Chapter 25


As I walk into the  kitchen I pause and watch Sookie from behind. She’s washing dishes, wearing an old T-shirt of mine and some sweats. Her hair is piled high on her head and I know she doesn’t have any makeup on. My eyes drift down to her ass and it hits me that I haven’t had a hard-on in close to two weeks. I haven’t talked to Summer yet, but I’ve finally resolved to call her.


“Angel,” I purr from my spot on the other side of the island. With my new resolution I find my cock is starting to work again and I’m getting hard.


“Yeah?” She doesn’t look away from the pan she’s scrubbing and it’s making her ass jiggle.


I pad around the island and slide up behind her. I press my growing erection against her ass and grab her tits through my The Clash shirt she tried to get rid of.


“If you tell me what I’m thinking I’ll buy you that stand mixer you’ve been eyeing,” I whisper against the shell of her ear before I nibble on her lobe.


“You could use a snack?” she snorts.


“Is that what this feels like to you?” I ask, thrusting against her delicious ass.


“Maybe you’re craving something on a stick,” she says.


I know she’s missed sex too. I slip my hands into the sides of her sweats and push them to the floor.


“I have a stick for you,” I chuckle. I reach up to turn off the water.


“Babe, I’m doing dishes,” she laughs but doesn’t try to dodge me.


“I don’t care. The dishes are going to be there when I’m done with you.” I pull her hips back and rub her bare ass back and forth over my cock. “You could even multitask and wash them while I fuck you if you feel you must.”


I reach between our bodies to pull my cock out of my shorts so she can feel my skin on hers.


“I don’t think that’ll work,” she says and bends over the sink a bit.


I lean back to look down at her ass. I can see her pussy pulsing so I run my fingers through her folds. “Do you miss having my heavy cock in here?” I purr as I push two fingers into her core.


“God, yes,” she moans. Her hips move so she can ride my fingers. “Jack’s got nothing on you.”


I keep pumping my fingers and make her gasp when I push my head in alongside my fingers. “I’m sorry you’ve had to rely on Jack,” I say and pull my fingers out so I can slide my length deep into her heated depths.


“You’ll make it up to me.” Sookie turns her head and keeps pushing her perfect ass back to meet my thrusts.


“You know I will,” I grunt and give her a hard swat. My hips speed up and my fingers dig into her flesh as I pull her back to meet her each time she rocks against me.


“Oh fuck,” she pants. I see her hand leave the edge of the counter and disappear in front of her to rub her clit.


“Fuck is fucking right,” I pant. “Let me feel you cum on my big dick… I need to feel it, Angel.” My hips slap into hers. I raise my hand and bring it down on her left cheek.


“Ahhh! Yes, fuck!” Sookie shouts. Her walls pulse rapidly around my shaft. “Fuckfuckfuck!”


“That’s my girl,” I breathe. With one more swat, my orgasm hits hard and I release deep inside of her cunt. “Fuck! Yes!” I roar, trembling against her. Fuuuuck, I needed this.


“Mmm… that was worth putting off the dishes for,” Sookie pants and turns back to kiss me.


“I’m glad you think so,” I smile against her lips. I pull out of her and turn her around so I can hug her. “I’m sorry I’ve been gone, Angel. I’m back, I promise.”


“It’s okay. I know you’ve had a lot on your mind. It’s better if you take the time you need than if you feel obligated to service me,” she says.


“I’ve decided to call her,” I admit. “I’ve come to terms with the fact that I have a sister and a nephew out there and I want to get to know them. I want you to meet her too.”


“That’s great, Eric. I’m happy for you.” She kisses my neck. “I would love to meet her.”


“I haven’t talked to Grams about it yet. I was worried she’d get upset, but I realized it’s not her life.” I kiss Sookie’s forehead and wrap her tighter in my arms. “And now my cock works again,” I chuckle.


“We better take advantage before it goes back into hibernation,” she giggles and squeezes my ass.


“I don’t see that happening anytime soon,” I grin. “I wouldn’t turn down a blowjob.”


“Oh yeah?” Sookie starts to slide down to her knees.


“Mmhmm. I you missed a spot when you dusted yesterday, Miss Stackhouse,” I tell her, stroking her hair back. “You need to make it up to me.”


“Then I’ll go get my rag and you can show me the spot I missed,” she smirks.


“Mmm, nope. You can start with the mess you made all over my cock. I need you to lick that up first.”


“Technically, you made that mess,” she argues. “But I’ll be a nice girlfriend and clean it up anyway.” Her lips wrap around my tip and she sucks hard.


“Fuck, you’re a great fucking girlfriend,” I groan as I take her hair down and wrap it around my fingers.


Sookie looks up at me as more of my dick fills her mouth. She pulls back slowly and brings her hand up to stroke me. Her tongue flicks my tip and she sucks my head again, moaning and humming as she works. Her head begins to bob and her hands move to my hips to hold me still.


“Mmm, you’re such a good little cock sucker, Angel,” I pant. One hand rests on the sink behind her and I have to keep myself from thrusting into her mouth. I want to fuck her throat so bad.


Sookie relaxes her jaw and drops her hands. Next time I nudge the back of her throat she swallows my head.


I let out a soft whimper and tug her hair accidentally. She stays still and lets me fuck her throat. Sookie moans and hums because she knows it drives me crazy. Her small hand rubs and caresses my sac before she gives it a gentle tug.


“That’s it, Angel,” I hiss. My hips speed up slightly and I let go of her hair to settle my hand on the back of her head. “Do you want me to cum in your mouth?” I moan. “Or are you going to let me slide back into your tight little cunt?”


Sookie pulls off of me and says, “Your choice.”


As much as I love her mouth, I need her pussy again. I reach down and pull her up to her feet. I pull her shirt off and lift her to set her on the island. As I guide my cock to her opening, I lean over and wrap my lips around her nipple. I moan against her skin as I slide in to the hilt.


Sookie wraps her legs around my waist and pulls my face to hers for a hard kiss. I groan into the kiss as I start to thrust my hips. She’s so wet, so warm and tight and just fucking perfect.


I break the kiss and rest my forehead on hers. With each hard thrust I pant heavily, “Fuck… yes… You feel so good, Angel.” My hand slips between us to play with her clit.


“Mmm… faster, Eric,” she moans.


I do as she requests, speeding up my hips to fuck her as hard and fast as I can. My hip bones are slapping into her inner thighs. I look down to watch my cock disappear into her over and over. In and out. Her walls sliding along my dick, stroking me, pulling my orgasm closer to my head.


“You’re going to make me cum, Sookie. Tell me how bad you need it,” I growl.


“Fuuuuuck… so bad,” she breathes. “Give it to me, Eric. Fill my tight little cunt up.”


“Yes… yes… fuck… yes!” I roar, pounding in harder with each word. My cock swells and I erupt. My hips jerk through my orgasm, gripping her hips tight.


Sookie kisses my forehead and rubs the back of my neck to calm me down.


“My God,” I pant. “I love you so fucking much.”


“I love you too.”


“Sorry. If you want to get back to the dishes, I’ll leave you alone,” I smile as I tilt to kiss her neck.


“I’ll be going upstairs to clean myself up first. Maybe weld some pants on,” she teases.


“Mmm, now that I’m in working order, you better watch out,” I grin. I pat her hip and pull out so we can go upstairs to clean up. “Maybe I should go to the bathroom down here.”


“Probably. If me doing dishes got you horny, beware that I’m going to vacuum next.”


“Well, shit. I should just leave in that case,” I laugh.


“Mmhmmm,” she smirks and slides off the island.


I give her a quick kiss and smack her ass before she jogs up the stairs.




I pull up so Summer’s house an hour later. I don’t know what I’m going to say, but she agreed now is an okay time to stop by. I take a deep breath and get out of the car. I walk up to the door and ring the bell.


She comes to the door with Hunter on her hip.


“Hi,” Summer grins. “It’s good to see you again.”


“Ah, you too,” I smile back. “Sorry it took so long.”


“It’s fine; I’m just happy you’re here. Do you want to come inside? I was just about to put Sunshine down for his tummy time.”


“Sure,” I nod. I look down at Hunter and he’s staring at me curiously.


Summer steps back to let me in and then closes the door behind me. She leads me to a living room that’s cluttered with baby toys and some kids’ show is on the TV. I stand next to the couch, dwarfing everything in the room.


“Was Ginger short?” I blurt. Summer is a few inches shorter than Sookie. I didn’t notice the last time because she was wearing heels.


“She was,” Summer confirms. “Just barely five feet.”


She puts Hunter on the floor and he immediately rolls onto his back to stare up at me some more.


“My Grams is six foot and my dad was an inch shorter than I am from what I understand,” I explain. It never even occurred to me that Ginger could be any smaller than five and a half feet.


“Lucky you. Hunter will probably be taller than me before he graduates kindergarten,” she laughs.


“I don’t think that’ll be too hard,” I tease. “I had a bad growth spurt when I was twelve and then another when I was fifteen. They hurt like a son of a bi– I was in a lot of pain.”


“Hunter’s hit a few growth spurts already. I can always tell because all he wants to do is eat and sleep.”


“I know his pain,” I sigh. “I still eat like a beast. My girlfriend has started cooking for six when she makes dinner so I have an evening snack.”


“You’re lucky you found a girl that cooks. I’m not very good and Mom wasn’t the best teacher. I can order takeout like a boss, though.”


I laugh and say, “My Grams taught me when I was in my mid-twenties. My dad died when I was a kid so she ended up raising me. Pam is my grandmother.”


Summer nods. “Do you have any other siblings? Ginger had several abortions after I was born, so it was just me, as far as I know.”


“Nope, until you walked into my bar I was an only child.”


“So tell me about your girlfriend,” she says as Hunter rolls his chubby body toward her when she sits down on the floor.


I smile and say, “She’s… ah, she’s amazing. She’s funny and smart. She puts up with my shi– stuff when I’m being an idiot. Hell, I broke my television to prove a point and she bought me an even better one to replace it. She’s one of those people that make you want to be better yourself, ya know? I mean we were together three months and bought a house together. It’s… what I have with her is real. What about you? Are you seeing anyone now, or is it just the two of you?” I ask, nodding at Hunter.


“It’s just me and the little mister. I don’t want to make the same mistakes Mom made, so right now he’s my main priority. When I’m not at work, I’m usually home with him,” she says. “If a guy comes along that loves Hunter and can accept that we’re a package deal, maybe I’ll give him a chance.”


“That’s good,” I nod. “Where do you work, if you don’t mind me asking?”


“It’s cliché, I know, but Heavenly Bodies,” she tells me.




“As a dancer or a server?” I ask curiously. I’m not here to judge either way.


“A dancer. It pays the bills and it’s letting me take online courses to learn medical billing so Hunter won’t be mortified by what I do for a living,” she says.


“Hey, whatever works,” I smile. “My girlfriend’s best friend dances at Hooligan’s.”


“The male strip club? Good for him,” she nods. “What does your girlfriend do?”


“She’s a nurse. She works with terminally ill children,” I reply.


“Ouch. I couldn’t do that before I was a mom and I definitely couldn’t do that now. It would break my heart. I bawl my eyes out when Hunter gets shots or cuts a tooth,” Summer says as she rubs her son’s head.


“I’ve held her through a few… bad days. It is really hard on her, but the kids make her so happy. She comes home and tells me how strong these kids are. She focuses on making their time left as good as possible.”


“That’s great. God bless her for it,” she says genuinely. “It sounds like you found your lobster.”


I laugh and say, “Yeah, you could say that.”


“Well I’m happy for you,” Summer nods. She picks up the baby when he starts pulling on her shirt.


“Thanks. So… you said everyone said this was a bad idea. Did you tell Ginger you wanted to meet me?”


“I did. I wanted to do this years ago but after Katrina we lost you for a while. Well, I lost you. Ginger kept all the photos and letters and cards your grandmother sent. She almost went to Chicago to see you while you were in rehab, but I talked her out of it,” Summer confesses.


“Wow… why?” I ask. “As far as I knew Ginger never even thought about me.”


“It was a selfish move on her part. She wasn’t going out of concern for you, but because she felt guilty. I told her to wait until you were settled and clean, and then if she still wanted to see you I would take her to the bus depot myself.”


“Clearly that didn’t happen,” I sigh. “I’m glad you stopped her. I still had some anger issues at the time. It’s possible I would’ve punched her in the face.”


“She would have deserved it. After she found out you made it through rehab she went on one of her Benders. I didn’t see her for three weeks that time,” Summer recalls. “When she came home she looked like shit, had a black eye and she was seven weeks pregnant.”


“She was a real winner, I see. Uh… do you have any pictures of her?” I’ve never seen what Ginger looked like.


“Yeah. Hang on.” She puts Hunter down and gets up to leave the room.


Hunter and I stare at each other when she goes. About two seconds after she’s out of the room he starts to roll in my direction. I move down to the floor so he can reach me. When he gets to me he moves to hold onto my thigh so he can get a better look at me. I don’t pick him up; I just let him take me in. This makes me wonder what my kids with Sookie are going to look like.


Summer comes back with a box in her hands. She sets it on the couch where the baby can’t get to it.


“You can pick him up. Just mind those teeth of his. Those suckers are razor sharp,” she warns as she digs through the box.


I carefully lift him and sit him on my thigh. He doesn’t stop staring at my face and his chubby little hand comes up to touch my scruffy chin.


“He’s really cute. Sookie would eat him up,” I say to Summer as I smile at Hunter.


“Sookie is your girlfriend?”


“Yeah,” I nod.


“I’d love to meet her at some point. She sounds like a sweetheart.” Summer hands me a few pictures.


“I would like that too. I told her earlier today that I want her to meet you.” I hold the pictures out of Hunter’s reach.


When I finally look I’m frozen in my spot. This is the woman that gave me up and never looked back. My first thought is that her hair is so processed it looks fake even though she’s a natural blonde. We have the same eyes, other than that you’d never guess we were related.


“I didn’t know what to expect,” I whisper.


“You can keep those if you want,” she offers.


“I don’t know if I’m ready for that,” I tell her honestly. I know Sookie will want to see them so I sigh and say, “But I’ll take them. Hunter and I both have her eyes.”


“Yeah, you do,” she agrees. “She was good with him. Mom finally got clean three years ago. For the first time she held down a regular job, went to meetings and found religion. She got really into Buddhism and became very mellow. Of course by then it was too late.”


“How so?” I ask. I haven’t even asked how she died.


“She was serving time for assault, resisting arrest and robbery, and she found out she was HIV positive,” Summer tells me. “All those years of sharing needles and unprotected sex finally caught up with her. The virus hit her hard and I’m not sure how long she had it before she found out. Six months after she got out of jail we found out she had full blown AIDS. Ten weeks ago she caught a cold that turned into pneumonia.”


Sadly, I’m not surprised. The first thing they did when I got into rehab was get tested for any and every disease. I lucked out and I was clean. I’ve been tested every six months since.


“I only used a needle a couple times. I got lucky that I cleaned up before I ended up in the same spot. Did you… have you ever done any drugs?” I ask. I didn’t even grow up with them and I got caught up in it.


“Nope. Well, none that weren’t prescribed by a doctor. I had to have a c-section with Hunter,” she says. “The way I tend to see it is if you grew up with an addict parent you either follow in their footsteps or you avoid drugs at all costs. I had zero interest in getting high.”


“That’s a fair assessment,” I nod.


I stay at Summer’s house for another two hours before I leave to go to the bar. On the way out I invite her to our housewarming party. I don’t know if it’s the best idea yet, but it felt right. I’ll tell Sookie when I see her.




I’m already in bed by the time Eric gets home from work. I had a long day at the hospital and didn’t get home until after nine. I came straight upstairs, got in the tub and soaked my troubles away. After a quick snack I crawled into bed and I fell asleep quickly. My eye opens just enough to see it’s a little after one in the morning.


Eric goes to the bathroom and closes the door most of the way. I hear the toilet flush and the shower start. I must go back to sleep because the next thing I feel is Eric getting into bed behind me. He leans over to kiss my shoulder since I’m lying on my stomach, hugging my pillow.


“How was work?” I ask so he knows I’m not totally asleep.


“Good, busy. You should be asleep, Angel.”


“I was until I heard you come in,” I reply and roll over to lay on his chest.


“Mmm, I’m sorry,” he hums and starts to twirl my hair.


“It’s okay.”


I know he was going to see Summer today. I’m glad he’s decided to try getting to know her a bit. He’s always thought Pam was all the family he had. Finding out he’s got a younger sister came as quite a surprise, but I think it could be a good thing. Hopefully he gives her a fair chance.


“I hope you don’t mind I invited Summer to our housewarming party. She wants to meet you,” he says quietly.


“Of course I don’t mind. I’ll be happy to meet her.”


“Good. She’s a sweet girl and Hunter is adorable. You’re going to love him.”


“I’m excited to meet them,” I tell him. “I’m really proud of you for going to see her. I think this could be a very positive thing for you.”


“I hope so. She seems like she has a good head on her shoulders. She’s going to school for medical billing. She asked a lot of questions about you, but that could be you’re the easiest thing for me to talk about.”


“Could be. Maybe she’s trying to ease into the tougher stuff,” I suggest. “Is she married? How old is her son?”


“Not married, Hunter is seven months and his father doesn’t know about him. That’s really the only disappointment so far. She works at Heavenly Bodies while she’s at school,” he says.


“Well, if she didn’t tell her son’s father she was pregnant I’m sure she had her reasons. I mean if you knocked me up before you got clean I probably wouldn’t have told you,” I tell him honestly.


“Yeah… I know she has her reasons. She seems to be doing a good job with him and she said Ginger was real good to him before she died.”


“Do you know how she…” I don’t know how she died and I’m not sure if he knows.


“AIDS,” he whispers. “She was clean for three years before she passed.”


“So she was an addict?” I don’t know much about Ginger. Eric doesn’t like talking about her.


“Yeah,” he nods. “Learning some of the things I learned tonight makes me appreciate Grams so much more.”


“Does she know about Summer?”


“Not yet. Summer said she kept track of me as Grams send cards and pictures every year. She lost me for a while after Katrina… I’ll talk to her when I go to lunch with her on Wednesday.”


“Good idea. I think she’d shit herself otherwise,” I chuckle.


“Possibly,” Eric smiles. “She’s a really tiny girl. I didn’t realize how short she was the first time I met her because she was wearing heels. Apparently Ginger was only five foot. Oh, I brought some pictures of Ginger and one of Hunter to show you.”


“Oh good. You can show me later,” I yawn. I need to go back to sleep.


“I will. If I don’t get up with you they’re on the island. Go to sleep.”


“You better not get up with me. I rise and shine in a few hours, but then you have me for the next three days.”


“I can nap if I do,” he reminds me.


“I’ll try to keep it down anyway.” Not that it matters. If Eric is in a deep sleep I could drop an Atomic bomb on his head and it wouldn’t wake him. “Sweet dreams, babe.”


“Sweet dreams to you, Angel,” he whispers and kisses my head.


I snuggle into him and in minutes, I’m out cold again.




I get home from work later that night to find Eric on his couch, eyes glued on Penny. He’s watching porn. Of course.


“Should I leave you two alone?” I snicker.


“Mmm, nope,” he says without tearing his eyes from the screen.


“Are you sure? You seem to be having a date night with your mistress.”


“She’s willing to share me. Come watch this with me,” he says, finally looking over at me. “I just got it today along with a new toy for you.”


“Oh yeah?” I kick my shoes off and go join him on the couch.


“Yeah, we can use it tonight or later…” Eric leans over to kiss me softly. “Welcome home.”


“Thanks. What’s the new toy?” I pull my knees to my chest to take my socks off. I really, really want to get out of these damn scrubs.


He reaches to his right and picks up a new dildo designed to double penetrate me.


“It’s already clean just in case you feel up to it,” he smiles.


“I hope that comes with lube,” I chuckle.


He sets down the dildo and picks up a bottle of lube. “Not my first rodeo, Angel,” he purrs as he leans in to give me another kiss.


“What’s the movie about?” I ask between kisses.


“A girl cheating on her boyfriend,” he whispers as his hand comes up to cup my face. “When she gets caught the boyfriend decides to join the party.”


“Ah, so something that would never happen in your real life,” I giggle.


“Exactly,” he smiles. “But the chick in the video is hot as fuck and she takes the guys like a fucking champ.”


“Have you watched this before then?”


“Just earlier today after I bought it,” he chuckles.


“So you’ve been sitting here watching porn all evening?”


“Not all evening. I gave it a trial watch. I skimmed through it before I made dinner and then watched Chopped.”


“So what was your favorite part that you slowed the DVD for?” I know he didn’t just skim.


“I watched her give the new guy head while the boyfriend fucked her in the ass and then when they took her together,” he tells me as he reaches down to stroke my slit through my work pants.


“Sounds like a party,” I chuckle. No party I’ve ever been to, of course.


“Mmhmm,” he nods. Eric tilts his head to the side and begins to kiss the front of my neck.


I stretch my legs out and lift my hips when Eric starts tugging at my pants. He pulls them off and I leave my legs parted for him. He leans down and runs his flattened tongue up and down my lips over my panties.


“Watch them,” he whispers and pushes my panties to the side so he can lick my bare pussy.


It just so happens the girl in the movie is spread eagle on the island in some fancy kitchen. Her boyfriend or her lover is going down on her like the world is coming to an end and the actress is obviously acting. My hand settles on the back of Eric’s head and my much softer moans join with the girl’s as Eric sucks on my lips and teases my clit.


“Mmm, you sound so much better than her,” Eric moans. I feel his eyes on my face as he draws slow circles around my clit with the tip of his tongue. I feel his fingers at my center and he pushes just his fingertips into me. “Tell me if you want your new toy.”


“Okay,” I breathe.


The guy stops lapping at the girl like her pussy is an ice cream cone on a hot summer day, and stands up to slide into her.


“Holy shit, that’s a huge cock,” I mutter.


“Wait until she takes it in her ass,” he chuckles.


“If someone tried to put that monster in my ass there would be problems.” Eric is big enough, thank you very much.


“Angel, shhh, enjoy the show,” he smiles against my pussy.


I watch the guy pound into her while Eric sucks on my clit and gives me shallow thrusts of his fingers. My head rests against the back of the couch when his tongue starts to flick just right.


He groans and my back arches when he slides his fingers all the way into me. He wiggles them against my sweet spot while his tongue swirls around my clit. Eric moans before he starts to suck hard on my nub. My grip on his hair tightens and my hips begin flexing slightly.


“Talk to me, Angel. Tell me how good my mouth feels; tell me how much the people you’re watching turn you on,” Eric says quietly before he begins to suck again.


“Mmm… just… fuck… enjoy the show,” I pant. My thighs are shaking and breathing is a chore. “Ohmygodohmygodohmygod… Yesyesyesyesyes… Fuuuuuck!”


My pussy grips his fingers hard and everything trembles. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, how does he do this to me?


“Mmm,” he moans, “That’s it…” His fingers slow down and he throws his arm over my hips to hold me down. “You’re so, so gorgeous when you do that,” he smiles up at me as he pulls his fingers out and starts to paint my lower hole with my juices.


“Anxious for me to try my new toy?” I ask.


“You don’t have to,” he tells me, shaking his head slowly. He flicks his tongue over my clit a few times and says, “I’d be happy to lie here and eat your juicy little cunt the whole time you’re watching the movie.”


“And what if I would rather you bend me over the arm of the couch and fuck me?”


“All you have to do is say the word. I’m so fucking hard for you,” he breathes.


“Do it,” I command.


Eric kisses my clit before he stands up and drops his pants. He’s going commando and as soon as they’re unzipped his cock springs out and he’s so hard he could cut glass. He lifts me from the couch, turns me around so he can push my panties down and take off my top. He walks me around to the edge of the couch so I’m able to see the movie when he presses between my shoulder blades to bend me over.


“Imagine what it would feel like to have a thick cock in your tight little asshole as I fuck you, Sookie,” he says in his sex voice as he slides his length into me. He doesn’t waste time, and he starts driving in over and over.


“Mmm… it would be so fucking tight,” I moan. I don’t think I could actually have sex with two guys at the same time, but there’s no harm in thinking about it.


“Yes it would be…” Eric pants. “You feel how hard I am just thinking about it?” he asks. Eric spanks my ass hard as his hips begin to piston; sliding in as deep as possible before quickly pulling out. His head is rubbing over my spot each time he pulls back, making me gasp.


“Right there, Eric… just like that,” I moan and my head drops. I don’t care what’s happening on screen. I only care that my ovaries are tingling and I’m going to explode again very soon.


“I know. I always know what you need, Angel,” he growls and smacks my ass again. “I want to feel you cum… milk my orgasm from me…” He reaches forward and grabs my hair at the base of my neck. He pulls my head up, making my back arch. Eric’s massive hand slides around to grip my throat, squeezing lightly. He uses his other hand to lift my leg so he can get even deeper and his thrusts become harder than before. “Cum hard,” he commands.


“Oh fuckfuckfuck!” I cry out. I grab onto the couch as my walls clamp down on his cock. “Yesyesyesyesyes! Eric!”


The pleasure is so fucking intense and he’s not stopping.


“Sofuckinggood,” he rambles. His hips keep going, slapping into my ass over and over. “Again,” he growls and spanks me hard as his hand grips my throat tighter.


The crazy thing is that my body responds. In less than two minutes I cum again for him. I can feel my honey running down my thigh. This is insane.


“Good girl,” he pants. Eric pounds into me a few more times before he pulls out. He keeps his hand around my throat as he yanks me to my knees. He holds my head up and starts to quickly stroke his shaft. “Keep your mouth open,” he growls.


I leave my mouth open wide for him, waiting for his cum to hit my tongue. It only takes a few seconds for the first jet to land on my tongue; the second on my chin. He let’s out a soft whimper as his cock pulses in his hand. Eric slides his tip along my tongue so I can lick up the little bit of cum dripping from his head.


“Fuck, that’s fucking good,” he pants. “I’ve needed that all fucking day.”


My lips wrap around his head and suck hard to make sure I’ve gotten every drop of his cum, and he groans when I find more. I stroke his shaft and bob my head a few times before releasing him.


“Me too,” I say before licking his cum off my chin.


“You never have to ask to suck my dick,” he chuckles. “Fuck. If you need it that bad I’ll come to the hospital and fuck your throat in a supply closet if you need me to.”


I laugh and push myself up off the floor.


“Have we gotten to your favorite part yet?” I ask, glancing at the TV.


Eric leans in close to kiss my neck just below my ear and he whispers, “I forgot about the movie right around the second time you came on my dick. But no… not yet. We can save it for next time if you want though.”


“Or you can sort of get your fantasy and fuck me with my new toy while the girl on screen gets double teamed,” I suggest.


“Get comfortable.”


I give him a hard kiss and then lie down on the couch with my left leg up on the back of the sofa so I’m spread open for him. I look at the TV and the girl is making out with her lover. He’s got his fingers in her pussy and she’s unzipping his jeans. The movie cuts to a man in a suit getting out of a town car and pulling a suitcase behind him. As soon as he opens the door he hears moaning. When he walks into the living room, his girlfriend is riding her lover.


“Mmm, look at the way her tits bounce,” Eric comments as he picks up the toy and the lube so he can prepare it for duty.


“A pornstar without implants. Will wonders never cease?” I smirk. “You know I could never do it, but there’s a part of me that thinks it would be kinda fun to be a pornstar.”


“You would make a killing. Your body and the noises you make. Couple that with how gorgeous your pussy is and you would be favorite, quickly,” he tells me without taking his eyes off of the screen. “Fuck, she has a nice looking pussy too. I’d buy stock in anything you did with that chick.”


“What’s her name?” I don’t watch enough porn to know names.


“I don’t know. I’ll look at the case later,” he chuckles. “Now watch as her boyfriend finds them.” Eric strokes the toy a few more times before I feel the cool drizzle of lube hit my ass. I feel the head of the rubber cock slip into my pussy just before the other side nudges my ass. “Watch as her boyfriend pulls his dick out to slide it into her asshole…”


I do. Through the magic of porn, she’s properly lubed up and he slides right into her like it’s no big deal. She doesn’t even flinch. Shit, that definitely wouldn’t be happening here if Eric came home and found me bouncing on another guy’s cock.


He slowly pushes the toy inside of me and whispers, “Stop thinking. Just feel.”


“You told me to watch,” I remind him. Of course I’m going to be thinking about what I’m seeing.


But having the toy sliding in and out of me distracts me from the movie and I watch Eric instead. Neither part of the toy is as big as he is, but I’ve never felt fuller than I do right now, and I can definitely see the appeal, especially when Eric starts flicking his tongue against my clit.


“Ohmygod,” I gasp.


“Mmm,” he moans. He speeds up his hand and starts to suck. He moves between my lips and my clit, pausing to look down at the rubber cock filling me. After a moment he leans in to rub his flattened tongue over my nub. “You’re so Goddamn wet, Angel,” he breathes.


“Mmm… feels good,” I moan. I look at the TV to see the girl has changed positions. The camera zooms in on her face and there’s something familiar about her, but I can’t place what it is.


Eric keeps the toy moving at a good pace, pushing it in deep while his tongue works my clit. He takes me right to the edge before backing off. Eric draws it out, building up the pleasure just to back down. When I finally cum I feel like I might pass out, it’s so good.


“Mmm, perfect,” he whispers. He pulls the toy out and sets it on a paper towel on the coffee table. He flicks the TV off and sits down next to me. “Are you hungry?” he asks, stroking my hair back.


“Mmhmmm,” I hum. I’m still having aftershocks. Getting up isn’t an option quite yet.


“Stay here, I’ll get you something and some water,” he says. Eric bends to kiss my head before he disappears into the kitchen.


I put my leg down and roll onto my side. The DVD case is on the coffee table so I pick it up to see who the girl is. Tara Thorne.


Oh. My. God.


This girl has bleach blond hair and hazel eyes, but now I know why she looks familiar. Throw some dark hair on her and take out the color contacts, and she’s my childhood best friend. We went our separate ways in high school when she became more interested in hanging out with the kids from Hot Shot. The nail in the coffin was when she started dating Felton Norris, a known meth dealer. I wanted no part of that. Tara chose partying and boys. As far as I knew she dropped out senior year and moved away. Now I know where she ended up. I don’t know if I should be happy for her or heartbroken.


“Well, now I know why this girl looks familiar,” I tell Eric when he comes back.


“Hmm, did you experiment in college with her?” Eric jokes as he sets a plate of tacos down next to a giant glass of water.


“You wish,” I snort. “She grew up in Bon Temps. We used to be friends before she started hanging out with meth heads over in Hot Shot.”


Eric arches an eyebrow and deadpans, “So you could introduce me?”


I shake my head at him.


“I don’t think she’d be happy to hear from me, not that I have the first clue how to get ahold of her. Our friendship went in the shitter originally because she fucked my brother when we were fifteen. That’s an epic girl code violation at that age,” I explain. “I didn’t handle it very well and I said some pretty awful things to her.”


“Sorry about that,” he says sincerely. “I won’t watch this movie anymore if it’s awkward for you.”


I shrug and say, “Whoever this girl is, she’s not the Tara I used to know. It doesn’t really matter.”


“Okay,” he shrugs. “Eat.”


I toss the case back on the coffee table and concentrate on my dinner while Eric turns on the ten o’clock news like it’s any other night.

5 thoughts on “Chapter 25

  1. So hot, as usual! On another note I’m glad Eric contacted his sister. Still looking forward to his conversation with Pam about it all.


  2. Reading that Eric considered everything before contacting Summer was an adult decision. Rather than impulsive and seeking out other people’s opinions. Please that he didn’t tell Pam that she had contacted too. Adored all the plentiful lemons in the chapter. They always brighten my day! 🙂


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