Chapter 16



Since Mom hasn’t been over to the house yet and it’s a shame to let such a pretty piece of property go unvisited, I talk Eric into having my family over for dinner. Plus I figure Hadley could probably use the distraction from what she’s going through. So I run by my house on my way home from work ten days after my big spill down the stairs at Eric’s place.


I walk up to my apartment and unlock the front door. When I step inside I find Hadley there but she’s not alone. Remy is sitting on the couch too. It’s obvious I’ve interrupted something.


“Oops…” I say as I close the door. “Sorry. I just came by to pick up some stuff.”


“Oh, hey, how are you feeling?” Hadley asks, standing up from the couch.


“I’m feeling good,” I smile and look back and forth between her and Remy. Nothing appears to have been thrown at him so that’s a good sign. “How are you?”


“Good, good, we’re ah… working things out,” Hadley tells me.


“That’s great,” I nod. “I’ll make it quick. Good to see you, Remy.”


“You too. Congratulations on… everything,” he smiles at me.


“Thanks,” I laugh and pat my belly. “I’m halfway there.”


“Looks good on you,” Remy says.


“Thanks. I’ll uh… I’ll be back in the bedroom.” I turn and head for my bedroom to grab the few things I need from my closet. I went maternity clothes shopping yesterday but I have a few pairs of shoes I want to grab, along with one of my curling irons.


I’m in the bathroom when Hadley pads in quietly.


“Everything okay?” I ask her. “I didn’t mean to bust in on you guys.”


“Oh, it’s fine. He’s trying to convince me to move home.”


“Is it working?”


“Yeah,” she sighs. “I miss him.”


“Awww that’s good, Had. I mean, I know the circumstances suck and there’s a lot of things to figure out but for what it’s worth, I don’t think working things out makes you weak or stupid or any of the other negative shit some people will say.” Mostly her mother.


“Thanks. I’m glad I have you on my side. What about you? How’s the baby been since the fall?”


“Pretty good. I think she’s sleeping right now so there’s not much going on in there. Eric and I are having the family over for dinner this weekend. We’d really like it if you came,” I tell her.


“Okay, can I bring Remy?”


“Of course you can,” I nod. “I’m sure Eric would love to meet him. With Jason being out of state right now he could use a male ally his age. Dad wants to move into the game room. I found him passed out on the couch in there without pants on.”


“Oh boy,” she laughs. “So, I guess you’re moving in once the trial run is up?”


“Yeah, I think so,” I nod. “It sucks because my lease isn’t up until October, but I don’t see the point in bringing all my stuff back here just to repack and lug it all back to his place in a few months.”


“I can stay until it’s up. I’ll pay rent. That’ll give me a little more time to deal with the Remy things,” she offers.


“Are you sure? I mean, it’s fine. The place is already furnished and God knows I don’t need to be hauling my furniture over to Eric’s place, but… really?” This would make things so much easier for all of us.


“Yeah, I’m sure,” she shrugs. “I could use the extra time to make sure taking him back is what I really want to do.”


“Okay,” I nod. I locate the needed curling iron and step out of the bathroom. “Has Aunt Linda been giving you shit about it?”


“Um… no, I haven’t told her.”


“Oh.” My eyes go wide.


“I’m going to have to, but I don’t want to deal with her when she finds out. I might just tell her we got into a bad fight so I’m staying here for a while.”


“It’s up to you but you know if my Mom notices something is off with you and Remy she won’t hesitate to ask about it and whatever you tell her will go right back to your mom,” I remind her.


“I’ll just tell her we’re fighting,” she shrugs.


“Okay,” I shrug too. Hey, it’s none of my business, I just don’t want to screw things up and say something to my mom that conflicts with Hadley’s story, that’s all. “Do you think you’ll be able to make it on Saturday? I think we’re just going to barbecue and maybe go swimming or something.”


“Yeah, I don’t have anything else going on.”


I nod and grab the shoes I need from my closet. “Okay, well, then I’ll get out of here so you two can get back to business. Just text me if you change your mind.”


“Okay,” she agrees.


Hadley follows me out of the bedroom and on I pause on my way out to say goodbye to Remy. I’m really glad they’re trying to work things out. Despite his recent fuckup, Remy is good for her. Hadley, like me, tends to get a little wild. He keeps her calm and grounded, and as I drive back to Eric’s house I realize he’s done the same for me.


The house is empty when I get there but I’m not surprised. I know he has a late showing at another multimillion dollar house across town. Those can take a while with all the nifty features a house like that provides. I take my things upstairs to the bedroom and change out of my work clothes into something much more comfortable, and then I go back down to the kitchen to get dinner started. I’ve had the craziest craving for peanut butter all day long so I look online to see if I can find a recipe that includes it but isn’t just cookies or some kind of baked goods.


I find a pad Thai recipe that I would normally gag at because the concept of chicken mixed with peanut butter just wouldn’t appeal to me, but at the moment it sounds like heaven. So I pull the things I need for it and get busy. It’s a good thing the maids, whom I have yet to meet, keep the kitchen stocked. I swear they must be ninjas. Even when I was here for a week straight I didn’t see or hear either of them come into the house.


I’m just adding the chicken to the wok when I hear Eric walking through the house.


“In here!” I call out, as if the smell of ginger and garlic hasn’t already hit his nose.


“Hey, good lookin’,” he smiles when he walks into the kitchen. “Smells good in here.”


“Thanks,” I smile back at him. “Chicken pad Thai I hope you’re a fan. I’ve never had it before but your daughter wants peanut butter like whoa.”


“If the way it smells is any indication you won’t find any complaints from me,” he says, leaning down to give me a kiss. “I need to get out of this fucking suit and tie. I’ll be right back.”


“I’ll be here. Dinner’s almost ready.”


“Okay,” he nods and turns to leave the room.


It only take a few minutes for the chicken to cook and I’m just adding the peanut/chili sauce when Eric comes back downstairs in his usual basketball shorts and nothing else. I really, really don’t mind that he walks around the house shirtless.


“Do you mind grabbing plates?” I ask.


“Nope.” He goes to the cabinet and takes down two plates, setting them next to the wok. “What do you want to drink?”


“I might want milk with this. I don’t know how hot the sauce is going to be.”


“I’ll wait until you decide,” he says and pours himself a glass of lemonade. “How was your day?”


“It was good. I stopped by the apartment on my way home and Hadley was there with Remy trying to work things out. She offered to sublet my place to cover the gap until my lease is up,” I tell him. That’s pretty much my way of saying I don’t plan on leaving here, although I’m guessing he already knows.


“Oh, good,” he smiles. “Do you think they’re going to work in the long run?”


“I hope so. I really like Remy. He’s good for her. They balance each other out. He’s much more tame and introverted whereas Hadley’s more wild like me. It just makes sense, you know?” I turn the stove down and move to strain the noodles that have been soaking.


“Makes perfect sense,” he nods. “Kind of like us.”


“That’s what I was thinking too,” I smile as I add the noodles to the wok to mix them in.


“Man, I didn’t think I was this hungry until I smelled that,” Eric says, peeking over my shoulder.


“It does smell pretty good,” I agree. I omitted the peppers the recipe called for, but otherwise it’s exactly what it’s supposed to be. I reach for the tongs and one of the plates to serve some up for him. “Here you go,” I say as I hand him the plate.


“Thanks. How’s Elina doing today?” he asks as he takes his plate to go sit at the island.


“She’s good. Still snoozing but I’m sure once the food hits my system she’ll be bouncing around in there. I had a milkshake at lunch time and she went berserk,” I laugh as I make my plate.


“She’s a fan of the sugar, huh?”


“Seems so.” I take my plate to the island and cut into the chicken to try it. The combination that would normally make me cringe makes my mouth incredibly happy. “Ohmygod,” I moan.


“That’s what I was thinking. This should be added to the rotation,” Eric chuckles.


“Uh huh,” I say with my mouth full. Good God where has this been all my life?


“Please tell me you made enough for six. I’m going to be having seconds and hopefully thirds.”


“I should have made more. I wasn’t sure if my taste buds were going to like it,” I admit. “But I can make this again soon.”


“Okay,” he nods with his mouth full.


We go silent while we eat, which is unusual for us. Usually we talk about whatever went on that day or whatever is coming up. Tonight, we just chow down. There isn’t a single speck of food leftover. Next time I’ll know to double, if not triple the recipe. It was a winner.


“Hadley is going to bring Remy for dinner,” I tell him.


“Nice, I’ll have someone to buffer your dad,” he laughs. “I’m glad I’ll finally get to meet him.”


“Me too. We’ll be lucky if we get Dad out of the game room long enough to come down and eat with us,” I snicker.


“He won’t be teasing me if he’s in there, though. It’s not necessarily a bad thing.”


“Yeah but on the bright side Dad only gives a hard time to people he likes. If he didn’t like you, he wouldn’t bother speaking to you at all,” I point out.


“That is good. I like your parents. I can’t wait for mine to get here. I haven’t seen them since they moved home.”


“How long has it been since they moved back?” I can’t remember if he told me that before.


“Three years,” he says.


“Wow. You haven’t gone over to visit them or anything either? No Christmases or summer trips?”
“Nope. I haven’t been back since we moved here.”


“Wow. No way would my parents let me go that long without a visit.”


“It’s not as easy as driving a few towns away,” he shrugs. “I talk to them a couple times a week and I plan on taking you and Elina at some point, maybe for her first birthday we can fly over.”


“I know it’s not as easy as the twenty minute drive to my parents’ house but still. Even if they were out of state no way would three years go by before I saw them. I’m not judging you or anything, just… yeah…” It is what it is.


“Well, now they have a reason to visit,” he says, reaching over to rub my belly.


“You aren’t reason enough?”


Eric chuckles and says, “Apparently not. Life kinda got in the way for me. I know they stay pretty busy too.”


Mentally, I shake my head. Since I’ve told my parents that I’m pregnant my mom has been extra vigilant about checking in with me. Not in an annoying way, or anything, but this experience is definitely bringing us closer together. I’ve always had a pretty great relationship with my mom, but it’s been multiplied several times over in the last twenty weeks.


“What if your parents hate me?” I ask him. I’m not really worried about it, but it’s possible. It would definitely make things awkward and uncomfortable.


“I don’t see that happening. They’re pretty accepting of everyone. If they do, they can stay in the guesthouse.”


“Well yeah, but still, that makes for an awkward situation if your parents hate your kid’s mom,” I chuckle. “You remember how Dad was the first time you met him.” I’m pretty sure Dad wasn’t exactly nice at first.


“Yeah, and then you guys shoved me in room with him,” Eric laughs. “They’re going to love you.”


“And now my dad wants to live here,” I laugh too. “Honestly, I’m not really that worried about it. Even if they don’t like me it’s not as if I’m going to have to worry about dodging them all the time.” I haven’t even seen them via Skype yet. They’re like ninjas too.


“Exactly,” he agrees. “Mom might give you shit, but she’s a bit of a joker. You remind me a little bit of her.”


“Thanks for the heads up,” I laugh. “You haven’t met Gran yet and she’ll be here this weekend. Be prepared for her to ask me if I the motion of the ocean is as good as the size of the boat.”


“The answer better be yes,” he winks.


“You’ll just have to wait and see,” I shrug.


“I’ll have to give you a reminder before everyone shows up.”


“I’m sure you’ll give me several,” I smile.


“It’s what I’m good at,” he smiles back. “Do we have anything for dessert?”


“I’m sure we do. Those ninja maids of yours keep us stocked like the world is coming to an end. I think I saw some Oreos in the pantry, if nothing else.”


“I’ll have to introduce you to them,” he laughs. “They know I don’t like to be bothered too much. I leave grocery money in one of the drawers for them. They bring me back the receipt with the change. They usually come Monday and Thursday.”


“Ah ha,” I nod. I’ll have to keep an eye out for them. “So if there’s anything I need just leave a note in the drawer, huh?”


“Yep, or find one of them and tell them. I can give you their numbers too. I’ll have them stay late on Monday so you can meet them. They’re very excited about the baby. Thelma said she’s working on a quilt for her.”


“Really? That’s so sweet.”


“Mmhmm,” he nods and gets up to go to the pantry. He comes out a second later with the Oreos and then goes to get a glass of milk. “You want some milk?”


“Yes please. My lips are still tingling from the chili sauce.”


He pours me a glass and slides it over the island before he pours his own and gets a fork out. I watch as he spears the filling on the fork and dunks the whole Oreo into the milk.


“That is… I have never seen someone eat an Oreo that way,” I tell him.


“This way I don’t lose it on the milk,” he shrugs. “And I like my Oreos soggy.”


“Me too. I just shove the whole thing in my mouth and take a drink of milk to let it get soft. Less dishes to wash afterward.”


“Eh, I’ve done it that way. I like this better. I don’t mind doing a couple extra dishes.”


“Whatever floats your boat,” I shrug and go to the freezer in search of ice cream.


Eric finishes half of the package of Oreos and asks, “Do you want me to leave these out for you?”


“Uh, no, thanks. I think I’ll go with a scoop of Rocky Road,” I tell him as I grab the ice cream from the freezer.


He nods and puts the cookies away. When he comes back he goes straight to the sink to start dishes. I sit at the island with my little bowl of ice cream, just watching him work in silence. It feels good here, like this is where I belong.




I’m in the midst of shucking corn on Saturday afternoon when Eric decides it’s frisky time. My parents are going to be here in less than twenty minutes because they’re always early. Not to mention, there’s a Phillies game on that I know Dad is going to want to go watch upstairs.


“Eric, I’m busy,” I try to shrug him off but he’s not moving.


“We can make it quick,” he whines a little, rubbing his erection over my ass and gently tugging my nipples through my bikini top.


“Mmm… not fair,” I moan. He’s found all three of my easy buttons and he’s not afraid to go right to them to get what he wants from me.


“What’s not fair is watching your sexy ass walk around her mostly naked and I won’t be able to bend you over and fuck you anywhere I want to,” he whispers and starts sucking on my neck.


“Mmm… you can’t really do that anymore anyway,” I point out. My body betrays me and rubs against his erection.


“Soon enough,” he says and reaches up to turn my face toward his for a kiss. He slides his hand back down, this time slipping into the top of my bikini and he starts to roll my nipple between his fingers.


“You’re evil,” I whisper and drop the corn in my hands. I give up.


“Mmm, but does evil turn you on?” He reaches into my bottoms with his other hand and rubs up and down my slit. “Mmm, I’d say it does.”


“It’s not the evil, it’s the fingers playing with my nipples,” I pant.


“I know. Come here, let me help you onto the island,” he says and starts to back us up. He turns me around and helps lift me onto the island, pulling me to the edge. His mouth descends onto my nipple and he starts sucking hard.


“Oh… wow,” I breathe. I take his hand and move it back between my legs. “Eric… get in me. Now.”


“Yes, ma’am,” he smiles and pushes my bikini bottoms over. He stands up straight, keeping his eyes on mine as he begins to slide into me. He grabs my hips and uses them to hold me in place as he starts to pound into me. “Hold your tits up,” he says and dips down to suck on my collarbone.


I do as he says and tilt my head back a little bit. My belly seems to be getting a little bigger each day and pretty soon fucking face to face like this just isn’t going to work.


Eric trails kisses down along my cleavage until he finds my nipple and he starts sucking again while he fucks me.


“Mmm, you’re so good…” he groans around my nipple.


My eyes roll back into my head and I want to hold onto him but that’s not going to work with the way I’m positioned. Eric stays true to his word to make it quick. His fingers find my clit and in a matter of minutes I’m right on the edge.


“Eric… I’m close,” I moan. My walls are fluttering and gripping his shaft every time he thrusts into me.


“That’s it, baby, make me cum for you…” he growls around my nipple. “Do it. Now.”


“Eric!” I cry out as the orgasm explodes. I drop my tits and pull his face to mine to kiss him hard.


“Mmm,” he moans into the kiss as he thrusts into me hard a few more times before he cums hard with a whimper. “Mmm, I love you,” he purrs into the kiss. “Thank you.”


“I love you too and you’re welcome,” I reply and kiss him again just as the doorbell rings. Fuck. My parents are here.


Eric smiles and asks, “Want me to get that?”


“Yeah, you probably should. I need to clean myself up a little bit.” Finally it’s my advantage that there are thirty bathrooms in this joint.


Eric steps back and helps me down before he tucks himself away into his board shorts. He kisses me one more time and saunters toward the front door. I head for one of the powder rooms just off the kitchen and I do a quick clean-up of my lady parts before going out to the entryway to greet my parents. I grin when I see Gran standing there and Eric’s blushing profusely.


“Gran, what’d you say to him?” I ask as I approach her to give her a hug and kiss hello.


“Nothing you need to worry about.”


She’s a feisty old broad.


“I’m guessing you’ve been introduced then?” I ask her.


“Uh huh,” she nods, eyeballing his bare chest. “You hooked yourself a big fish, I see,” she says when she finally pulls her eyes off of my boyfriend and starts to look around.


“Actually, he hooked me,” I reply and wrap my arm around Eric’s waist to lean against him. Dad’s eyeballing the stairs anxiously.


“Mind if I uh…” Dad nods at the stairs.


“Oh for heaven’s sake, Corbett,” Mom rolls her eyes.




“We just got here. You can’t spend ten minutes with your daughter before you go running off to watch some stupid stickball game?” Mom shakes her head.


“The Phillies, Michelle, Sookie understands.”


“It’s fine, Dad. I might even send up a beer and some snacks for you,” I tell him. It’s already taken care of, but he’ll find out when he gets there.


“Thanks,” he grins and takes off like a bat out of hell.


“Well, show us around,” Gran says. “Are we going to have a bathroom break on the tour?”


“If you need one. There’s like fifty bathrooms in here,” I tell her and tickle Eric’s side.


“I haven’t heard one complaint from you,” he says and kisses the top of my head.


“Nope, but then I don’t have to clean them,” I laugh. “If you go for a swim you get a free diving certificate afterwards.”


“Are we going to make it back to eat before the sun goes down?” Gran asks, leaning over to look up the stairs.


“I think we’ll be okay,” I tell her.


“Alright,” she says warily.


“Babe, I’m going to finish the corn,” Eric says and pats my butt before he walks off.


“Don’t worry, Gran, there’s an elevator,” I wink at her.


“Good. I don’t think my hip can handle all those stairs.” There’s nothing wrong with her hips.


“Bullshit,” I cough.


“By the time I reach the top I’ll need a walker,” she deadpans.


“Adele, the only thing you’ll want at the top is a beer,” Mom chuckles.


“That too.”


“Come on, let’s get this party started,” I say and loop my arm through Gran’s to lead her around.


“It just took us twenty minutes to get through the entryway,” she snickers when we get to the elevator.


“Yeah, it’s a long one,” I agree. “How have you been, Gran?” It’s been a while since I saw her last.


“Good, not as good as you it seems,” she says, patting my baby bump. “I’ve joined a knitting group.”


“Oh yeah? That’s great,” I say as I pull the elevator gate shut once the three of us are on board.


“It keeps me busy.”


“That’s good. I’m sure once Elina is here we’ll be bringing her by for visits too.”


“Good. I haven’t seen much of you lately, but I don’t blame you with that man around. I’d keep him tied up for my pleasure,” she chuckles.


I see Mom roll her eyes but she doesn’t comment. It’ll just encourage Gran to get dirtier.


“Don’t worry, Gran, he’s very well… taken care of,” I assure her.


“Oh, I’m sure he is. You’re a Stackhouse,” she says, leaving it at that.




The doorbell rings again and I assume it’s Hadley and Remy.



17 thoughts on “Chapter 16

  1. I wonder if Sookie and Eric noticed how in sync they are? Having the family over for dinner will be probably a little funny and mostly crazy. Did Sookie tell Eric to not answer any questions about Hadley and Remy, I hope so.


  2. A fun chapter, Gran is a character. I’d have no problem with him walking around shirtless either, in fact I’d insist!


  3. This was such a fun & lighthearted chapter! We finally got to meet Gran and I just adore this incarnation of her! I want to be just like her in about 15 years! Feisty and funny with no filter! I must agree with you, anem72! I might insist that man walk around shirtless anywhere, anytime. I really laughed at Sookie’s peanut butter craving! When I was pregnant, I craved it like crazy and I hate peanut butter! I haven’t had it too often in the 29 years since. YUK! Outstanding chapter, ladies!


  4. Been reading this brilliant piece over the last couple of days. Delighted with the characters. They have their ‘shit together’ and appear to be headed for HEA. Like how you have given them the ups and downs without the hysteria. Looking forward to discovering how annoying Gran can be. Plus Eric’s parents and their visit when their grandchild is birthed.


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