Chapter 24





I continue to play with his tip, licking and sucking lightly. My eyes are on his and I can see every ounce of love pouring off of him. Eric begins to stroke the wisps of hair around my face back and I suck his head a little deeper into my mouth, making him groan. After a minute or so I start bobbing, taking more and more of his shaft until he hits the back of my throat.


“Mmm… that’s good, baby,” he says tensely. His thumb strokes my cheek softly.


I start humming and I replace the hand he has wrapped around his base with mine. As I stroke in time with my mouth I squeeze and twist a little, making him hiss. I keep stroking as I pull off.


“Do you want me to keep sucking you?” I ask and go right back to bobbing on his cock.


“Keep going, Toots,” he pants. His hips start to thrust gently and his grip on my hair tightens.


I reach down to caress his sac as I suck. My eyes flutter closed and I start moaning louder. My lips tighten as I try to work him deeper. My gag reflex kicks in when I try to swallow him, making Eric’s fingers dig into my head. As I pull back my tongue slithers along the underside of his cock and I feel him begin to twitch between my lips.


“I’m close, baby,” he pants. “Do you want me to cum in your mouth?”


I look up at him and pull off long enough to say, “You can cum wherever you want,” before I hollow my cheeks, sucking as hard as I can.


“Ah, fuck!” he groans.


“Mmm,” I moan. I start moving faster how he likes it and I tug on his balls a little.


“Yes,” he hisses. “That’s it, Sookie… fuck!”


He pulls out of my mouth and cums on my chin and neck.


“Do you have any idea how hot that is?” I purr as I wipe up some of his cum to lick off my finger. I don’t remember being horny at all with Joey, so my actions are a little surprising to even myself.


“Why do you think I did it?” he pants and smiles at me. “Baby, anytime you want me to cum on you, just say so.”


“Yes, sir,” I wink. “Are you ready to massage me?”


“Anywhere and everywhere.” Eric offers me a hand to help me up.


I stand up with a little help from him. I feel a lot bigger than I am so my movements are wonky. I highly doubt he’ll care how I’m moving when he’s balls deep in my ass though.


When I’m out of the tub Eric hands me a towel so I can dry off quickly. I pull my hair down and I grab the condoms and lube. I take his hand when he offers it so we can go to the bed.


“Where do you want me?” I ask as I crawl onto the bed.


“However you’ll be comfortable for your massage,” he says.


I’m limited on how much time I have left to lay on my stomach so I relax on my tummy with my head on the pillow.


“Ready,” I say over my shoulder and wait for my husband-to-be to massage me. I’ll tell him later that it probably won’t have to be full body, but my back could use a rub down.


He grabs the lotion waiting on the nightstand and then climbs up onto the bed next to me. Eric squirts some onto his hand before he starts rubbing my shoulders. I moan softly and turn my head into the pillow. His hands are big and strong. They feel amazing on my body, but then Eric has never done anything I didn’t like.


“Can you move down my back a little?” I ask, “Work on my lower back.” I refuse to tell him, but he’s right about lifting things. The kids are getting too heavy for me.


“Anything you want.” His thumbs press along my spine as they move down my back. Then they move outward at just the right amount of pressure.


“That’s perfect,” I groan.


He keeps moving along my lower back and my hips start to flex a little to get him at a better angle. After a few minutes I turn my head and say, “Let me turn over. I need my boobs rubbed.” They still hurt a little.


He moves long enough to let me flip over. I look up at him with a content look on my face.


“All yours,” I smile and push my tits up to offer them to him.


His hands move up from my hips and his thumbs gently move in circles on the side of my breasts.


“You know if you need a back rub you can just ask for one, right?” Eric asks as his thumbs brush my nipples.


“I don’t want to admit you’re right about me lifting Jake,” I tell him.


“Just tell him the same thing I tell Jo, that it’s not good for the babies,” Eric says as he goes to work on my ribs and the underside of my breasts.


“He gives me this look that I can’t say no to. You give me the same look when you want things,” I say. My eyes close and my back arches a little as his hands move.


“I don’t make a face,” he says.


“Yes you do. You get these big puppy eyes and your bottom lip pokes out just a little. It’s absolutely adorable.”


“I do not give you sad puppy face.”


“Fine, next time you make the face I’ll take a picture,” I tell him. He can argue it all he wants. I look at him all day; he’s not constantly in a mirror. “Better yet, ask Karin.”


He gives me a little growl and his hands move toward the center of my chest.


“Baby, bring your mouth down here and suck on my nipples,” I whisper. My nipples are already tight from the cool air.


He leans forward and his tongue flicks against my nipple a few times before his lips seal around it. He sucks gently while his fingers play with the other one.


“Mmm,” I moan. My fingers thread through his hair to hold him to my breast. He’s making a sexy growly/purr sound that is keeping me wet. I slide one of my hands down to stroke my nipple under his lips and tongue and his eyes dart up to mine. “You’re so sexy, baby,” I whisper. I’m pretty sure he can make me orgasm just from his mouth on my tits.


“So are you,” he says as he kisses his way to my other breasts and gives my other nipple the same attention.


My hips begin to move under him. I can’t get any friction from this position so I switch to rubbing my thighs together.


“I’m ready for my first orgasm,” I whisper and drag his face up to mine so I can kiss him.


“How do you want it?” He asks before he slips his tongue in my mouth.


I grab his hand and push it down my body. He allows me to spread my legs so he’s between my thighs. I use his hand to rub my mound so he knows what I want without breaking the kiss.


Eric growls a bit and his long, thick fingers move up and down my slit a few times before two of them slide into me and begin to pump in and out slowly. My hips start moving with his fingers and my hands slide down to his shoulders. I break the kiss and I drop my head back to breathe. I start panting as his fingers continue their slow in and out.


“Make me cum, Eric… you know what I need,” I groan and press my chest up into his.


His fingers curl to rub my spot and his lips go back to my tits to play with my nipple.


“Mmm, that’s it,” I moan. Eric’s thumb finds my clit and he draws slow, smooth circles around it. I can feel my walls begin to flutter and my ovaries start tingling. “You’re making me cum… fuck!”


Eric’s hips start moving in time with his fingers and I can feel his cock getting hard again. He keeps his fingers moving and after I calm down some, he works a third into me and his mouth moves down my body until he reaches my clit. I feel his tongue move slowly around my swollen nub while his fingers work me.


“Oh God!” I cry out. He’s going to send me right into another release. I know oral sex isn’t advised, but I refuse to stop him. His tongue feels too fucking good. “Baby, do you want to play with my ass and get me ready?” I ask between moans. Anytime he’s played with my ass he gives me intense orgasms.


He makes a noise but doesn’t stop what he’s doing. His lips seal around my clit instead and he sucks on it. His fingers move faster, rubbing quickly over my spot.


I cry out when he gives me the second orgasm he promised. My hands go right to his hair and I start pushing his head away. He looks up, but keeps his fingers moving.


“Too much…” I whimper.


“We’re not done yet, Toots,” he says. He removes his fingers and I feel them move down to my other entrance.


“I know,” I nod and bite my bottom lip. “Have you ever done this?” I ask curiously.


“Nope. This is a first for me too.”


“Okay.” I’m nervous, but I whisper, “I’m ready when you are.”


He goes slowly working one finger into my back entrance and when I tense up he goes back to using his mouth on my clit until I relax. Once I calm down a little I take in the sensation. His finger is starting to feel good as it begins to pump in and out of me.


“That’s good,” I moan when I feel good with what he’s doing to me.


“Tell me when you want more,” he says, twisting his finger inside me.


“Baby, get the lube and I think I can take more,” I tell him.


He shifts carefully and grabs the bottle from the nightstand. “Will you open it for me?”


I take it from him and flip it open. I reach down, bending some so I can drizzle it over his finger. Lube is magic. His finger starts to glide in and out with ease, making it feel really good, drawing a soft moan from me.


“More?” Eric asks as he takes the bottle from me.


“Yes… please…” I pant and arch my back.


There’s more lube and then the tight stretching when he adds another finger. His mouth goes back to working my clit at the same time.


I tense a little, but his mouth begins to relax me again. His pumping stays fairly slow. His fingers are making a wet, sticky sound and my pussy is gushing, adding to the lubricant.


“I think I’m ready for more,” I whisper after a few minutes.


His fingers twist and scissor for a minute before he attempts to use a third finger. He pauses to add even more lube and he goes slow.


“Is this okay?”


“It’s really tight, but I’m okay,” I assure him. I need to be stretched if I’m going to take his cock.


Eric takes his time working the third finger in. They twist and continue to scissor inside me.


Again, it takes a few minutes for me to get used to the intrusion. Eventually I’m able to focus and I start running my hands through his hair. The more he twists, the more I relax, and the better it gets.


“That’s starting to feel really good,” I whisper while looking into his eyes so he can see the truth in my words.


“Good,” he says. “I wish you could see how wet you are right now, baby.” Eric’s tongue flicks my clit a few times.


“Mmm, fuck… I can feel it,” I moan.


“Tell me what you want, Sookie.” His tongue flicks again.


“I want your dick where your fingers are,” I whisper, making him growl.


He slowly removes his fingers from me and then he gets up to wash his hands before he comes back to bed for a condom.


“Are you comfortable that way?” he asks while he rolls the condom on.


“Yeah,” I nod, “I want to be able to kiss you if I need to.”


Eric smiles at me and leans down to give me a sweet kiss.


“If it hurts or you don’t like it, just tell me and we’ll stop,” he says.


“I promise, I will,” I agree and take a deep breath.


He positions himself between my thighs and he drizzles more lube on his cock. My thighs part wider and then he leans forward to kiss me again. His head nudges my back entrance and I feel the pressure as he starts to push into me. I wrap my arms around his shoulders and gasp into the kiss when his head pops in. He’s a lot to take and I know I won’t be able to take his whole length, but I at least want him to cum while he’s fucking me like this.


“You feel enormous,” I breathe into the kiss.


“It’s because you’re so fucking tight,” he groans.


“Does it feel good to you?” I ask and stroke his hair back.


“So good.” He gets a little deeper and pulls back some before pushing in again.


I hook my legs up around his ribs to open myself up a little more and I slide my hand down between our bodies. He can focus on fucking me while I play with my clit. I start rubbing and breathing harder.


“I think I like it too,” I say after a few minutes.


Eric adds more lube and it lets him get a little deeper.


“Fuck,” he groans. “Let me know when I can go faster.”


I need to relax a little more so I keep rubbing. I dip two fingers into my pussy and my back bows. God. I can feel him with my fingers.


“Go ahead,” I say and my eyes clamp shut.


Eric starts to thrust faster and just a little bit deeper. He groans and his head dips down to kiss my breasts.


“Jesus, you’re fucking huge,” I tell him again. “Push my legs out,” I direct him. If he pushes them out and puts his weight on them he’ll open me up more.


He does as I say and when he thrusts in again he gets even deeper. “Ooooh… fuck, Toots,” he growls.


“Mmm, it’s good, Eric… keep going,” I beg. The stretching coupled with my fingers working my pussy has me close.


“You want it faster?” he pants.


“Will that make my baby cum for me?” I ask him.


He nods and looks down to see my fingers playing with my pussy. He’s pulling almost all the way out before thrusting in again.


“Jesus, that looks so fucking hot, Toots,” he tells me.


I look down to see what he sees and I say, “Mmhmm, now cum for me, Eric. Take what you need from me.”


His hips move a little faster and he kisses me hard. When the kiss breaks, his forehead presses against mine.


“You feel so fucking good, Toots. I love you so goddamn much,” he tells me as his cock swells just a little bit more.


“I love you too, Eric,” I moan. I tilt my head up for another quick, heated kiss and my fingers move faster over my clit. “Baby… I’m gonna… fuck…” My hips start rocking harder to meet his thrusts and I can feel my orgasm approaching. I want Eric’s thick fingers in me, but I want him to enjoy this. “Make me cum…” I breathe.


He grunts and somehow manages to get one of his fingers in my pussy. Eric looks deep into my eyes just as he finds my spot and rubs over it quickly.


“Oh my God!” I cry out. I throw my head back when I erupt. My clit is swollen and stiff. My walls are massaging Eric’s finger and I’m sure my ass is contracting around his cock, coaxing an orgasm from him.


“Fuuuuuck!” Eric roars and I can feel his release empty into the condom. He just barely catches himself before he drops on top of me.


I look up at him. His face is flush and sweaty. His eyes are closed as he pants, trying to catch his breath and he’s never looked so sexy.


“I love you so much,” I whisper as I push his hair back.


“Love you too,” he whispers.


He slowly pulls out, making both of us groan. With a quick kiss he gets up on shaky legs to dispose of the condom while I roll to my side.


“Was it everything you wanted it to be?” I ask as I hold out my hand to him. I need to snuggle.


“Better than,” he tells me. Eric comes back to bed with a warm, damp washcloth to clean me up a little.


I roll back and wince a little when the washcloth touches me. I’m still sensitive.


“Hurry up and get back here,” I say as he walks away.


“Yes, ma’am.”


When he gets back into bed I pull him in close. My lips find his for a slow, sweet kiss that makes my nipples harder. I’m not ready for more sex, but this man has a way of turning me on like nothing else has.


“Are you hungry?” I ask when the kiss breaks for a moment. Before he answers his mouth is right back on mine.


For a while we just lie here kissing until Eric’s hand rests over the little bump in my belly that seems to get a little bigger each day.


“I could eat. Are you hungry?” he asks.


“I’m always hungry,” I giggle. I rest my hand over his and say, “Your babies are starving. They’re growing so fast I’m scared my wedding dress won’t fit.”


“Then it’s a good thing there are less than twenty-four hours to go,” he smiles at me. “You stay here and be lazy, and I’ll get us dinner.”


“Yes, sir,” I reply and kiss him quickly.


I watch as Eric gets up from the bed. His naked butt looks edible right now. Maybe it always looks edible. I pout a little when he covers it with shorts though. He walks out with a wink and I roll onto my back. I rest my hand on my tummy and I start rubbing the babies. I can’t wait to find out what sex they’re going to be. I want to see whose features they have; if they’re going to be identical. I also have to pee.


I get up from the bed to go to the bathroom. He told me to be lazy, but I rinse off quickly in the shower before I find one of his t-shirts and go down to the kitchen to find him.


“I’m not sorry,” I smirk when he glares at me. “I had to move… I’m too excited to just lay there.”


“Well then I guess I can put you in charge of the potatoes,” he says. He’s wrapping chicken breasts with bacon.


“What do you want me to do with them?” I ask.


“Depends on how you want them. We can make garlic mashed, baked, the seasoned wedges…”


“How do you feel about fried with onions and butter?” I offer. I’m in a fried potato mood.


“Sounds good to me. You know there’s one of those fryalator things over there,” he points toward the corner. “We could make onion rings if you want them.”


“Nope. I’m going to dice them with the potatoes. Do you have a cast iron skillet?” Everything is better with cast iron.


“Uh… I’m not sure.”


“No problem. I can use whatever you have.” I go to look in the cabinet with the pots and pans, but I don’t feel good bending over. “Can you look? Non-stick or cast iron will work.”


Eric washes his hands before coming over to look.


“We have a winner,” he says, and produces a cast iron skillet for me.


“Thanks, babe,” I smile as he hands it to me. “If I’m having trouble bending now, I think Jo is going to get a good workout when she cooks with me,” I giggle.


I grab two potatoes and I wash them before I start dicing them into half inch squares. I’m very meticulous about my pan fried potatoes.


When I get the onions and potatoes done I toss them in the pan with a shitload of butter. These aren’t the healthiest, but they are delicious.


Forty minutes later we’re sitting down to eat.


“What do you want to drink?” I ask before I sit.


“Water is fine.”


I get our water and instead of sitting in my own chair I sit on his lap.


“I feel like a kid that knows they’re going to Disneyland tomorrow. I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep,” I tell him.


“Yes you will.”


I don’t believe him, but I stay quiet. We finish eating and Eric makes me go to the room before he does the dishes. He was right and I’m nearly asleep when he comes to bed and wraps himself around me. My last thought before I pass out is that in just a few hours I’m going to be Mrs. Eric Northman.



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