Chapter 14




“Hey, bubba, come back here,” I call after Jake. I know his mother should be here to pick him up soon and I’m trying to put his shoes on him.

Jake keeps running.

Eric and Joey are in the backyard getting the grill ready for the last bit of outdoor cooking for the season. The weekend calls for rain, which is much needed.

As it turns out I hurt my hip in the crash as well so I’m still moving a lot slower than I used to. I do eventually catch up to Speedy Gonzalez and I snatch him up, tickling him as I carry him back to the couch. I’m just getting his second shoe on when the doorbell rings. I was hoping Eric would be back in the house before she got here. I take a deep breath, set Jake down and I go to answer the door.

Aude is very pretty. Dark hair and eyes, she has an exotic look about her. I can see where Jake gets a lot of his features.

“Hi, you must be Aude, I’m Sookie,” I introduce myself, holding out my hand.

“It’s nice to finally meet you, Sookie,” Aude replies as she shakes my hand. “I’ve heard a lot about you. Mostly from my son.”

I smile and say, “Your son is a chatty little guy. Aren’t you, buddy?” I ask him when I feel him brush past my legs and he tries to climb Aude.

“Hey, mister,” she says as she lifts him. “I missed your face.”

“I missed you too,” Jake says. He hugs Aude around her neck.

“Would you like to come in for a moment while I go get Eric?” I offer, taking a step back.

“Maybe next time. We have a family birthday party to get to,” she says in a friendly kind of way. “Jake say bye-bye to Sookie.”

He turns around and says, “Later tater.”

Just like his dad.

“Sorry, but I’m sure Eric would like to say bye to him. It’ll just take a second to get him.” I would hit someone if they tried to take my daughter without allowing me to say bye.

“Okay,” Aude says.

I raise a finger to say one second and I move as quickly as possible to the slider.

“Eric, Aude is picking up Jake if you wanna say bye.”

“Yup,” he says. “You’re in charge, Jo.”

Joey gives him a little salute. I have no idea where she learned it, but it’s cute. Eric gives me a kiss on his way inside.

“You having fun out here, kiddo?” I ask her. She’s just now getting back to normal since the accident.

“Yep. Eric won’t let me use the matches though,” she pouts a little.

“That’s because you’re too young to play with fire, silly girl.” She would most likely set herself on fire and I’m not going to allow that.

“No I’m not,” she says with conviction.

“Oookay,” I laugh. “It’ll be a while before I allow you to play with fire and that’s that.”


“Because I said so,” I say in my mom voice so she knows not to argue.

Eric comes back and rubs his hand down my back to pat my ass as he walks by.

“Sorry, I wasn’t going to let her take him without you saying bye,” I tell him.

“It’s fine. Thank you,” he smiles at me.

“How long until you need the chicken? It’s still in the fridge, and I want it to warm up a little before we throw it on the grill.”

“Well Chef Jo and I were just about to go cut up potatoes, weren’t we?” Eric looks down at my nodding child. “So maybe a half hour.”

“Okay, I’ll take it out now.”

Eric walks toward the house with Joey right by his side when she asks a question that makes us both freeze.

“Eric, can I call you daddy?” she asks nonchalantly as she takes his hand.

Eric looks at me and then crouches down so he’s closer to eye level with Jo.

“Why do you want to call me Daddy?” he asks her curiously.

“‘Cause we learned in school today that daddies are always there to protect you and they love you and they play with you and you learn all kinds of things. That’s what you do,” she explains. I start crying.

Eric smiles at Jo and says, “Well that’s because you’re my buddy, right? Buddies do those things too.”

“Oh…” she says, looking down.

“Hey,” he lifts her chin. “I would be very lucky to be your dad. You’re a good girl and I care about you very much, but it’s not just up to me if you can call me that.”

“Who is it up to?”

Eric looks my way and so does Joey.

I wipe my tears and kneel down with them. I gather my daughter into my arms and as I hug her I mouth ‘sorry’ to Eric.

“Baby, I…” I don’t know what to say. Eric and I have only been dating a few months and as much as I love him I don’t know if I feel comfortable allowing her to call him Daddy. That being said, her feelings are clear no matter what she calls him.

“Baby, go in the house and wait for Eric and me to join you, okay?” I tell her as I let her go. She doesn’t question me; she just walks into the house.

“I didn’t know she would ask that, Eric, I’m so sorry,” I say once she’s out of earshot.

“It’s okay,” he says as he stands up. He reaches out a hand to me and adds, “It’s flattering that she would ask, but I understand why you wouldn’t be okay with it. It makes me a little nervous, to be honest. I love her, but if we don’t work I don’t want to be another daddy that abandons her.”

“I know. We’re so new, and it’s more than a name. A lot of responsibility comes with that title. The scary thing is, she loves you like a father already. Either way if we don’t work she’s going to be heartbroken.” I take a deep breath and give Eric a tight hug before saying, “It’s your call. If you feel like we can do this, I’ll allow it. But I won’t think anything if you say no.”

I hate being in this position.

I can see Eric struggling with the decision and it makes me love him a little bit more.

“How about I tell her that being a daddy is an important job and maybe I need more audition time. She can ask me again if you and me get more serious,” he suggests.

I stand on my toes and kiss him gently on the lips.

“Perfect,” I whisper and pull back.

“Okay. Then let’s go tell her,” he says. He actually looks nervous.

“Baby, she’s three, you’ll be fine,” I assure him with a smile.

Eric nods as we walk inside. Jo has pulled the step stool out and she’s waiting for us in the kitchen.

“Okay, we made a decision,” Eric says. He walks over to Jo and lifts her up to sit her on the counter. “I want you to know that you’re my favorite girl. Being a daddy is a really important job and I think maybe I need more time to audition for the gig. Someday, when I ask your mom to marry me, we can talk about me being your daddy again.”

She looks at him for a few long, silent moments before she shrugs and says, “Okay.”

“Okay,” Eric says, and kisses her forehead.

It melts my heart seeing them together.

I take the chicken out of the fridge and set it in the sink. Eric and Joey start working on potatoes like nothing happened and everything is right back to normal.


After dinner we all go to the living room to watch TV. Joey seems like she’s wiped out, but when she hangs out with Jake like she did this morning that usually happens. That boy has a lot of energy. It’s been harder for me post-accident, and he did inadvertently kick me in the hip the first time I picked him up, but he didn’t know. Plus it’s getting easier for me. I think the whole ‘daddy’ thing had a lot to do with Eric being around so much to help me take care of her when he can. Her first few days back at the house with me he took care of the things I couldn’t, which was just about everything at the time.

Eric has a huge couch that I absolutely love. It’s long enough to accommodate his height when he lies down and it’s deep enough for both of us to lie down together. Right now I have Eric spooned in behind me with Joey lying in front of me. She’s facing me, curled around my body. She’s almost asleep and Eric has his hand rubbing up and down my hip.

“Should we go home?” I ask him quietly. Once she’s asleep she’ll be easy to move.

“You can stay if you want. She’ll fit in Jake’s bed.” There’s bumper things around it so Jo won’t fall out in the middle of the night but she can still get up to use the bathroom if she needs to.

“Okay, I’ll move her when she falls asleep,” I say and I feel him reach around to rub her back. “Thank you, Eric, for being so good to her. You don’t have to, and you do and…”

“Yes I do. You’re a package deal,” he whispers and kisses my shoulder.

“Thanks… again… I love you,” I say and turn to look at him. “And you’re pretty to look at,” I smile.

“So are you,” he smiles at me.

I look back at Joey and her eyes are still fluttering a little so I leave her be. Eric’s hand goes back to my hip and my own eyes begin to drift shut. The rhythmic feel of his hand ends up putting me to sleep.

I’m not sure how much time passes until I’m being shifted on the couch. My first thought is to reach out for Joey, but she’s nowhere to be found so my eyes snap open and I’m met with Eric’s gorgeous eyes.

“Where’s Jo?” I ask. I’m still half asleep.

“In Jake’s bed,” he tells me.

“Okay. Where are you taking me?”

“My bed. You’re too big for Jake’s,” he kisses my forehead.

“Oh… yeah.” I must really be out of it. “I can walk.”

“I got ya.” Eric lifts me carefully, making sure he doesn’t put too much pressure on any of my sore spots.

“Thanks.” I snuggle into his chest and inhale his scent. I never realized just how comforting his scent is until just now. “I love the way you smell,” I whisper.

“I smell like you,” he chuckles quietly as he walks back to the bedroom.

He sets me gently on the bed and I keep my arms around his neck to pull him down for a kiss. When we break I smile and say, “Well then it seems I’ve sufficiently marked my territory.”

“Yes you have. Feel free to mark it again in the morning, though,” he winks at me.

“Why not now?” He looks exhausted so I can probably guess that’s the why of it.

“Because you can barely keep your eyes open and I’m not into fucking unconscious chicks.”

“I can be on top, that way I’m sure to stay awake,” I offer. I’m waking up more as we talk. I also never know what time Joey will wake up in the morning.

“Baby, it’s okay. Just go back to sleep,” he insists.

I pout, but stretch out on the bed.

“Can you take my pants off?” I ask him and point my legs up toward him.

“Yes, dear,” he smiles and reaches down to unbutton my jeans. Eric tugs them off and takes my panties with them.

“Mmm, I thought we were waiting for the morning?” I smile and spread my legs open so he can see where I want him next.

“You asked me to take your pants off. Usually your panties are next to go,” he shrugs.

“Eric, is your bedroom door locked?” I whisper and I let my hand slide down my belly to the top of my slit.

His eyes are fixed on my hand and I’m not sure he heard me.

“Baby, lock the door,” I say again. I move my fingers up and down through my folds, gathering my wetness and I start rubbing my clit. “If you don’t want sex, I can just get myself off, but I don’t want any interruptions.”

Eric walks backward and locks the door without taking his eyes off of me. His view is only obstructed when he pulls off his shirt. I stop momentarily to pull off my shirt and bra before I get right back to work. I begin rubbing soft circles again, moaning quietly and my free hand goes to my breasts. I begin to pluck my nipples lightly. Eric’s eyes dart between my tits and my hand in my pussy, but they fixate on my hand when I start to push two fingers inside myself.

“Mmm, this feels really good, baby. I wish I could talk you into joining me,” I moan.

He drops his jogging pants and his boxer briefs.

“Where do you want me?” he asks in a husky voice.

I remove my fingers from my pussy and suck on them to get them even wetter. When I push them back into me I arch my back and my eyes flutter closed.

“Here, this is where I want you,” I breathe and start fucking myself again.

Eric growls and climbs up next to me he kisses me from hip to hip and then his tongue flicks against my clit. I move my hand from my tits to his hair and I start bucking my hips gently. My breathing is getting heavier and I want his cock… now.

“Eric, fuck me, baby. Please,” I beg as I take my fingers out and rub his lips.

Eric sucks on my fingers and then he reaches into the drawer for a condom. I watch him roll it on and then he stretches out on his back.

“Take what you need, Toots,” he says as he strokes himself.

I shift to climb on top of him. It takes a little longer than normal, but I get up on my knees. When I’m in the right spot, Eric runs the tip of his cock through my slit. I rock with his movements and as soon as he’s at my opening I take his head inside.

“This is what I need,” I moan as I sink down.

I grab Eric’s hands and rest them on my breasts as I start to rise and fall. He groans and his grip on my tits tightens. His eyes watch where we’re joined and he starts to thrusts up just a little bit to meet me.

“That’s so fuckin’ hot, baby,” he whispers.

“Mmm, this is what you do to me,” I whisper back and roll my hips the way he likes. In slow, rhythmic movements that are hitting me just right and I can already feel myself getting closer.

“Fuck, that’s good, Sookie,” he pants and plucks my nipples.

I smile and then bite my bottom lip as the pressure starts to build. I drop my head back, pressing my tits into his hands and I begin to rise and fall a little faster. I have to fight the moans threatening to escape my mouth. He feels bigger than normal for some reason. It’s like he’s getting deeper, stretching me wider. I gasp and say, “I’m close, baby… so close.”

His hips jerk upward and he begins pounding into me from below. His grip gets even tighter on my tits and I won’t be surprised if I have little marks on them in the morning.

“Cum for me, Sookie,” he commands.

“Yes!” I cry out before slapping my hand over my mouth. My release rocks my body and I hear him groan when my walls grip his cock. My hips jerk a few times and I start shuttering with the force of my orgasm.

“That’s it, baby,” he groans and keeps thrusting until he cums a minute later.

I lean over his body and our mouths fuse in a hard, passionate kiss.

“Thank you,” I whisper between kisses as we start to calm down.

“You’re welcome,” he replies and rolls us over.

Eric gives me one more kiss and then pulls out of me to get rid of the condom. When he gets back to the bed I immediately snuggle into his side.

“We should get dressed,” I say quietly. I don’t want to move though.

“Want a shirt?”

“Sure. You know, I should leave a set of jammies here for the nights I accidentally stay the night,” I tell him.

“You could do that,” he kisses my shoulder. “You could leave some stuff here for Jo too.”

That’s so weird. The idea of someone being around my child enough to keep clothes at his house just blows my mind. Then again, she wants to call him dad. And sadly, Eric has been a better father to her than Sam has been in the last few months, even though he doesn’t have to be. I’m not the kind of girl to go out searching for a new daddy for my daughter, and I certainly didn’t expect Eric to take to her so well. If we don’t work out I’m scared of how she’ll take it. Which is exactly why I never wanted anything like this to happen.

“I love you to pieces, Eric,” I eventually say. “You are an amazing man; I just want you to know that.”

“I love you too, Toots,” he replies.

I kiss his arm and then get up from the bed. “I can grab you some sweats while I’m up,” I offer, “I need to check on Joey anyway.”

“Okay,” he smiles. “I left the nightlight on for her.”

“Thanks,” I smile back.

I grab one of his t-shirts. Eric makes a noise that says he clearly doesn’t agree with me putting the shirt on when it covers my body. I toss him his sweats and I leave quietly to go to Jake’s room. Joey is on her back, diagonal across the bed. Her hair is sticking up and her little face is flush. I lean down to straighten her out and I kiss her forehead before I leave. I keep the door cracked and when I get back to Eric’s room he has his sweats on. He’s stretched out on the bed and I climb up to lay on top of him. I just want to be as close as possible to him right now.

“You okay?” he asks while rubbing my back.

“Yeah, I need to be close,” I tell him.

“I’m not going anywhere, Sookie,” he promises.

“I know that,” I say softly and turn my head to look at him. I rest my chin on his chest and take in his handsome features. “I never expected to be this lucky.”

“Me either,” he says, and tucks some of my hair behind my ear.

That melts my heart even more.

“Sorry, I’m a little emotional,” I chuckle, “I don’t know what my problem is.”

“Obviously I’m perfect and it’s a lot to take,” he teases.

“Obviously,” I grin and shift to kiss him. He’s probably closer to the truth than he thinks. “Or that time of the month is upon us. I’m due for my shot next week.” I’ve been on the shot since Jo was born. I love it because I don’t have to remember to take a pill every day and I only get my period when I’m due for it. Eric and I have always just used condoms. We’ve never discussed if I’m on birth control or not.

“That may have something to do with it then,” he smiles at me.

“I assume you’ll be able to handle blowjobs for a week?”

He sighs dramatically and says, “I’ll survive.”

I scoot up his body so I can kiss his lips and I whisper, “Are you sure you can get through with just my warm, wet, willing mouth praising your perfect cock?”

“I guess we’ll find out.” His hand slides up under my shirt and grips my ass.

“Mmm,” I hum and flex my hips, “Would you like to take a trial run?”

“Maybe.” His fingers move down between my thighs and stroke my lips. “Or maybe I should taste you while I still can.”

“Maybe we can do both,” I suggest and I can feel him getting hard again.

“Whatever you want, Toots.”

I kiss his lips one last time and I move down his body, leaving a trail of wet kisses down his torso in my wake. When I get to his sweats I start to tug on them, and Eric politely lifts his hips so I can slide them off. I look up his body and dip my head to take his cock into my mouth. He’s not completely hard so I can fit his entire length in my mouth. Eric likes this… a lot.

“Is this okay?” I ask and then take him between my lips again.

“God, yes,” he groans. “Turn around, Sookie. I want to taste you.”

I suck him harder a few times, making him groan before I release him long enough to flip around. I straddle his head and I’m barely in place when I lean down to grab his cock and stroke lightly. I start sucking his head, worshipping is more like it. My eyes are closed and I’m softly moaning around his tip.

Eric’s groaning and he’s nibbling and sucking on my lips. His thumbs have me spread open for him and his tongue traces circles around my opening, just barely dipping inside me. I pull off long enough to hiss as I rock my hips before I’m right back on him. I start bobbing up and down, moving my hand in time with my mouth.

“I don’t do this enough,” I groan and get back to work. I love his cock. I’ve only ever blown one other guy and it’s been so many years I couldn’t remember if I liked it. Sam is also nowhere as big as Eric, and I don’t think he appreciated it as much as Eric does.

“Anytime you want to…” Eric mumbles just before his lips seal around my clit and his tongue starts to flick against my swollen nub.

“Oh, fuck…” I moan. I rest my head on his hip and I stroke him while I catch my breath. When I gain my composure I tilt a little further to lick his balls, making him buck. I suck each one into my mouth before kissing along his shaft until I’m at his head again. I plunge my mouth down his length, hitting the back of my throat and I drag my tongue along his velvety skin as I slide back up.

Eric releases my clit and his tongue plunges into my opening. He growls as he fucks me with his tongue and his hips find a slow, steady rhythm thrusting up just a little.

I start moaning louder and my hips rock on their own. I slip one hand down to caress his sac while he gently fucks my mouth. My head moves in time with his thrusting and after a couple minutes I feel him starting to twitch.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum, Sookie,” he pants.

I hum in appreciation and begin bobbing faster than his hips thrusting. I hollow my cheeks and suck hard. My hand moves to his base and I squeeze as I slide my hand up to meet my mouth.

“Yes… yes…” Eric growls and his cock swells just a bit more before his release erupts.

“Mmm,” I moan as I swallow everything he has to give me. When his hips slow down I pull off his cock and sit up on my knees. I rest my hands on his chest and my hips slowly rock over his mouth.

His tongue goes back to fucking me and his thumb works quick circles around my clit. The groans and growls coming from him send little vibrations through me, and it catches me off guard when I feel his other thumb playing with my back entrance.

I jerk and my fingers dig into his chest. I’ve never even thought about being touched there. However everything else he’s doing feels so fucking good I forget about it and just enjoy his mouth on me. I’m getting close and I tell him so.

“Eric,” I whine, “Make me cum for you, baby… please…”

His thumb moves faster and his tongue goes a little bit deeper with every thrust in.

“Fuckfuckfuck… yes… that’s it…” A few seconds later I explode. My back arches and my fingers dig into his chest a little more. I can feel my release pouring out over his face. “So… good,” I breathe and collapse on his torso.

Eric groans and keeps lapping at my opening, cleaning up his mess.

“Mmm, no more, baby,” I whine. My body is like a live wire and I’m still spasming on top of him.

“Mmm… but you taste so good,” he moans and sucks on my clit.

A strong aftershock rocks my body and I have to grab his hips so I don’t fall off of him.

“Baby, please,” I pant. I can’t even move off of him.

“You don’t want to cum again?” He rubs my backside and kisses my inner thigh.

“I don’t think I can,” I tell him.

“I think you can, but I’ll stop.”

Part of me wants to tell him to keep going, another part wants to roll off of him and pass out.

“You can try if you want to.” Keep going wins out.

“Hold on tight, Toots,” he says, and dives back in.

He makes me cum two more times and the last thought I have before I pass out from exhaustion is I must’ve done something really right in a past life to get this man.


8 thoughts on “Chapter 14

  1. Is it warm in here? Coz it feels warm in here.

    Gah. Those two are so cute together. Part of me worries there is a bump in the road for them soon and i no like it.


  2. Joey wants a good daddy… that was heartbreaking… but on the positive side Eric and Sookie dealt with it all like proper grown ups (unlike Sam who is such a douche)


  3. It was so sweet that Joey wanted to call Eric dad. It is also sad because Sam is obviously lacking in that role. I like how Sookie stayed over, man that was damn good sexy time.


  4. I just want to scoop Joey up into a huge snuggle. She is adorable. I’ve had that convos before. Right at the beginning of the relationship. It’s so hard. On the parent and the partner. This well very well managed.
    Great chapter 😌


  5. Meeting Aude went easier than I thought and Jo’s question was totally out of left field, but completely understandable. I hope Eric will be Jo’s daddy one day.


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