Night You’ll Never Forget

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I didn’t want to open my eyes. Already they felt all sandpapery and like they were on fire. I had way too much to drink the night before, that much I knew. Dawn, Holly and Danielle dragged me to a bar in Shreveport that had gotten really popular because of the schtick it had. It was an occult theme with waitresses and bartenders dressed up like vampires. Dawn was the instigator, as usual, but she had insisted I go along too.

“It’s time to get over that stick up his tight ass ex of yours,” she’d said in reference to Bill Compton, my most recent ex-boyfriend.

We had broken up two months ago when I found nude pics in his phone from two other women. He was responding with dick pics and asking them if they were into violent sexual things that he never discussed with me or even expressed an interest in. It made me question just how well I truly knew him and if I had been blind to things I just didn’t want to see.

So I agreed to go out with the girls, mostly because I knew they’d pull a Jawbreaker and kidnap my ass if I didn’t voluntarily play their reindeer games. There were lots of shot, lots of dancing and I vaguely remembered making out with some guy in a… viking helmet? Huh…

My eyes opened and immediately I groaned. The clock on the nightstand said it was already noon. I hadn’t slept that late since the day after prom almost ten years ago. My bladder warned me I had seconds to get to the bathroom before I wet the bed.

I was surprised to find I was naked since I didn’t usually sleep nude. While I did live alone my hopeless, bachelor brother had a tendency to let himself into the house to scavenge for leftovers in my fridge. He’d stroll into my room and wake me up if he couldn’t find anything. It occurred to me that maybe seeing my bare ass would change his ways but that would involve showing my ass, and the thought of it gave me the creeps. Plus it sounded like the start to a bad Jeff Foxworthy joke.

No thanks.

I made it to the bathroom with half-open eyes and plopped down on the toilet seat. As I peed I yawned and stretched a little. My body was sore and I assumed it was from dancing until I had to reach down to wipe.

I was sticky…

The toilet paper was an unexpected shade of pink instead of yellow when I looked down at it. That ache I was feeling in my thighs wasn’t from cutting a rug. No, it was more like I’d gone riding and judging by the stinging and soreness, the guy was hung like a horse.

I needed a shower but first I needed to see if my “friend” was still around. I flushed and decided he at least deserved a minty fresh greeting, so I brushed the fuzz off my pearly whites before leaving the bedroom. A tall glass of water, ibuprofen and a greasy breakfast were all in order but they were going to have to wait. Romeo was still asleep in my bed, nude from at least the waist up, and making no noise as he slept.

“Hey…” I reached out to shake him a little. His skin was a little cold, which was kind of weird considering how warm it was. All I saw was blonde hair. Guys with long hair weren’t usually my thing…

The Viking guy!

What was his name?

I couldn’t remember for the life of me.

“Hey, dude…” I shook him again. Still no reaction. “Hey!”


Okay, something wasn’t right. I walked around to the other side of the bed and looked down at his face. He was handsome in a very masculine kind of way. There were sharp, chiseled lines to his face, at least from where I was standing. I knelt down in front of him and studied how smooth and perfect his skin was. He had zero blemishes on his pale skin. I mean really pale.


“Hey,” I tried again. I rubbed his cheek and still got no response.

With my blackout curtains closed I couldn’t see much, so I turned on the lamp and gasped. He really did look like a corpse lying there.

But pale skin was the least of my problems.

My fingers moved down his cheek to his neck… where I didn’t find a pulse.

He wasn’t breathing either.

“Oh God! No! Oh fuck my life!” Full blown panic set in.

I had a dead stranger in my bed! If that wasn’t reason to panic, I didn’t know what was.

My alcohol-soaked brain was of no help to me either.

“You have to not be dead,” I said as if that was somehow going to resurrect my last tryst. From beyond the grave I could almost hear Gran slut shaming me for bringing home a stranger.

I’d have to mentally reconcile that part later. At the moment, I had to figure out what to do with the stiff whose stiffy left me sore.

Hadley! My cousin was my ride or die, the only person I could call to help me move a dead body. Of course she’d ask a billion questions and make inappropriate jokes but she’d help me figure out the mess I was in. Viking – it was as good a name as any – wasn’t going anywhere, unless the zombie apocalypse had begun somewhere around sunrise when we finally passed out.

I grabbed the cordless phone off its base and dialed Hadley’s number. If she didn’t pick up I was in deep, deep shit.

“Hello?” she answered in a cheery voice.

“I need you to stop whatever you’re doing and get your bony ass over here,” I whispered.

In case the dead guy heard me, obviously…

“Uh… why are you whispering all panicky and shit?”

“Because last night Dawn made me go out with her,” Uh oh. “And this morning there’s a really hot guy in my bed who won’t leave.” It was better not to mention he was dead over the phone right? Big Brother was always listening, according to a bunch of the guys at the bar.

“You went out with Dawn and didn’t take me?” I could tell she was pouting.  “And what’s the big deal? If he’s hot, why would you be trying to get rid of him?”

“Just come over and see for yourself,” I hissed. “You’re my person, Hadley. Do what my person is supposed to do.” She was definitely the Meredith to my Cristina.

Fiiiiine,” she replied. “I’ll be there in twenty.”

I hung up and decided a quick shower was in order. While the water warmed up I took some ibuprofen and prayed that when I got out of the shower, Viking would magically be awake and gone. I couldn’t even remember if he was good in bed.

It occurred to me as I was showering that we probably didn’t use a condom.

Really smart, Sookie. What if his little swimmers located a renegade egg and you’re currently spawning a dead guy’s kid? Brilliant! You’re getting your damn tubes tied tomorrow.

I realized I had little bruises on my hips and inner thighs. It also looked like homeboy got a little rough and bit me at some point. Weirdo. I wasn’t into biting or really any kind of rough sex. Passion was good but I didn’t understand why it needed to hurt to feel good.

After my shower I dried off and went back to the bedroom. Viking hadn’t moved and I was on the fence as to whether or not that was a good thing. I put on a pair of shorts, a sports bra and a tank top. It was supposed to get up into the nineties outside. The body was going to get stinky really fast in that kind of heat.

Hadley’s car rolled up the gravel driveway. I breathed a sigh of relief but it was short lived. It wasn’t Hadley that called out to me but my brother.

“Sook! You home?”

Fuck my life.

I slipped out of the bedroom and shut the bedroom door.

“I’m here. Now’s not a good time for a visit, Jason,” I said as I headed for the kitchen. Of course my brother was head first in the fridge.

“You headin’ out or somethin’?” He pulled back with a piece of leftover chicken in his mouth.

“Something like that. What are you doing here?” It was lunchtime so probably just raiding my fridge.

“I came to see you. It’s lunchtime.” Just as I suspected.

“Well it’s going to have to be a to-go lunch,” I told him. I needed to have my locks changed.

“Can I take one more piece of chicken? And some bread?” he asked me as he reached for my loaf of french bread.

“Yeah, sure. How about some of Gran’s potato salad?” I offered.

“Nah, just the bread and the chicken. I need somethin’ to-go, remember? I can eat that while drivin’.”

I wasn’t going to argue with him. While he decided what chicken he wanted I cut him a good hunk of bread and smeared butter on it.

“Here you go,” I said. I put the bread on a paper plate for him.

“Thanks. Why you in such a rush to get me outta here?”

“It’s personal.” Nosy as ever.

“I really don’t want to know.” He held his hands up for a second before grabbing his food off the counter.

“I’ve been having these cramps and–”

Jason held his free hand up. “Enough. I’m outta here.” Jason was out the front door before I could say another word.

The fastest way to get rid of him was to talk about anything even remotely connected to my vagina.

I started a pot of coffee and was making myself toaster waffles when Hadley walked in through the kitchen door. She was way more put together than I was. I hadn’t combed my hair yet. That was going to wait until the ibuprofen kicked in.

“Alright, you got me here, what’s the big dea– Is that a hickey on your neck?” She walked over to me so she could inspect my neck.

“I think he bit me. If I didn’t know better I’d think I’d boinked Dahmer last night.” I got down two coffee mugs. It was never the wrong time of day for coffee for either of us. Hadley’s favorite thing was unsolicited Starbucks.

“Kinky, I like it,” she giggled. “Is he still here or did you get him out of here?”

“Nope, he’s still here. You’re welcome to try waking him.”

“How much did he drink last night?”

“I have no clue. I’m not even sure how much I drank. I know tequila was involved.” Tequila always fucked with my brain.

“Uh oh. That means you most likely stripped for him,” she snickered. “I’m going to go check out hot stuff.” Hadley turned to walk down the hallway to go to my room.

I spread peanut butter on my waffles when they popped up and braced myself for Hadley’s scream when she figured it out.

Annnnnd there it is…

“Sookie!” she screamed as she came running out to me in the kitchen. “He’s stiff! And not the good kind of stiff. Well, he’s not really stiff, but not breathing and colder than an Eskimo dick. What the fuck?”

“See why I called you? What do I do, Hadley? He was like that when I woke up. I don’t know how he even got here, let alone how he ended up dead. The way he’s lying it’s not like I fucked him to death,” I said.

“We need a plan,” she said like I didn’t know already. “How much do you think he weighs? Oh! I can go find his license. That way we at least know who he is.”

“That’s much better than calling him Viking, even though I’m pretty sure he pillaged me.”

She giggled at that. “I kinda like Viking. Let me go see– Oh, looks like his pants are in the living room there.” Hadley walked over to the couch where she picked up a pair of leather pants. “Huh, these don’t even have pockets. Damn.”

“Maybe it’s in his shirt or jacket or something?” He couldn’t have just been wearing pants.

She looked around and walked over to a chair where there was a jacket hanging over the back. She lifted it to search the pockets.

“Nothing in here either. There’s a card for Vic’s Roadhouse, but that’s all that’s in here.”

“I don’t even know what Vic’s Roadhouse is. We were at Fangtasia last night.” I poured coffee into the mugs and added the right amounts of cream and sugar to each cup.

“All the biting makes sense now. Maybe he thinks he’s a vampire? We should check for fangs,” she snickered.

“I don’t know what he thinks he is. I don’t even know his name, Hadley. How can I call the cops and tell them I have a random dead body in my bed and I don’t know how he got there or what his name is?” I really was in a bind and I didn’t know what to do.

“We don’t call the cops. We try to get him out of your bed and haul his giant ass to the swamp,” she answered. “Gators’ll get him and no one will know.”

“Can we really drag a body to the swamp and let gators get him? That’s awful, Hadley.” I was reluctant to admit that she was right. It wasn’t moral or ethical but I just… Ugh, this was why I called Hadley. She was good at being the devil on my shoulder.

“It’s either that or do 25 to life for a murder you don’t even recall committing,” she replied. “You’ve been awake long enough to shower, Sook, that looks suspicious.”

“Fuck!” I cursed out loud. She was right. I knew she was right. “I made toaster waffles. Who does that?”

“I don’t blame you for the waffles, those fuckers are good. I’m sure Detective Andy would feel the same.” Hadley leaned back to look down my hallway. “Want to go see if we can lift him?”

“I can’t believe I’m doing this. At least in hell Gran can’t whoop us,” I said as I followed her down the hall.

“Exactly,” she agreed. When Hadley got to the room she walked over to the Viking and lifted his arm. “Shit, he’s solid muscle, Sook. What do you think the best way to do this is?”

“Set the house on fire?” I was only partially joking.

“Oh, yeah, explain that one. ‘Officer, I didn’t even know there was a man in my bed. The house just set ablaze.’ No. I don’t think that’ll work,” she said, shaking her head. “We’re in this together now. We can Themla and Louise it if we have to.” She walked around to climb onto the bed on the other side of him. She sat there studying him, trying to figure out the best course of action.

“Should I get a tarp from the shed?” I never moved a corpse before.

“Hmm, yeah a tarp would be good.” She lifted the blanket covering his bottom half. “Whooo boy, did you see this tukus?”

“Uhhh… probably but I don’t remember.” It felt a little weird to go admire it now.

“Oh, it’s a nice one,” she said, wiggling her eyebrows. “I see why you brought him home.” She dropped the blanket. “Want to help me flip him before you go get the tarp? I think it’ll be easier to move him if he’s on his back.”

I stepped up to push while she pulled. Even with two of us he wasn’t easy to move.

“Holy guacamole! He’s marble, not muscle.” I grunted as I pushed him. It took about thirty seconds to get him onto his back but it felt like it took three hours.

“Are you sure he’s real?” Hadley stood up from the bed and wiped her brow. “Sheesh. I’m not going to gym this week at all.”

“You might be in traction when we’re done.” As I stood up Hadley pulled away the sheet covering his lower half.

Ohhh… no wonder I’m sore…

“How the hell did that thing fit?” she asked. “Hell, how are you walking?”

“Trust me, I’m a little on the sore side,” I assured her.

“That thing looks uncomfortable.” She threw the sheet over him again. “I’ll get distracted if it’s not covered.”

“I’m going to have to burn the sheets anyway,” I sighed. “I’ll be right back.”

I left the bedroom and went jogged out to the garden shed to retrieve one of the tarps inside. Damn, it was hot outside. I found some bungee cords and I knew I had a hand truck tucked away. Some boxes had to be moved around but I got it. If we could get Viking’s body onto the hand truck and use the bungee to strap him to it, maybe that would work.

I fucking hope so.

I pulled the hand truck behind me as I walked back to the house. I had to put the tarp and cords on the kitchen table before bringing in the dolly.

This whole thing fell into the realm of unbelievability. Was I really dragging a dead body to the swamp? Where did I go wrong in my life to end up here?

Back in the bedroom Hadley and I struggled to get Viking off the bed and onto the floor. He weighed a friggin’ ton. It didn’t help one bit that his manly parts were moving around, completely distracting my cousin from our task. We turned him a little to get his legs down first but it was the trunk of his body that was the killer.

“Fuck my life, he’s so heavy,” I groaned. He hit the floor with a loud thunk that made me worried he broke the damn floorboards.

“This makes me wish I never got rid of my personal trainer.” She had to get rid of him because she started sleeping with him and his wife found out. “You need some water? Should we take a break?”

“I need a crane. We should probably just get this over with before it gets too dark,” I told her. “Should we just take an arm and pull?”

“Yeah. I don’t think we should take him outside before dark though. What if someone drives up and sees us?”

“Or wanders out of the cemetery,” I sighed. “I found a dolly in the shed so maybe if we can somehow get him on there and stand him up we can wheel him? I don’t know. I’m not dissecting him.” I’d never sleep again. I wasn’t sure how I was going to live with myself as it was. My conscience didn’t agree with what I was doing.

“Oh, no, we can’t do that,” she shook her head. “Let’s get him in the living room and see how well that works. It sounds like a good plan.”

“Well I mean we load him on it outside, not necessarily in the house. We can’t drag him the whole– Wheelbarrow!”

“Oh! Yes!” she clapped. “Bring it to the front door and we can make it happen.”

“Let’s get him to the living room first. We have time until sundown. Jason’s already been here so we shouldn’t have any drop-ins.”

“Okay. I’ll take left, you get right? Should we try to put his pants back on him so we– I don’t get distracted?”

“Or you could be normal,” I suggested. “He’s dead, Hadley. How can you be attracted to him?”

“He’s a good looking man, Sook. It’s not like I want to go play with it. It’s just so… big and keeps flopping around. It’s like a shiney nickel. I can’t help but to look.”

“Well look all you want, just don’t trip over anything,” I told her. We each grabbed an arm and pulled. We went exactly nowhere.

This is going to suck.

“Again?” She gave me a three count before we pulled again. He moved a millimeter, maybe.

“It’s a good thing we have hours to do this.”

“You’re telling me,” she sighed. “Do you think we could rig up a pulley?”

“Ummm did either of us pass or even take a physics class?”

“Maybe if we put our heads together, we can figure something out,” she shrugged.

“There’s nothing to figure out,” I said with all the agitation I felt. I dropped Viking’s arm and stood up to go open the curtains and let some sunlight in. “We’re screwed, Hadley. Screwed. We’ll never get his body out of here. I should have just called the cops and– What’s that noise?” It sounded like bacon cooking.

“Wha– HE’S SMOKING!” Hadley screeched.

I whipped around and sure enough, Viking’s body was starting to blister and smoke was rising from it.

“Oh… What do I do?! Oh my god! Could this day get fucking worse?!” I whipped around again to close the curtains. The sizzling stopped but the blisters remained. “Dead men don’t blister! What the fuck?!

“Well… he is hot,” she snickered. She quickly stopped when I glared at her. “I don’t know Sookie. I’ve never seen anyone sizzle like that.”

“This has to be the Twilight Zone. No way is there really a sizzling corpse on the floor,” I said. I was hungry, hungover, scared to death and about five seconds from a full on panic attack.

“Okay. Let’s go get a drink and try to figure out what the hell is going on. You have vodka, right?”

“In the freezer,” I confirmed. I sat on the edge of the bed anyway and took some deep breaths.

This wasn’t going to end well.



My eyes opened immediately after the sunset. Right away I saw the two women standing over me, arguing about what they were going to do next. What I wanted to know was how I had gotten onto the floor. If they had moved me, that was truly impressive. Sookie, the one on the right, was curvy and soft in all the right places. She wasn’t without muscle tone but she wasn’t strong enough to move my dead weight. The woman on my left – who looked a lot like my previous night’s meal – was built similarly.

“Hadley, there’s no way we can do this. I’m just going to call the police and report the body,” Sookie said.

The body… That would be me.

It was mildly amusing that I had given her quite the scare but the fact that she hadn’t already called the police to report my dead body raised a few questions about how she planned to deal with my corpse.

“Sookie, you could end up arrested for murder,” Hadley hissed. I wondered if they were twins. They smelled similar, suggesting they were family. Both were tan, blonde and had fantastic figures.

I could glamour them into a threeway…

“Not if they do an autopsy. He’s got no bruises or injuries. Maybe he just had a heart attack or an aneurysm in his sleep that killed him. That’s natural causes, not murder. If his body gets found out in a swamp and someone remembers us leaving the bar together I’m going to have a lot of explaining to do and you’re going down with me,” Sookie argued.

They were going to dump me in a swamp?

The average person would have been horrified by the decision but I was actually impressed by the decision to take matters into their own hands. I couldn’t be angry at them for doing the very thing my Maker had taught me to do with the bodies of the meals I couldn’t stop feeding from in time.

It was embarrassing enough that a vampire my age had been caught during the day like I was. I didn’t make it a habit to get so caught up with the humans I spent time with. Recklessness was a fast way to end up dead. The sweetness in the air wafting off of Sookie explained everything.


It was an intoxicating aroma. She wasn’t a full blooded fairy or she would be dead and her friend would be next. Sookie’s blood had stunned me the night before. She had begged me to bite her in the throes of a spectacular orgasm and as soon as her blood touched my tongue, I lost control of myself. Well, not completely since she was still alive, but it had been a battle to stop drinking from her. She was an amazing lover whose appetites matched my own; it was an impressive thing for an old vampire like me.

“Fine, call the cops but when they ask why you’re just calling now what are you going to say?” Hadley asked her.

“I… I don’t know…” Sookie looked distressed. She sighed and looked down at my face. Her scent and the tension between the two women had made my cock hard.

I smiled at Sookie and she screamed. Hadley looked down and her eyes rolled back into her head before she started to fall. My reflexes kicked in and I caught her before she hit the hardwood. Sookie backed away from us and hid on the other side of the bed, as if I couldn’t see her there.

I put Hadley on the bed and then stood up straight to look down at Sookie. She was obviously scared and extremely confused. It was amusing.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t glamour a fairy. That could be problematic. Even just a century before the pragmatist in me would have demanded I drain her and the friend, and then use their plot against them to dump their bodies somewhere nearby. Maybe I’d even frame a redneck into turning himself in for the murders. I couldn’t do that with Sookie. It had potential to start a fight with the fae and I didn’t need that headache.

The Pythoness wouldn’t be very merciful if the trail led back to me. Fae/vampire relations were fragile as it was. Lucky for me, I had a contact. I just needed to find my phone…

Which was back in my desk at the bar.


“I’m not going to hurt you, Sookie,” I said, knowing how empty those words probably were to her. “I assure you, I didn’t intend to spend the day here. I should have been gone before sunrise.”

“You’re dead,” she breathed.

“I’m undead, actually,” I corrected. I couldn’t glamour her so I was going to have to be truthful until her kin could take care of things.

“Undead? Like a zombie?”

“Like a vampire.” I looked around the room and found my leather pants. They had been in the living room when I took them off. I had almost shredded them. No sooner were we inside the house the night before than my fly was open and I was inside her. We had fucked all over the house.

On the floor in the entryway.

Against the wall on the stairs.

The dining room table.

Her grandmother’s favorite arm chair.

Bent over the kitchen sink.

On her dresser.

All over every inch of the full size bed.

We were very busy and every moment of it was worth it. Watching Sookie lose herself in ecstasy was very enjoyable. I had a reputation as a generous lover for a reason.

“Va– vampire?” It was easy to see she was still scared and confused. Humans rarely reacted well to things outside of their comfort zone.

I let my fangs down and her jaw dropped open.

“For more than a millennium now. I’m not going to hurt you, Sookie. In fact, I can help you if you allow it.”

It was hard to pin down the look on her face and I had a thousand years of experience at reading expressions and emotions. Not much got by me, as was evident from how long my life had been. Vampires who couldn’t or wouldn’t adapt and didn’t bother to study humanity never lasted long. Humans were interesting creatures but not terribly complicated. Like any animal, if they felt cornered or afraid they were more likely to attack.

“Help me how?”

“Your injuries. We got carried away last night,” I informed her. It was my drinking to excess that allowed me to be turned in the first place, so I remembered what it felt like to be a drunken fool. I knew all too well about the consequences of poor judgment.

“You think? My neck will never look the same, thanks to you. Have you ever tried wearing a scarf in the Louisiana summer?” The firecracker in her was coming back. Her sense of humor and sass had drawn me to her. She had also shown up to my bar in a dress more befitting of a garden party instead of a dingy vampire-themed bar. Sookie stood out in the crowd,to put it mildly. Had I not been the proprietor of the establishment and ranking senior vampire in the area I would have had to fight for her.

She would have been worth it.

In fact, the possessive, animalistic side of me prickled at the thought of any other vampire getting their fangs into her. It was a feeling I wasn’t expecting to feel. I didn’t get involved with humans beyond a feed and a fuck for a reason. They were temporary.

Sookie is fae. Her life could go on for much longer…

It wasn’t likely given the amount of fairy I had tasted. She was sweeter than most but had she had a higher concentration of fairy in her, it would have been deadly instead of just painful.

Still, I wanted to see her again.

“You won’t have to.” I reached up to prick my finger on a fang. “I can heal you. It won’t hurt and I give you my word you won’t become a vampire.”

“How do I know you’re not lying?”

She was smart to question me.

“You don’t, but I take being a Maker very seriously and I am not interested in being responsible for you in that capacity.” As a lover and a pet was a different story. “All my blood will do is heal the bite and the bruise. It will be like it never happened.”

Sookie looked reluctant to take me at my word, but ultimately she decided to take a chance on me. She stood and came around the bed.

“Could you put your pants on first? If Hadley comes to she’s going to molest you.”

“If she’s as good a lover as you are, I won’t have a problem with that,” I teased. Her heartbeat increased and the rush sent a lovely blush up her neck to her cheeks, staining them a pretty shade of pink.

Of course that didn’t last. An indignant look took over her face and I could sense the tirade rising in her. I liked fiery women. Most didn’t have the fortitude or courage to stand up to me so it was refreshing to see someone at least try. I was beyond the age of killing for fun.


Part of the magic of being a vampire was the superhuman speed I could move at. Crossing the room faster than she could blink had Sookie sputtering rather than cursing me out.

“Cat got your tongue, Lover?” I smirked.

“I’m not your lover,” she stubbornly replied.

“You could be. Believe me when I tell you that is an honor. Most humans bore me, but not you.” I licked away the blood on my finger she had yet to accept. I wasn’t going to waste it on her scuffed up hardwood floor.

“Oh I’m so interesting,” she snorted.

To me she was.

“I can heal you so you don’t have to wear a scarf in the summertime but if you would prefer to I’ll finish dressing and be on my way,” I said.

I gave her a few seconds to think it over. There was still uncertainty and turmoil in her eyes. Either her curiosity or her vanity won out because she consented to the healing. I pricked my finger again and moved her hair away from her neck. Sookie tilted her head for me and I was careful and gentle as I smeared my magic elixir over the badly bruised spots on her throat. Fairy blood was dangerous even in the smallest of quantities. It wasn’t like me to leave a meal in such bad shape. I was more careful; I had to be.

Right away her skin began to knit itself back together and the bruises lightened until they were gone. Sookie watched the process in the mirror over her dresser with wide eyes full of amazement.

“How is that possible?” she whispered.

“How is anything possible?” I countered. “We’re not cute and cuddly but we’re not all psychopathic killers either.”

Sookie stared in awe at how quickly her bite was disappearing. In less than thirty seconds it was gone completely.

“Just wash your neck and it will be like nothing ever happened. If you feel weak take some vitamin B-12,” I advised.

“I will,” she said. It was obvious Sookie was still stunned.

As much as I would have loved to have stayed I knew better than to overstay my welcome or press my luck.

I finished dressing while she cleaned up. The other blonde’s eyes opened and her head turned. Before she could scream at the sight of me I pressed my palm over her mouth.

My eyes met hers and in a calm voice I said, “Sookie invited you for dinner tonight. I was never here. You never saw me. Do you understand?”

Hadley nodded her head, which meant to me that she didn’t have the hidden power her friend had. I was positive Sookie didn’t know she was part fairy or she wouldn’t have brought me home with her the night before. I released Hadley from the glamour and my grip, and then walked out of the bedroom to get out while I could. Goodbyes were never my thing.

Besides, I was sure I’d be seeing Sookie again someday soon anyway…

Temptation Waits Next


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  1. This was so funny.. Sookie & Hadley trying to get his massive (and awesome) body out of the house to dump it in the swamp! I do hope you write more, it was a great way to wake up and smile while drinking my morning coffee.

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  3. OMG! That was so funny with Sookie and Hadley trying to move Eric’s body, with Hadley so focused on Eric’s manly bits, “It’s like a shiny nickel,” I think I laughed through most of this chapter! I’m just going to have to read it again…oh, the pain… Outstanding start to what looks to be a promising vampire story. Well done, ladies!

    Liked by 2 people

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    Poor Hadley. No more Shiny memories ;P


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