Chapter 14: Attraction



There was a little wave in the pool that made me stand up. As soon as I was upright Sookie popped out of the water. Her hair running down her back with water running down her face and chest. Damn…

I didn’t think Sookie Stackhouse would ever make my cock twitch, but it happened. I was suddenly really, really happy I was under water.

“Finally decided to take a break, huh?” I asked as I started to swim toward the deep end of the pool where Sookie was. It was starting to get dark out. Josh and the girls had gone into the big house to watch a movie in the theater room. Why Colt was still out, I didn’t know, but he was well on his way to an ass whoopin’ for the way he’d been checking out my daughter.

“Someone had to clean up the kitchen. I put aside some of the pulled pork for you,” she told me.

“I appreciate that.” I swam closer, but not too close. “You shoulda put that little shit Colt on the job. He looks like he needs to keep his grubby little hands busy.”

“And give him the chance to sneak into my room to steal my panties?” she joked.

“Good call,” I chuckled. I looked back at him to see what he was doing. “It looks like he’s puttin’ the moves on your cousin.”

“My brother’ll be puttin’ cuffs on him any minute.” Sookie stood up in the shallow end and wrung her hair out.

I had to look away for a moment. She shouldn’t have looked that… sexy? Ew, no. She was pretty but that was it. I had no sexy like feelings at all for her. It had been too long since I’d spent time with a pretty girl, that was all.

“Maybe that will scare him straight.” I stayed on my end of the pool. Better safe than sorry.

“Maybe. Or it’ll turn him on more,” she cringed.

All that did was give me a visual of Sookie handcuffed… to a bed.

No… nononononono…

“That’s… eww,” I cringed too. I didn’t want to imagine that little gargoyle getting turned on by anything. I wasn’t even sure why he was still around.

“Exactly.” Sookie lay back and floated a few feet away.

I moved back toward the wall so she didn’t accidentally float into me. Seeing her wet tits in the air like that wasn’t doing me any favors. I glanced out of the pool and saw they were doing favors for Colt. I saw him reach for his phone and managed to splash him with water, making him stop what he was doing. He looked a little embarrassed before he got up to go into the house where the kids were.

Sookie floated over toward the deep end of the pool before she disappeared underwater.

I stayed put where I was against the wall. I didn’t want something to happen that shouldn’t have like Sookie bumping into me somewhere she shouldn’t be touching. I dropped my head back against the side of the pool, relaxing as much as possible. There was a girl that I should not have been attracted to swimming around me in a skimpy little bikini.

Eventually, Sookie made her way to my end of the pool, but she didn’t get too close to me. Her dad and brother came over to the edge of the pool.

“Sook, I gotta run home and get ready for work,” Jason said. “Eric, it was nice to meet ya. Glad you’re not the douchebag my sister said ya are.”

“Thanks,” I chuckled. “It was nice meeting you too.”

“Thanks for coming, Jason. There’s a take home bag in the fridge for you,” Sookie told him.

“You’re my favorite sister,” he replied. He hugged his dad and then went in the house.

“I’m his only sister,” Sookie informed me.

“I’m gonna get goin’ too, sweetheart,” Corbett said.

“Okay. There’s a bag in the fridge for you too. You got the unopened guacamole.”

“You’re my favorite daughter,” he grinned. Like father, like son. “Eric, good to see you. Good luck dealing with that little hemorrhoid making eyes at your girls.”

“If he doesn’t watch himself he’s going to be losing those eyes,” I said seriously.

“My kinda man,” he said with approval written all over his face.

“Drive safe, Pop,” Sookie said. She pushed herself up on the wall so her ass was sticking out of the water as she kissed her dad’s cheek.

Corbett gave me a look that told me he knew I’d just checked out his daughter’s ass. I should have been sorry but it was nice. Fuck, I was no better than Colt just then. I internally chastised myself over that.

“See you soon, Corbett. You give my dad a call sometime.”

“Sure will. Keep your eyes off my baby’s backside.”

“Yes, sir,” I nodded.

“You were lookin’ at my backside?” Sookie asked once he was gone.

“I may have stolen a glance when you popped out of the water,” I admitted. “It’s a nice backside.”

“Maybe ten years ago,” she snorted.

“I wasn’t looking at it ten years ago,” I shrugged. “I was looking at it ten seconds ago and I liked what I saw.”

Sookie sank down in the water up to her neck. She still wasn’t good at taking compliments.

“Would we be bad parents if we put money on how long this’ll last with the kids?”

I chuckled and asked, “How much are we talkin’?”

“I don’t know. What do you think is appropriate?”

“Hmm, a hundred bucks?” That was pocket change to either one of us. I kicked my feet out, waving them in the water as I held onto the side. I didn’t mean to brush Sookie’s leg but I saw a little shiver run through her when I did.

“Make it a thousand. Whoever wins has to put the money into a trust for the baby,” she said.

“In that case we can make it five grand,” I suggested.

“I’m in.” Sookie swam over to me to shake on it. “I’ll give them until the baby’s sixteen-months-old.”

“I’m going with nine months.” As we shook I rubbed my thumb over the back of her hand. “What do we do if we’re both wrong?”

“Hmmm… double or nothing?”

“We each put the 5K in a trust.” Her hand was still in mine.

“Yeah. That sound good to you?”

“The baby wins either way. I can get on-board with that,” I smiled.

“Good. Then it’s a bet,” she said.

“Anything else you want to bet on while we’re still shaking?” I smirked.

“I don’t think so.”

“Okay.” I removed my hand from hers and returned it to the edge of the pool.

Sookie yawned and returned to floating on her back. I’d been in the pool for a while and I was ready to get out. I swam past Sookie to the shallow end so I could get out. It was still hot as balls outside so I walked over to one of her chaise loungers and took a seat so I could dry off. I wasn’t expecting to swim when I showed up.

Sookie eventually got out of the pool, but rather than taking a seat, she moved around the patio cleaning things up while she dried off.

“You want some help with that?” I asked, getting up from the chair.

“No, I got it. Take a load off. You worked hard today.” Like she sat on her ass eating bon bons.

“So did you,” I reminded her. I moved around to the other side of the table so I could start cleaning up the beer bottles Jason and Corbett left. “If Josh has half the work ethic you do he’s going to meet all his goals in no time.”

“I guess we’ll find out,” she smiled. “There’s a garbage can in that cabinet next to the cooler.” Sookie pointed to her outdoor kitchen. “There’s ice cream inside if you want some.”

“Thanks. Do you recycle?”

“I do. The white bin is recycling.”

“Do you want ice cream?” was my next question. I took the bottles over to the recycle bin. As soon as we started moving around again my lazy dog wandered over, probably looking for table scraps.

“No, I think I’m going to pass. I’ve been eating too much junk lately, and it’s all ending up in my trunk.” Sookie smacked her rear end.

“There’s nothing wrong with that,” I chuckled. If she wanted to work it off there were plenty of fun ways to do so… Stop it, Eric!

“Maybe to you, but it’s not your jeans getting too tight.”

“Good point,” I said. I walked over to grab the remaining bottles.

I finished getting all the bottles together before I went back to grab some of the trash. I wasn’t a stranger to hard work or cleaning up after myself and others. I was sure Sookie thought my girls did all the cooking at cleaning at home but that wasn’t the case. Gracie cooked sometimes because she liked to cook, but we all took turns cleaning every Sunday. That was going to change since Madi wasn’t coming home. Not much, I guess, just more work to do.

Once I had some of the mess cleaned up I went into the house to go wash my hands. I did want ice cream, even if Sookie wasn’t going to eat it. I was sure Grace would be down any moment to get some too. She was like a bloodhound where ice cream was involved.

Sookie came inside carrying her dress. The cold air from the air conditioning turned her high beams on immediately.

“There’s a bag in the fridge with your name on it, so make sure you take it when you go,” she said.

“Okay…” My eyes shot straight to her tits before I looked back up at her face.

“I’m going to go change,” she said.

“I’ll be here,” I said. Thor and Opie came waddling into the kitchen to check out what I was doing. I didn’t give Thor human food. I wasn’t sure if Sookie gave human food to Opie, but I wasn’t going to chance it.

Sookie turned and headed for the door that must have led to her room. I kicked the dogs out of the kitchen before I opened the freezer. She had a few different flavors of ice cream in there. I pulled out the vanilla and the mint chip. I found a bowl to put a scoop of each in before I checked the fridge for some chocolate syrup.


I pulled the syrup from the fridge so I could drizzle it all over the ice cream before I put it back. I was going to eat my ice cream and then take off for the night. I planned to leave Gracie the truck. Letting a sixteen-year-old drive the Buick once was enough for the night.

Sookie came back with her hair combed out and a black stretchy nightgown on that hugged her tits just right.

“Ah, you found the chocolate syrup,” she said. “There’s whipped cream and cherries in there too.”

“I saw them,” I chuckled. “Tonight is a straight chocolate night. Are you sure you don’t want a sundae? I’m pretty damn good at making them.” I was doing everything I could not to stare at her tits.

“I’m sure. I’m still pretty full from dinner.” Sookie plopped down on one of the very comfortable couches and turned on the TV.

I followed her with my bowl and took a seat on the other end of the couch.

“If you would have asked me ever if I was going to be sitting in your living room eating ice cream while you were in one of the sexiest nighties I’d ever seen I wouldn’t have believed it.” She was going to have to get used to the compliments. Now that we were on somewhat friendly terms it was going to happen.

“And we’re not even drunk. How scary is that?” Sookie turned on the Discovery Channel. Misfit Garage reruns were on.

“Terrifying,” I chuckled before I took a big bite. “I don’t know what to do with all this free time. Not hating you makes my life kinda boring.”

“I could go let the air out of your tires.”

“Have you been teaching Gracie behind my back?” I asked seriously. “She let the air out of a boy’s tires for asking if she’s a slut like her sister.”

“Good for her. I would have ripped the hair off his worthless balls.”

“He’s probably too young to grow hair,” I chuckled. “She’s a smart girl. She did something that would ruin his fucking day without doing something that would hurt him. My girls take no shit.” I offered Sookie a good, chocolatey bite.

“Nor should they.” Sookie declined the bite. “I took shit from my ex-husband for too long. Never again.”

“I don’t blame you. Aude and I had a pretty good relationship. When she died it damn near killed me. If it wasn’t for her mom I’m not sure what would have happened.” I was pretty sure I’d told Sookie that already.

“You would have figured it out. You love your girls too much not to keep it together,” she said.

“I like to think I would have figured it out without Karin. I do love my girls. I’m sure you’ve figured out I will do anything to keep them happy, within reason,” I chuckled. “For what it’s worth, I’m glad your ex’s fuck ups taught Josh to be a good dad.”

“I’d prefer to think my dad and brother setting good examples taught him that. All Ben ever showed him was how to walk away.”

“That’s a much better way to look at it. If he would have walked away from Madi I’m not sure how I would have responded to that.”

“My guess is blinding, violent rage.”

“Sounds about right,” I nodded. “I hope you don’t think that’s too harsh.”

“Maybe a little.”

“Well, we don’t have to worry about that. You didn’t raise an ungrateful gargoyle.” I shoved another bite of ice cream in my mouth.

“Most of the time he’s not ungrateful. He has his moments like any kid.” Sookie grabbed a throw blanket off the back of the couch and draped it over herself.

“I’m sure he does. Taking the TV back was his idea, by the way. When we were having our talk he asked if he should do it,” I told her. “He knew Madi was pissed.”

“He’ll learn,” she chuckled. “I don’t think they’ve had a real fight yet.”

“I don’t think so either. I’m leaving her room the same for when it happens. I’m sure she’ll come home to cry to Gracie when it happens. I warned him about pregnancy hormones,” I told her. “I swear Aude threatened to leave me once a week.”

“I did that with Ben too, but I actually should have,” she sighed.

“You live and learn, right? How long were you two married?”

“Too long. I finally kicked him to the curb when Josh was two. He’s been in and out of the picture since.”

“I get the feeling Josh doesn’t much care for the guy.” I took the final two bites of ice cream.

“Not really,” she confirmed.

I got up from the couch so I could go wash my bowl. I wasn’t sure how I felt about having a heart to heart with Sookie. I could officially say I didn’t hate her anymore. That was going to go over well for the future. When I was done in went back to the living room.

“I should probably get going.” My shirt and keys were in the guest house.

“Okay. I’ll be going to bed soon anyway. My old ass needs as many hours of beauty sleep as I can get.” Sookie got up off the couch.

“It’s doing wonders for you so far,” I flirted.

Sookie laughed that off. She went to the kitchen to get the leftovers she’d set aside for me, and brought them back for me to take home.

“Have a safe drive home, Romeo.”

“Thanks. I still need to get my shirt and keys,” I chuckled. “Gracie is going to be pissed when I leave her the truck.”

“It beats walking home,” Sookie shrugged.

“True,” I chuckled. “Thanks for everything.” I was half tempted to hug her but that would have been too weird.

I walked out the back door to go to the guest house to get my things. I took a seat on their little couch to put my shoes on before I found my shirt and keys. I stood there looking around. My baby was going to be living in this house. I wasn’t sure that really hit until that moment. Madi wasn’t going to be coming home. I was suddenly kicking myself for agreeing to let her go.

She was growing up and again, if they wanted to make the grown up decision to have sex, they could make the grown up decision to live together to raise their baby – my grandbaby. My Madi was indeed growing up. As much as I wanted to keep them babies forever, it just wasn’t happening.

I would get through this. I’d made it through a whole hell of a lot worse.


11 thoughts on “Chapter 14: Attraction

  1. Oh my god, Eric’s internal monologue had me cracking up! And Corbett warning him about checking out her ass, priceless, lol. They are certainly getting along so much better, can’t believe he offered her a spoonful of his ice cream. Wonder what he’d have thought if she accepted and then moaned as she swallowed? (Insert evil cackle)

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  2. I love the flirting . This story is really growing on me. I like how Eric is learning and getting to know Sookie on a deeper level and respects her for her parenting skills. I’m so curious if one of them will make a move or when they will have a kiss moment …can’t wait!!!!!

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  3. Getting along with Sookie has it’s drawbacks… Now Eric really notices how pretty and tempting the enemy really is 😘 I wonder what’s going through Sookie’s mind right now with Eric being so nice.

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  4. Well looks like they are agreeing on some things now… Including that Colt’s a creep… Josh should have him banned and be done with his BS…


  5. I was brain dead when I read last night, so I came back for another round this morning. Eric was adorable! Loved his internal musings😆 He is beginning to fall, or at least lean, lol. I can’t wait to hear from Sookie again! Loving this slow burn!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Uh-huh. Someone’s got it bad! Wonder what Sookie’s thinking? She was acting pretty nonchalant about the ogling & the compliments… But the nightgown? That was no accident!


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