Chapter 30




“Next round’s on Herveaux,” I say as I sit down with fuckin’ sixty dollars worth of alcohol. It’s a new year, I’m going in big.


“Thank you,” Sookie smiles when I hand her the drink she requested.


“The shots were your idea, fucker,” Alcide says.


“Yeah, and you’ll be thanking me for this shit. This is the best fuckin’ tequila you’ll find in the fuckin’ U.S. and I know I pay your ass enough to cover it,” I tell him.


“Yeah, yeah.” Al picks up his shot and so does Sookie.


“May the best of this year be the worst of next year,” she says.


“Here, here,” I smile and lean over to kiss her quickly.  We take our shots, making Debbie cringe. Her morning sickness is still being a bitch.


“Wanna dance?” Sookie asks me.


No. I’m even worse when I’m drinking.


“Yeah,” I agree and stand up. I take her hand and lead her into the crowd of people, pulling her tight against my chest.


“Having fun?” she asks as a local cover band plays an REO Speedwagon song.


“I am,” I smile. “I usually have fun with you.”


“No need to suck up. I’m a sure thing,” she winks.


“If I was sucking up I’d add in how pretty you look,” I tease. “You do look pretty, by the way.”


“Thank you. This top might be my favorite thing in my closet. Plus it looks pretty with my necklace,” she smiles up at me.


“It does,” I agree, fingering the necklace. “I was scared you wouldn’t like it but Belinda assured me you’d love it.”


“She was right,” she nods.


Because I can’t help myself I lean down to kiss her neck. I let my hands slide down to her ass, giving her a hard squeeze and start sucking lightly just below her jaw.


“I have a feeling this is going to be a very good year,” I purr against her skin.


“It’s going to start in a holding cell if you’re not careful.”


“I’m being careful,” I smile. “My hands are still above your clothes.”


“For now. Hey, speaking of… did you run into me the day we met because you saw my tits?”


I laugh and tell her, “The first time was an accident. I saw your tits jiggle and I couldn’t help myself. Then I saw you walk into the salon and I knew where to find you. I wanted more…”


“Your dad said you probably looked down my shirt and had to bump me,” she giggles.


“My dad knows me,” I grin. “You have amazing tits.” I dip down a little further and nibble just above her shirt.


“Hey, hey, hey!” Sookie playfully pushes my head away and takes a step back to dance to a Madonna song.


“What?” I spin her around and pull her back against my chest so I can dance with her. I drop my head to nip at her ear. Yeah, the tequila is starting to hit hard.


“You’re getting fresh with me, mister.” The minx rubs her ass against my groin.


“Mmm, no, this is getting fresh.” I grab her tits over her shirt. Her ass is making me hard.


“Eric!” She squeals and slaps my hands. “No more tequila for you.”


“But Alcide owes me a shot,” I playfully pout. Hell, two more shots and I’ll try to drag her to the bathroom.


Sookie spins herself around and puts a little distance between us while she shimmies and wiggles in time with the song. I dance along, nowhere near as good as Sookie, but I try to keep my distance. With the new distance between us I guess guys think it’s okay to start dancing with her. Huh. Am I drunk enough to cause a scene?


I look at Sookie to see how she feels about it. I trust her, but I don’t know how I feel about that motherfucker’s paws on her.


She moves the guy’s hands when they get too close to her tits and then winks at me. “That’s my boyfriend,” she says to her dance partner as she points me out.


I decide to let her have her fun and go back to the table with Alcide. Debbie must be in the bathroom.


“I don’t know how I feel about that handsy fucker touching my girl,” I tell him as I sit across from Al.


“Let her handle it. I’m sure she has more practice at it than you do,” he says.


“True,” I nod. “Plus I’d make a complete asshole of myself and end up in bed alone.”


I look out to the dance floor and see her shaking her ass. The guy looks like a happy fucker. Her tits are shaking and I can only imagine what her ass looks like. Fuck, she’s making me hard.


“Want me to break it up?” Al offers.


“How would you do that?” She’d fuckin’ know I put him up to it.


“Sneak up and grind on her.”


“You just want to rub your dick all over her,” I snort. I’m leaving out that fact that she’d probably get off on it.




“Do it,” I shrug. “I didn’t tell you to do it if she asks.”


“Obviously,” he says as he gets up. Alcide snakes into the crowd and sneaks up on Sookie. He barely touches her before he’s doubled over, cupping his junk.


Good girl.


Alcide limps over to the bar and gets a cup of ice. I chuckle to myself as he staggers back to our table.


“Didn’t work out so well, huh?” I ask. “She’s good with her elbows.”


“She twisted the boys,” he rasps. “And she sang part of a Poison song while doing it.”


I start cracking up laughing. I haven’t told him she calls him Bret Michaels’ ugly twin.


“Good thing you already made baby H,” I laugh.


“No shit,” he grumbles and pours ice down his drawers.


“Is Debbie gonna wonder why it looks like you pissed yourself?” I chuckle.


“I’ll blame the tequila.”


“Good call. I blamed the fact that I grabbed her tits on the tequila. Want another round?”


“Fuck yeah. The wife’s driving.”


I get up and head to the bar. I order another round of tequila shots, two more beers for us, ginger ale for Debbie, and a tequila sunrise for Sookie. When I get back to the table Debbie is back but I don’t think for too long. My girl is still on the floor dancing with another guy and a girl… the girl is hot.


“Here ya go, fucknut,” I say as I sit.


“Thanks.” He shoots the tequila.


I shoot mine back and get back up. “You wanna try again?” I ask Alcide. Maybe Sookie won’t hurt him this time.


“Nah, I’m good,” he answers.


“Try what?” Debbie asks.


“Nothing,” Al shakes his head. Debbie’s not buying it.


I leave them to figure it out and work my way through the crowd to Sookie. I tap the guy in front of her on the shoulder to get him out of my fuckin’ way. He’s about six inches shorter than me and turns around like I’m fuckin’ up his day and he’s not going to move. That’s cute.


“You can get away from my girl now,” I tell him.


“Occupied,” he replies and continues dancing.


I crack my neck and “gently” rest my hand on his shoulder.


“You’re done,” I growl. I’m not going to cause a scene…


Sookie dances her way between us and says, “Thanks for the dance, Preston,” before wrapping her arms around me.


“Hi,” I grin as I wrap my arms around her waist, dangerously close to her ass. I’m going to be good and not feel her up. I do, however, start to move with her. Her tits pressed against me makes me forget about the Preston fucker.


“Hi. Fret Michaels’ balls okay?”


“He poured ice down his pants,” I laugh. “Good job.”


“Those suckers were lower than I expected,” she tells me.


“I don’t know how I feel about you knowing where Alcide’s nuts hang,” I laugh. “I’m pretty sure he just wanted to rub his dick on you since he’s in the middle of a drought with Debbie.”


“Yeah, well, if he gets wood in the next week I didn’t do it hard enough,” she snorts.


“I had another shot,” I admit. “And ordered you another tequila sunrise.”


“Thanks. I could use a breather,” she admits. She’s all sweaty from dancing.


I kiss her quickly and take her hand to lead her off the floor. When we get back to the table Debbie is gone again and I pull Sookie onto my lap. I pick up my beer and look over at Alcide. He looks ill.


I feel like we’ve been here for fucking hours.


“Is it midnight yet?” I ask. Mostly I want a reason to kiss on my girl.


“Twenty minutes,” Sookie answers and takes her shot.


I take her hand and rest it on my semi hard cock.


“I’m ready for it to be midnight,” I purr and kiss her chin.


“Because midnight gives you a chubby?” she asks and Alcide almost spits his beer.


“No, but we can leave after that.” I kiss her neck, ignoring her comment.


“Mmm… whatever will we do after this?” Sookie purrs in my ear and strokes me over my jeans.


“I was going to leave that up to you,” I reply. My eyes flutter closed as her lips brush across the spot under my ear that gives me chills.


“I really wish I had a skirt on. Then you could feel how wet I’m getting right now.”


I run my hand up her inner thigh and rub my fingers along her slit through her jeans.


“I can feel how fuckin’ warm you are. I want to take your fuckin’ pants off and have you sit on my dick right here.” I keep rubbing and ignore the dirty look I’m getting from Alcide.


“I’d ride you so fuckin’ hard,” Sookie moans and nibbles my ear.


“Do you want me to slide my fingers into your pants?” Her shirt is long enough to cover what I’m doing, plus the table is in the way. Alcide only sees us kissing.


“I’ll wait until we get home,” she breathes. “And after I cum on your cock, I want you to finish in my ass.” She squeezes my dick.


“Mmm, I’ll cum wherever you tell me to, pretty girl,” I groan. My lips brush her collarbone and I move my hand around her back to brush the outside of her tit.


“You two should just go home and fuck already,” Alcide says. “I don’t want to see this guy’s O face.”


“Nope. We have to spend the New Year with you,” I grin.


“No you don’t.”


“What do you want?” I ask Sookie. I’m going to get my kiss at midnight regardless. Debbie is puking and Alcide doesn’t look so hot from getting his nuts twisted.


“You, but I can wait until midnight,” she answers.


“Mmm, okay,” I agree. “Al, as long as you guys are fine we’ll stay till at least midnight.” That doesn’t mean I’ll be able to keep my hands off of Sookie.


“My balls are on fire,” he complains.


“Didn’t I tell you once already that anything of yours that touched me, you wouldn’t be getting back?” Sookie asks as she continues stroking me.


“If you keep that up I won’t be able to walk out of here,” I whisper, not that it matters. I sure as hell don’t want her to stop.


“Sorry,” she apologizes but doesn’t stop.


“No you’re not,” I chuckle against her neck. “Al, can you stand to get us one more round?”


“Are you kidding? You and Betty Ballbuster can get your own damn drinks,” he pouts.


“I’ll go. You might put someone’s eye out,” Sookie giggles.


“Can you get gimpy a double?” I ask as I lean up to pull my wallet put.


“Mmhmmm,” she hums.


I hand her a hundred dollar bill. “Keep the change, Toots,” I giggle and smack her butt when she gets up. Yeah. I’m fuckin’ drunk.


Sookie yelps and wiggles her way to the bar. I’m pretty sure I like my lips as she walks away.


“Goddamn, she’s fuckin’ hot,” I comment without taking my eyes off of her ass.


“She’s a little less hot after showing me her version of the twist,” Al says.


“What the fuck did you touch to earn that?” I ask. I highly doubt she would’ve done that without being provoked.


“I barely touched her,” he says. Uh huh.


“With what?”


“I don’t fuckin’ remember.”


“Something tells me that’s not fuckin’ true. You’re lucky I’m too fuckin’ drunk to give a shit,” I tell him.


He just shrugs.


Sookie comes back a minute later with our drinks and plops back down on my lap. She sets my shot in front of me and pushes Alcide’s across the table.


“Two minutes to midnight. Do you know what your resolution is?” Sookie asks me. She’s got champagne instead of another shot.


“Hmmm, to start running again. I’m starting to get fluffy around the middle,” I say and lift my shirt to show her my belly.


“You’re cute,” she pokes my gut.


“I don’t think so. What’s yours?”


“Hmmm… I’m going to read more and watch less TV,” she says. “Except for The Daily Show. I’d leave you for Jon Stewart.”


Jon Stewart? Eww,” I cringe.


“Yes, Jon Stewart,” Sookie nods.


“No offense, Sookie, but you have no taste,” I laugh. Jon fuckin’ Stewart. Gross.


“He’s funny, smart, never runs out of things to talk about…” she says. “He’s on my list. Deal with it.”


Before I can comment again the music in the bar dies out and I hear the owner yell that it’s ten seconds to midnight. Debbie comes out of bathroom just in time to start the countdown with us.


  1. ..


  1. ..


  1. ..


  1. ..


“Happy New Year!” the whole bar yells.


I grab Sookie’s face and press my lips to hers. I don’t remember the last time I had such a good New Year’s kiss. Her lips are soft and taste like the orange juice from her tequila sunrise. Her hands lands on my face to hold my head in place as she slips her tongue through my lips. The kiss only lasts a few seconds before we break apart.


“Happy new year, pretty girl,” I whisper and start kissing her all over her face.


“Happy new year,” she replies and guides my mouth back to hers.


“Fuckin’ hell, just go home already,” Alcide says.


I flip him off without breaking the kiss. This last year has been a fuckin’ roller coaster, that’s for fuckin’ sure. I wouldn’t take back one fuckin’ second of it though. I found a friend I would do absolutely anything for. He not only makes some fuckin’ badass cakes, he makes me laugh until I shoot beer out of my nose and has my back no matter what. I also found the girl he’s going to hold the ring for when she walks down the aisle toward me. Sookie is it. She’s real; she gets me and my bullshit. She puts up with my assholery and my complete idiocy. This one is forever.




20 thoughts on “Chapter 30

  1. Great ending! It was a roller coaster ride at the beginning for these two but I knew you’d get them to their HEA in the end 😃 Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next!


  2. Aww, ,what a way to ring in the new year 😄 I’d love to catch what happens when Eric finally proposes and the baby talk that to an Eric mini me😉😉 So addicted!


  3. Lovely New Year’s Eve and more than a Happy Ever After it feels like a Happy Ever Start for them now but that is great progress and a hopeful place to be considering where they both started. Great story! Thanks for your fab writing!


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