Chapter 5: Good Morning Beautiful



When I woke up I had a pretty blonde snuggled up to my side. Shit we had a lot of sex the night before. It was amazing, mind blowing sex. It was way different than it was when we dated. I didn’t know how I felt about that. She was getting out of a relationship. I wasn’t sure I wanted to be in one. I didn’t even know if she wanted one again. I didn’t remember all of the details of our break up, but it wasn’t good. I knew that much.


I couldn’t stop the stretch or the fact that my morning wood was poking straight up creating a tent in the covers. The stretch made Sookie groan.


“Are you awake?” I whispered.


“No,” she whispered and rolled away from the window, leaving her ass visible and maybe more important, her smooth lower lips thanks to the way her legs were positioned.


I immediately rolled over to join her, wrapping my arm around her waist. I knew she could feel my morning wood poking her. I wasn’t lying the night before. I loved to snuggle. If she wasn’t up for morning sex the cuddling would do.


“Doing your human blanket impression?” Sookie whispered.


“Mmhmm,” I hummed. “And my cock has a homing beacon that navigates to your pussy.” I pushed my hips forward to rub my erection against her ass.


“Too bad I’m not in the mood to play pin cushion.”


“That is too bad,” I agreed. I wasn’t that surprised. I kissed the back of her head and cuddled against her back. My hangover was slight. I thought I’d help us both out and pull the blankets up, trying to block more of the sun.


“You don’t remember what today is, do you?”


“No,” I admitted.


“That’s too bad,” Sookie replied but didn’t sound offended or surprised.


“Do you mind telling me?”


“It’s my birthday,” she reminded me.


“Mmm, sorry. Happy birthday, beautiful girl,” I said sincerely.


“Thank you.”


“I learned to cook if you want me to make you a nice greasy hangover breakfast,” I offered. “I’ll even bring it to you in bed.”


“Mmm I can’t. I have plans for the day,” she said. “I actually need to get up in ten minutes.”


“Okay. I’m going to shower real quick then I’ll take you to your car.” I kissed the back of her head again before I rolled out of bed. “You’re welcome to join me.”


“I’ll think about it.” Sookie rolled onto her back, flashing her perky, bare tits at me.


“You’re evil, you know that?” She knew how much I loved her tits.


“I am not.” Sookie stretched, her back arching and thrusting her tits up. Her nipples started to harden a little.


“Yeah, you are. All that flashy-stretchy shit is not helping this.” I pointed to my hard-on.


“That’s what Rosy and her slutty sisters are for.”


“I’m not in the mood to jack off,” I shrugged. I turned to head into the bathroom. I turned the water on and then leaned over the toilet to try to take a piss. Of course that was when Sookie decided to walk in and see me in a stupid weird position trying to pee.


“You could try sitting,” she giggled.


“No, that wouldn’t work. I’d end up pissing all over the room,” I told her. Shit, maybe I did need to jack off.


“Well then I’ll wait until I get home. No golden showers for me,” she smirked.


“Hop in. I’ll work this out,” I chuckled.


“Can I watch?”


“Only because it’s your birthday,” I said over my shoulder. I ended up turning to lean against the wall and force my cock down to make it into the toilet.


Sookie was amused.


“I’ll be in the piss-free zone,” she said. Her hips swung as she walked to the shower stall.


As soon as I had it all worked out I flushed the toilet and joined her. She was standing there letting the water pour over her. I reached back to grab the soap and started to massage the soap into her shoulders.


“Are you going to let me take you out sometime this week for your birthday?” I asked her.


“Maybe. We’ll see,” she smiled.


My hands slowly worked their way down her back. I felt like a shit for not remembering it was her birthday.


“I can take you to one of those fancy pants restaurants where I have to wear a tie. I’ll squirm all night because I’m being choked and you’ll get flirted with by our waiter. It’ll be fun,” I predicted.


“I’ll think about it.” Sookie stepped under the spray to rinse. She lathered up her palms and rubbed them up her stomach to her tits. She made a little noise when she touched her stiff, pink tips.


“You okay?” I asked. I grabbed the soap to start washing my own body.


“Mmhmmm,” she replied. Sookie rinsed and asked, “Need any help?”


“If you’d like to…” I motioned to my still solid shaft.


“What would you suggest to be the best way to deal with that? Manually or orally?”


“Mmm, manually would be nice.” Her small, soft hands would feel perfect.


Sookie soaped up her hands again so they would glide nicely along my shaft. Her eyes met mine and she used both hands to stroke me, twisting her wrists as she worked my cock.


Goddamn she had beautiful eyes. I’d always thought so. I wasn’t thinking about being with her again, but I started getting flashes of the good times. We always had fun in the bedroom, or shower as the case may be. I liked Sookie. A lot. I kinda wanted a fresh start with her. At least our friendship.


Because I couldn’t help myself I stepped a little closer and leaned down to press my lips to hers in long, slow kiss. My hands went to her wet hair as we kissed. I was sure she could feel my cock twitching and pulsing in her hands. My morning wood was always quick and easy to take care of. This was no different.


Her thumb rubbed around my tip and her lips parted so her tongue could rub against mine. While her right hand stroked my shaft her left hand massaged my sac, rubbing and tugging just right.


I moaned into the kiss as my orgasm neared. I was close, and I knew Sookie knew it. My hips started moving in time with her hands.


“So close,” I whispered into the kiss. We were in the shower so I didn’t think it would be a huge issue if I came on her.


“You want it on my tits?”


“Please,” I moaned. I turned the shower head away so it would stay when I released.


Sookie’s hand shifted so she grazed the super sensitive skin behind my sac and her other hand sped up, pumping quickly up and down my length.


“Fu… fuuu… fuuuuck,” I stuttered before I lost it. Sookie aimed my tip right at her tits so my cum shot all over them. Damn that was hot as fuck. “Shiiiit, that was good.”


She squeezed every last drop from my cock and then stood back so I could admire it.


“Another deposit for the spank bank?”


“Mmhmm. That and the dirty talking you did last night,” I smiled. A shiver ran through my body when an aftershock hit me.


“Huh. I never would have known you liked that,” Sookie teased.


“Hush, woman. You know exactly what I like.” I grabbed the shower head and sprayed her tits.


“I definitely have a better idea of it now.” She pushed her tits together and then let them bounce freely.


“Yeah, that’s good,” I groaned. “I wouldn’t be mad if we did this again.”


“I’m not sure I’m looking for a casual thing, Eric. I want to get married and have all the things I wanted three years ago,” she told me.


“Yeah, funny thing,” I started, “I’m not the same Eric I was three years ago. Losing Nik did something to me. Yeah, I haven’t had a serious girlfriend since you left, but it’s not because I don’t want one. I just haven’t met anyone I want to try to have those things with… maybe it was because none of them were you…”


“That’s a good line,” she smiled. “You haven’t lost your charm, I’ll give you that.”


“It’s not a line, Sookie. It’s the truth. Hell, I didn’t even get drunk on His day. I want those things, Sookie. I have this entire house that I need to fill with a family one day.”


“I’m sure you will when you find the right woman.” She reached for the shampoo.


“Right,” I muttered. I took the shampoo from her when she was done so I could lather up my hair. I liked Sookie, a lot. Of course I wanted sex with her, but all that stuff, the house and the family; I wanted it too. When we were together before I wasn’t ready. In my years as a bachelor I realized I don’t need to drink as much and life is a lot better with someone to share it with.


“What’s with the sad puppy?”


“It doesn’t matter, you just think I’m feeding you lines,” I told her.


“Can you blame me given our history?”


“People change, Sookie. Things happen that make people’s priorities shift. Hell, did you think three years ago that I’d own a place like this? When I said I want to fill it with a family one day, that’s not a lie, or a line. It’s the truth.”


“Okay, okay, it’s the truth. Bite my head off why don’t you? I’m sorry you don’t just get to sweep the past under the rug because you’ve decided it’s irrelevant. That’s not the way it works if you want to repair a relationship,” she told me. “I’ll get myself back to Coco Bar, but thanks for the sex.”


“I don’t expect things to go right back to how they were. That’s why I asked you if I can take you out. I want to get to know you again,” I told her. “And don’t be silly. It’s a five minute drive.”


“Yeah, don’t worry about it.” Sookie stepped out of the stall and grabbed a towel.


“Why are you being all pissy now?” I asked as I stepped out behind her. I didn’t get how it was acceptable for her to tell me that I was just throwing out lines and when I explained that I wasn’t she got to be pissed at me. That didn’t make sense to me.


“Imagine you have a dog. You yell at it, kick it, yell at it some more and take your issues out on the dog. Then one day the dog runs away in search of a safe place to go. Now if that dog crosses your path, can you really be surprised if it goes on the offensive because it’s been trained to think you’re going to abuse it the first chance you get?”


I sighed as I reached out to hug her. “I’m sorry, Sookie. I’m sorry for the shit I put you through and I’m sorry for pushing you away before. All I’m asking is to try to get to know each other again. Please, I’m not the same asshole I was.”


She didn’t hug me back. Not even a little.


“I told you I need to think about it. I can see your listening skills are still iffy.”


“Some things are still a work in progress,” I told her. I still didn’t get why one second she was jacking me off and as soon as I brought up getting to know each other again she flipped her shit.


“I’ll get in touch with you,” she told me.


I nodded and turned to leave the bathroom. I didn’t get women. I went into my closet to find something to wear. I found a pair of jeans and an old T-shirt. When I came out of my closet Sookie has her clothes back on.


“You sure you don’t want a ride back to your car?” I asked.


“Yep, I got it.”


“It was good seeing you again,” I told her.


“It was,” Sookie agreed as she put her hot pink pumps back on. “I’m sure I’ll see you around since I live next door to Tara.”


“Probably,” I shrugged.


“Are you seriously upset that I didn’t accept your invitation?”


“I’m not upset at anything,” I told her seriously. Confusion at her sudden flip and being upset weren’t the same. I honestly wasn’t. If she thought I was upset she was making that shit up in her head.


“Okay…” She looked at me like she didn’t believe me but she didn’t push. “I’ll see you around then, I guess.”


She said that twice, but I left it alone.


“I’ll walk you out.”


Sookie followed me to the door and waved awkwardly once she was outside. She reached into her bag for her phone and sunglasses, and started walking.


“Sookie,” I called. “Will you just stop being a weirdo and let me drive you?” I knew the damn shoes pinched. Walking three miles wasn’t going to be nice.


“Will you stop being a weirdo and tell me why you’re so offended that I didn’t immediately agree to hang out with you?” she countered.


“It wasn’t that you didn’t jump to hang out with me,” I told her. “It was that you didn’t believe me when I said I’ve changed. I get why you didn’t, but it bothered me.”


“I see,” she nodded. “Look, Eric, I’m of the opinion that it’s usually a really bad idea to get back with an ex. I don’t know how you felt about me but I loved you. It hurt to watch you self-destruct and know I couldn’t save you. The alternative was to join you and I couldn’t do that either. I did the only thing I could and that was walk away. You never tried to fight for me and that hurt, too. I hope you learned your lesson, I truly do, but I don’t know if that means I can give you another chance.”


“I was in a really bad spot for a long time. I don’t blame you for walking away. I would have too. I wasn’t… me when you left. It wasn’t suicidal, but I didn’t care whether I lived or died. I’ve come back from that and I’m just trying everyday to be the kind of man my mother can be proud of. As for us… I’m not asking you to jump right back into a relationship with me. I know you just got out of one and I guess I did too. I just want to get to know you again. We were friends for a long time and I miss that.”


“I can appreciate all of that. I’ll think it over and let you know,” she said.


“That’s all I ask,” I replied. “Now will you let me drive you to pick up your car, birthday girl?”


“Since you can’t seem to take no for an answer, I guess so.”


“The shoes pinch your feet and the five minute drive is an hour walk,” I pointed out. “Come.” I nodded my head to get her to come back in so she could follow me to the garage. Nik’s truck was parked next to mine. I had a hard time looking at it without thinking about him, but I couldn’t store it anywhere else either.


“She still belch like your uncle Jens after Thanksgiving dinner?” Sookie nodded to the truck.


“Yeah,” I chuckled. “It’s still hard looking at it every day, but I can’t let it go, ya know?” I opened her door for her.


“It’s fair. I remember this one time he came by Gran’s and tried to turn the bed into a redneck hot tub. He asked my seventy-two-year-old grandmother to go skinny dipping with him,” she told me.


I laughed at that as I closed her door. I walked around to my side and hopped in. I opened the garage door and said, “He was probably serious.”


“Oh he was. Jason was not amused. Gran actually wrote to Nik while he was away. As a joke she included a picture of herself in a swimsuit back in the fifties.”


“He probably told all his buddies that she was one of his ladies,” I chuckled.


“Could be. Back then her swimsuit covered more than the clothes I have on now.”


“I believe it. Your clothes aren’t really covering much though.” I pulled out of the garage and turned onto the road.


“I’ll try to cover up more next time I see you, Prudey McPruderson,” she teased.


“Hmm, no, I’d like a little less, actually,” I winked. Fucking Nik always lightening the mood.


“You know the ironic thing? I think if this was just sex, I could handle it no problem,” Sookie confessed at the red light.


“Yeah, it is good with us,” I nodded. “That’s also what I initially asked for,” I reminded her. “I know you’re not ready for anything more. I’m not sure I am either, but I needed you to know I do want to find that one someday. I’m not the Eric you walked away from.”


“I didn’t turn it down either, if memory serves,” she replied. “The sex, I mean.”


“Well, if you want I’m not mad at a purely sexual thing,” I told her. “I would be insane to turn that down.”


Sookie stayed quiet the rest of the way to the bar. When I pulled up next to the black Firebird she got her keys out.


“I might let you drive her sometime,” she told me.


“I might enjoy that,” I smiled. “I’ll see you around.” I wanted to kiss her but I wasn’t sure that was allowed.


Sookie leaned over to kiss my cheek and then got out of the truck. I waited until she was in her car before I drove away. Whatever the hell happened confused the shit out of me, but I was learning that was just the way women worked. That wasn’t something Tara could help me with. She was confusing too. Instead of dwelling on it I turned to head to my mom’s. I hadn’t seen her since before the anniversary. She was mad at me too, so I needed to stop in for a visit.


I didn’t know what was going to happen with Sookie, I’d anything. I knew I had my intentions out there. The ball was in her court. If we never saw each other again I would have been able to live with that. She didn’t owe me anything, but maybe a kick in the balls.



9 thoughts on “Chapter 5: Good Morning Beautiful

  1. It is reasonable that she would be cautious about moving to a more serious relationship with their history. I have confidence that he will be able to prove to her that he has changed and is worth the effort.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I get that he wants to follow Sookie’s wishes but wasn’t one of complaints about the I past is he just let her go, he didn’t fight for her. If he really wants her he should pursue her.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I think actions during sex often say more than words. I think their are feelings still exist. Sookie is guarding her heart. I understand why Eric is confused. He will need to prove that he has changed.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I think Eric is kidding himself about being ok if Sookie never wanted to see him again. I can understand what Sookie means but I think she was a bit too defensive. I hope they both can figure it out without hurting each other too much.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Sookie is being defensive and that’s natural. Eric’s being somewhat idealistic though, too. It’s great that he’s grown up and changed for the better, but he can’t expect everyone to just believe that at once. Sookie, however, is being rather unfair. If she herself can believe that she has changed and matured in her time away from Eric, then she needs to give him the same credit or opportunity to show that he has done so rather than forgetting that and only focusing on past hurt. She will have to get past that.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Ouch… but I do see where Sookie is coming from… Eric’s grief was all too understandable but it sounds as if he really just went on a downward spiral and that must have been also very tough for Sookie… The guy she loved not only was suffering and she couldn’t help him but he clearly pushed her away… I understand her reservations about becoming emotionally involved with him again… But hopefully Eric will be able to regain her trust?


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