Chapter 2


Eric and I spend the night in the hotel room, snuggling, talking and fucking. We order room service and take a long, hot shower together before we get back into bed to go to sleep. I’m exhausted, but then I always am after spending time with Eric. He’s a machine. It’s like he stores up all of his sexual energy for when he sees me.

Sometimes I wonder if his wife suspects what he’s doing. After twenty-three years together, she has to know something is different. But that’s not my concern.

I sleep like a baby, all wrapped up in Eric’s long arms. The honest to God truth is that if he wasn’t a customer, or married, he’s exactly the kind of man I would want to date. He’s tall, extremely good looking, smart, kind, hardworking, generous, a great father and he treats me very well. I don’t care that he’s more than a decade older than me. I’ll be twenty-seven in July. I think he said he’s forty. That’s not too big of an age difference.

The next morning I wake up first and I’m immediately aware of the hard-on poking my thigh. I smile lazily when I realize Eric is still asleep. I carefully untangle myself from him and go to the bathroom to pee and brush my teeth. When I come out, Eric has conveniently flopped onto his back, and there’s a tent in the sheets thanks to his erection.

I climb back onto the bed and reach for the bottle of lube on the nightstand. I pour some into the palm of my hand and then set it aside. My eyes focus on his face as my lubed up hand wraps around his perfect cock. I don’t enjoy blowing every guy that comes looking for head. There’s a myriad of reasons why it can be unpleasant, but Eric doesn’t tick any of those boxes.

I stroke him slowly, making sure I rub my thumb over the tip of his cock. He shifts in his sleep and groans a few times. After a few minutes of slow stroking I shift my body so I’m on my knees and have my backside pointed toward his face so he can take advantage if he wakes up. Eric is a heavy sleeper.

He also likes eating me out. Even better? He’s been extremely open to coaching, and he’s become phenomenal at getting me off that way. Last time we saw each other he went down on me for an hour until I had to push his head away when it became too much. He’s a great student.

Over the years I’ve learned tricks from the men I’ve been with and the other girls. It’s made me a better cocksucker, and Eric is currently benefiting from my experience. I make sure I blow him at least once a day when we’re together since I know he’s not getting this at home. I always take my time to worship him like his cock is the only one on earth.

He didn’t get to cum on my face last night like he wanted to, but I’ll let him this morning if he wants to. I keep stroking his length and suck lightly on his head. My tongue swirls around it over and over. He starts to grunt, but I know he’s not awake. If he was, he’d be pulling my legs so he could eat me out.

Just thinking about it makes me wet, and combining that with his cock in my mouth… mmm…

My head starts to bob up and down, and when I feel his hand move up my thigh I know he’s awake. I relax my throat and jaw so I can swallow his cock, and when I do, Eric hisses. This is a skill that took time and practice to get good at. I’ve gotten decent at it, but on someone Eric’s size, I still have to be careful. I can’t quite get all of him in my mouth, but I get most of him.

I’m sure his wife has never done this.

His fingers start playing with my pussy but he doesn’t shift me over like I expected him to. I keep taking him deep down my throat and when he swells a little more, I start to hum around his thick shaft.

“Fuck, Dixie, I’m going to cum,” he warns me.

I pull back and keep stroking him so that when he cums it’s all over my chest and chin. I love that it leaves him trembling and fighting for air.

I lie on my back and ask, “Do you want to take a picture of this?”

My lips are swollen, my pussy’s wet and I’ve got his cum all over me. Talk about a nice souvenir.

He shakily reaches over to the nightstand to grab his cell phone. Shifting to his knees he sits up between my thighs and snaps a picture of my body stretched out for him like a buffet. Sitting back a little he uses his thumb and forefinger to spread my pussy lips and snaps one more picture before he tosses the phone to the nightstand again.

“Good morning,” he smiles, his semi-hard cock is hanging down just above my mound as my legs are now spread and hooked over his thighs.

“Good morning to you,” I grin up at him, ready to take whatever he wants to give me.

His eyes flick down so he’s staring at my glistening cunt. I want him to touch me. As if he’s reading my mind he runs his thumb through my lower lips from my ass up to my clit and repeats over and over.

“Did you enjoy sucking my dick?” he asks, circling my clit. I nod and a lascivious leer graces his handsome face. I love that look. “I thought so; this pussy is so wet for me right now. Does she want my tongue sliding into her? Beg me to eat this little cunt.”

“Please, Eric,” I beg, my hands going to my nipples to pinch and pluck them. “Please fuck my tight, little cunt with your tongue.”

“Whatever my pretty girl wants,” he purrs and shifts down my body so his face is hovering just above my mound.

He spreads my lower lips with his fingers and I feel the tip of his tongue drag up from my ass to my clit, circling and doing it over again.

“Mmm… baby, that feels so good,” I moan and pinch my nipples harder.

His tongue starts to flick quickly against my clit, doing it over and over until I’m breathing hard, and then he slides a finger inside me.

“More,” I beg after a minute. I want his cock, but I can wait.

Eric obliges and as his lips seal around my clit to suck on it, he adds a second finger. I cry out and my hips start writhing against his face, desperate for more friction.

“Fuck, Eric, I love the way you eat my snatch,” I groan, and my eyes close as the pressure builds in my belly.

His fingers start to pump faster and curl to rub my spot.

“Eric!” I shout, and my pussy starts pulsing around his fingers.

“Look at me, pretty girl,” he commands, and my eyes open. I look down at him and there’s such intensity in his eyes. He lowers his head and resumes flicking his tongue against my clit until I can’t hold back anymore.

“Fuck, Eric!” I scream his name when I cum. My body shakes and my pussy clenches hard. Fuck, he’s good.

I’m still a panting, shaking mess when Eric gets a condom from the nightstand and rolls it on. He wipes his cum off of me and rolls me over onto my stomach. I love when he fucks me from behind. He gets so deep and it feels so fucking good.

Eric keeps my legs together, making his cock feel even bigger than it is. I moan and grab the sheets when he starts to thrust slowly.

“Oh my God,” I whimper. I want him to fuck me harder, but I can wait for that, too.

“God isn’t going to help you now,” he growls and slams his cock deep inside of me. He doesn’t keep going, instead stills deep inside of my heated channel and I can feel him pulsing, stretching me.

As he slowly slides out his head rubs against my sweet spot making me cry out in a low, raspy moan. When his tip is barely inside he slams in again, forcing my whole body to shift forward. Eric can be sweet and loving, or hard and rough with me. He seems to read what I want, or I’m feeding from his needs. I can’t tell, but we’re usually in sync in wanting the same thing.

“Ah,” he pants as he begins to thrust slow and deep. “This fucking pussy feels so goddamn good.” I can’t respond right now. He has a way of rendering me silent when he fucks me like this.

His hands grip my ass and he spreads my cheeks. I can feel his eyes on me and I try to push back the best I can even though he’s straddling my thighs. My dirty boy spits on my asshole and I feel his thumb rubbing little circles around before pushing just the tip in as he fucks my cunt.

“Do you want to fuck my ass again?” I pant and reach under me to rub my clit.

“Mmm, not right now your pussy feels fucking good. I’m just playing a little. I love watching myself fill your holes,” he pants.

I’m a little relieved. After yesterday, I don’t know if I could take another pounding there so soon. But this feels nice. This I can handle.

“Oh fuck,” he growls. Eric normally has really good stamina, but I feel him swelling already.

“Don’t cum,” I beg. I love having him inside of me like this and I want it to last.

He stills and allows himself a moment to calm down before removing his thumb from my ass. He pulls out and shifts back over my thighs. Reaching forward he threads his hands through the back of my hair, gripping tightly, and he pulls me up to my knees. The hand not wrapped in my hair hugs around my waist, his arms are long enough to reach up and cup my breast while playing with my nipple. He’s learned the right pressure to make me moan. Fucking Eric is a pleasure.

Sometimes I feel like I should be paying him. Learning my body has been a task that he’s taken on with gusto and he makes sure to give me everything he has and I love it.

“Take what you need, Dixie,” he purrs. His tongue licks around the shell of my ear before sucking my earlobe between his lips.

I reach behind me, gripping his length and I place him between my legs again. “Good girl,” he whispers. I put him at my entrance and he rips my head back as he thrusts in deep, making me scream his name. “Rub your pussy; make her cum on my cock.”

I do as he commands and my hand goes right back to my clit. He’s still tugging my nipples and scraping his teeth over my neck as he tells me how good I am to him. “Are you ready to cum for me? I can feel this little cunt gripping my cock so fucking tight.”

“Yes!” I cry out, “I’m going to cum so hard for you. God, you feel so good, so big!”

I’m panting and shaking from my orgasm and Eric’s hand slips from my hair and wraps his arm around my throat. He holds me gently while his other arm moves down from my tits to my waist so he can hold me tight to his chest. A few hard thrusts and he shoots his load into the rubber. His body is vibrating, rubbing his sweaty body against mine. He’s practically cooing into my ear he’s so lost in the sensation.

Eric’s lips brush over my jaw as his cock slips from my body. He releases me to dispose of the condom and then he’s right back on the bed with me, holding me close, snuggling his face into my chest.

“You spoil me, mister,” I say, and run my fingers through his silky hair.

Not all of my clients are as giving as he is. I feel lucky that I’m the girl he chose to experiment with of all the options he had that first night he came in.

“Should I order us some breakfast, or do you want to leave the room for a while so housekeeping can clean up our mess?” I ask after a few minutes of quality snuggling.

“I wouldn’t mind going out. We need the fresh, non-sex air,” he chuckles. “Shower with me?”

“Of course. And I packed a surprise for you. I got a pair of remote control vibrating panties for me to wear and I haven’t tried them yet. Should I wear them?”

“Yes please,” he grins and tilts his head up to kiss me. “Get the shower started, I’m going to call home really quickly.”




As soon as Dixie walks away I grab my cell phone and call home. I usually check in with them every morning and usually again before bed, but last night I was sidetracked a bit.

Alyssa’s sweet voice answers the phone after three rings. Alyssa is my youngest child and my princess.

“Hey, princess,” I smile into the phone.

“Hi, Daddy. Where are you today?” Alyssa asks. She likes to keep track of the places I go on a map on her wall.

“I’m in California today, in San Francisco. How is everything at home? I miss you,” I tell her. She’s my only girl and I miss the shit out of her every time I go away.

“It’s okay, I guess. Chris called Mom a bad word this morning, so he’s grounded.” Alyssa is also a great snitch. “And Jamie still hasn’t cleaned his room.”

“Hmm, so nothing new?” I laugh. “Can I talk to mom for a minute?” I usually like to check with Aude when I call to make sure she doesn’t need anything.

“She’s grocery shopping with Granny. Will you bring me a present?”

“Of course, princess, anything for you. I have to get going though. I love you and I’ll call tonight, okay?”

“Okay. I’ll tell Mom you called. I love you, too, Daddy. Bye,” she says, and hangs up.

I set my phone down and sit a moment before I join Dixie in the bathroom. She’s just stepping into the shower when I walk in. I take a quick detour into the water closet before I meet her in the shower. I wrap my arms around her from behind and rest my head on her shoulder. I get a little emotional and snuggly whenever I talk to Alyssa. Dixie is used to this and she stays quiet. Usually she can turn my mood with a strategically placed hand on my cock, but she doesn’t try this time. I had a pretty intense orgasm not too long ago and I don’t think I could get hard anyway.

Our shower is tame compared to last night’s. I turn her around and kiss her gently, pouring way too much emotion into it, and then release her to shower. We finish in silence and dry off, stealing little glances at one another as we do. I leave her alone in the bathroom so she can do her hair and makeup while I retreat to the room to get dressed. I brought some casual clothes with me, knowing Dixie and I wouldn’t need to be dressed very much so there’s no point in wearing a business suit. I slip into a pair of khaki cargo shorts and an undershirt for now. I spritz a little cologne and go to my laptop to actually get a little work done while she gets ready.

About twenty minutes later she comes out of the bathroom naked. Her hair and makeup is done and she winks at me as she walks to her suitcase. I turn in my chair and watch her as she gets dressed. It’s just as sensual watching a girl put clothes on as it is watching her take them off sometimes and Dixie does a very good job of making it look good. She puts on a pink flowery summer dress that she cannot wear a bra with and I get wood thinking about her walking around without it all day. That and the vibrating panties excite me. As she’s putting them in place I get up to pull my t-shirt on and slide my flip flops on.

“You ready?” I ask once she tugs on a small denim jacket and slips into her shoes.

“Yep,” she smiles and I take her hand as we exit the room. She places the remote in my hand and tells me to use it wisely, which I definitely plan on doing.

We walk down the street and find a small cafe with a warm, cheerful interior. A hostess seats us at a nice little table by the windows where the sun is shining in.

“Too bad we’re not back at the house,” Dixie says. “I could sunbathe topless.”

“I’ll open the curtains for you at the hotel. You lay in the sun and I’ll have dessert,” I say, and press the button on the remote to give her a little jolt.

Dixie gasps and quickly hides her face behind the menu. I smirk at her reaction, but then open my menu, too. When I see chocolate chip pancakes I think of my little princess back home. Alyssa always gets chocolate chip pancakes when we go out to breakfast. I hate having to lie to her, but it’s necessary.

A waitress comes by and we both order coffee, but we need another minute to decide what we want.

“Do you know what you want?” Dixie asks after a few minutes ask. “I think I’m getting the Belgium waffle with fresh strawberries.”

Watching Dixie do anything is a turn-on, but she moans when she eats. Now she’s adding whipped cream to the mix? She’s trying to kill me.


“I think I’m getting the Denver omelet and home fries.”

“Will you trade me a bite?” she asks, eyelashes batting away.

“Of course.”

The waitress comes back to the table to take our order. Dixie doctors up her coffee and takes a sip. She moans softly, and I give her another taste of the vibrator in her panties. Her cheeks turn a delicious shade of pink and I get to watch her fight moans that I know want out. Her breathing gets shallow like right before she cums, and I turn the panties off.

I lean over the table, reaching for her hand, threading her fingers through mine and ask, “How wet is my pussy?”

Dixie takes a deep breath before she answers.

“You could fuck her right now. Fast and hard, right here on this table,” Dixie leans in to meet me halfway across the table, speaking to me in her sex voice. “Or maybe up against the wall in the bathroom. And maybe this time I’ll finish you with my mouth and let you cum there.”

Yep, she’s trying to kill me.

Keeping my surprise to myself I arch an eyebrow instead of dropping my mouth open, drooling at the thought of Dixie swallowing my cum. That’s one fantasy she’s yet to fulfill. I’m still a little speechless when the waitress comes back to refill our coffee.

“I love the way you look with my dick in your mouth,” I whisper when the server walks away. She’s calmed down enough so I flip on the vibrator again. I love being able to manipulate her without touching her. I reach up and stroke her bottom lip with my thumb and tell her, “The way these plump lips stretch around my length is so fucking gorgeous.”

She sucks her lip in and closes her eyes. The vibration is getting to her and I can see her impending orgasm so I turn the panties off again. She lets out a slow, shaky sigh and opens her big blue eyes to look at me with so much fire. I want to take her to the bathroom right now; the food can wait.

Without a word I get up from my chair, taking her hand, I walk through the cafe as she trails behind me. I’m sure the few people we pass know what we’re about to do. I don’t give a fuck. We have a few minutes before our food arrives and I’m sure I can get her off in that time. My cock is solid and ready to slide into her wet and willing pussy so it should be pretty quick.

I enter the men’s bathroom and lock the door behind us. She’s pulling the condom out of her jacket pocket before I turn to face her. I reach into my pocket and flip the switch to the panties on and press her against the wall. No words are spoken as I watch her trembling hands unzip my shorts, letting them drop to the ground. My hands are on the wall next to her head, caging her, my eyes never leaving her hands as she deftly rips the condom open and rolls it onto my cock. Once in place she strokes me a few times and I reach down to lift her by her thighs. I push the panties to the side, making sure the gentle vibration is on her clit. I line myself up and drive into her. She lets out a deep sigh and I have to pause a moment to feel of her pussy already pulsing around my shaft.

“Fuck me,” she says quietly.

I start to pump my hips up once I hook her legs over my elbows and her head falls back, putting her smooth, sweet neck on display for my lips. I lick her neck from her clavicle to her jaw and my hard, fast thrusts are pushing her closer to the edge. She starts to moan a little too loud and I use my long arms to reach up and cover her mouth. Her eyes snap open and the lust behind that gaze sends chills down my spine. I feel her lick my palm and I bite my bottom lip as I rest my forehead on hers. She starts moaning and gasping so loud even my hand covering her mouth does nothing to stifle the sounds.

She starts to go limp when her orgasm begins to subside and I know it won’t take me much longer. I pull out of her, drop her legs and she immediately goes down to her knees. She rips the condom off of me and I plunge my dick into her mouth, fucking her a little rougher than I normally would. She’s taking everything I give her though and seems very excited about it. Her small hands grab my ass and she tries to pull me in deeper. I’m larger than most men so I’m impressed with how much of my length she can fit in her mouth. Her saliva is coating my cock, dripping down to her chest and when her eyes flick up to mine I lose it.

“Holy shit!” I whisper-yell when my orgasm comes out of nowhere. I shake through aftershocks as she swallows load after load of my thick cum. She takes it all, her eyes on mine the whole time.

When I’m done she licks my cock until she’s cleaned every drop of cum off of me. With a sweet kiss to my tip she holds onto my hips and I grab under her arms to help her stand. With my pants around my ankles still I press a kiss to her lips with so much adoration and appreciation it makes her moan.

“Thank you,” I whisper against her lips and I feel her smile.

“Let’s get cleaned up so we can eat.” She gives me one last kiss and she kneels down to pick my shorts up for me since I don’t think I can move just yet. She tucks me in and buttons them for me.

“Thanks for that too,” I chuckle.

We clean up and exit the bathroom, reaching the table as the server sets our food down. She gives us a knowing look making Dixie cheeks flush. Oops.



30 thoughts on “Chapter 2

  1. Well let’s get the obvious one out of the way first; shiiiiiiiit that was hot!!!! The plot is definitely there, Eric is feeling some very intense emotions which may or may not be related to the first comment. Sookie definitely doesn’t see him as a normal client, but is probably doing her best to pretend he is (see first comment).
    I can only plead for more than once a week (at over 40 chapters that would keep us going well into 2014) – you have me hooked ladies. I love these two already, especially as they both seem very different from other Sookie & Eric incarnations. I know it’s a ff cliche, but I can’t wait for more!


  2. that was HAWT…. and the blush at the end, awesome… i have thoughts on where this all goes but i will wait until you reveal it to us… Kristie

    all i can say is i hope he hides the pictures


  3. I think….ahem..I mean I know that I need a fresh pair of panties right now. Goodness gracious! I’m on the train tucked away in a booth and all I can do is fidget trying to keep myself in my seat. Note to self…do not read around strange hot men..I’m liable to jump one. Lol


  4. Wow! Very hot! Obviously lol 🙂
    And she swallowed a guy who she has admitted would be datable if he wasn’t a client… And married… Big step.
    I will and am getting over the fact that he is cheating on his wife and lying to her, it’s harder to get over the lying to his kids…. But… Fiction and all. And this is where porn and angst have babies lol, so I see much angst ahead! I volunteered to read and I ain’t backing down, cos I love your writing, not just the porn =D and that goes for both you lovely ladies!

    So yay for more regular porn/angst babies!


  5. HOT! I have to admit though, with all the hundreds of ff stories I’ve read, this was the first time I read the word snatch. I had a complete gigglefest!


    • LMAO! Annnnnnnnnd now you know why this is being posted on WP and not FFN. Sometimes you have to switch up the vernacular a little bit. Not to mention, to me there’s something especially dirty about that word so it doesn’t get used very often, but when the characters are trying to be dirty you’ll probably see it more. But I’m glad you had a giggle fit over it. Thanks for reading!


  6. I don’t know how I feel about Eric taking a picture of Sookie in such away. First rule never take a picture you wouldn’t want everyone to see! Why do I suspect Sookie gives Eric many more liberties than she ever has with any other “client”?


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