Chapter 12


“I’m nervous,” I answer when Quinn asks how I feel about Sookie leaving. He doesn’t know we’re a couple but he knows we’re close.


“Why is that?” he asks.


“She’s been… When I have days like I did when we talked about being on the road, she’s the one that makes me confront those feelings and not try to bury them,” I admit.


“It sounds like she’s a good friend to you,” he says. “Are you planning on continuing your friendship outside of treatment?”


“We are,” I smile. “I know she still has a lot she wants to work on and I know I will too. I think we’ll be good for each other.”


“Are you just friends or has the relationship grown beyond that?” Quinn asks.


“It’s uh… we’re more than friends,” I tell him. “That’s fairly new.”


“I see,” he nods. “You know it’s risky to get into a relationship while you’re still in recovery.”


“Yeah, you’ve said as much before,” I nod. “I have a feeling we’re going to have a lot of ups and downs when we’re out of here too.”


“You’ve made her a part of your treatment. Do you have a plan for how you’re going to handle things if the relationship doesn’t work outside of rehab?”


“As much as I want it to, I get that there’s the possibility that it won’t. If it doesn’t work out I plan on continuing my journey by focusing on school and my career. I’m going east with her when I’m out but I’m going to stay with my grandparents first for a couple reasons. I want to make sure I can do it without having her by my side every day and I really need to get away from the temptation all around me here.”


“Temptation will be everywhere. You’ll get the urge to use from time to time. Do you know how you’re going to deal with those urges?” Quinn asks.


“So far I use exercise, which seems to be my new drug,” I chuckle. “At the moment I plan on finding a sponsor wherever I end up to help me through those urges if I feel like I can’t handle them on my own. I know it’s not always something I’ll be able to do on my own.”


“What about while you’re here? Some of our sessions get pretty intense.”


“Yeah… for starters my mom already got me a new phone and number. She knows where all the local N.A. meetings are so I can find a sponsor while I’m in town. I’m uh… I’m going to suggest my dad and I go to counseling together to work through our issues,” I admit.


“I’d like to have your parents come here,” Quinn tells me.


“Let me know when and I can arrange it.”


“We can schedule it for anytime they can come,” he says. “During our regularly scheduled sessions would be easiest, but I can move things around.”


“Alright,” I nod, “I’ll call Mom when we’re done today.”


“Good. How do you feel about them coming here for a session?”


“I think it’ll be a good jump start on our relationship when I leave. I’m sure no one thinks I’m taking this seriously, except maybe you, but being clean is my main priority. I care for Sookie and I love my parents to death but if I feel my relationship with either of them is leading me down that road again I’m going to find a way to change that.”


“It’s important to know your triggers. It’ll make recovery easier.”


“So far the only thing that’s really made me want to use was that day we talked about the tour bus shit. Counseling with my dad is going to be really fucking hard, you know? This last time I had Sookie to talk me through it, I can only hope I’ll have her or my sponsor or something to get through it. Hopefully, I won’t have those urges.”


“Hopefully not, but the best defense is a good offense, right?”


“Right,” I nod. “I won’t go into it without a plan to work my way through the urges without relapsing.”


“Have you discussed your memories with either of your parents?”


“No. It’s going to be a really, really hard day and it honestly scares the shit out of me. I know Mom already feels guilty enough, but I have to get it out there. I can’t move forward without confronting my past.”


He nods and says, “Working through those issues will lessen the urges. If there’s nothing to suppress, there’s no need for the drugs.”


“Right,” I agree.


“What about Jessica? How are you dealing with that?” Quinn asks.


“Ah… That’s been a tough one. It’s been really, really hard not blaming myself, but we’ve talked about it a few times in group and I’m slowly coming to the realization that nothing I could’ve said to her that day would’ve stopped the train from going off the tracks. She was an amazing girl that was dealt a really shitty hand in life. I just hope I was able to at least be a bright spot in that short life.”


“You know it’s easy to think that if you had intervened that you would have saved her life, but the truth is no one really thinks about the things they might have avoided. For instance, she could have injected you with something. She could have injected you with air and you would be dead now too,” Quinn says. “What happened was her path. Think about what lessons you can learn from her and not what she learned from you.”


I nod. That’s a good point.


“I think because she was so much younger I looked at her like a little sister, like I should’ve been protecting her, you know?”


“That’s understandable,” he agrees.


“I know there’s nothing I did or didn’t do to cause her suicide, but I think I’m always going to feel some of that guilt.”


“It’s possible. In time that feeling may morph into sadness. What happened was tragic,” he says. “I’m going to give you an assignment. I won’t read it, but I’d like you to write Jessica a letter. Say everything to her that you would have if you had known what was going to happen. Tell her how her death has affected you. Put it all out there.”


“I can do that,” I nod.


“I know it seems cheesy, but it’s a good exercise,” he says.


“At this point I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make things better and if writing a letter to Jess helps me, I’m all for it,” I smile.


“Good,” he nods. “Well, time’s up for today, so let me know what your parents say.”


I stand up and say, “I’ll call Mom now and see what she says.”




I leave Quinn’s office with a little wave and head straight for the phones. I see Sookie in the hallway and stop to talk a minute.


“I told Quinn about us,” I tell her.


“How’d he take that?” she asks.


“He said it’s risky to be in a relationship while in recovery.”


“That’s very true,” she says.


“Yeah, we’re doing alright so far,” I remind her.


“So far. We’ll see after we’re not in rehab anymore.”


“Sook, you really need to stop being so negative,” I sigh. “Look at the positives and see the beauty of being with someone that already knows you so well.”


“I’m not being negative, I’m being realistic,” she argues. “Blind optimism won’t do me any favors.”


“You don’t think I know what a risk our relationship is?”


“I didn’t say that.”


“Sookie, I know we run the risk of doing more harm than good, but I don’t think choosing to look at things more positively is a bad thing.”


“I don’t think being realistic is a bad thing,” Sookie shrugs.


“I’m not saying it is…” I’m just scared she’s going to turn into the Sookie I met. “I need to make a phone call. Meet you at the gym?”


“Yeah,” she nods.


I reach out to give her hand a squeeze before I turn to make the call to my mom. As much as I want to have this conversation with Sookie, in the hallway isn’t the best spot for it.


When I get to the phone I sit on the bench and dial the house number.


“Hello,” Dad answers.


“Hey, Dad.” I haven’t talked to him since the hospital and we barely talked then.


“Eric. How are you?”


“Good, uh… Quinn wants you and Mom to join me for a therapy session.”


“Oh… uh… I’ll get your mother,” he says and puts the phone down.


Lovely. Apparently he still doesn’t want to talk to me. This is something he could’ve scheduled.


“Hi honey,” Mom says when she gets to the phone.


“Hey, Ma, I’m just calling to see if you guys can come to my Tuesday therapy session?”


“Of course we can. What time?”


“Ten-thirty,” I tell her. “I really need Dad to be there too. Please don’t let him flake.”


“I’ll do my best to make sure he comes along. Will we get to meet your friend Sookie while we’re there?” Mom asks.


“I’m not sure. She’s leaving Thursday, but I don’t know if they’ll allow you on the grounds to meet her.” Or if Sookie will be ready for that.


“Oh well. After you get out then,” she says. “Are you going to stay longer than ninety days?”


“No, I’m feeling pretty good now. I know I’m not quite ready to leave but I will be when my time is up. I uh… I think I’m going to move to the east coast when I’m out of here.”


“Oh…” she sounds a little disappointed.


“I know, Mom,” I whisper. “I think it will be best for me to get away from my old friends for a while. I’m thinking about staying with grandma and grandpa for a while if they’ll have me.” I’ll tell her about the move with Sookie later.


“Well they will be delighted to have you,” she says in a fake chipper tone to mask her disappointment.


“Mom, you know I love you and I’m not running from you, right?” I ask. Hell, after she finds out about Dad’s parenting style she might come with me.


“I know. I understand why you want to go, but… it’s like I’ll be meeting my son and then you’re going to leave again. It’s just hard.” I hear a sniffle on her end.


“Come with me; visit your parents for a while.” She doesn’t have anything holding her in California and I’ve already decided I want to stay with them at least a month before Sookie and I take the leap to move in together. I know she’s having some very realistic doubts and we probably aren’t quite ready for that jump.


“We’ll see. I just got myself a small part on a new crime drama on TNT, so if the role doesn’t expand I’ll try to meet you out there,” she says. “I’ll be playing a narcotics detective. Ironic, huh?”


“Yeah,” I chuckle.


“How are you doing, really? Are you nervous about Sookie leaving?”


“I’m a fucking mess,” I snort. “She’s been a really strong, bright spot in my life. This will be a good way to see how I’m going to do without her.”


“You’ll be fine.”


“I’m sure I will be, it’s just going to be rough. She’s helped me through a lot.” Mom will get a better idea when she finds out about the tour bus and Jessica’s suicide.


“Well I hope we get to meet her someday. I Googled her name. This isn’t the skater, is it?”


“Yeah, that’s the same one,” I tell her. “She’s… I love her, Mom.” I’ve been dying to say that out loud and I know Sookie isn’t ready to hear it.


“Oh you do, huh?” She’s not surprised.


“Yeah… I do,” I smile.


“Then I definitely want to meet her.”


“We’ll see,” I chuckle.


“It’ll happen,” she says confidently. “I have thirty days before you get out of rehab.”


“Do you plan on hunting her down?” I laugh.


“Hunting is such an aggressive word…”


“You’re an aggressive woman,” I remind her.


“Lucky for you.”


“Yeah, yeah,” I snicker. “I’m going to run; I promised I’d meet Sookie in the gym.” Shit, Mom isn’t even going to recognize me.


“Alright. I’ll see you soon. Don’t get her pregnant.”


“I won’t,” I laugh, “She’s on birth control.”


“So was I. I love you, honey,” she says.


“I love you too, Mom.”


I hang up with my mom and head back to my room to change into my gym clothes.




I’m scheduled to leave at ten in the morning on Thursday, three days from now. Well, less than three days. More like two days and fifteen hours and twenty-two minutes. Not that I’m counting down or anything.


That anxious excitement is growing by leaps and bounds. Luke brought me here so I guess I’ll be taking a cab back home. I’m not sure what will be waiting there for me when I get home, but I’m ready for it. The house is mine and mine alone, so Luke and his tramp better not be living there. If they are, they’re getting evicted.


I’ve had a lot of time to think about it, plus Sophie-Anne and I have discussed it several times. I’ve come to the reluctant conclusion that Luke was more interested in my money than he was in me. I was too high to see it at the time, but now that I’m seeing things with a clearer mind there are all kinds of red flags that I should have been paying attention to.


He kept trying to convince me to start a joint bank account, for one. After we moved to California he never had a job for more than three weeks at a time and there was always some oddball reason he had to quit or he got fired because of economic reasons. I never actually saw a paycheck from any of those jobs so who knows where he was or what he was doing. He mostly worked nights, claiming he had security jobs at the bars and clubs. Now I wonder if he wasn’t using me to fund a much more playboy lifestyle.


If that’s true, it’s no wonder he never thought I had a drug problem. When I was high I didn’t notice missing money and if I did, it was easy enough for Luke to concoct a story to explain it away. I was the perfect sugar mama. All he had to do was take out my trash and screw me every few days, and his ride on the gravy train was extended. He did just enough to make me believe we were solid.


Amazing how as soon as my money ceased to be readily available to him he found someone new. I have no idea who Luke has leached onto, but I’m sure she’s got money. In some ways I feel like an idiot for not seeing it sooner but truthfully, if he wouldn’t have dumped me, I might have gone on believing Luke was a good guy. Eventually I might have caught on but for all I know, he would have coaxed me into relapsing. I’m better off without him.


All of the exercising I’ve been doing has transformed my body. I’ve dropped at least ten pounds since I got here but I notice it more in my clothing. Everything is too big for me now. The drugs made me lazy and since I wasn’t eating properly, I put on weight. At the time of my accident I weighed 125 pounds and I was a size four. When I was examined here I was up to 169 and a size fourteen. Most of my muscle mass had broken done due to the inactivity but I’m gaining it back the right way.


I feel better than I have in years. Despite what Eric thinks, I don’t have a negative attitude. I know I have a whole world of possibilities in front of me. I’m lucky I have so many options. Getting arrested is the best thing to ever happen to me. That judge giving me the option to go to rehab opened a door for me that I might not have opened on my own.


Whether or not I can repair my relationship with my family remains to be seen, but either way I’m going to be fine. I can still have the things I always wanted outside of figure skating. I knew my years would be numbered with that. It’s realistic to think I won’t be as fast as I was ten years ago when I won my first championship. I may never be Olympics good ever again.


If that’s the case, I’ll be fine. I love reading and I would love to do some writing of my own. Anything is possible. When I close my eyes now I don’t really feel the hunger to get back to Olympic glory. I see myself living in a cute little house, working a job I don’t hate, skating for fun… maybe getting married and someday teaching my own kids to skate.


The thing I loved most about skating was being able to lose myself on the ice. I’d close my eyes, focus on the music and let my body move the way it wanted to. Whether or not I still have that in me, I don’t know. Only time will tell. But I’m excited to find out.


I’m on a stationary bike when Eric comes into the gym in his usual workout clothes. There’s something different in his eyes when he looks at me lately, but I don’t know what it is. I’m going to miss him, but I’ll see him soon enough. I’m also sure I’ll hear from him every day until he’s released.


It’s impossible to know if things between us will last, but I’d like to think we have a good foundation. We could be the ones that beat the odds and make it work. All I know is that every time he walks into the room my heart skips a beat and I can’t help but smile. I feel good when I’m with him. I’ll miss feeling that rush.


“How’s your mom?” I ask. I’ve never heard him call anyone else and I know he’s nervous about confronting his memories with his dad, but it has to be done.


“She’s good,” he tells me. “I inadvertently made her cry when I told her I’m going east after I’m out.”


I frown and say, “At least you know you’ll be missed. No one is really going to miss me when I go, present company excluded.”


“I have a feeling your parents are missing you right now,” he says. He hops on the bike next to me, adjusting his seat and adds, “Mom wants to meet you… They’ll be here Tuesday.”


“I’m sorry I’ll miss them. My parents probably don’t miss me much at all after the last few years.”


“What were your parents like?”


“Good country folk. My dad was a farmer. Well, still is. We grew pecans. Mom took care of the house, kids and chickens. Dad was up with the sun and out on the land most of the day. Mom made sure I got to my skating lessons and my brother got to his football or baseball games. We went to church on Sunday and had supper with our whole family afterward. They were traditional, conservative and taught their kids from a young age that hard work and family time are important,” I tell him.


He smiles at me and says, “You’re lucky. Something tells me they miss you more than you could ever possibly know and they’re waiting for you to pull your head out of your ass and go see them.”


“Maybe. Mom hung up on me when I called to tell her I’d been arrested.”


“That doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you and miss you. You weren’t in recovery and she probably had no idea which Sookie to expect. Do you remember what you said to her?”


“I barely got my name out before she hung up,” I reply. “That’s not exactly an invitation to work things out.”


“Either way, it’s worth a shot. They sound like good parents and if that’s true, they’ll sit down with their sober daughter and listen to what she has to say.” He reaches over to take my hand and adds, “I would be there with you if I could.”


“I know you would. It’s one of those things where I shouldn’t have a buffer, you know? I have to take my lumps.”


“Yeah, well, it still makes me nervous for you. I’m going to have to confront shit with my parents and I wish I had you outside of the room to hug me when I’m done.”


“You’ll be okay, Eric. It’s good that you’ll be here in a safe environment instead of doing it at home where you could slip or something,” I point out.


“I know,” he says with a sad smile.


“You’ll get a great big hug when you get out,” I promise.


“Are you going to pick me up?”


“I’m sure your mom will want that time with you. I’ll see you later that day or the next day.”


He pouts a little and turns to focus on his workout.


“What?” I ask.


“Nothing,” he says, shaking his head.


“Liar.” He doesn’t pout for nothing.


“You’re going to tell me I’m being a baby and to suck it up.”


“Why would I do that?”


“I don’t know,” he shrugs.


“Oookay.” I slow the bike down and then get off of it to do leg presses.


Eric climbs off of his bike and goes to the weight bench he was on when he hit his head. He adds the weight and lies down to start doing chest presses. I swear he’s moodier than I am sometimes. I don’t know what he’s thinking or why he assumes I would say something like that, but whatever. If he’s going to mope, he’s going to mope.


When I’m done with my leg presses I move on to free weights to work on my arms. I’m not really interested in gaining a ton of muscle; I just want to tone up. After the weights I decide I’m done for the day.


“I’m going to go shower,” I tell Eric.


“Want some company?”


“Are you going to mope?”


“No,” he smiles. “I just have to work through some things on my own sometimes. I’m fine.”


“Okay. Then I guess you can come,” I wink.


He gets up from the leg machine he’s on and wipes his forehead.


“I could use a good scrub by a pretty girl,” he says, leaning down to kiss my temple.


“Want me to find one?” I joke.


“Mmm, nope, I already have you and you’re the prettiest girl here.”


“You need your eyes checked,” I chuckle as we walk out of the gym.


“No, they’re fine, you just underestimate how fucking gorgeous you are,” he shrugs.


“Are you stopping for clean clothes?” My parting gift to him is doing his mountain of laundry while he’s occupied with his chores tomorrow.


“Yeah, I’ll see what I can find,” he snorts.


It’s a little ridiculous. When he loses that bet he’s really going to be pissed. We split off and I head on to my room to start my shower. I peel off my clothes and step into the tub. I’m just getting my hair wet when Eric steps in behind me.


“I’m prepared to be cleansed, Miss Sookie,” he jokes as he settles his hands on my hips.


“Good.” I reach for a bar of soap and lather up my hands. I turn around to face him and don’t hesitate to reach for his cock.


“You do know that’s just going to make me hard and want to fuck you against the wall, right?” he asks in a low, raspy sex voice.


“It is?” I ask with dramatic surprise.


“Mmm, mmhmm,” he hums, dropping his head back as I stroke.


“Huh. I never would have guessed.” I wrap my other hand around his shaft too, and twist as my hands move up and down his thickening length.


“Mmm, that feels good,” he says with a happy sigh.


“You know I think one of your paws is bigger than both of my hands,” I tell him and graze my thumb over his sac instead of his tip.


“That’s probably true. Your hands feel better, though.”


“Would you like to try my mouth?” I haven’t blown him yet.


“I would love to see how well I fit in your mouth,” he purrs, lifting his head to look at me. “You would look absolutely stunning with your gorgeous lips wrapped around my cock.”


I smile at him and move out of the way to rinse the soap off his cock. I sink to my knees and start by licking him from base to tip a few times. I swirl my tongue around his thick tip and give it a little suck that makes Eric hiss. I resume stroking him and start to take more of him in my mouth. Luke liked blowjobs but said I wasn’t very good at it so I stopped doing it.


With my free hand I reach down and start playing with my clit. I got used to doing this when I did blow Luke because he’d want just enough to reach full mast and then he’d want to finish in me. If I wasn’t ready he didn’t seem to care that much. Because of my limited sexual experience, I thought that was normal. Thanks to Eric, I know it’s not. He’s big on foreplay and he always makes sure I’m ready for him.


There’s no way I can reach his base, but I take as much as I can and hollow my cheeks to suck a little harder. His cock is solid and he’s struggling to keep his hips still.


“Fuuuck, your mouth feels so fucking good, baby,” he moans, tangling his fingers in my hair.


I moan appreciatively and keep bobbing my head.  My hand twists as I stroke him and he loses the battle to hold still. I stop bobbing and let him thrust. When his tip nudges the back of my throat it makes me gag and Eric growl.


“So fucking hot,” he whispers as he pulls back. He thrusts in just as deep, making me gag one more time before he eases off and keeps his thrusts shallow.


I moan again and look up at him watching his cock slide in and out of my mouth. My cheeks hollow again, making his cock twitch.


I pull back to let him slip from my mouth and say, “I’m so wet for you right now, Eric.”


“Do you want me to slam you against the wall and fuck you until you scream my name?” he asks, tracing my jaw with his fingertips.


“Mmhmm,” I nod.


“Stand up, baby, I’ll give you what you want,” he promises.


With Eric’s help I get up off my knees. He pushes me face first against the wall and holds me there by my neck. His other hand pulls my hips back and he nudges my legs apart with his knee. His cock rubs up and down my slick folds, teasing me until I squirm.


“Eric, please?” I beg. I need him in me. Now.


“Please what?” he purrs.


“Fuck me,” I breathe.


There’s a soft kiss on my back between my shoulder blades and then he fills me with one fluid, brutal thrust.


“Yes!” I cry out.


“Mmm… you’re so fuckin’ wet, baby. Did you enjoy sucking my big dick?” he asks.


“Mmhmm,” I hum. Fuck, he needs to move.


Eric lets go of my neck, grabs my shoulders instead with both hands and starts pounding me fast and hard just the way I want it. Fuck this feels so good.


“Fuckfuckfuck,” I pant.


“Is that good? You like the way I stretch this little pussy?” he growls before I feel a stinging slap on the side of my ass.


“Yes,” I moan.


He keeps one hand on my shoulder while he slides his hand down to my clit. His fingers move quickly, massaging and pulling lightly.


“I want you to cum, Sookie, cum hard for me…”


“Yesyesyesyesyes,” I pant as my walls clamp down on his length. I scream with my release just like he wanted me to.


“Mmm, good girl,” he moans. Eric pulls out and reaches over to turn off the water. He pulls the curtain back, tugging me to get out of the shower with him. He pulls me down onto the bathroom rug, pushes my thighs back and bends down to run his warm tongue through my folds.


“Ohmygod,” I whimper and reach down to grab his hair.


“So good,” he groans, rubbing his tongue through my lips, down to my opening. He dips his tongue inside of me, curling it as he drags it out over and over. His hands are on my inner thighs with his thumb on my clit, rubbing in slow circles.


“Mmm…” I moan. I don’t want him to stop what he’s doing. It feels so fucking good. My hands move to my chest to pluck my nipples and my eyes close. I’m breathing hard and his thumb is moving perfectly on my clit.


Eric keeps his thumb on my clit as he pulls back to kiss my inner thigh. His other hand shifts so he’s able to work two of his long, thick fingers into me. He looks up my body to watch my face as he twists to massage that sweet spot inside of me.


“Fuck, you’re so fucking beautiful, baby,” he whispers.


“Oh God, right there, Eric!” I cry out when he finds the spot. My back arches and my pussy immediately begins to flutter. I’m going to explode any second.


His fingers speed up and I feel his stubble on my thigh as he places soft, warm kisses on my skin. He kisses a line from my thigh all the way to my lower lips and he sucks lightly, causing way too many sensations at one time.


“Cum again and I’ll give you my cock, beautiful,” he purrs as I feel his tongue flick out to rub my clit along with his thumb.


My hips jerk and the pressure in my belly is too much. “Ohmygodohmygodohmygod,” I breathe. Everything is shaking and my vision actually blurs a little. What is he doing to me?


“Perfect,” he whispers. I don’t even feel him shift before he’s sliding his cock into me again. He’s sitting on his knees as he crosses my ankles and throws them over one of his shoulders. He leans forward slightly and starts slow, steady thrusts, gradually working up to hard and deep, his hips smacking into my ass.


“Fuuuuck… Eric,” I whimper. He’s so goddamn deep right now.


“Too much?” he asks reaching around to grab my tits. He starts to pluck my nipples, turning his head to kiss my ankle.


I shake my head and say, “You’re so fuckin’ deep, Eric. Oh fuck…”


“I love that you can take all of me,” he smiles. He pulls my ankles down, hooking my knees over his elbows and leans down to rest his hands on the bathroom rug under me. He dips down to suck my nipples, shifting my hips so he gets deeper, hitting the magic spot inside of me. “Fuck… you’re so fucking perfect, baby…”


All I can do is moan. I never, in my wildest dreams, thought the best sex of my life would happen on the bathroom floor, but I can’t imagine it being better than it is right now. I pull his face to mine to kiss him and my arms wrap around his neck. The weight of how much I’m going to miss him, coupled with another intense orgasm brings tears to my eyes yet again but this time I don’t stop them. It feels good to let it all out.


“Keep going,” I tell him. I’m a mess but I don’t want him to stop.


He looks down at me with concern written all over his face, but he keeps going. He watches my face as he moves to suckle my nipples, starting with the left before he moves to the right. Eric braces himself on his hands and knees. His hips swivel each time he thrusts in, grinding against my clit before pulling out again.


“I’m about to cum so hard for you, beautiful,” he pants. “Where do you want it?”


“In me,” I whisper. I know he loves doing it.


He starts to breathe a little heavier, his hips speed up and when he cums he slams in one last time, releasing with a roar.


“Fuckfuckfuck,” he chants before he collapses on top of me. He let’s go of my legs and cages my head in with his strong arms. He dips his head to give me a passionate kiss as his hips continue to slowly rock against me.


He’s heavy on top of me but I don’t want him to get up either. It feels good being trapped under him like this. My fingers trail up and down his ribs until the kiss breaks and Eric pulls back to watch when his cock slips out of me.


“Too bad you can’t take a picture,” I joke.


“I don’t need it,” he says, looking up at my face again. “I can never forget a moment with you.”


“You’re cute,” I giggle. “You might need a forklift to get me off the floor.”


“No I won’t,” he smiles. “Would you like me to run you a bath now that we’re all sweaty again?”


“Uh huh,” I nod. “If you weren’t a giant you could get in there with me.”


“I can sit out here and talk to you,” he shrugs. “I’ll jump in the shower when you’re done.”


“Okay,” I smile and hold up my hands so he can peel me off the floor. I think we’re going to miss dinner again.

Chapter 12

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  1. Wow, this session with his parents should be interesting. I just hope his dad doesn’t make the dick move of not showing up!


  2. I’m just really curious about the session with his parents. I think Sookie is now realizing how much she will miss Eric. I wonder what Eric was thinking in the gym. I’m glad Sookie came to terms with her relationship with Luke. Damn that bathroom scene was hot, I need a cold freckin shower.


  3. Session with mom and dad is gonna be intense even if his dad is a bastard and decides not to show. I think Sookie is getting closer to realizing her feelings for Eric too.


  4. Another great chapter. It’ll be interesting to see how Eric handles rehab without Sookie and how Sookie deals with the real world again. The session with Eric’s parents is sure to be challenging for him as well. Loved the bathroom scene, very passionate.


  5. Love the pace of the story… I hope Eric’s session with his parents yields positive results… I suspect the mum will be supportive (if very shocked) but the dad seems a bit of a wild card as we know little of him… What we know doesn’t make me hopeful but perhaps he will surprise us positively?
    Luke doesn’t sound like the ‘perfect boyfriend’ anymore… Wonder if he’ll be foolish enough to try and gain Sookie back… It could be therapeutic if she gets a chance to get stuff off her chest…
    I am intrigued, if a little antsy, to see how the month apart goes for them… Hope the phone helps… And I hope Sookie changes her mind and goes to pick up Eric at the end of the month with his mum…


  6. Excellent chapter. Like how you covered Eric in therapy & then he & Sookie together. Looking forward to reading how the session with Eric & his parents go. .


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