couple girls I started to have feelings for. Out of respect for Aude I broke those relationships off the instant I started feeling something more than sexual feelings for them.”

“Sounds like your ex-wife is a very understanding woman.”

“She was,” he nodded, but didn’t say anything more about her.

I didn’t want to ask too many questions about his ex. It was a subject I’d prefer he volunteer information on when he felt it was necessary. I could gather, from all the context clues, that his desires had a lot to do with their divorce.

It was a lovely night in Manhattan. The city was loud at street level, but that was to be expected on a Friday night. As we walked a guy in a cheap suit whistled at me. I ignored it since I was used to unsolicited catcalls. He didn’t take the hint and got in front of me, walking backward.

“How much for fifteen minutes of your time, hot stuff?”

“She’s not for sale,” Eric said calmly.

“Yeah right, and I’m Mother Teresa,” the guy said. “Come on, honey, just ten minutes. It’ll be the best ten minutes of your life.”

“Awww bummer. I actually already had those with my date about a half hour ago,” I said.

“Can grandpa even get it up?”

Oooookay, so I didn’t usually call someone retarded, but it was the only word I could summon to describe the meatball in front of me.

Eric stepped to the side, placing himself between the guy and me.

“I said she’s not for sale. Please move along now,” he said in a menacing tone.

There was a little staring down before the guy started to back up again.

“Your loss, honey.” He grabbed his junk and added, “Best you’ll never haaaa–”

Meatball fell in an open cellar!

“Oh my god,” I said. I didn’t know if I should laugh or run.

“Someone should pay more attention to where they’re walking instead of trying to pick up another man’s date,” Eric shrugged. He stepped to the side and took my hand again as we continued on.

“I’ve never seen someone fall for me so fast,” I joked.

Eric smiled over at me. “You’re cute,” he chuckled.

“I am pretty cute,” I agreed.

You know, I couldn’t tell you if the slice was any good that night, but it was the best middle of the night pizza I ever had.


6 thoughts on “Chapter 6: I Lost My Poor Meatball

  1. Seriously laughing my ass off…great way to rid of an idiot! Best chapter title, ever. Hot, hot, hot chapter, so thanks for memories, Ladies! Even the hot flashes were worth it. 🙂


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