Chapter 18


I wait in the kitchen. Even after I hear the shower running, I stay where I am and drink my coffee. I sit at the table and wait for Eric to join me. I feel bad that he’s still trapped in a crazy situation, and now it seems his wife is a lesbian on top of everything else. It’s a lot to deal with.

Ten minutes after the water turns off Eric comes into the kitchen with a frustrated look on his face and what appears to be a broken cell phone in his hand.

“Want coffee?” I ask.

“Please,” he answers. “I’m sorry about that. Her crazy knows no bounds right now.”

“It’s okay.” I get up and pour him a cup of coffee. “Are you alright?”

“I will be,” he says and stays quiet for  a moment. “She was calling to tell me not to bring you.”

I hand him the coffee mug.

“Can you blame her? I would probably hate me too if I was her,” I say honestly.

“I just think she could’ve been a little more civil about it.”

“I’m sorry,” I say sincerely.

“Thank you.” He takes a sip of his coffee and closes his eyes for a second. “This is the only thing better than your blowjobs.”

I smile and push up on my toes to kiss his chin.

“I’d make you breakfast but I’d burn down the kitchen,” I say.

“How are you at ordering from diners? If you call, I’ll run out and pick it up if you want,” he asks and kisses my forehead.

“I am the queen of ordering takeout. Did you break the phone?”

“Uh… yeah, I’ve gotten pretty good at that. This will be my second replacement in as many months.”

“Well, at least I don’t have to worry about those pictures you took of me surfacing.”

“Oh, those are on my memory card,” he grins, “I keep them for my special alone time.”

“Maybe we could make a video for when I’m not with you,” I offer, and I think his head might explode.

“I… I… ah…” he’s stuttering. “Yes, my vote is yes.”

“You’re going to need a new phone first.”

I walk past him to go back to the bedroom so I can get dressed. I’m hungry. Whether we call in an order or go somewhere together, I need food.

Once I’m dressed I join Eric in the kitchen again. His nose is in his laptop until he notices I’m standing next to him.

“We can go out if you want,” he offers. I like that idea since I don’t have to wait too long once it’s ordered.

“Yes, please.”

“I think I can use some biscuits and gravy. I think you’re wearing me out,” he teases as I follow him out the front door a moment later.

“Awww… poor baby. Then we’ll just keep our hands to ourselves for the rest of the day,” I say.

Yeah, like he’ll go along with that.

“Or we order a second breakfast to go so I can keep my strength up until lunch. I have to figure out how to balance work and orgasms.”

“That’s what I miss the most about working at the Cathouse. I didn’t have to worry about that there.”

I take Eric’s hand and he leads me down the stairs.

He keeps quiet when we get into his Escalade. I can tell he’s thinking, but I don’t know if I want to ask him what he’s thinking about or if I want to let him talk to me if he feels like it when he’s figured it out.

“I’m glad you’re not working there anymore,” he finally says once we’re about ten minutes out.

“So am I. It allowed me to do a lot of things I never could have done if I had stayed in Louisiana.”

“I bet,” he grins, “I’m not upset at all that I get to reap the benefits of your time there.”

“I actually wasn’t talking about the sex,” I say quietly.

Eric reaches over the console, takes my hand and says, “Tell me about it, Sookie. You mean more than sex to me, I want to know everything about you.”

“I got away from a life that was going nowhere great. If I had stayed I would have ended up pregnant with some asshole’s baby, working one dead end job after another. Instead I’m almost done with college, I own a beautiful house in California, I’ve met all kinds of people and I’ve gotten to travel… I have a pretty great life.”

“I’m proud of you for that, I’m glad you chose to do something more for yourself. I’m glad you used your time at the Cathouse to your advantage.”

“I didn’t have a choice. I wanted to prove every single person wrong that said I was worthless,” I tell him. “And I don’t like feeling sorry for myself.”

My time at the Cathouse taught me that everyone has a story, and while mine might be sad, I’m sure it’s not the saddest story ever. People have been through worse.

“Good,” he nods.

We pull up to a diner a short time later and quickly get seated at a booth near the windows. Without even looking at the menu I know what I want but I look anyway. After the waitress takes our order and pours us coffee I ask about the phone call he got.

“Soooo… that was your ex on the phone, right?” I ask.

“Unfortunately,” he sighs. “She basically called to be a hypocritical cunt.”

Alright then.

“Sorry,” I say.

“Thanks,” our waitress stops to see if we need more coffee and then he continues. “I learned after she bitched me out for having sex in my own home with no one there that she wanted to be a bitch about you coming tonight.”

“Good thing I didn’t have my heart set on going,” I say, and sip my coffee.

“I’m tempted to take you anyway, but I don’t want to put you in an awkward spot.”

“I’m not worried about me, but it’s your kids’ birthday. I wouldn’t want to ruin it.”

“Honestly, it’s already going to be ruined. I don’t think Aude and I can be in the same place without ripping each other’s heads off. The boys will get a kick out of it, I’m sure,” he snickers.

“Be the bigger person,” I say. “If she wants to be catty, that’s on her, but don’t sink to her level. You’re better than that.”

“I will be. It’s one thing to scream at her when it’s just us, but I’ve never liked fighting in front of the kids.”

“If all else fails, at least I’ll be there when you get home, right?”

He smiles, takes my hand over the table and says, “Yes, and that will make everything better.”

That reminds me that I need to change my flight.

“Are you sure you want me to stay a few more days? I still have to change my flight,” I tell him.

“Yeah, I’m sure. You have to remember, I’m used to having a house full of people. It gets lonely.”

The waitress brings our food making my stomach growl.

“Yes, but I’m a distraction.” I reach for the salt and pepper to season my bacon and cheese omelet.

“I thought we were going to see how many dirty things we can do while I’m on conference calls,” he says and shoves a huge forkful of biscuit in his mouth.

“Oh that’s right. What would you like to do today?”

If I eat this entire omelet all I’m going to want is a nap.

“Hmm, surprise me. Can we swing by the phone store so I can get a replacement on the way home?” He takes another huge bite.

I cut into my eggs and say, “I’m at your mercy.”

Eric smiles and we finish eating in silence so we can go get his new phone. Hopefully he won’t break this one.


After an extremely tense night and making the kids miserable for three hours I finally walk into my apartment. Sookie is laying on the couch on her stomach half asleep. She’s in a pair of little sweat shorts and and a tank top. Her hair is up in a messy bun and she’s not wearing any makeup. She looks like an angel and she’s like a breath of fresh air.

“Hey, pretty girl,” I whisper as I sit down on the edge of the couch and rub her back.

“Hi,” she mumbles. “How was the party?”

“It was shit,” I smile. “As promised, the boys were entertained.”

“I’m sorry, sweetie,” she says, eyes still closed.

“Do you want me to take you to the room?” I offer. It’s not going to be much longer until she’s out.

“Yes please. I’m sorry I’m falling asleep already.”

“Okay, I’ll be right back.”

I leave her where she is and go into the bedroom to turn down the blankets. Once I have the bed ready I take off my pants and shirt, leaving me in only my boxers. I go back to the living room and Sookie is already asleep. I roll her over and scoop her up, carrying her bridal style and I walk to the room as Sookie snuggles into my chest.

When I lay her in the bed she immediately rolls onto her back and stretches out. She looks so tiny in my bed.

“I love your bed,” she moans when she’s completely spread out, taking up way too much space.

“I’m all about comfort, my dear.”

“I’m going to need a bigger bed at home so you’ll fit in it.” Sookie stretches and her shirt rides up her stomach.

I lean over and kiss her belly button, making goosebumps on her skin. “I can help, I’m an expert bed picker outer.”

“If you picked this one I’ll have to agree,” she says as her pretty blue eyes flutter open.

I rest my head on her stomach, looking up at her and she runs her fingers through my hair. “I wish you were with me. The rest of the kids want to meet you.”

“Maybe next time I’m in town,” she says.

“Yeah, I want to give them more time to come to terms with me having  a girlfriend. They say they’re excited to meet you, but I don’t know if they’re really ready.”

“Well I’m not ready to meet them just yet. It’s a lot to take in.”

“It is. Are you sure you’re okay with me having so many kids? You’re young and taking on a man with so much on his plate…” I don’t really know how to complete my line of questioning.

“Yes, I’m okay with it. I’ve always known you’re a package deal.”

“Okay, I want to be sure. Eventually it’s their hearts too, and that’s something I have to take into consideration,” I tell her.

“Of course you do. I do want to meet them, but it’s scary.”

I stay silent for a minute before I tell her, “The two you’ve met are good, Ryan is fine. It’s the twins and Alyssa that are going to be challenging for different reasons.”

“Well Alyssa is the boss, so she’s the one I’m the most concerned about.”

“Yeah, she’s either going to love you because you can do makeup and talk boys, or hate you because you take me away,” I say and then tell her, “The twins are just going to do whatever they can to try to see your tits.”

“Wonderful,” she laughs.

“They can be sneaky too, so be really careful with them,” I laugh. “I’ll teach you everything you need to know before you meet any of them.”

“I’ll make sure I lock the bedroom door before I start undressing.”

“That’s a given. None of my children know what privacy is.”


“We were in the kitchen. It’s not like he tried to hunt us down,” I remind her as I run my finger along the underside of her breast.

“True,” she agrees. “We’ll just have to remember to lock the bedroom door when we’re not alone.”

I push her shirt up over her tits and draw circles around her nipple. “Mmm, definitely.”

“And maybe you’ll have to stuff my panties in my mouth to keep me quiet so they don’t hear how hard you make me cum,” Sookie says, making my cock twitch.

“I have something else I can stuff into your mouth right now if you like,” I inform her and move to her other nipple.

“Oh yeah? What might that be?” Her breathing hitches.

Since I’m lying across the bed her hand will reach. I grab her wrist and move her hand to my boxers so she can feel my cock growing through the cotton.

“He’s getting hard for you.”

“Mmm… yes he is.”

Her nipples harden and I shift up so I can run my tongue over them. I take Sookie’s hand and move it under my boxers. She wraps around my shaft and I start to suck on her tits.

“Do you want to taste him?” I ask around her nipple.

“Yes,” she gasps, and twists her wrist.

“Baby, take off your clothes,” I command and move off of her so she can move around. Her clothes go flying and I rip my boxers off. “Straddle my head, I want dessert while you suck my dick.”

“The birthday cake wasn’t enough?” Sookie sasses and gets into position.

“Not when I have this sweet little cunt in front of me,” I growl and spread her lower lips open so I can see all of her pussy.

Sookie licks my cock from base to tip and swirls her tongue around the head before giving it a hard suck. Her hand starts to pump my shaft, with a tight grip as she sucks, bobbing her head up and down.

With a groan I tilt my head up and swipe her pussy from clit to ass and then back again. I hold her open with my thumbs while I start to fuck her with my tongue. I pull my tongue out and snake down to her clit, drawing light circles around as she rocks her hips a little looking for more friction.

Sookie moans around my shaft and when I nudge the back of her throat she starts to swallow so she can take all of me down her throat. With her hands now free, she employs one of them to gently roll and massage my balls while her head bobs.

“Goddamn, that’s good,” I pant into her pussy.

I want to give as good as I’m getting so I move my fingers in and shove two inside of her. Once they’re buried deep inside I start to scissor and twist, making her moan around my cock a little more, sending a jolt of vibration through my shaft. I hiss at the sensation and then suck on her little nub, pushing her closer and closer to the edge.

I lose focus and drop my head back as my hips thrust up of their own accord. Sookie’s hot mouth around my cock and her gentle hands on my sac threaten to lose it any second.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” I chant, brushing my lips against hers. And then it happens.

My fingers are still moving within her depths, my cock so far down her throat, her lips brushing against my base. It’s all too much and I practically buck her off of me. She’s able to keep me in her mouth though, swallowing everything I have to give. When I’m done she slowly slides her lips off of my cock, licking me clean in the process.

She sits up on her knees and I wrap my arms around her legs, pulling my fingers out of her. When my mouth latches on, Sookie let’s out a soft whimper as I flick my tongue over her clit, dragging through her soft, wet lips,  I plunge my tongue into her opening again. This time I don’t plan on stopping until she pours her sweet honey into my mouth.

I bring my hand back into the mix and use three fingers to rub over pussy, making sure I hit every sensitive area I can. I can feel her legs begin to shake a little.  Her hands are on my chest and when I slide my tongue up to her ass while playing with her folds she falls over the cliff. As she starts dripping all over my face and neck, she tips over on me, her head resting on my hip and she’s panting like crazy.

“That good, pretty girl?” I ask with my fingers still playing with her.

“So good,” she murmurs.

Since I seem to be the only one that can move, I flip her off of me and then turn her so she’s snuggled against my chest.

“You’re going to ruin me,” she says, her thighs rubbing together.

When Sookie gets cold she pulls the blanket up over us and kisses my chest. I rub her back softly and fingers lightly tickle my ribs. We keep quiet and it isn’t long before I doze off to sleep.


12 thoughts on “Chapter 18

  1. Now see what I did, couldn’t resist reading this before work & now my head really really isn’t on work lol! And if I don’t shift I’ll be late so no great ramblings today…. lucky you two!!! Fab as ever, thanks.


  2. It’s a pity the birthday party didn’t go well. I’m glad Sookie is staying a bit longer. I Definitley think they need lots of couple time before bringing the kids into the mix 🙂


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