Chapter 7


Sookie is fucking insane, but in the best possible way. I would’ve never thought I’d move in with her, even as a roommate, without her bringing it up first. Of course it’s going to be weird living with someone else. I’ve lived with Jake for so long it’s like we’re married. The last thing I want is to be married to his smelly ass. Plus, this might give him that little push to shit or get off the pot with Melinda. They’ve been together three years. I know she’s ready to move their relationship forward. He’s been using me as an excuse not to move in with her.


Once she’s done with putting in her bid on the house we go out to the truck and I open the door for her.


“Anywhere special you want to go?” I ask as I lean her into the truck and start to kiss down her neck. She’s fucking irresistible.


“Nope,” she answers. “You?”


“Nope,” I reply. “We could go back to my place; I don’t think Jake is home.”


“Sounds good to me.”


I help Sookie into the truck and pick up Edith to set her on Sookie’s lap. Once I get in the truck and start heading home I start to think about what I just agreed to. I get where she’s coming from and what she’s worried about. It’s not going to be easy knowing when she leaves the house to go to a movie shoot. From what she’s said, I don’t believe she’ll be bringing her work home with her, but I also know not to flip my shit if she does bring a guy home. I know I’m free to go out and meet other girls if I want to. I don’t know how that’s going to work out though. If I’m dating Sookie, I’m doing it to get to know her better and hopefully become exclusive one day. Going out to meet girls seems a little counterproductive to me. We’ll see what happens.


I turn onto the main road after a few minutes and reach over to hold Sookie’s hand. I’ve never lived with a girl other than my mother. I have no idea what to expect.


“Are you a neat person or do you leave messes around?” I ask. Jake is a slob so I usually end up cleaning up after him.


“I don’t think I’m too sloppy, but I have my clutter,” she says.


“I’m a little bit of a neat freak,” I admit. “Don’t be surprised if I walk around to straighten up any little messes.”


“Don’t be surprised if I immediately reclutter things,” she chuckles.


“Surprisingly, the messes don’t bother me. It’s a compulsion to organize things. I get it from my mom.” I often clean without realizing I’m doing it.


“You’re cute.”


I chuckle and say, “So you’ve said. What’s your biggest pet peeve around the house?”


“Hmmm… door slamming annoys me. So does someone leaving lights or the TV on in common areas if they’re not in the room.”


“I don’t like cupboard doors or drawers open in the kitchen. And if you take food out of the microwave before the cook time is over please clear the time. It makes me cringe.” Jake does that bullshit all the time.


“I’ll try to remember,” she giggles. “Oh! Leaving clothes in the washer for hours after the load is clean. Sam insists I don’t do laundry right but he has a habit of falling asleep with the washer going.”


“That bugs me too. I’ll have to watch how you do laundry to see if Sam is right,” I chuckle. “Since we’re just roommates who happen to be dating, are we mixing laundry or doing our own?”


“I can do my own. I don’t mind doing it,” she shrugs. “Plus I might take to walking around naked on laundry day.”


“Will it bother you if I stop you randomly on laundry day to fuck you against the nearest flat surface?” I’m serious. Sookie naked equals a constant boner.


“Probably not.”


“Good.” I make the turn that leads to my apartment building. “You know if you’re ever feeling frisky you’re welcome to attack me too.”


“Oh yeah? So if, for example, I have this overwhelming need to feel your cock in my throat I can just get on my knees while you’re watching TV and suck you off?”


I pull her hand to rest it on my newly growing erection. “Mmhmm,” I hum. “Even during football. Pussy trumps football any day of the week.”


“Huh. Most guys I know don’t agree with that,” she snickers. “So if I walked into the living room butt naked with a bottle of lube, bent over the arm of the couch and played with a plug in my ass…”


“I’d watch the highlights on ESPN later,” I finish. I’m sure she can feel my cock twitch as I get a visual.


“And if I brought a few girls home with me?”


“I’d turn of the TV and watch you girls play until you invited me to join,” I smile.


“Oh we’d ask. You not only have a fantastic cock,” she says, giving me a squeeze, “But you know how to use it. You’d make all of us very happy.”


“If you want to share, I’m not going to turn that down,” I chuckle.


“You have to share me. It’s only fair, right?” Sookie licks her lips and looks down at her hand covering my hard-on.


“Right,” I nod. “We’re almost home,” I say, my voice dropping a little. “Do you want to suck my dick, pretty girl? Do you want to think about sucking me off with one of your friends?”


“God, yes,” she answers and I notice her thighs rubbing together.


“I want that too. I want to see these pretty lips,” I reach up to rub my thumb over her bottom lip, “Wrapped around another girl’s swollen clit while I give you every long, hard inch of my dick.”


“That can be arranged,” she says.


I pull into my parking spot and throw my truck in park. I lean over the console to kiss Sookie softly.


“How soon can we arrange it?” I whisper before sucking on her bottom lip.


“I’ll talk to a few friends when I get back to L.A. I’m sure I can get one or two on board.”


“Do you still want to have a gang bang?” I ask her. If she wants it, I’ll agree to it. She’s already fucking other dudes anyway. I’d feel better if I was involved.


“We can call it our housewarming party,” she smiles.


I give her one more kiss. “I can’t wait, pretty girl,” I purr. I pull back and turn off my truck so I can get out. Sookie gets out with Edith before I can walk around to her side. Thankfully I don’t see Jake’s truck. He normally spends the weekends with Melinda anyway unless we’re going to the lake.


I lead the girls into the house where Sookie let’s Edith off her leash to sniff around the apartment. I pull Sookie close and reach down to rub her pussy through her Jean capris.


“Are you interested in having a little more of my cum in here?” I ask as I rub.


“Mmhmm,” she nods. “Are you interested in donating some?”


“Very interested,” I growl. I lead her back to my room and close the door behind us. I press her against the back of the door. I unbutton her jeans and slip my hand into her panties, rubbing her clit as soon as I reach it.


“Are you thinking about the other girls helping suck you off?” she asks as she wiggles out of her pants.


“Mmm, I want a warm, wet mouth on my dick while I have a pussy on my lips,” I tell her, pushing two fingers into her cunt.


“You know you can have that right now.” She pulls her top over her head, leaving her naked.


“I know. I’m greedy though. I want two different bodies,” I smile. I dip down to nibble on her nipple.


“I like greedy.” She reaches out to unzip my jeans.


“Like cumming on some guy’s dick and then begging for another one when he’s done with you?” I ask, adding a third finger into her pussy.


“Exactly,” she moans. “Last time my legs were tied so they were wide open and I couldn’t move. My mouth, my pussy, my hands, my ass… All full… And I wanted more.”


“Mmm, my dirty little girl,” I whisper. I pull my fingers out and push two wet fingers back to rub her rear opening. I slide them into her a few seconds later, making her gasp. “How many do you want next time? How many men do you want to use your perfect fucking body?”


“I’ll get… get back to you,” she stammers. “Oh fuck…”


“You like me fucking your ass like this? Do you want my cock here?” I push my fingers in deeper as I slip my index finger into her pussy.


“Yes,” she gasps and her head smacks against the door.


“Go to the bed, Sookie. On your back, legs spread wide,” I direct her as I pull my fingers out of her. I take a step back and leave her in the room to wash my hands and grab the lube from my bathroom cabinet. When I get back to the bedroom she’s lying in the middle of my bed. Her legs are spread wide as I commanded and three of her fingers are pumping in and out of her wet pussy. I strip my clothes off, stroking my cock to make sure I’m nice and hard. “How do you want it?” I ask as I climb onto the bed.


“I haven’t taken a cock that big in a while. Go slow,” she tells me.


I bend over, pushing her thighs back so her hips raise off the bed. I rub my tongue around her ass for a moment before I drag it up to her clit, flicking a few times. She lets out a deep moan when I move back to lick her ass again. I spit on her tight hole as I pull back, rubbing my saliva in with my thumb. As I rub I open the lube to drizzle some over my thumb before drizzle more onto my cock. I nudge her rear opening with my head, applying just a tiny bit of pressure.


“Are you ready?” I ask as I push a little harder.


“Fuck, that’s going to be tight,” she hisses and rubs her clit. “Keep going. Make me take it, Eric.”


I help her along by moving my thumb up to rub her core. I push the head of my cock into her ass, making Sookie groan. “Relax,” I whisper when she tenses up some. I pause while she breathes and then I slide in deeper. “Want it all, Sookie?” I start pumping in and out very slowly.


“Uh huh,” she breathes. “Feeling… Mmm… I’m greedy.”


“Mmm, yes you are.” I force my thick shaft deeper into her ass. I turn my hand and slide two fingers into her greedy pussy. I swivel some to loosen her up before I bury my cock in her ass so my hips hit her cheeks.


“Ohmyfuckinggod!” Sookie cries out and her walls clench. “Fuck, you’re fuckin’ huge.”


“Is that a bad thing?” I chuckle. My hips start to move, keeping it slow so I don’t hurt her. My fingers find that magic spot inside of her and I start to rub quickly, making Sookie writhe below me.


The noises leaving her are unintelligible, but her hands fly up above her head to grab the edge of the mattress. Her pretty eyes roll back before they close as her back arches. She’s absolutely stunning like this. I don’t know if I want to prolong this moment or make her cum right away.


I opt for option two. I lean forward, shifting the angle of her hips so my fingers slide in deeper. I grab onto her throat the way she likes and pin her to the bed as I grind my hips against her ass.


“Are you gonna cum for me, greedy girl?” I ask in a breathy growl as I slide my cock out and then all the way in again.


“Yes,” she gasps. “More… Please…”


I don’t know what else I can give her, so I add a third finger to fill her pussy. My slow thrusts speed up some, slapping my thighs against hers. I start to wiggle my fingers and rub quick circles around her clit with my thumb. I’m about to cum hard, more from the sight below me than from her tight ass gripping my cock.


“Ohgodohgodohgod! Eric!” She screams and Edith barks outside the door. Sookie’s body shakes with the force of her orgasm.


“Mmm, gorgeous,” I purr. I pull my fingers out, sit back on my feet and start to thrust harder, pulling her down my length as I push forward. Her ass is so fucking tight it starts to milk me of my orgasm within seconds.


“Fuck! Where do you want it?” I growl as I watch myself disappear inside of her over and over.


She reaches down with both hands and parts her folds for me. “Here,” she pants.


Mmm, my sexy little girl. I pull out, place my head at her entrance and stroke my cock until my cum shoots out in spurts all over her pussy, dripping down her ass to the bed. I would drive into her cunt, but it doesn’t feel right to me.


“Goddamn,” I pant, dropping my head back.


“That was fucking perfect,” she purrs and I feel her hand wrap around my dick, stroking a few times and rubbing her thumb over my sensitive tip.


“Uh huh,” I breathe. “Tell me when you’re ready for more.” With the way she’s rubbing, I don’t see myself going soft anytime soon.




While my sex drive is high, my body needs a break. Not to mention, Eric and I have a lot to talk about. I’m a little nervous about how it’ll work with us living together as roommates that date. Even if we’re okay with the arrangement, I’m not sure how anyone else might feel about it. It’s definitely not the typical situation.


“I think I need a break,” I say once I get my breath back. The sex is great but we’ve had a lot it.


“That’s fine,” he smiles. Eric leans over to give me a quick kiss. “Stay, I’ll go get you something to clean up with.”


“Thanks.” I smile back at him and watch his sexy ass as he leaves the bedroom. He’s got a great ass.


Edith comes in and I see her front paws on the side of the bed. Her gray and white head pops up and those pretty blue/gray eyes of hers give me a judgmental look, like she knows what I was doing. She’s still giving me a dirty look when Eric gets back with the washcloth.


“I think Edith’s mad at me,” I tell him.


“She’ll get over it,” he chuckles. He leans over the bed to wipe me up before handing me the washcloth to get what he might have missed.


“Nothing a long walk and a little peanut butter toast can’t cure,” I sigh. I finish getting myself cleaned up while Edith stretches out on a sunny patch of floor by the windows. “She’ll love having that big yard to run in.”


“I bet she will,” he chuckles as he takes the washcloth back. When he gets back to the room he stretches out next to me, resting his hand on my belly.


“I’m going to have a hammock put up in the yard,” I tell him. “It’ll be good for my tan.”


“Mmhmm. Make sure it’s big enough for two so we can use it for afternoon naps.”


“That’ll be nice,” I agree. “I really need to start taking more time off.”


“I need to find a job closer to home. I’ve been at the center for close to a decade now,” he sighs.


“That might be good. It would be nice if you got to enjoy where you’ll be living.” I refuse to believe I won’t get the house. At Judith’s advice I put in a reasonable offer above the asking price.


“I have no idea what else I’m good at,” he sighs. “Maybe I’ll try to become a forest ranger,” he chuckles.


“Mmm… Or a lumberjack,” I wink.


“You think I’d be cute in plaid?” he smirks.


“I think you’d be sexy as fuck in plaid,” I reply.


“That’s how bad porn starts. A hot dude in plaid walking in on a horny, lonely housewife. He had no business being at her house in the first place,” he chuckles. “Please tell me you only do good porn…”


“That’s subjective, but I’ve done some intentionally cheesy porn, complete with eighties hair and makeup,” I giggle.


“I need to see that,” he laughs.


“I played a ditzy blonde in that one. It’s actually pretty funny, but the fucking is legit,” I smile.


“I’ll look it up, unless you don’t want me to…”


“It’s on my website. Well, part of it,” I tell him. “If you have a laptop we can watch it now.”


“Yeah.” He rolls back and stands to get his laptop off his desk he rubs Edith with his foot on the way, making her stretch some. When he gets to the bed he takes a seat and lifts the lid top turn it on before handing it to me.


“If you’re interested in it, I can gift you with an all access membership,” I offer. He gets the real deal, but just in case he wants to see more. “It includes some of my… solo performances in my spare time.”


“I wouldn’t mind a membership,” he shrugs. “Can I just ask you to get yourself off for me live action?”


“Right now?”


“No, later… whenever… You’re a sexy girl and that’s hot as fuck.”


“Oh,” I smile. “Well yeah, sure. I do a webcam show once a week and I take requests during the chat portion.”


“Hmmm, maybe I’ll jump on and send you requests from across the room,” he chuckles.


“Mmm… Or I could answer questions while I’m riding you,” I say.


“I’m fine with that,” he shrugs. “I’m definitely not ashamed of my body or my performance.”


“You shouldn’t be. You have a gorgeous body,” I tell him. My fingers trail over his thick thigh while I wait for the computer to boot up.


“Keep that up and I’ll be hard again in no time,” he chuckles.


“This?” My fingertips graze up and down his leg and I click on the Chrome icon with my other hand.


“Yeah, that,” he breathes as I see the hair on his thigh raise a little.


“Hmmm….” I hum. I have to stop teasing him to type in my website address and I hear Eric growl when the homepage pops up. I’m all made up, hair done, lingerie and pumps on… I look good.


“I think you should sit on my lap while we look at this,” he says, moving my hand to his cock.


“I don’t know if I’ll get much of a break that way,” I smirk. I sign into the site and my own voice welcomes me back to the site. I go straight to the video section and then look at Eric. “Pick a category, good sir.”


“I want to see the all girl stuff,” he says as he wraps his hand around his shaft.


I click on the category and then select a video featuring me and Nora. She’s a petite brunette with pale skin and big blue eyes. The video starts with the two of us making out and our hands going everywhere before she ends up on her back with my mouth on her pussy.


“Fuuuuck, that’s fuckin’ hot,” he groans. “She’s pretty fucking hot too. I don’t know why I didn’t look you up before. Damn.”


“Couldn’t help you there, tiger,” I smirk. “She tastes like strawberries and cream.”


“Mmm, I bet she does,” he says, licking his lips.


Nora produces a toy for me to fuck her with and after wetting it with my mouth, I start pumping it in and out of her while I flick her clit. She pulls my hair and thrusts her hips, moaning and begging for more.


“Want some help?” I offer him when I spot the lube.


“I’d love some help,” he smiles.


I grab the lube and pour some on my hand so I can take over stroking his cock. The video ends right after Nora cums, and I let Eric pick the next one. He ends up finding a solo video of me on a couch with a vibrator.


“You are so fucking gorgeous, Sookie,” he whispers, glancing down at my hand on his cock.


“Thank you,” I reply. I lean over and lick his neck before my lips settle at his happy spot. For a moment my hand concentrates on only massaging his tip. I stroke down slowly and grip him a little harder before coming up again.


He wraps his hand around mine to help me stroke. As soon as my vibrator video is over he clicks again, finding one of me, another girl and a guy. I feel his cock start to twitch in my hand when I cum in the girls mouth.


“You don’t know how bad I want to do that with you,” he breathes. He’s close to cumming.


“You want to watch another girl go down on me,” I purr. “Will you fuck her for me? Can I watch this big cock stretch her tight snatch and get myself off while you do it?”


“If that’s what my pretty girl wants,” he agrees, turning to catch my bottom lip between his teeth.


I growl quietly and it makes his cock pulse. I pump my hand faster and twist my wrist.


“Cum, Eric. Give it to me,” I command, even as he’s tugging on my lip.


Eric plunges his tongue into my mouth for a deep, passionate kiss. I feel his cock swell in my hand right before he erupts, his release shooting up before coming down on my hand and his stomach. He pulls back from the kiss and rests his forehead on mine.


“You’re amazing, you know that?” he whispers.


“Because I like giving handjobs and watching porn?” I smile and kiss along his jaw. I keep stroking him slowly.


“That helps,” he chuckles as he tilts his head to give me better access. “No, that’s a lot of the reason,” he laughs after a moment. He’s high on orgasms.


“You’re cute.” I tug a little on his earlobe and rub my thumb over his head. “Should I stop, or do you want me to keep you hard all fucking night?”


“That’s up to you. I’m ready for you to ride me,” he winks and wipes up some of his cum to offer to me.


“Mmm…” I suck his finger clean. “I was thinking I’d clean up my mess while you enjoy the videos. When’s the last time you got head while you watched porn?” I’m betting never.


“It’s been a few years, but she was shit at giving head so I needed the porn to stay hard,” he tells me.


“Am I shit at giving head?” I’m curious about what he thinks. Just because I’m a “professional” at it doesn’t mean I’m good.


“You’re actually very good at giving head,” he smiles, running his hand through my hair.


“You wouldn’t need porn to stay hard?” I start to kiss my way down his body and Eric growls when I bite his nipple.


“No way,” he chuckles. “Have I had a problem staying hard for you yet?” He pushes his laptop out of the way and stretches out on his bed. “I’m not a big porn watcher anyway.”


“There’s a first time for everything.” I lick up some of his cum and moan as I swallow it. My tongue dances around his lower abdomen, making his dick twitch in my palm.


“You know when Jake comes home he’s going to try to walk in to see what we’re doing, right?”


“Dirty boy,” I purr before licking the length of his shaft. My tongue flicks the sensitive spot on the underside of his shaft.


“I’m dirty, or Jake is for wanting to watch your naked body?” he asks as he folds his arms under his head.


“He’s dirty for wanting to watch you get head,” I wink. My lips wrap around his head and suck.


“His eyes will be on you,” he says before biting his bottom lip. He reaches over to click on another solo video before looking down at me again.


I moan and start to bob up and down, taking him deep enough to nudge the back of my throat. Because there’s no rush, I keep it slow and steady. My hand follows my mouth and when I look up at Eric; his eyes are glued to the video. I can hear myself moaning and the buzz of one of my toys while I get myself off. My mouth moves to his sac briefly, giving each of his balls a suck before I return my attention to his cock. I let my tongue swirl around and around his head since he seemed to enjoy that so much before. I can’t help but watch his handsome face while I play with him. He’s a gorgeous man and his expression when his eyes meet mine as I take him deeper again makes my pussy gush.


“I want you to ride me, pretty girl,” he whispers without taking his eyes off of mine.


I moan but keep bobbing my head until he pulls me off of him. “Impatient?” I smile.


“Uh huh.” He settles me over his lap, holding his cock up to guide his head to my entrance. He moves his hands to my hips and slowly thrusts up, filling me completely. “That’s what I wanted,” he purrs. His eyes are glued to the spot where we’re joined and I can feel his dick pulsing inside of me.


I lean back and brace my hands on the mattress beside his knees so he can thrust up slowly over and over again to fill me. My moans are soft and I bite my bottom lip. Jesus, he feels huge right now but so, so good. The slow pace feels incredible, too.


“Are you going to cum again for me Eric? Will you fill my greedy little cunt with your hot release?” I moan.


“I can do that for you,” he says, reaching up to rub my clit. “I’m going to need you to cum with me though.”


“I might,” I reply and squeeze my inner muscles.


“I’m not cumming until you do.”


“You think so?” That sounds like a challenge and I know a few tricks that would blow his balls off.


“Uh huh,” he smirks.


“We’ll see about that,” I smirk right back.


Eric sits up and wraps his arms around my shoulders. When he lies back he pulls me with him. His hands go to my hips to hold me in place as he continues the slow, torturous pace.


“I could do this all night,” he whispers, nipping my bottom lip.


“Baby, I’m a professional,” I remind him. “Believe me; I’ve learned how to distract myself from having an orgasm.”


“Just because I’m not a pro, doesn’t mean I can’t hang,” he tells me.


“I have no doubt that you can, but I can take everything you have and keep going,” I reply.


“Is that why you needed a break?”


“Is what why I needed a break?”


“Because you can take everything I have and keep going. That wasn’t that case an hour ago,” he smirks.


“You’re right.” I sit up and climb off of him. “You win.”


“Please don’t tell me you’re mad over that,” he sighs. “I was teasing you, Sookie.”


“I’m not mad.” I’m not. I’m annoyed.


“Then what’s wrong?”


“Don’t worry about it,” I sigh. I’m not even sure why I’m annoyed with him, but I am.


“Well, I am going to worry about it. I don’t like the look you’re giving me and I don’t think I did anything wrong.”


“Just drop it, Eric.” It’s not even worth talking about.


“Okay.” He gets up from the bed and picks up his shorts before slipping out of his room.


I take a deep breath and blow it out slowly before I close his laptop. Edith picks her head up and watches me as I get dressed again. I find my phone and send Jason a text, asking him to pick me up. I don’t want to be here anymore right now.

11 thoughts on “Chapter 7

  1. Maybe I’m tired, I’m trying to understand why she is annoyed. Was it because he was treating her like a porn star. I think it is a mistake moving in together.


  2. What the…… what was that? Why did she react that way? I’m guessing there was a trigger but to what?
    I’ve played the battle of wills game and gotten annoyed. Doesn’t mean I walked out. I just changed the game and we moved on.
    This is not going to work if she won’t talk.
    Geez. ‘Running away Sookie’ peeves me. But I trust you girls to turn it around eventually. After a fair amount of angst lol.


  3. Ok so she can dish it out but can’t take it? I think it’s too soon for them to move in together. They don’t know nearly enough about the other…she is running while he is being a doormat willing to take anything she gives just so he can be with her… But their relationship can’t be based on hot sex, they need to get to know each other better. Btw, That scene was awesome n a little intense, the best kind.


  4. what the hell just happened? who in the name of God climbs off Eric freaking Northman in the middle of sex? 😛 (JK) seriously though, what happened? I don’t understand why she got pissed off..


  5. WTH was she all pissed off about??? She’s the one who was bragging about being a professional, and then she huffs off when he decides to go with it? I think these two are moving a bit too fast with the moving in together.


  6. Mmmhh… So that didn’t take long huh? Trouble in paradise already… I think everyone’s as confused as Eric because the problem happened inside Sookie’s head and we are clearly missing something… If I had to guess, Sookie may play it all cool going from girl-who-dates to pornstar but that only works while she is the one playing… When the guy she’s dating plays that game perhaps she starts having doubts about whether he is seeing her or Dahlia? At any rate her walking out without explanation or discussion seems pretty immature regardless of what may have caused it… But hey, drama here we come!

    Forgot in the last chapter to ask if we are going to find out more about the infamous Bill Compton that in this story prompted a bodyguard?


  7. Eric seems to have flicked an unknown trigger. Wonder what that is about? How long have they been together? Two days? Trouble in paradise.


  8. well, i both understand and dont. I could see this sookie subconsciously sabotaging each and every relationship she has with the excuse of either a) “he wants the pornstar, not me. or b) “he couldnt handle sharing me.” Sorry to say, you cant have it all sookie.


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