Chapter 23



I wake up in the middle of the night, still buried in Eric’s chest. After extracting myself from his grip, I tip toe out of the bedroom to use the bathroom downstairs so I don’t wake him. For a brief moment I consider leaving when I see my boots by the door, but then I remember how fuckin’ cold it is outside. Plus I know if I go home I’ll just be a zombie there too.

After I’m done in the bathroom, I continue on to the kitchen. There’s an entire guilt buffet chilling in Eric’s fridge, but it’s the éclairs he was working on that get my attention. I grab a plate and pull two pastries from the fridge. It’s not the healthiest choice, but ask me if I give a shit. I don’t.

I lean against the counter while I eat. The pastries are delicious, but then Eric’s very good at what he does. I’m going back for more when I hear the frantic herd of elephants coming down the stairs.

Eric let’s out a sigh of relief when he sees me.

“Hi,” he breathes.

“Hi. You okay?” He appears to be sweating.

“Yeah,” he replies, shaking his head no.

“Ummm… okay.” I close the fridge and lean against the counter like before.

“I was having a nightmare and I woke up with you gone… it scared me,” he admits.

“Oh… sorry. Wanna talk about it?” I offer before I take a bite of my third éclair.

“I don’t remember what was happening. I just remember this overwhelming feeling of dread, my chest felt heavy when I woke up.”

“That sucks.”

“Pretty much,” he nods.

“The éclairs are good,” I tell him after a minute. I’m not sure what else to say.

“Thanks,” he nods again. He looks around the room before his eyes settle on me again. “I don’t know what to do, Sookie. I don’t know if I’m allowed to hug you when I walk into a room anymore. I don’t know if I’m allowed to kiss you; stroke your hair…”

I set down the pastry and turn toward him. Truthfully, I’ve missed him a lot the last few days. I can tell he feels awfully about what happened and I believe he’s sorry. It would be great to just blink and go back to the way things were before all this, but that isn’t going to happen. It’s going to take time for things to get back to normal.

“Honestly, I’m not sure what you’re allowed to do anymore either,” I tell him.

“I’m going to let you take the lead here. I don’t want to fuck things up even more,” he sighs.

It’s right here, in this moment, that something becomes very clear to me. In every relationship I’ve ever been in, someone always takes the lead. They make the plans and keep the engine running, so to speak. It hits me that with Eric, I’m the one in charge. It’s going to be up to me to keep things moving.

“Come here,” I tell him.

He comes forward and stands directly in front of me, but he doesn’t touch me like he usually does.

I tilt my face up and say, “Now kiss me like you mean it.”

A small smile graces his lips. His hand comes up to thread through the back of my hair so he can tilt my head a little further back and he dips down to brush my lips with his. He doesn’t stop. He licks my lips, asking for entrance and when I open for him he sweeps his tongue into my mouth. Eric’s tongue dances with mine while he gently rubs the back of my neck.

The kiss goes on for a little while until we have to breathe. He presses his forehead to mine and I can feel his breath on my lips.

“Feel better?” I whisper.

Eric’s arms snake around my body to pull me closer. “I feel a lot better,” he whispers back.

“Good.” I hug him back and he starts to sway from side to side.

“I made you a turtle cheesecake,” he whispers and kisses my forehead.

“I saw that. The éclairs were already portioned.”

“Those are all yours. I don’t like them,” he admits.

“You’re going to fatten me up. If this was a fairy-tale I’d be worried you’re planning on pushing me in an oven or something.” Yeeeeah, I need more sleep.

“Baby, I wouldn’t push you into an oven before eating you,” he chuckles.

“What would you do before eating me?” What?

“Are you sure you want me to answer that?” he asks in a low, growly voice.


“I’m sure,” I reply.

“There’s only one part of you I want to eat so, I’d pet you to make sure you’re nice and juicy. Then I’d push your legs back to dive in,” he tells me. His body is pressed against mine, but I don’t feel an erection.

“Then what?” I whisper.

“Are you sure?”

I nod slowly.

“I would push my fingers into you and slowly pump, trying to pull out all of your honey because it’s so fuckin’ good. And then I’d keep going until you pushed me away,” he says, reaching up to stroke my hair.

“And then?” Mostly I just want to hear his voice, although his words are definitely having an effect on me.

“I would move up your body, kissing and sucking on every inch of your creamy skin. I’d pay special attention to those gorgeous pink buds that tip your breasts,” he purrs.

Just thinking about his mouth on them is making my nipples hard. My hands rub his sides down near his hips as I say, “Go on.”

“I’d hold your legs apart as wide as possible,” he whispers and dips his head to kiss just below my ear before he continues. “My cock would be solid and begging to get inside of you. I would slide in as deep as possible… pull out… fill you again… over… and over… and over,” he finishes in a deep, breathy tone that makes me whimper.

“Is that all?” My thighs rub together and I can feel him getting hard now.

“Mmm, that’s just the beginning. I would fill you with my release before I kissed down your body to eat you again. I want you to cum on my tongue again and again so your sweet honey is dripping down to the bed…”

I guide his hand between my thighs and he growls at how warm I am.

“Anything else?” I ask as he strokes my folds.





“Anything you want, Lover,” he purrs.

“Kiss me,” I whisper.

He does as he’s told and moves his lips to mine. As he kisses me he finds my clit through my yoga pants. His fingers rub expertly, making a shiver run through my body. My hand moves down to rub over his solid erection as the kiss gets deeper. I part my legs a bit more but Eric keeps doing what he’s doing.

My knees start to shake as the orgasm gets closer and I whisper against his lips, “Take me back to bed.”

Eric growls and lifts me by my thighs. I wrap my legs around his hips so I can feel his erection rubbing against my core with each step. We’re halfway up the stairs when he pauses to press me against the wall. He rocks his hips against me for a minute, kissing my neck. Once he can, he takes me the rest of the way up the stairs to his room. He tosses me on the bed and pushes his sweats down his thighs.

“Take your shirt off,” he commands as he goes for my yoga pants.

I pull my camisole off and toss it to the side. I start to scoot back on the bed, but Eric grabs my legs to pull me back, making me yelp.

“Mmm, nope.” He pushes my legs back and drops to his knees. Just like he said he would, he starts stroking my folds with his tongue. He licks along each of my lips, down to my opening and I feel him wiggle his tongue into me with a groan.

My hips roll and my hand lands in his hair to keep him right where he is. His thumb slowly rubs my clit to keep my juices flowing for him. My breathing becomes shallow and my stomach muscles start to twitch.

He applies a little more pressure to my clit. A low groan leans his mouth, sending vibrations through my core. His tongue flicks out to rub my lower entrance before sliding back into my pussy.

“Eric,” I moan. “Mmm… fuuuu… I’m gonna cum.”

My eyes squeeze shut and the pressure explodes, releasing more of my honey for him to lap up. Fuck, this is so good. Any minute now I’m sure I’ll stop shaking… or not.

“Mmm, delicious,” he groans as he stands. His thumb is still on my clit when his head hits my entrance. “Hold your legs back,” he directs me. When I hook my knees, Eric slides in to the hilt. “Fuck,” he hisses.

My eyes roll back and a deep moan leaves my mouth. I concentrate on the feeling of him pulling back, nice and slow, and then pushing in to the hilt. Over and over, just like he said, making me writhe on the bed and my pussy drip for him.

“Mmm, you’re going to make me cum,” he pants. He reaches down to lift my hips while his thumb works my clit. The head of his cock starts to rub my g-spot, making me gasp.

“Fuuuuuck… faster, Eric,” I plead. “Make me cum for you.”

He does as he’s told and he starts to drive in hard and fast. His hips are slapping against my ass with each punishing thrust. The new angle and the harder thrusts make my walls flutter.

“Oh God… Oh my fuckin’ God,” he pants. “Give it to me… Now, Sookie… Fuck!”

All it takes is a few more thrusts and I lose it.

“Yesyesyesyesyes! Fuuuuuck!” I cry out when I fall apart. My walls grip his shaft in wild pulses, milking him of his orgasm.

Eric slams in one more time, cumming with a gasp. He grinds his hips against me as he fills me.

“Fuck, pretty girl,” he pants. “You’re fuckin’ perfect.”

I let go of my legs and they fall to the bed. My whole body feels limp and tingly right now. An aftershock ripples through me, making both of us groan since Eric is still buried in my pussy.

“Should I keep going?” he asks and starts to thrust lazily.

“Mmhmmm,” I nod and reach down to rub my clit for him. My eyes flutter closed and my walls pulse around his shaft.

He manages to push me up the bed without falling out. Eric hovers over me, keeping his thrusts slow. He starts to swivel every time he pushes in. He dips his head to kiss my nipple. He goes back and forth, nipping and sucking on my tight peaks.

I pull his face to mine and tug on his bottom lip with my teeth before kissing him hard. My hips move to meet his as my hands travel down his broad back to grab his ass. I can feel his muscles flexing with each deep thrust. He starts to groan into the kiss, moving his hips faster. Eric rests his weight on me and hooks my arms to roll us over so I’m on top of him.

“Your turn,” he growls with that feral look again.

“My turn for what?” I smile as I start to bounce.

“Show Big Daddy what you got,” he grins and starts to thrust up.

“But he’s not here,” I tease.

Eric growls as he sits up to nibble on my neck. “Show me you want me as much as I want you,” he whispers.

I stop bouncing and move my hips in circles instead, which has proven to be very popular with him in the past. I lift his head again and put his hands on my ass while my lips move down his neck, licking and sucking lightly along the way.
Eric massages my cheeks, tilting his head to give me better access. One of his hands slips between my cheeks and he rubs up and down over my back entrance.

“That feels so good,” he groans when I scrape my teeth over his Adam’s apple.

I kiss my way back to his lips and sweep my tongue into his mouth for a minute before I pull away and push him to lie down again. I lift off of him and turn myself around so my back is to him. I lean down and wrap my lips around his tip, flicking my tongue just right to make him hiss. I know he can see how wet I am right now and the way my pussy is pulsing as my head starts to bob up and down his thick shaft.

Eric’s hands land on my ass and he rubs his thumb through my folds to gather my juices. He pumps in and out of my core for a moment before he drags his thumb to my ass and starts to push the tip in.

“Fuck, you should see the way your pussy flutters when I do this,” he breathes and twists his thumb in deeper.

I moan around his length and give his sac a gentle tug before lifting my head. He keeps his thumb moving slowly in and out as I slide down his shaft again, taking him all the way to the hilt. My hips rock a few times before I lean forward and start to quickly rise and fall.

“I love riding you like this. I can feel every inch of your big dick stretching me,” I tell him and swivel my hips on the way down.

“Mmm, I love how fuckin’ deep I get. Imagine taking me in your ass like this.” He pulls his thumb out and turns his hand to push one long, thick finger all the way into me.

“Mmm… that would feel so fuckin’ good,” I moan and start moving faster. “You liked pounding my virgin ass, didn’t you?”

“I fuckin’ loved it,” he growls and smacks my left cheek. “Can you feel me getting harder just thinking about it?”

“Yes,” I pant. I move my hand to rub my clit. “Would you like to fill my ass with your cum?”

“Mmm, fuck yeah,” he pants. “I want to fill every one of your holes with my cum.”

I let his cock slide out of me and I get on my hands and knees, arching my back to put my ass up high for him. Eric groans and shifts on the bed so his head is right behind me. He flicks his tongue out over my clit for a minute before he grabs the lube from his nightstand. I hear him stroking some onto his cock before he drizzles more on my ass. His head nudges my entrance and he starts to slide into my ass.

“Fuck… you’re so fuckin’ tight everywhere. Tell me how you want it,” he pants and smacks my left cheek.

“Hard.” I look back at him and say, “Make me yours, Eric. Fuckin’ own me.”

With a growl he grabs my hips and starts to pull me back as he thrusts forward, drilling into my ass hard. He gives me a smack every minute or so.

“Play with your pussy,” he commands and slaps my ass again.

I do as he says, alternating between rubbing my clit and dipping my fingers inside of me. I groan with every hard thrust of his hips. Feeling his body slapping against mine makes my walls flutter and every stinging slap on my cheeks makes me cry out.

“Mmm… fuck, Eric, I’m gonna cum so hard,” I whimper.

“Do it,” he snarls and slaps my ass hard.

I can’t hold back. My head drops to the mattress and my hand grabs at the sheets.

“Yesyesyesyesyes! Fuuuuuck! Eric!” I scream.

“Mine,” he says as he grabs my shoulder to help himself slam in a couple more times before he erupts buried deep in my ass. “Fuck… Fuckin’ perfect…”

His hips continue to move slowly as he works his way out of me. “Mmm, can you feel that?” He wipes up the cum dribbling out of me and pushes his finger into my ass.
“Ohmygod,” I moan. My eyes squeeze shut and my hips rock.

He pumps his finger in and out. He adds a finger to my pussy so he’s working both holes. He dips to suck on my clit and whispers, “Tell me who this sweet little pussy belongs to, Sookie.”

“Mmm… you,” I moan.

“And this sexy fuckin’ ass?” He pulls his finger from my pussy to join the one in my ass.

“That’s Big Daddy’s,” I giggle-moan.

“Try again,” he chuckles.

“Yours, baby,” I purr.

He pulls his fingers out altogether and moves up the bed. He turns me onto my side and rubs his palm over my heart.

“Who does this belong to?” he whispers.

“Just you,” I whisper back.

“I love you, Sookie. I’m not fucking this up again,” he promises.

“I believe you.”

“Thank you.” He leans in to kiss me softly. “Let me go clean up and I’ll be back.”

“I’ll be here.” I pull the comforter up over my body as he gets off the bed. It’s snowing outside so I’m glad I decided not to leave.

I roll onto my stomach and burrow in under the blanket until I’ve practically disappeared into it. Eric comes back a few minutes later and slides in behind me. He takes a deep breath, taking in my scent before he slowly let’s it out as his body relaxes behind me.

“I’m not letting you out of bed today, I hope you know that.”

“I sorta figured. I’ll call the shop in the morning to reschedule my appointments,” I tell him.





“I’ll have to call Alcide to assure him I didn’t gorge myself and fall into a sugar coma after making all those fuckin’ pastries,” he chuckles.

“Yeah, you don’t need Fret Michaels showing up and cockblocking you,” I snicker.

“I wouldn’t let him stop me.”

“He’d want to join in.”

“Nah, I don’t think he would,” Eric shrugs behind me.

“Good, because you own me now. You sure you’re okay with that?” I ask.

“I’m more than okay with that. The real question is if you’re okay with that?”

“I’m more than okay with that too,” I assure him.

“You know I’m yours too, right?”

I roll over to face him and say, “I know you are.”

“Good,” he whispers and kisses the tip of my nose.

I wrap myself around him as much as I can and he rubs my back, soothing me into the deepest, most peaceful sleep I’ve had in a long, long time.



7 thoughts on “Chapter 23

  1. eric’s not a bad guy, never was. he just has to be reminded what’s not accepted. he has “frat boy” syndrome, look but don’t sample. they have great chemistry. sookie just freaked out there for a minute. omg eric really loves ass, lord help sookie with that monster!! lol “icepack”


  2. Great that they’re making a conscious effort to work out their issues. And make up sex? Always so hot & passionate. Great chapter, Ladies!


  3. Good, this was all resolved. I Eric wasn’t really thinking things through once he got back with Sookie because he didn’t know he loved her and now that he does he’ll pay attention to his shit. They don’t need to bring other people in their bed unless they want another Aude situation or a serious case of cooties. Jus’ sayin’


  4. Awwww brilliant chapter – Eric sounded genuinely worried and sincerely apologetic so good to see Sookie giving him another shot… I get Sookie being skittish post-Tray but Eric was really at a loss at how to act and that was pretty disarming…


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