Chapter 3: Scotland



“Ummm… I think these beds weren’t made with giants in mind,” I said once we walked into the cabin Eric reserved for us on the train to Scotland. The beds were small twin bunks not designed for people his height.


“I’ll manage,” he said. “I don’t plan on laying down too much anyway.”


“Then how will you pass the time?” I moved to the window to look out on the platform.


“Most likely find interesting positions to put you in,” Eric laughed. He stepped up behind me to wrap his long arms around my shoulders.


“A girl needs some rest, you know,” I reminded him. We hadn’t exactly been non-stop fucking but it was pretty close if we weren’t asleep or out sightseeing. To him it was old hat but I looked at the trip like it was once in a lifetime. I may never have the opportunity to come back. I wasn’t going to waste it.


“If you must.” He kissed my temple. “I’ll find a way to fit. I’ve been doing it for over twenty years.”


“You could look into amputation,” I joked.


“That was a thought once upon a time,” he deadpanned. “My mom vetoed it.”


“Good mom,” I laughed. “Should we check out the dining car?”


“Sure. I can always use a snack. A lad doesn’t get to be my size by missing a meal.”


“A lad doesn’t get to be your size with growth hormone shots,” I teased and squirmed when he tickled my sides.


“You’ll see when we get to Stockholm where I get this,” he told. “I can’t tell my mother I’ll be there. She’ll try to find us and meet you.”


“Is that a bad thing?” I wasn’t sure if that meant she was a nightmare or if maybe he wanted to keep me his dirty little secret because he was embarrassed by me or if it was something else entirely.


“Not at all,” Eric answered. “I wasn’t sure you would want to meet her.”


“Is she awful? Hate Americans? Thinks no woman is good enough for her boy?” I was only kind of joking.


“She’s a fantastic mother and she loves everyone,” he said. “You may not be good enough for me, though. She’ll call me a vaggan rånare,” he added in perfect Swedish. “That translates to cradle robber.”


“She’d be right,” I giggled.


“I’m only sixteen years… yeah, that sounds bad,” he laughed.


“But it feels good.” I rubbed up against him slowly. He was turning me into a hussy.


“It feels great.”


“So… Do you want to be on top or the bottom?”


“Bottom,” he purred as he ran soft kisses down the side of my neck.


“I was talking about the beds,” I smiled. They were bunk beds.


“I was too,” he winked before he nipped my earlobe.


“Just checking,” I replied. There was a knock on the door.


Eric gave me one last quick kiss before he turned to open the door. There was a conductor on the other side wanting to check our tickets. He went over the dining car rules and gave us a menu of what was available. It was a small menu but we could get snacks and drinks.


“Want to go grab a snack now or later?” Eric asked.


“I can wait if you’re not hungry,” I told him.


“I can always eat,” he reminded me.


“Okay. Then we’ll go check it out.” I opened the baggage compartment to put my suitcase in it.


Eric followed suit before closing the compartment door. He moved to open the door to the hallway and waited for me to go first. I followed the signs to the dining car with Eric following behind me. I needed to call Gran in the morning and tell her I had picked up a traveling companion. While it was true I could be making a huge mistake by trusting him, my gut told me he was trustworthy.


I took a seat in one of the booths in the dining car just as the train started to move. Eric slid in next to me and I looked at the small menu. There was a little station at the back of the car to put in our orders or get drinks. Coffee, tea, milk, water, juice, red or white wine and some kind of British ale were the drink options. As far as food went the options were pretty basic. Cucumber sandwiches, leek and potato soup, grilled cheese and pizza. Oh and mushroom risotto. That was an odd addition.


“What are you getting?” I asked Eric.


“I think I’m going with the leek soup,” he answered without looking up.


“I don’t even know what that is,” I admitted.


“A leek?” Eric looked up with amusement.


“Should I?” No one back home cooked with them.


“I figured they were standard fare anywhere in the world,” he replied. “It looks like a large, thick green onion. I guess that would be the best way to describe it. It has a mild flavor. The soup will probably be blended up so you won’t be able to get a good idea.” Eric pulled his phone out of his pocket and tapped the screen a few times before turning it around to show me the wiki page for leeks.


“That looks like a green onion on steroids,” I said.


“That’s about right,” he laughed. “Not as strong though. They’re delicious in soups.”


“I’ll try yours unless you’re worried I have cooties.”


“I’m pretty sure I’ve contracted whatever cooties you may have,” he smiled, reaching down to take my hand.


“Lucky for you I don’t have any cooties. I would have said so if I did,” I said. My index finger drew little swirls on his palm.


“I don’t either.” Eric leaned over to kiss the corner of my mouth. “What I do have is a seriously strong like of the pretty American girl.”


“That’s interesting because I have a serious like for the guy who has an accent that can’t make up its mind,” I chuckled softly. Sometimes it sounded more Swedish and sometimes it sounded more Irish.


“Imagine what it’s like in my head,” Eric laughed. “I actually think in primarily Swedish, but as I mentioned, I’ve been in Ireland so long the words start to come out weird.”


“I think it’s cute,” I told him. “Even with that Swirish accent.”


“That’s a new one,” he chuckled.


“Tell you what: you teach me Swedish words and I’ll teach you redneck,” I offered.


“I’m not sure what a redneck is, but I’ll take that trade.”


“Being a bar man you know what a Budweiser is, right?”


“I do,” he nodded.


“It means something else to a redneck. For example, you see that girl over there? Smoking hot body Budweiser face so ugly?”


Eric laughed and said in his best American accent, “Not a lot upstairs, but man what a staircase?”


I laughed too and said, “That’s a good one. I hope you weren’t referring to me, though.”


“Oh Lord, no. You do have an amazing staircase, but like what I find upstairs.” Eric reached up to stroke my hair back.


I smiled at him and he was leaning in for a kiss when a girl plopped down across from us and made herself comfortable in her seat. It seemed like she was straddling the seam of both seats opposing us. She had reddish-brown, shoulder length hair with darker red lowlights. Her eyes were hazel-green and she had serious dimples. If I had to guess she was right around my age.


“Dude, you’re mackin’ on your daughter? That’s gross,” she said.


Ummm what?


“Molly… what are you doing here?” Eric pulled away from me, but kept his hand in mine under the table.


“You two know each other?” I looked from Eric to Molly. “Got a thing for younger women, do you?”


“Not usually,” Eric answered, looking back at me. “Molly and I have mutual friends in London.”


“Oh,” I said. “Well I’ll go put in our order while you guys catch up. What do you want to drink?”


“I’ll have some tea, please,” he answered. Eric leaned over to kiss my cheek.


“Just the soup?”


“Please. Thank you.”


“You got it.” I tried not to stare at Molly as I got up. I could feel her watching me as I made my way to the bar in the back.


How she and Eric knew each other wasn’t really my business. I really liked Eric a lot. I felt comfortable with him and he was a good travel companion so far. The sex was stupid good.


But he wasn’t my boyfriend.


We weren’t going to be committed to each other. He had a bar in Dublin and I was going back to school in New Orleans at the end of this trip. This was all in good fun. Whatever he had going on with Molly or any other woman wasn’t my business.


I was given one of those pulsing pager things after I put in our order. The tables had teacups on them so I brought back a little pot of tea for Eric and I to share. Molly was gone from the table by the time I got back.


“They’ll deliver the food to us,” I told Eric.


“Thank you for getting that,” he smiled. “I’m sorry about her. She doesn’t know when to mind her own business.”


“It’s okay.” I sat down beside him. “She could have stuck around.”


“No, she’s obnoxious,” he told me.


“Then why are you friends?”


“We’re not really friends. A partner in the bar lives in London and Molly knows her,” he explained.


“I see. The partner you came to meet, I’m guessing?”


“Aye. She’s been trying to get me out here for months, and called the day I met you to demand I fly down for a quarterly meeting.”


“Sounds like she had fantastic timing,” I said.


“Seems like it.” Eric leaned over to kiss my cheek. He reached up to brush some of my hair back and added, “If you’re thinkin’ something has gone on with Molly, it hasn’t.”


“You don’t have to explain but thank you for telling me,” I told him. We obviously hadn’t talked about whatever it was we had going on being exclusive. I didn’t think we needed to. We both knew it had an expiration date.


“I know, I just don’t want you to think I’m hidin’ anything. I’m an open book, Sookie, and we’re going to be spendin’ a lot of time together so… yeah.”

“Do you have kids?” I blurted out. He was old enough. It was possible there was an ex-wife or a couple of kids in his life.


“No kids,” he replied. “Hopefully one day, though. I’ve always wanted a big family, just haven’t met the right girl.”


“You’d make a good dad. You’re silly enough and patient…”


“I’d like to think so,” he smiled. “Do you want to be a mother one day?”

“Yeah, I think I do. I haven’t thought about it too much but I know my Gran wants to be a great-grandmother and I like the idea of being a mom. The whole thing makes me kind of nervous though. I don’t really know how to be a mom. I’m not sure if I’ll be good at it,” I said honestly.


“Most first time mothers are clueless,” he shrugged. “I bet you’ll be a great mother. Will you do somethin’ for me when you do have babies?”


“Maybe. Depends.”


“Make them call you Mor,” he suggested, rolling the R at the end. “It’s mother in Swedish. It would make you think of me.”


“Mor,” I repeated as best I could and the extra sparkle in his eyes told me I got it right. “The baby daddy might not like that.”


“The baby daddy doesn’t have to know,” he winked. “Tell him you picked it up when you went to Stockholm.”


“You don’t think it’s a little strange to ask my children with one man to call me a name that reminds me of another?” It seemed odd to me. Not to mention extremely disrespectful.


“You don’t have to, it’s just a suggestion.”


“I think I’ll pass. When I’m committed to someone, it’s all the way. I don’t half ass it,” I told him.


“Good to know.” He didn’t seem upset by me refusing his suggestion.


Our food was delivered a short time later. The soup was tasty. I wasn’t sure I could taste the leek, but it was good. The pizza wasn’t the best I ever had but it was okay. After we finished eating we vacated our booth and headed back to our little cabin. I wasn’t sure how I’d sleep with the way the train jostled me, but I figured I may as well get used to it. I had a lot of train rides ahead of me.




The trip wasn’t a touristy thing for me. I’d been to most of the locations we were traveling to several times over. It was amazing how much traveling one did in my line of work. Our first stop once we checked into our hotel was Edinburgh Castle. It was a gorgeous place and Sookie was oohing and ahhing at every turn. She was adorable. It was pretty fun getting to see everything through her eyes. It all seemed so fresh and new.


“I’m completely lost,” I told her as I looked around. She had a camera up to her eye snapping shots of every new thing she ran across.


“That makes two of us,” she replied.


“Just wait until we get down to the dungeons,” I said, patting her butt. She had a nice one. “I might shackle ya up and have my way with ya.”


“Sounds kinky.”


“Just a touch,” I smiled.


I followed Sookie through the great hall. My eyes were everywhere, watching for any sort of threat and then I remembered I was technically off the clock. I had a feeling Pam was having me followed, though. Molly claimed it was a coincidence that we were on the same train. That wasn’t the truth. I could spot a liar a mile away.


We walked from room to room, inspecting everything in sight. I didn’t want to take away from her experience so I got in on all the excitement. It was fun. I also noted the few dirty looks we got when I kissed her or ran my hand over her ass. I was a bit older than her, but we weren’t doing anything illegal.


When we finally made it to the dungeons I wrapped my arms around her from behind and leaned down to nibble on her earlobe. I learned she liked that the first night we met.


“You know it would be pretty sexy to be shackled to the wall so I was at your mercy, spread open and naked…” Sookie said quietly.


I growled softly in her ear. “Keep talkin’ like that and I’m going to take you back to the hotel so I can tie you to the bed and have you at my mercy.”


“Face down so I can’t see what you’re going to do next?”


“Mmhmm,” I hummed. “I can spank you if you say something naughty that way too.”


“That’s definitely kinky,” she said. “So if I was to beg for your big cock?”


I moved my hips from side to side, rubbing my cock over her ass. “Depends on how good you begged for it.”


“Mmm… Please, Eric? Pretty please with Sookie on top?” she purred. Sookie didn’t stop there; she started making those whimpering, moaning sounds she made when she was about to cum.


“Come,” I growled. I grabbed Sookie’s hand and turned to leave to the dungeons. The little minx was in for a good night.




“Clothes off, face down on the bed,” I directed Sookie when we walked into the hotel room. I didn’t know what I was going to tie her up with but I would figure something out.


“So bossy,” she smiled as she undressed.


“Aye, and you like it,” I said as I went to the closet where our clothes were put away. I went through our things and smiled when I found Sookie’s scarf collection. I grabbed two and turned to see Sookie was down her panties. Fuck, she had a damn fine body.


“Panties on or off?”


“Off,” I told her. I stood back to watch as she slid her panties over her sexy ass.


Sookie climbed onto the bed. She lay on her stomach while I used her scarves to tie her wrists to the bed. I left her legs loose so I could maneuver her body the way I needed to. I stripped my clothes off, trying to think of what I wanted to do to her. I had her at my mercy; I was free to do whatever I wanted, within reason. I wanted nothing more than to make her feel good. It wasn’t fair but I wanted to ruin her for all other men. I hadn’t had that feeling in a long, long time.


“Does that feel secure enough?” I asked as I tugged on one of the scarves.


“Feels good to me,” Sookie answered.


I kissed the middle of her back before I lifted her hips slightly, spreading her legs wide. I ran my thumb through her slick folds, getting it good and wet. When it was wet enough I moved it up to massage her rear opening with slow, gentle strokes.


“Tell me what you want, Sookie,” I whispered. I leaned over to rub my tongue over her clit for a moment.


“That. I want your tongue,” she told me in a breathy voice.


“Mmm, what would you like it to do?” I flicked my tongue out again to drag it up her slit, ending at her opening. I thrust my tongue into her dripping wet core as I continued to play with her ass.




I started kissing her sweet little pussy the way I kissed her mouth. My tongue was pumping in and out getting her extremely wet. As I kissed her I started to apply a little more pressure to her tight rear opening.


Sookie’s legs started to shake and she sank closer to the mattress with those sexy gasps and moans coming out of her. I reached down my body and started slowly pumping my hand up and down my cock. Sookie was not only a gorgeous girl, she was delicious. I could easily keep my tongue buried in her for hours. I realized I had that opportunity.


I pulled my tongue from her delicious core, moving down to wrap my lips around her clit. It was swollen and soft, and felt fuckin’ perfect between my lips. She was so wet her honey was dripping down, making a small puddle on the bed, but I was trying to lap it up before it made it that far.


“Eric,” she panted in that pleading tone I’d heard at the castle when she was teasing me. That sound made my dick twitch in my hand. “Eric, please…”


“Mmm, please what, my sweet Sookie?” I asked politely. I moved my thumb down to push into her cunt a few times to get it nice and wet before I moved it up and easily pushed the tip into her ass.


She gasped and I heard the headboard smack against the wall from her tugging on the restraints around her wrists. Sookie turned her head but she couldn’t see me, exactly.


“Please, Eric… I need your cock,” she begged.


“You can make it more convincing than that, little girl,” I purred right before I slid my tongue into her pussy again.


Sookie whimpered and her walls fluttered.


“Eric, please,” she begged. “Oh fuck, I need it so bad… Pretty please…”


I could have tortured her more. I enjoyed eating her. I kissed her clit one last time and sat up anyway. I pulled my thumb from her ass and held her hips up and the right level. I wrapped my hand around my shaft and started to drag my thick tip up and down her slit.


“Is this what you want?” I asked when I reached her opening. I pushed the very tip of my cock into her but didn’t go any deeper.


“More,” she breathed.


I gave her another inch. I started to give her shallow thrusts, teasing her mercilessly. Sookie’s little whimpers and cries did nothing but make my dick pulse. Her insanely tight walls didn’t help the matter.


“Is this enough?” It dawned on me that I wasn’t just teasing her. My cock was screaming at me to start pounding into her.


“No, Eric. I’m greedy,” she whimpered. “I want it all. Deep and hard…”


“Mmm, yes you are.” I smacked her ass hard right before I drove in to the hilt. My balls slapped against her clit and Sookie’s back arched. Her walls were pulsing hard around my cock. I slapped her other cheek, getting the reaction I wanted.


“Fuuuuck!” she cried out. “Eric, I’m gonna cum!”


“Good.” I gave her what she needed and started to slowly pump my hips so she could feel every thick inch of my cock sliding in and out of her warm, wet pussy. I loved the way it felt when she came for me. She was already tight, but when she came… she damn near pushed me out. “Cum for me, Sookie. I want to feel it. Now,” I growled as I gave her another hard smack on her ass.


“Yesyesyesyes ohmygod!” she screamed. Her pussy clamped down and she shook as she came hard. Harder than I’d felt her cum so far, anyway.


“That was perfect,” I breathed. Her body was still trembling below me. I leaned forward to untie her wrists and sat back so I could lift her up onto her knees and elbows. I moved my thumb around my shaft to get it wet again. Didn’t thrust while I worked my thumb into her ass. I didn’t want to hurt her so I moved as slowly as possible. I watched her back arch as I started to slowly pump my thumb in and out of her, followed by my hips matching its rhythm.


“Is this good, pretty little American girl?” I asked quietly. I couldn’t take my eyes off of my cock and thumb invading her.


“So good,” she panted. Her walls were still pulsing around my cock as I slid in and out of her.


It was on the tip of my tongue to tell her to fuck herself, but she started to rock her hips before I could. I stopped moving and watch as she took me in deep again and again. It was one of the sexist things I had ever seen. Her pussy stretched around my thick length did something to me I couldn’t quite explain.


“I need you to make me cum,” I said quietly before I gave her another hard spanking. She clearly fuckin’ loved it when I spanked her.


The little minx turned her head and asked, “With my mouth or my pussy?”


“Up to you.”


Sookie pushed back so I was buried in her and worked her hips in slow circles before she resumed rocking back and forth on her knees. Every few strokes she would swivel her hips or grind against me.


There was no way I was only the second man she was with. She was way too fuckin’ good. I was going to keep that thought to myself, though. In all my thirty-six years I hadn’t met a girl I fit with so perfectly.


“Fuck, I’m close,” I whispered. I pulled my thumb from her ass so I could grab onto her perfect handlebar hips.


“Give it to me, Eric. Fill my greedy pussy,” she demanded.


I started to thrust my hips, meeting hers each time she pushed back. With my hands on her hips, I dug my fingers into her soft flesh and began to drive into her pussy hard. I knew she loved a good, hard fuck, and that was what I intended to give her. My hips moved faster and faster. The sounds coming from my pretty American were damn near animalistic and sexy as fuck.


It was when Sookie turned her head back again to catch my eyes. There was so much lust and fire in her beautiful blue eyes… I fuckin’ lost it. I came with a loud roar, filling her pussy up with my release. It was some of the best sex we’d had to date.


“Is that what my pretty little American girl needed?” I asked with my hips still jerking against her.


“Fuck yeah,” she purred.


I smirked and said, “Too bad we didn’t meet a friend to come lick my cum out of your pretty little cunt.” It was going to be sexy when I pulled out and watched it dripping out of her.


“Too bad.”


“Would you really be with another girl?” I asked as I pulled out of her. I spread her cheeks and watched her pussy pulse until my cum started rushing out of her. I reached down so I could work her clit, rubbing my warm release into it.


Sookie’s back arched and she moaned. Her walls clenched, forcing more of my release out of her.


“Never thought about it,” she replied.


“Mmm, some good girl on girl action is always nice to watch.” I started pulling on her little swollen nub. “Imagine her soft tongue bathing this sweet little pussy, trying to get every drop of my cum…” It made my cock jump just thinking about it.


“Dirty boy,” she breathed.


“I don’t think that’s dirty at all,” I chuckled. “I think it’s hot as fuck. I would let you suck my cock while she ate you, too.” I pushed two fingers into her pussy, curling them in the perfect spot to rub over her g-spot.


“I bet you would.”


I stopped talking so I could focus on getting her off. I rubbed my thumb around her clit while I rubbed her sweet spot. Her ass was high as she arched her back more. I could feel her walls gripping my finger… fuck, she was making me hard again. Who the hell needed Viagra when they had a gorgeous little blonde?


“Eric… Eric…” Sookie kept moaning my name. I saw her hands clench and grab at the pillows. She buried her pretty face in them when she came for me again.


“Mmm, good girl,” I purred. I pulled my fingers out and got up from the bed. I went to the bathroom to wash my hands before I rejoined Sookie on the bed. As soon as I lay down next to her Sookie turned to curl into my side. I wrapped my arm around her so I could rub her hip.


“Are you better now?” I whispered, dipping my head to kiss the tip of her cute little nose.


“Much. Aren’t you?” Her little fingers grazed over my stomach.


“Aye,” I agreed. “I think you’re a witch, though.”


Sookie pinched my side. “That’s not very nice.”


I rolled to face her so she was pressed against my chest. “There’s no other way to explain how you do the things you do to me,” I told her with a small smile. I pushed her hand down between us so she could feel me getting hard again.


“Ah so I must have put a spell on you, is that it?” She lifted her leg so it was resting on my hip. “Maybe we should start getting separate rooms.”


“That is blasphemy,” I responded. “I’m not complaining about your witchy ways.” I helped her wrap her small hand around my cock so she could slowly stroke me.


“Even though you now have an enchanted cock?” she giggled.


“Is that so?” I pushed my enchanted cock up. “Rub it over your clit,” I whispered. I wanted to feel her wetness against me.


Sookie did as she was told. Her eyes fluttered shut and then she pushed me onto my back. Sookie shifted herself so she was straddling me and with my cock trapped between us, she moved back and forth over my length, rubbing her wet folds against me.


“How’s that?” she asked.


“That’s perfect,” I answered. My hands went up to her tits. I kept my eyes on her pussy gliding over my shaft. I wasn’t at full mast yet, but I was damn close. Her pussy was drenched. I could tell she was enjoying it just as much as I was. “You’re so fuckin’ beautiful.” I looked up into her gorgeous blue eyes. She wasn’t technically mine, but I was going to claim she was over the next few weeks. The attraction and the way our bodies fit together… Sookie was perfect for me in every way.


“Thank you,” she whispered. Her head fell back as she continued to glide. The little noises that left her mouth were addictive. When I was at full mast she took it upon herself to slide down my length and continue to rock back and forth slowly, like we had all the time in the world.


In that moment it felt like we did. I wouldn’t allow myself to think about her going back to America. All I wanted and needed was wrapped up in a pretty blonde package that was working her witchy magic on me.


I settled my hand on her lower abdomen so I could rub light circles around her sweet little nub. I could easily feel her cum over and over… and I wanted to. I was definitely addicted to Sookie, and I was definitely going to contemplate leaving Europe to follow her home. I knew that wasn’t an option, though. It was only a fantasy. To live a normal life with a beautiful girl, that really seemed to want me back. It wasn’t going to happen but I was going to hold on to the pipe dream as long as I could.



10 thoughts on “Chapter 3: Scotland

  1. Oh, Eric, stop with the negative thoughts! I’m hoping something comes up that will make it natural for them to stay together. Maybe she will be a help to him as he is keeping his eyes open for someone following them or anything about the gun runners?


  2. Yeah, I’ve been DREAMING about a certain PIPE too; and, it’s not a bag pipe. LOL Ahh, it’s always spectacular to be so in-tune with someone, that they seem to understand your every want, your every desire. When you find them and they find you…no matter how crazy it may seem…never let it go. True love will always find a way (sorry for the cliché); but you have to be completely honest about your feelings and so do they. That’s the kicker, most people are afraid to admit their true feelings, afraid of being vulnerable, exposing themselves. I hope Eric and Sookie aren’t too afraid. 😉 Excellent chapter!!

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  3. Their having a lot of unprotected sex, does that mean a Swirish baby or two😊
    Maybe that’s just me and my wishful thinking😕 However, there’s a mission and somehow in Sookie fashion she’s gonna be in the middle of it.

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  4. Every chapter I am loving it more. These two are falling so hard. There chemistry is off the charts and they seem to have so much fun in and out of the bedroom. Eric is dreaming about the future too, I like it 💕

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