Chapter 26


I’ve avoided talking to Grams about Summer and the things she told me. I know I need to get it out there since they’re both going to be at our housewarming party on Saturday. I’m taking her out to lunch today since Sookie asked me to run to the store to look for a table cloth. She’s worried about some of the guys from the bar ruining her table. I don’t blame her. When Felipe and Vic get going they can be a little rowdy.


I park in my usual spot and run up the stairs, waving to Gran and Maxine on the way. Adele told me if I’m going to be part of the family I need to start calling her Gran. She’s corrected me every time I call her Adele or Mrs. Stackhouse. When I get to the door I knock lightly and since she’s expecting me I open the door. Thankfully she’s grabbing her purse.


“Ready?” I ask.


“As I’ll ever be,” she answers. She’s wearing a hot pink velvet track suit. I have to shake my head. I love this woman so damn much. At first I was pissed when Summer told me Grams was sending pictures. The more I think about it, the more I understand why she kept it from me.


She locks up her apartment and follows me down to the car. I open the door to help her in before I go around to the driver side. I wait until we’re on the road to say anything.


“So, I got a visitor at the bar a couple weeks ago. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it at first, but I’ve come to terms with it. I was informed Ginger died a couple months ago.” I’m starting with this to see if she’ll cop to sending pictures and lying about where she was.


“I wasn’t aware she was still alive,” Grams says.


“Yeah, did you know I have a sister?” I ask, glancing over at her.


Her head whips to the left.


“No, of course not. I haven’t spoken to your incubator since she gave birth to you,” she says.


“I know you haven’t spoken to her. How old was I when you stopped sending pictures and cards I made?” I ask quietly.


Without flinching she answers, “The last thing I sent was a picture of you from Buckingham Fountain the day after you got out of rehab, and no, I’m not sorry I sent any of the things I sent your mother.”


“Grams, you are my mother. Ginger is still only that lady that gave birth to me. I’m not mad that you sent them. I’m not even mad that you lied about knowing her whereabouts. I was. When Summer told me she found pictures of me sent from a lady named Pam I was livid. That’s why I didn’t call at all last week,” I inform her.


“I could have told you, but it would have gotten your hopes up for nothing. At first I sent them in the hope that she would change her mind and be the mother she should have been. As time went by and she didn’t respond, I sent her pictures and letters to rub it in what a good kid you were,” she tells me.


“Thank you for not telling me,” I smile softly. “For what it’s worth I wouldn’t have given you up for anything. And I’m sorry for…” I trail off. I’ve apologized a hundred times for the shit I put her through, but I feel like I need to again. “You will never know how much I appreciate you and love you. I’m so sorry for what I did as a teenager, for the blatant disrespect I showed you.”


“I know you are.” Grams pats my hand. “We all make mistakes. Unfortunately you inherited your father’s stubbornness and it took you a long time to get it right.” Like she’s not stubborn, too.


“You know he got that stubbornness from you, right?” I tease. “Anyway, those pictures were a good thing. I have a little sister and a nephew.”


“Then you won’t be alone after I’m gone,” she says with a smile.


“Grams, you’re going to outlive us all,” I laugh. “She’s nothing like Ginger, at least from what she told me about her. I needed to tell you because she’ll be at the house Saturday for the housewarming party.”


“That’ll be interesting,” she says. “I’m glad you found each other.”


“Me too.” I make the right turn into the parking lot of a small strip mall and ask, “Golden Dragon or La Taqueria?”


“Golden Dragon.”


“Good I can take some orange chicken home to Sookie. How are things going with Rasul?” I ask. I still don’t know if she knows he’s aware of her real age.


“Very well. Just last night I had a big burrito and he had a taco,” she smirks.


“Please tell me you’re talking about real food,” I groan. “Have you told him you’re not fifty yet?”


“I didn’t swallow–”




“You asked,” she shrugs.


“How would you like it if I started telling you everything I do to Sookie?”


“If there aren’t pictures, it never happened. Besides, Junior, I’ve been around much longer than you.”


I hold back the fact that there are several pictures and a couple videos now. Note to self: get a fireproof locked box.


“That doesn’t mean I want to hear about you swallowing or not swallowing his burrito.” Sadly, Rasul and I can’t talk about sex since he’s fucking my Grams and I want to be able to get an erection again.


“Then don’t ask questions you don’t want answered.” Grams takes off her seatbelt.


The Golden Dragon is a few spaces down so we have to walk along the strip mall. Grams is a window shopper so it’s fine by her. As we walk past the jewelry store I stop dead in my tracks. There’s a display of opal necklaces and bracelets. What catches my eye is a white gold ring with a large opal center stone surrounded by diamonds and sapphires.


“Grams, I need to go in here really quick,” I tell her as I open the door.


“Fine by me.” Grams never turns down shopping.


She walks through the open door and heads straight to the diamonds. I shake my head and move to the window display. A younger guy walks over to ask if I need any help.


“As a matter of fact, I want that ring,” I say, pointing to the opal ring.


“Ah, lovely choice,” he says as he opens the case. He takes the ring out and places it on a cushion on top of the counter. “The total weight of the gems comes out to three-quarters of a carat set in white gold.”


It doesn’t even matter to me. All I know is when I propose to Sookie it will be with this ring.


“Grams, come look at this,” I call over my shoulder.


It takes a minute, but she peels herself away from the diamonds. She looks down at the ring and says, “Opals aren’t my thing, but it’s alright.”


“It’s not for you,” I chuckle. “Do you think this would look good on Sookie’s ring finger?”


“Diamonds would look better. Now’s not the time to get cheap.”


I shake my head and say, “Sookie prefers opal. Plus this’ll match the bracelet I got her in Mexico.”


“If that’s what you want, then get it,” she says.


“It’s what I want. I don’t think I’ll propose right away, but I don’t know that I’ll find something so perfect.”


“Then hold on to it until you’re ready.”


“I want it,” I tell the salesman.


“Very good. Would you like it sized or engraved?” the salesman asks.


“What size is it?” I ask. I think Sookie wears a six.


He checks it on a faux finger and says, “It’s a seven.”


“Can I have it sized to a six?” She has dainty little fingers.


“Absolutely. It’ll take about an hour,” he tells me.


“Thanks.” Before I pay for the ring I turn to ask Grams, “Did you see anything you can’t live without over there?”


“Several things, actually.”


“Pick one,” I smile.


“Not a chance. You save the money for a honeymoon so I can finally be a grandma,” she says.


“We don’t need a honeymoon for that,” I joke. I don’t point out that she’s already a grandma.


“It can’t hurt though, can it?”


“No, it can’t. It’s probably going to be a while before we have kids unless Hunter turns on her biological clock.”


“Good. By then I’ll actually look like I’m old enough to be a grandmother,” she says, and the salesman snorts. “You got something to say, pipsqueak?”


“No… uh, no, Miss,” he says before scrambling away to get the ring started.


“Little shit,” Grams mutters.


“He doesn’t know how lucky he is that you’ve calmed down in your old age,” I chuckle.


“Damn right,” she says.


The salesman comes back and says, “Once you’re paid up, you can come back to pick up the ring at 2:00.”


“Thanks,” I smile and hand him my card. Sookie would shit a kitten if she saw how much I charged on this fucker over the last month.


Once I get my card back and sign the receipt Grams and I head down to The Golden Dragon. I’m glad I’ve finally talked to her about the Ginger stuff. We’ve talked about a lot of things over the years about my darker days, and I try to show her how much I appreciate her, but I don’t tell her enough and I plan on changing that.




I head upstairs with a laundry basket on my hip to put our clean clothes away. Eric’s favorite thing about us living together might just be that I do his laundry now. He hates doing laundry. I’d have better luck getting a kidney from him than getting him to put a load in the dryer.


He’s in the shower after cutting the grass. I set the basket on the bed and start folding or hanging stuff. I save the socks and underwear for last since it doesn’t matter if that stuff gets wrinkled. I’m just getting to putting our underthings into the proper drawers when the shower shuts off.


I open Eric’s underwear drawer a sigh. For someone who so infrequently wears underwear, this drawer is a hot mess. I start refolding things and making neat piles. My fingers brush something velvety, but hard and shift a pair of Scooby Doo boxers out of the way. A navy blue box is sitting there and before I can stop myself, I pick up the box and open it.


The gasp that leaves my mouth is immediate. I close the box and put it back where I found it. The ring had an opal in the center with diamonds and sapphires surrounding it. Shit, that ring is gorgeous! Of course now I have to forget I ever saw it. Dammit!


I quickly put Eric’s underwear away and then close the drawer… just as he’s walking out of the bathroom.




“Nice shower?” I ask way too cheerfully.


“Uh… yeah,” he answers suspiciously.


“Good. I was thinking we would just get takeout tonight since we’ll be cooking so much tomorrow, if that’s okay with you?” I turn for my dresser and stuff my socks in it.


“Ooo-kay,” he says. “Are you alright, Captain Cheerful?”


“Yep. Just excited about tomorrow,” I grin.


“Right,” he nods and opens his underwear drawer to get some out. “Sookie, you folded my underw– fuck me running,” he sighs. “You saw it?”


I play dumb. “Saw what?”


“You know what I’m talking about,” he says, giving me a small smile.


“No I don’t,” I shake my head. I totally know but he had that ring hidden, albeit poorly, for a reason.


As he reaches into his underwear drawer he says, “So you mean to tell me you folded half of my underwear and stopped just before you found this?” He pulls out the box and holds it in the palm of his hand.


“Oh that? I might have bumped it,” I say with a shrug. I’m a shitty, shitty liar.


“I’ll make you a deal,” he smiles as he wraps an arm around me and kisses the tip of my nose.


“What kind of deal?”


“It’s a fairly good deal if you ask me,” he sighs. “It’s more of a promise, really.”


“I’m listening.” I’m also nervous because that ring looked like it’s meant to be on my left hand until the end of time.


“I would like you to promise to be mine until the day I die,” he says quietly, stroking my hair back. “I’ll let you wear it forever if you only say yes.”


“Hmmm… it’s an interesting offer. Can I still fool around with the mailman when you have to work late?” I ask.


“Mmhmm, and the gardener on Monday’s and that handsome devil Mr. Northman.”


“Eh, the gardener’s not that cute,” I tease.


“That’s not what I heard earlier when you saw him walk by all sweaty and gross after he mowed the lawn,” he smirks.


“You need to get your old man hearing checked,” I snort and nudge him with my hip. “But I guess if I take the deal it’s up to me to make your appointment.”


“It is,” he nods. He opens up the box and says, “It’s your call, Angel.”


The ring is beautiful and unique. I don’t know how long he’s had this or if he bought it on a whim for ‘someday’ but that day is now.


“Alright, Mr. Northman, you’ve got yourself a deal,” I answer.


He pulls the ring from the box and slides it onto my left ring finger.


“I didn’t plan on doing this so soon, but why wait? I love you unlike I’ve ever loved anyone. You’re the future I see, Sookie and having you as my wife will be number one on the highlight reel of my life.”


“Ditto.” I smile and push up to kiss him.


“What do you have planned for the rest of the day?” he whispers against my lips.


“Cleaning the bathrooms.”


“Shoot, I guess we don’t want people to piss in dirty toilets.”


“That’s what I was thinking. Got a better idea?”


“Possibly,” he grins. “It would involve you putting on the sexy as hell black heels and bending over the island.”


“Hmmm… that could be interesting,” I agree.


“If you’d rather clean toilets, that’s fine. I can always go ask Mrs. Mott if she would like to put on her sexy shoes. She’s been trying to catch my eye since we moved in.”


“I’ve noticed,” I snicker. “After seeing Mr. Mott, I don’t blame her. You’re a definite upgrade.”


“He’s eighty-six and she’s no more than, what, twenty-five?” he laughs. “She probably wants someone who can get it up.”


“Probably. As we’ve discussed, you aren’t having those problems quite yet.” As I head for the closet I ask, “Did you want the sparkly black pumps or the maryjanes?”


“Sparkly,” he calls.


“I’ll meet you downstairs in five,” I call back to him.


“I’ll be naked and ready!” he yells as I hear him run down the stairs.


After the roleplaying in Mexico I decided to get a few things to play with later. I’ve kept them in a box that I haven’t unpacked yet. Since this is a special occasion, I decide to have a little fun and I pull out the slurry maid costume. Seems fitting.


I get the costume and pumps on, and then go downstairs with my little feather duster in hand. When I walk into the kitchen I hear Eric growl.


“I’m almost finished upstairs, Mr. Northman. I got distracted trying on your wife’s jewelry… again.”


“Oh, Miss Stackhouse,” he gasps. “I forgot you were here. I didn’t mean for you to catch me naked. Mrs. Northman is going to be so upset. You wouldn’t tell her, would you?”


“I’m sure you can think of a way to keep me quiet.” My eyes travel down to his solid erection.


“Ah…” His eyes follow mine and he says, “Yeah… I think I can think of something.” His hand goes to his cock and he starts to stroke. “This is pretty hard and I can use a hand if you’d like to help. Mrs. Northman won’t be home for a few hours.”


“She looks like she’s a lousy lay anyway,” I smirk.


“She hates that I keep you on. She’s threatened to fire you several times,” he purrs. “What are you wearing under that uniform?”


I lift my ruffled skirt and flash him my bare pussy. “Hopefully your cum soon.”


“I can make sure you get that,” he tells me, licking his lips. “It looks like your pussy is far prettier than my wife’s.”


“Is that right?” I lift an eyebrow.


“Yeah, that’s right. Would you like to show me more?”


“I would. Could you give me a boost onto the counter?” I step closer to him.


“I can do that.” Eric comes over to lift me by my waist, smelling my hair before he steps back.


“Thank you, sir,” I wink. I lean back and spread my legs wide, displaying my pussy for him. I reach down and rub my folds. “Mmm… already wet.”


“Oh yeah? How wet? Could I… slide my fingers or my, hmm, cock into you easily?”


“I think you could very easily slide your cock in,” I tell him and spread my lips.


“Is that what you’d like? Would you prefer to lie down and let me gag you with my cock instead while I lean over and slide three long, thick fingers into your soaking wet cunt?”


“They both sound appealing,” I answer. “But I’m afraid if you finger me I’ll make a big mess.”


“I pay you to clean up any messes, don’t I?” he asks, rubbing his thumb up and down through my folds.


“Mmm… good point,” I smile.


“Is that what you want, or do you just want to feel my big dick sliding in and out of you?” he whispers as he slides his thumb into me. “My wife says I’m too big… do you think your pretty little pussy can take me?”


“If my tight little ass can take you, I’m sure my pretty little pussy can,” I reply.


“Mmm, yes, you did take me there when I had to punish you,” he recalls. He stands between my thighs and twists his thumb. “You’re dripping, Miss Stackhouse,” he whispers just before he pulls his thumb out and I feel the head of his cock at my entrance.


“That’s because now I’m thinking about how I couldn’t sit right for a week after the last paddling you gave me for burning your wife’s blouse,” I tell him.


“She loved that blouse. I had to tell her I tried to wash it and ruined it so she wouldn’t fire you.” As he tells me this he slowly slides in to the hilt.


“She’s a materialistic cunt,” I moan.


“She is, but she gives a fantastic fucking hand job,” he growls as he pulls out and pushes back in just as slowly. “And she makes a lot of money…”


“Hand jobs are great if you’re twelve,” I breathe. “Now fuck me.”


“Like this?” Eric pulls back and slams into me. He starts pounding into my pussy hand, going in as deep as he can get. “Hook your feet over my shoulders.” Eric helps me lift my feet up.


“Mmm… Fuuuuuck, you’re so deep, Mr. Northman,” I purr.


“Take it all, Miss Stackhouse,” he growls. I gasp when he hits my cervix over and over. “Fuck, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten this fucking deep in your tight little snatch.”


He hasn’t and I need him to back off because that hurts. “Eric, too much,” I whimper.


“Sorry,” he pants as he slows down. He lets my legs down to hook over his elbows. “Are you alright?”


I nod but my body is still a little tense from the unexpected pain. That wasn’t the good kind, but it’s going away.


“I’ll be fine,” I assure him.


“Do you want me to stop?” he asks, stroking my hair back.


“No, just not so deep.”


When he starts moving again he only goes in halfway. He tilts my head up to kiss me softly on the lips. “Better?” he whispers as he swivels his hips each time he thrusts in.


“Much,” I reply.


He keeps his thrusting slow and steady, making sure to stay fairly shallow. His lips are soft on mine; his hands ghost down my sides to grip my ass.


“I love you, Miss Stackhouse,” he whispers between kisses.


“I love you too, Mr. Northman,” I whisper back and kiss him softly.


He starts to go a little deeper, but not too deep. He speeds up a little and his fingers slip under my skirt to grip my flesh. “You’re going to make me cum, Angel, hard.” He tilts my hips so his head starts to rub against my g-spot. “If I speed up I can make you squirt all over me…” he pants.


“Mmm… I think you can,” I pant and reach down to rub my clit. I press a little on my lower abdomen since that seems to increase the chances of it happening.


Eric speeds up just a little and my back arches. Yep, I’m going to cum all over him. I can feel the pressure closer to my bladder and my body shakes violently right before it happens.


“Yesyesyesyesyes!” I cry out. It still feels like I’m peeing on him and cumming at the same time.


“Fuck, that’s good, Miss Stackhouse,” Eric grunts just before he erupts inside of me.


“Mmm… much better than cleaning toilets,” I smile.


“I would pay someone to clean them for you, you know that, right?” he asks.


“That won’t be necessary. I like cleaning my own house,” I tell him. “Besides, the kids will need chores to do.”


“They will,” he smiles. “I can’t wait to have babies with you.”


“Well hopefully Pam was wrong. I forgot to take my pill on Tuesday,” I tell him. I usually take it before bed, but I was distracted by all the fucking.


“I guess we’ll see,” he shrugs.


“I sincerely doubt one pill will be to blame if I get knocked up,” I chuckle.


“No, it’ll be the gallons of cum I pump into you,” he laughs.


“Pretty much,” I nod.


“Should I pump you with more, or would you like help cleaning toilets?”


“Gee, that’s tough…” I tap my lip. “I’ll go with the cum. You can give it to me in the shower before that twat wife gets home.”


I’m going to have to clean the kitchen again, but it’ll be worth it. Yes, I’ve been engaged before but this time it feels right. This time when I cry while trying on wedding dresses it’ll be because I found the dress I’ll be marrying my soul mate in. I couldn’t ask for anything more than that.



18 thoughts on “Chapter 26

  1. Sorry to see this end, great last chapter though. Hope you both have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. It’s about time you took a rest! I look forward to enjoying your next story in the New Year; good to know there’s a lot more to come too!


  2. AWWWW, eric is a big ‘ole teddy bear and sookie is awesome!!!! I love this story the best so far, you ladies outdo yourselves everytime!!!!


  3. So going to miss them, but have a feeling they’ll still be together and going at each other when they’re in their 90’s! Thank you so much for sharing them and hope you have great holidays.


  4. Thank you for another brilliant story!!! Always sad when they end but it is fantastic to hear more are in the oven…. I look forward to more fantastic writing post-hols…

    A huge thank you to you both for sharing your talent so generously and wishing you and yours a fantastic holidays and a great start of 2015!


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