Chapter 13


When Sookie told me the witch is dangerously close to being in love with her prince that made my heart clench. I’ve been smitten with her, which has been obvious, but I’ve also been holding back some. I’ve been floating around on cloud nine since.


Right now, we’re just finishing up dinner with our parents. I’ve been watching Mom all night and I can’t tell how she’s feeling about everything. I know she’s concerned and she feels like I’m moving too fast, but I really want her approval. I think she likes Sookie but I can’t tell. After we eat, Sookie takes Judith into the kitchen to clean it up while Dad and Corbett are sitting on the couch, enjoying our new TV. Mom is standing out back, looking at the lake. I can tell she’s thinking and I figure this is the perfect time to have a talk with her.


I walk out the back door and wrap my arms around her shoulders from behind.


“Wanna walk with me to the lake?” I ask.


“Sure,” she answers.


I let her go and turn to walk down the steps, with Mom a couple steps behind me. Once we get on the short path I ask, “So, what are your thoughts on all this?”


“Sookie is a nice girl. That Corbett has no filter whatsoever,” she says.


“No he doesn’t,” I chuckle. “She’s quitting the business,” I tell her. I know that’s been a major concern.


“Good for her,” Mom replies, although it’s impossible to tell by her tone if she’s really happy about it.


“She makes me happy, Mom,” I sigh. “I know she’s not the kind of girl you imagined me with, but I like her, a lot. We’re starting to plan a life together.”


“That’s good, sweetheart. I would have preferred the girl you settle down with wasn’t as… wild, but it’s not my decision to make. I just hope that she’s really ready to settle down and isn’t just playing house with you.”


I nod. That makes sense. I don’t get that feeling at all.


“I don’t think that’s the case,” I say. “She’s quitting without me asking, which she wouldn’t do when her last boyfriend asked her to. What I’m feeling, and what she’s expressed she’s feeling is real, Mom.”


“Would she have still quit if you hadn’t come into her life? I think that’s important, Eric.”


“Eventually, yes, she was considering renewing her contract when we met. She knows she’s getting older and wants to have a family one day.” The last time we talked about this I still didn’t know what Sookie wanted.


Mom nods but whatever is on her mind, she’s not sharing.


“Talk to me,” I sigh. “What are you thinking?” This isn’t like her. Mom always tells me exactly what she thinks.


“Honestly, I’m not convinced,” she answers. “But this is your life and you’re a grown man and you won’t listen to me anyway.”


“What makes you think I won’t listen? And why aren’t you convinced? I know it’s quick, and I know a lot of our relationship is based on sex, but I’ve gotten to know her too. I know I like her a whole hell of a lot.”


“You’re stubborn as a mule, for one. You get it from me. And I’m not convinced because my gut tells me this won’t last. The novelty of a normal life with chores, cooking meals, someday planning a wedding or making room for a child is going to wear off and the life you think she’s leaving behind will become appealing again,” she says.


“You do realize she didn’t spend her days having sex for hours on end, right? She had a normal life, the porn was a job. It was fun for her, and I’m sure it would still be fun if she decided to do another movie, but there’s a lot more to it than what you may think. She does household chores, she can’t cook, but I know that coming into this. She’s… she’s a well-rounded person. She’s smart; she’s running her own successful business. This isn’t a fluke and a life with me isn’t a novelty for her.” I can tell she’s still not buying it and it bugs me. I am just as stubborn as her and it makes me worry that she’ll never come around. I’m worried Sookie and I are going to end up married and my mom is going to be the monster-in-law.


“You’re a grown man and this is your life,” Mom repeats.


“Yeah, it is, and I don’t want to feel uncomfortable inviting you to my house because you don’t agree with me living with a pornstar,” I sigh. “I wish you could see past that and see the person she is.” I’m probably biased, given my previous crush, but even if I wasn’t I’d see the sweet person she is. Mom will claim she is, but to me she’s being judgey, which goes against everything she taught me.


“I’m not being rude to her, am I? I’ve been polite and pleasant all evening,” Mom argues.


“You have been, but I can also feel the disdain when you look at her. She may not feel it or see it, but I do.” I’m sure Sookie can tell Mom isn’t a fan.


“Well then I should probably go home,” she says. “I’d hate to ruin your evening.”


“I don’t want you to go,” I sigh. “I want you to give this a real shot.”


“Bullshit! You want me to feel the way you want me to feel and it’s not happening!” Mom yells at me.


“What’s your problem with her?” I ask, I can feel my face getting warm with anger. “She’s done nothing but make me happy since the moment she walked back into my life. I thought that’s what you wanted for me? To be happy!”


“I’ve told you my problems. You. Don’t. Listen. Unless it’s what you want to hear, of course.”


I know what she said. She’s right though, I don’t want to hear it because she’s being ridiculous.


“What happens if you’re wrong? Are you going to look at her skeptically for the rest of our lives?”


“I’d have to be wrong first,” she shrugs.


I hate this. I love my mom more than anything and Sookie is what makes me happy. I have a sinking feeling that she’s never going to like her.


“I’m going back in the house.” If I stay out here much longer I’m going to say something I can’t take back.


“Fine. Tell your father I’ll be in the car,” she replies.


I sigh as I turn to walk up to the house. Edith is sitting at the back door watching me. She can tell when I walk in the something is wrong and she starts jumping to get my attention.


“Pop, Mom said she’s going to be in the car,” I sigh as I squat down to scrub Edith’s back.


“Oh hell. What’d you do?” Dad says accusingly.


I didn’t do anything. You’ll have to ask her what crawled up her ass,” I grumble.


“Yeah, sure it was all her.” Dad shakes his head. He gets up off the couch and shakes hands with Corbett before going to the kitchen to say goodnight to Sookie and Judith.


I follow him out front. Mom is sitting in the car, avoiding looking at us and Edith is right at my feet waiting for me to pay attention to her again.


“We got in a fight over Sookie,” I explain once we’re out of the house. Sookie and her family don’t need to hear what we fought about.


“Of course you did. She’s still worried and you’re blinded by love.”


“I’m not in love with her,” I tell him. “I get why she’s worried, but she’s not even hearing what I have to say. She’s not giving Sookie a real shot.”


“Well what would constitute a ‘real shot’ Eric? She came here for dinner, she spoke to Sookie, she was polite and complimentary. What else was she supposed to do with a stranger?”


“She’s still being judgey,” I pout. “I appreciate that she came, and maybe Sookie can’t see it, but I can tell Mom doesn’t like the idea of us and it bugs me.”


“Get over it,” he shrugs. “You harping on her isn’t going to change a goddamn thing, but it will push her away. You want her to see things your way? Stop telling her how to feel. Pisses you off when she does that doesn’t it? Well the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.”


I’m still pouting, but I see his point. Mom’s stubborn streak is firmly embedded in my DNA.


“I think it’s best we continue our time out for a few more days,” I say. “I love her, but she makes me crazy and I know I do the same for her.”


“Yes you do, mama’s boy,” he teases.


“Tell her I love her,” I sigh and bend to pick up my sweetpea. Edith immediately nuzzles into my neck, giving me a sweet puppy hug. She’s getting big so we won’t be able to do this for much longer.


“I will. Edith, keep him in line.” Dad gives her a belly scratch.


“She will,” I chuckle. “I love you too, Pop.”


“Love ya, kid.” He pats my shoulder and goes on to the car.


I watch as Dad starts the car. Mom is still looking anywhere but in my direction as they back out. Once they’re out of the driveway I turn and go back into the house. Sookie just shakes her head when she sees Edith in my arms.


“What?” I ask, rubbing my girl’s belly.


“She weighs almost fifty pounds and you carry her around like she’s a six pound Yorkie.”


“Just because she’s a little heavier than a lap dog, doesn’t mean she can’t get the same affection,” I point out. Plus, she’s not heavy to me. Hell, she’s probably going to end up weighing close to the same weight as Sookie and I can carry her just fine.


“Lord help us if we ever get a Great Pyrenees,” she chuckles.


“I don’t know what that is, but if it’s as cute and cuddly as sweetpea here, then you’re probably right,” I smile.


“Those are the enormous, white dogs,” she says. Sookie plucks her phone off the counter and does an internet search to show me.


“Oh, yeah, you’re in trouble,” I laugh. “I don’t think I’d be able to pick one of those up.”


“I think I could ride one of those like a pony,” she chuckles. “But they’re so cute and friendly. What do you think, Edith? Do you want a playmate?”


Edith wags her tail, slapping my stomach.


“She might get jealous when she realizes she doesn’t get all the attention,” I say. I don’t have a lot of experience with dogs, but I can already tell Edith is going to be the jealous type when we first get a second dog.


“She’ll get over it. I’d rather deal with it by getting another dog than by bringing home a baby,” she says.


“That’s a good point.” I set Edith down and walk over to wash my hands.


Sookie and I go out to the living room to sit with Judith and Corbett to watch some TV to end the night. Sookie doesn’t mention my mom leaving without saying goodbye and neither do I. I just hope she eventually comes around. I’m not quite in love with Sookie yet, but the day it hits is quickly approaching. She already takes up most of my thoughts and makes me happier than any girl has in the past. Despite what Mom thinks, this is it. Sookie is the one and Mom’s going to have to get used to it.




The housewarming party isn’t too big, but it’s nice having people over. Eric’s former roommate and his girlfriend are here. Melinda is a really nice girl. I think she’s glad I won’t be hanging out around her boyfriend too much. I’m not interested in Jake at all, but she’ll see that soon enough. Ginger and Preston flew up together. He’s playing pool with Jason, Eric, Jake and Eric’s friend Alcide. His boss Pam is here too and she’s been trying to get her hands on my tits all night.


Alcide brought his girlfriend Holly and she’s definitely plotting a way to smuggle Edith out of the house. Unfortunately I think Eric would be even more devastated than I would if something happened to his precious girl. He’s done a total 180 where she’s concerned.


We told our guests to bring bathing suits, so right now I’m parked in the hot tub with Ginger and Holly. Holly has a three-year-old son from a previous relationship. Her son’s father was killed in the line of duty when she was six months pregnant with their first child.


“So how did Sophie-Anne take it when you told her you weren’t resigning your contract?” Ginger asks with a big glass of Bordeaux in her hand.


“She was disappointed but I don’t want to be committed to projects right now. I’d rather be free to freelance or concentrate on my website,” I reply.


“I don’t know if Alcide and Eric have talked about it, but how did he respond when he found out you did porn?” Holly asks. “Alcide would’ve kicked me to the curb.”


“I honestly don’t know,” I answer. “We knew each other back in high school and he saw me in a spread I did for Hustler. He didn’t demand that I quit so I guess it didn’t bother him that much.”


“Huh,” is her only response. “Is it weird? Having sex in front of people?”


“It was at first,” I answer. “I didn’t grow up thinking I’d do porn for a living or anything like that. But then as I got more into it I realized that I had choices and I could experiment in a safe environment with things that I might be too scared to try at home.”


“That makes sense. I’ve heard that most girls that do it are on drugs, but that doesn’t seem like the case judging by the two of you,” Holly says, talking about Ginger and me.


“Oh there are girls who get into drugs but they end up more like whores on film,” Ginger says. “The company we work for does random drug testing.”


“That’s good,” she nods, taking a sip of her wine.


“Personally, I feel like the sex is high enough. Ginger, do you remember that one D/s film we did and you went into sub space?”


“Yes! Oh my god that freaked me out at the time,” she says. It was kind of scary. It was like she left her own body for most of the scene but she was cumming pretty much continuously for about ten minutes. It was insane.


I look to Holly and explain, “The lights were on but no one was home. Her eyes were all dilated but her body was taking commands… It’s the craziest thing I’ve ever seen.”


“Ahhh, it sounds crazy. Kinda like when you get your epidural and you can’t feel the bottom half of your body. You don’t remember pushing but suddenly there’s a little person on your chest. That’s the only thing that I’ve experienced that sounds anywhere near that feeling.”


“Except I had an orgasm that lasted for ten minutes,” Ginger winks.


Holly laughs and says, “Sign me up!”


“They’re not all like that,” Ginger laughs.


“Just once would be good enough for me.” Holly finishes her glass of wine.


“Right?” I laugh. I’ve never had a ten minute orgasm either.


“Hell, Alcide can barely last long enough to get me off. I have to take matters into my own hands most of the time. Not that he’s bad,” she adds quickly, “He’s great, but he gets a little over excited if we have to take a few days off of sex.”


“Girl, you should try stripping for him and let Rosy and her slutty sisters service him once so he gets the bullet out of the chamber. That way when he reloads it’ll be while he’s having his midnight snack or whatever you do to get yourself going,” Ginger advises.


“Huh, I’ll have to try that. Thanks,” she smiles.


“Or drag him into the pantry or bathroom, somewhere other than the bedroom and give him a quickie handjob or blowjob. It’ll shock the shit out of him and leave him wanting more if you just walk away like nothing happened,” I offer.


“Is that what you do with Eric?” She glances over to see the guys laughing at something in the house.


“No, I’m more direct with him,” I chuckle and wave when he looks my way. “Like if it was just us here right now I’d flash him.”


I know Holly is drunk when she suggests, “Flash him. We’ve all seen a pair of tits.”


Jason is missing from the room, probably in the bathroom. I stand up and pull the triangles of my bikini top out of the way with a grin. Alcide’s jaw drops while Preston whistles at me.


“My turn!” Ginger follows suit, exposing her tits the same way I did.


“You girls are a lot braver than I am,” Holly laughs.


“You can do it,” I say.


“Yeah. Get your perky ass up here,” Ginger says as she pulls Holly up. “Lets see those funbags!”


Holly laughs again. She’s facing us when she nervously pulls her bikini top to the side before she turns around to flash the boys, earning another whistle from Preston. Alcide’s jaw is still on the floor.


“Good for you!” I tell Holly.


Ginger and I being us, we lean down and stick our tongues out like we’re going to lick her, and that probably causes simultaneous boners. All I know is all of a sudden we have Preston, Eric, Alcide, Jake and Pam charging toward the door.


“Let’s go skinny dipping!” Ginger yells. We have a lot of private beach attached to the house. I doubt our neighbors will see.


“Did I hear something about nudity?” Eric asks when the door opens and the group starts to filter out.


“I’m not skinny dipping!” Holly laughs.


“But you have a great body for skinny dipping. I’d hit it,” Ginger tells her.


“Um, no thanks,” she giggles, looking back at Alcide who looks highly turned on.


“Honey, I think we should go relieve the sitter,” Alcide says.


“Relieve your nutsack, is more like it,” Eric snorts.


I burst out laughing. It’s hilarious because it’s obviously true. Not that I blame him. Holly’s got fantastic tits.


Alcide glares at Eric, but Holly listens and gets out of hot tub.


“I’ll see you later, Sookie. This is a great place. And it was nice meeting you, Ginger.”


“You too, sweetie. Next time bring the kid and we’ll toast marshmallows or something. Edith will love him,” I tell her. “Alcide, I’d hug you but I don’t think I want to get harpooned.”


“It was nice meeting you,” he chuckles. “I’ll save the harpooning for this joker,” he finishes, pointing his thumb at Eric.


“I’ll walk them out,” Eric offers.


“Where’s my fartknocker of a brother?” If he’s not in the can he must have gotten a better offer for tonight.


“He took off a while ago. I thought he said bye to you. He got a call from a chick named Randee Sue so he’s probably getting his dick wet right now,” Eric tells me.


“Probably.” I don’t realize my tits are still out until Jake reaches out to touch them.


“They are real,” he says in awe, earning a smack in the back of the head from Eric as he walks away.


“They are. I’m sure Melinda will be thrilled you felt me up,” I chuckle.


“Shit,” he sighs as if he completely forgot about her. “Please don’t tell her I did that.”


“I won’t,” I shrug.


“But I will,” Pam smirks and takes off for the house.


Ginger pulls me down into the water and out of nowhere her lips find mine. I’m not sure how Eric feels about this. We’ve talked about including Ginger but nothing in definite terms.


“Do we all get to play this game?” I hear Preston ask from behind me.


“You can kiss Eric,” I giggle.


“I don’t know if he’ll be okay with that,” he replies.


Eric comes back out a moment later.


“Pam said bye, and Melinda made Jake leave when she saw you girls flashing us,” he chuckles. “What… what did I miss?” Ginger’s fingers are rubbing around my nipple.


“I’m playing with my girlfriend in the hot tub and didn’t invite you,” I wink, wondering if he’ll remember the day we came here and ate dinner on the dock.


“Hmm, naughty girl,” he says in what I’m learning is Eric’s sex voice. “I’m tempted to pull you out of there to bend you over my knee. We can take turns spanking your sexy ass.”


“I don’t mind holding her down,” Preston adds, looking at us with heat in his eyes.


“We’re busy,” Ginger says before she pulls me into another kiss, only this time our tongues tangle and I let her pull me onto her lap. Except I’m not there for long because strong hands lift me out of the water.


“Maybe Ginger needs a spanking too,” Eric says as he carries me to the chaise lounge we have sitting on the balcony near the hot tub. When he sits, he lays me over his lap and starts to rub my ass. I can feel him getting hard below me.


“You’re going to punish me?” I give him my most innocent look.


“Mmm, who started the kiss?” he asks. Preston and Ginger are heading toward us. Ginger’s bikini is gone and Pres has his shirt off already.


“Ginger did,” I reply.


He looks up at her but asks me, “Should I have her over my knee right now?”


“Yes,” I say.


“But you invited me to play,” Ginger pouts.


“Hmm.” Eric helps me up and then peels my bikini off of me. “I think you should both bend over the back of the couch,” he says, motioning to our outdoor furniture. His shirt disappears a moment later.


“Why?” Ginger and I ask in unison. She reaches out to put her hand on my ass.


He looks at Preston who says, “We’re going to fuck you until you can’t walk.”


I whimper because I know what they’re both packing. Instead of pissing them off I move over to the couch and lean over the back of it with my ass up in the air. I’m not at all surprised when Eric’s hand lands on my left cheek with a stinging crack that makes me jump and yelp.


Ginger, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to want to cooperate. That is until Preston gets her on her knees and his dick in her mouth. He holds onto her head and starts fucking her face.


Eric drops his pants, allowing his cock to spring free. Preston pulls Ginger off of his dick and moves her mouth to Eric’s cock. She moans and starts bobbing on his dick while Preston comes over to rub my folds.


“You like the way he looks with another girl’s mouth on his dick?” Preston asks quietly, pushing his middle finger into me.


“I like watching him use her slutty little mouth,” I reply as his finger pumps in and out. It’s getting me extremely wet, actually.


“Do you like knowing we’re going to take turns using both of you? Fucking every one of your warm wet holes until you’re a quivering mess.” He adds a second finger and starts to scissor and twist them to stretch me.


“I fucking love it. You know I do.” Preston has been my Dom before. He knows what I will and won’t do.


He spits on my ass before pulling one of his wet fingers out to push into my back hole. He starts to fuck both holes with his fingers and asks, “Are you thinking about how good it’ll feel to have both of us buried in you at the same time?”


“Yes,” I gasp as his fingers move faster. I reach down to rub my clit and help myself along but I get spanked for it.


“Eric and I are in charge of your orgasms. You don’t touch your pussy unless one of us tells you to,” he commands. He pulls his fingers out of me and pushes me onto my knees next to Ginger. “Suck his dick,” he growls, pushing my head over as Ginger pulls off. Eric’s dick is solid and shiny with Ginger’s saliva.


I look up at Eric’s face and don’t hesitate to take him in my mouth. His tip nudges the back of my throat and I wrap my hand around his base as I start bobbing up and down his length. I make sure I twist my wrist and my grip is firm. Every few strokes I flick my tongue against the tiny slit on his tip to tease him a little more.


For a moment I forget the rules and reach between my thighs to play with my clit but I’m quickly caught.


“You’re breaking the rules, pretty girl,” Eric says as he pulls his cock out of my mouth. He reaches down to grab my hand, bringing it up to his mouth so he can suck my juices off of my fingers. “Should we tie your hands behind your back?”


“I forgot, Eric. I’ll be good,” I reply.


“Baby, go lie down.” Preston sees us moving and pulls Ginger off if his dick to help her up so they can follow us. When I lay back on the couch Eric motions for Ginger to straddle my head.


“Do I get to cum on her tongue, Sir?” Ginger asks in a giddy tone.


As soon as she’s in position I latch onto her clit.


“Mmm, yes you can.” I feel my legs spread and a warm tongue on my clit as Ginger leans forward to wrap her lips around Eric’s tip.


I hold onto Ginger’s ass and fuck her with my tongue. I’m not sure who is going down on me right now but I’m going to cum in a minute. I’m guessing by the way the tongue is moving that it’s Preston. He goes faster than Eric does.


“Oh fuck… May I cum?” I pause what I’m doing to ask.


“Yes,” Eric answers.


My back arches, lifting my ass off the couch. I cum on Preston’s tongue and I know it’s just the first of many orgasms I’ll be having tonight.

5 thoughts on “Chapter 13

  1. Reads like Eric’s Mom is going to be a downer on their relationship. Remember love where you believe everyone should love ‘the love of your life’ because you do? Ahhh memories!


  2. Great chapter! Fun and hot for sure but also foreshadowing the difficulties ahead for Eric & Sookie’s relationship.
    First there’s Eric’s mum who clearly can’t see past the porn side of Sookie’s life… Like I said before, hard as a mum not to be protective of her ‘little’ cub but wonder if she’d be so skeptical of Sookie’s motives if she was in another profession?
    Second, you could see Jake’s girlfriend not being comfortable around this crowd and not sure I can blame her… I would not be happy with my boyfriend fondling another girl’s tits like that… Sure it is his fault, not Sookie’s, but in an environment where everyone’s flashing their tits (etc), if you are not comfortable with that, you feel a bit out of place and unlikely to join in the future? I wonder if mixing friends will get tricky?


  3. Can’t blame Melinda for pushing Jake out the door when the tits started flashing lol.

    Hmmm. Might take some time before Eric’s mum comes around 😦 Glad his dad is OK though.

    And now the party really starts!


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