13: ‘Ol 55


Los Angeles was an interesting city. There was so much to see. We did end up going on one of those celebrity tours. I wasn’t sure how good the pictures I took were going to turn out, but I hoped the one of Judy Garland’s house was visible. If it was, Mama was going to flip out. She loved Judy, and had just about every one of her movies committed to memory. Every time the local movie theater had one of Judy’s movies playing, Mama dragged Daddy out to go see it. Poor Daddy would spend the next three days humming tunes of whatever film it was.


Hadley charmed a bouncer into letting me into Whiskey a Go Go in the hope that she might run into Jim Morrison there. We didn’t, of course, but she did meet a guy she liked well enough to go back to his place with him. Going home alone in a strange city was a little stressful, but I made it back to the hotel just fine. Aunt Lin was high as a kite and insisted on reading my tarot cards. I wasn’t sure if I believed in that kind of stuff, and because of that I didn’t really pay a whole lot of attention. After a while the reading stopped making sense. Thankfully, I was able to talk her into just going on to bed.


All in all, it was a nice few days in L.A. with my family. We went to Venice Beach; Grauman’s Chinese Theater, the Planetarium and even climbed our way up to the Hollywood sign. The drive there and back took longer than I expected, but we took turns driving so it wasn’t so bad. At least there was enough room to stretch out in the back of Aunt Lin’s bus.


I was down to my last week in California. I was spending the night with Eric up near the border of Oregon. At the moment we were cruising north up the highway with the ocean just to our left. It was a gorgeous sight. We were going to get to our hotel in plenty of time before sunset. I definitely wanted to watch it from the beach. As it was, we were cruising along with Tommy James & the Shondells playing on the radio. Eric was holding my hand and the windows were down.


“I don’t know if Heaven can top this,” I said with my eyes closed.


“I’m with you on that.” He lifted my hand to kiss the back of it.


“So where are we stayin’?” I wasn’t so worried about the hotel. We were really only going to be there to sleep. We both intended to go to the beach for as long as we could.


“Found a little B&B called Sea Side,” he told me. “It’s just this side of the border overlooking the ocean.”


“Sounds lovely.”


“I hope so. I’ve never been there. It could be terrible and we may have to sleep in the car,” he chuckled. “Or camp on the beach.”


“That actually sounds like fun,” I admitted. “Could we do that?”


“If you want to, sure. I don’t have anything to camp with but we could stop to get a couple sleeping bags somewhere.”


“No, no, I don’t want to do that. You already made the reservation. They’ll probably charge you for the room if you cancel at the last minute,” I said. I didn’t know what the room cost. I had offered to help pay for it, but Eric wouldn’t hear of it.


“We can go out and watch the sunset. Maybe make love on the beach,” he winked.


“Maybe. I don’t know if I can do that in public.”


“If you can’t it’s fine, but if the beach is empty, I don’t see why not,” he shrugged.


“Because I don’t want the police showin’ up and we both end up in the slammer,” I said. I couldn’t imagine what my parents would say if I got arrested for that. “And I’m still a minor.”


“Good point,” Eric chuckled. “We’ll still get to see a beautiful sunset.”


“Yes we will. We can have all the sex in the room you want,” I told him.


“I’m sure we will. It’s just nice to get away with you again. I like getting away from day to day life for a while.”


“You’re gonna have a lot of free time again soon.”


“Not free time I’m looking forward to.” He squeezed my hand.


“I’m sure there’s a whole line of women just waiting for a shot with you to ease your loneliness.” I didn’t like to think about it, but I knew he would move on. That’s how it was supposed to be. We both knew that pretty much from the start.


“I don’t want to think about that this weekend. Just need a little more time in denial.”


“Is there anything else you want to do together before I leave?”


“You mean other than turning around to go to Vegas and marry you so you can stay with me?” he joked… I could tell it wasn’t really a joke. “I think just spending time together. We’ve done a lot more than I would have expected in the last few weeks.”


“On the way home tomorrow can we stop in Bodega Bay? Daddy’ll get a kick out of seein’ the real town where The Birds took place,” I chuckled. Mama hated scary movies, but Daddy loved them, especially the Hitchcock movies.


“Of course. We’re going to go right through it,” he told me.


“Good,” I smiled. I was pretty sure we already passed it. We had been on the road almost four hours at that point.


“We actually drove through Bodega Bay already. If I’d known you wanted to stop we would have.”


“It’s okay. We can do it tomorrow on the way back.”


“Yep. We’re going to be at our destination soon so we can stretch our legs.”


“Oh good. I’m definitely ready to get out and do some walkin’.” We’d stopped to get gas, but otherwise we had been all about the drive.


As promised, a few minutes later we pulled off the freeway. We drove down some windy roads that followed along the ocean. Not too long after that we pulled into a parking lot of a big giant house with a sign that read ‘Sea Side B&B’.


“I hope we get as good of a view here as we got in Monterey.”


“That would be wonderful. It’d be even better if they have private beach here.” It looked like it was a possibility.


“We can ask when we get inside.” Eric got out of the Impala before he walked around to open my car door for me.


“Thank you.” I slipped out of the car and reached up to stretch my arms over my head. It felt good to be able to move around a little bit.


Eric grabbed the bag we were sharing with a change of clothes for the next day, and we walked toward the inn hand in hand. It was a nice old house with a pretty wraparound porch, lined with rocking chairs and end tables. Fragrant flowers I couldn’t identify were blooming in front of the place.


“This is beautiful,” I said as we headed for the front door.


“It is. I had no idea what to expect,” he replied as he looked around. Before he could reach up to open the door it opened. There was an older woman standing there with a big smile on her face.


“Hi, you must be Eric,” she smiled. “We spoke on the phone when you called to reserve the room. I’m Octavia.”


“Great to finally meet you. This is my girlfriend, Sookie,” Eric said, motioning toward me.


“Hello,” I smiled politely. “It’s very nice to meet you.”


“Likewise. Come on in.” She took a step back. “I put you guys in the room facing the ocean. Eric said he wanted something special for you.”


“This is my first time this far north,” I told her. “I go back home to Louisiana next week.”


“I see. I hope it’s as tranquil as you hope.” Octavia led us through the giant Victorian house. She motioned for us to follow her up the stairs to a giant bedroom. “I stay in my own house behind here. If you need me in the middle of the night there’s a walkway that leads back to me. Breakfast is at seven in the morning, and if you want dinner here as well I’ll be cooking around five. There will be another couple staying here at the other end of the hallway. You two have a private bathroom in your room.”


“That all sounds just fine to me,” I said as we climbed the stairs. The bannister was probably original to the house. I loved how intricate the slats were on the railing. I wasn’t so crazy about the wallpaper, but I didn’t like a lot of Victorian era stuff. I was too used to antebellum decorations.


She opened the door when we reached the room. When we stepped inside there was a big bed with a brass frame and a cream colored bedspread. The wallpaper was red with an intricate design. I walked past a fireplace to reach the giant windows that had a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean.


“Thank you, Octavia. Is there beach access?” Eric asked.


“There is a walkway down to a private beach across the road,” she told him.


“This is perfect. Thank you, Octavia.” It was a lovely room. I was excited to see the beach, even though I had been looking at the ocean for most of the day.


“You’re welcome. I’ll leave you two be. Let me know if you need anything.” She turned to leave the room, closing the door behind her.


“You did good, mister,” I told Eric.


“I’m glad you like it,” he smiled. “You want to put our things away and then go to the beach?”


“Yes,” I agreed. That was exactly what I wanted to do. I didn’t have much to unpack seeing as I’d only brought a dress to wear home the next day. I removed it from the suitcase and hung it up in the small closet in the room.


Eric took his shirt out to hang as well. He took a seat on the footstool to take off his shoes.


“I’m going to walk down barefoot,” he told me before he took off his shirt. It was pretty warm out still.


“That’s a good idea.” I sat on the little bench at the foot of the bed to take off my sneakers. I had shorts on, but a swimsuit wasn’t necessary. Eric said the water would be too cold to swim in up there so I didn’t plan on doing anything more than dipping my toes in.


Eric stood up so he could go to the bathroom. While he was in there I went to the window to check out the view. It was stunning. I was trying really hard not to think about how little time we had left, but it was hard not to. I was already starting to pack up my souvenirs and whatnot for the trip home. That alone was a sure sign time was running out.


I remembered I was supposed to call Aunt Lin, so while Eric was still in the bathroom I dashed over to the phone to make that quick call. Hopefully someone was home.


“Hello?” Aunt Linda answered.


“Hi, it’s Sookie,” I replied. “I just wanted to let you know we reached the bed and breakfast in once piece.”


“Oh good. How was the drive?” she asked. “Is the bed and breakfast nice?”


“It’s a beautiful Victorian mansion right by the beach. We have a nice room with its own bathroom and a pretty view of the ocean. The drive up was nice. We’re going to stop in Bodega Bay on our way back tomorrow,” I told her.


“Bodega Bay is nice. If you’re a fan of clam chowder, you should try it,” she replied. “I hope you’re taking lots of pictures.”


“I’m going to,” I told her. “I brought two rolls of film with me. I hope that’s enough.” I lost count of how many I had waiting to be developed. I knew it was a lot, though.


“You’re going to love the sunset up there. They’re always so pretty. Are you guys heading to the beach?”


“As soon as Eric gets out of the bathroom we are. I think we’ll come back for supper, but then go back to watch the sunset.”


“Sounds fun. I’ll let you go so I don’t keep you. Thanks for callin’.”


“You’re welcome. I’ll call you again tomorrow before we checkout,” I promised.


“Okay. Love you.” The line went dead just as Eric came out of the bathroom.


“I called Aunt Lin to let her know we got here safe.” I hung up the phone.


“Good. You ready? Do you need to use the restroom before we go?”


“No, I think I’m okay,” I said. Instead of walking around the bed, I decided to roll over it. “Oooh this is comfortable.”


“You sure you want to stretch out on that bed? You know I’m likely to attack,” he chuckled.


“You? Nah, you’re a kitty cat,” I giggled. I was just about to sit up when he pounced.


“This kitty cat likes to lick and kiss you,” he purred, rubbing his big body on me.


“Lick me, huh?”


“Mmhmm.” He licked up the side of my neck.


“The beach will still be there in a little bit, right?” I rationalized. We were easily distracted.


“It will and we still have a few hours before sunset.” He sat up on his knees so he could unbutton his shorts.


“I’m pretty sure you can find a way to fill those hours.”


“I can find several ways to fill that time.” Eric unbuttoned my shorts before he started to tug them down my thighs.


“With the licking and kissing, I’m guessing.” I lifted my butt to make it a little easier for him.


“That will be part of it,” he confirmed. My shorts went flying across the room. Eric got off of the bed long enough to lose his own shorts.


“So far I like your plans.”


“That’s really all I have planned. I figure we’ll wing it,” he chuckled. He climbed onto the bed again. “Why is your shirt still on?”


“Because you took my shorts off first.” I sat up and put my arms up so Eric could pull my shirt off. I wasn’t looking forward to having to wear a bra again when I got home.


“That’s a beautiful sight,” he said as his eyes scanned over my body. He pushed my thighs apart as he leaned over me so he could lick my nipples, swirling his tongue as he reached down to rub his thick tip around my clit.


“Mmm… I definitely like your plans,” I moaned and leaned back a little bit against the pillows. They were big and fluffy. I was lucky to have found someone who knew what he was doing in bed. Eric was a great lover.


“Even if I keep my licking above the waist?” He sucked my nipple, flicking it with the tip of his tongue.


“Even if you keep licking above the waist.” My fingers ran through his silky hair. I moaned when he moved to my other breast to give the other nipple the same attention. “That feels so good, Eric.”


He grunted quietly. His eyes were closed as he suckled. He moved back to the first breast for a moment before he started to kiss down my stomach. His eyes opened, locking onto mine. Eric reached my mound and used his fingers to spread me open so he had plenty of room to swirl his tongue around my clit.


I sucked in a breath and moved my legs wider apart for him. Eric knew exactly what he was doing, and he was doing it well. My eyes fluttered closed as his tongue flicked and swirled. Every time he sucked on that little bud, my hips jerked in response. I couldn’t control it if I wanted to.


Eric threw his arm over my hips to hold me down. His tongue slithered up and down through my folds, alternating between sucking and thrusting his tongue into me. The yummy feelings I had grown accustomed to were building fast in my belly. I was a far cry from feeling any pain anymore when we had sex. It just felt really, really good.


“Eric,” I panted. “I want you in me.”


He swirled his tongue around my clit one last time before he moved up the bed. He hovered over me while reaching down to line himself up with my entrance. He surged forward, filling me completely on the first thrust.


“Oh… ohmygod,” I gasped. My knees hitched up close to his ribs to let him get good and deep inside me. His lips crashed into mine, and I tasted myself on him. It was interesting. He started to pull back and then push in again, going slow at first so I had a chance to adjust to his size.


Once I’d adjusted Eric’s hips sped up some. He grabbed my hands, pinning them to the bed as he drove in harder and deeper with each thrust. His hips began to swivel after a while, giving me a whole different type of friction.


“So… so… good,” I moaned. Eric wasn’t usually rough, but he wasn’t being as gentle as he usually was. I wasn’t complaining, though. Everything he was doing felt wonderful.


“Uh huh,” he breathed. He pressed his body down against mine so he could capture my lips in a hard, deep kiss. His hips slowed so he could rock against me for a few moments.


Of course that felt good too. I liked how passionate his kisses were, and that I could tell what he was feeling. I told myself I wasn’t going to start crying about leaving. It would only ruin things and bring us both down.  Denial was our friend, at least for a few more days.


When the kiss broke his eyes locked onto mine. He propped up onto his arms again so he was hovering over me. Eric switched to long, deep strokes. I could tell by the way he twitched inside of me he wasn’t going to last much longer. I tried to meet his thrusts but that was easier said than done with my hands pinned. As much as I wanted to see the beach, this was better.


Eric stopped moving. “Don’t move,” he whispered. I felt him pulsing inside of me. “Please, please don’t move right now…” His eyes closed as I assumed he tried to calm down so he could extend the session.


I tried not to move, but my body had other plans. Apparently the involuntary constricting of my walls around him was enough to mess up his plans.


“Shit,” he hissed. He bit his bottom lip as he came. Eric’s hips jerked and a shiver ran through his body. When he was done his hips began to slowly move again. “I can try to keep going…”


I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to finish like he did, but I didn’t want to make him feel bad or anything either.


“No, it’s okay,” I assured him.


“I can’t leave you hanging,” he said. His hips were still moving.


“Eric, it’s okay,” I said. “I know you can’t always control it.”


“Sadly, I can’t,” he chuckled. Eric dipped his head to kiss me. As we kissed he stayed buried in me and slipped his big hand between our bodies so he could massage my clit.


It was good of him to keep going like he was. It was the difference between a man with experience and boy trying to get some. From the girls I knew who hadn’t waited for marriage, I knew the boys they messed around with weren’t so concerned about whether or not they enjoyed themselves. Eric was different. Maybe I was just lucky.


His lips were still on mine when I finished. My legs wrapped around his hips and my arms found their way around his neck. There was a lot I was going to miss when I went home, but kissing Eric was going to rank in the top three.


6 thoughts on “13: ‘Ol 55

  1. So disappointed this part is ending. I’ve really enjoyed this trip into the past, but I’m equally looking forward to where you’re taking us next. I love these two and don’t want to think about the trials and misery coming their way. I’m sure there will be good things, too. The music you’ve chosen for this story has been fantastic! Wonderful job, ladies!

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  2. Such a great boyfriend he is! I’m sad to read there is only one more chapter to this story but elated to see this is Part 1 – happy dance! Not looking forward to this ending but happy it’ll be continued after what I’m figuring will be a gut wrenching separation when she has to go. Ack home. Thanks for wonderful chapter!


  3. You can’t let some like that go. A lover like that who is so kind and gentle and let’s you finish like that. Hell can fictional Eric teach the hubby. I don’t want this to end, I’m so scared of the angst and Sookie’s dad. I hope she doesn’t get walked on. I want her to be strong.

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