Chapter 24



A few days later I’m still riding my Sookie high when I take into account some of the things she said. I did more boyfriendy things before we were actually a couple. I know it’s nothing big, but I think it’ll make her smile and that’s pretty much what I’m about now, making my girl smile. Taking this relationship serious, or more serious I should say.
I call Jason while Sookie is at work and ask if he can let me in. I know her period is coming up, if not here already and I know she cramps bad and gets all pissy. In the past I’ve been exiled for that week. This time I’m going to try to make her feel somewhat better.
Once I’m in I look at the clock and see she should be home in an hour. I get started on a chocolate lava cake and set up some of those relaxation candles in the living room. I’m sure the smell of chocolate will be enough, but the candles can’t hurt.
I bought three dozen wild flowers, brought my heating pad and a bottle of Midol and a bottle of Port. I have her comfy sweats set out on her bed and an extra blanket on the couch. It’s fuckin’ cold out and she needs to be warm. I know she’s on her feet all day so I have a bottle of lotion next to the candles and before she puts new socks on I’m going to give her a foot massage. Overkill? Maybe. I need her to know I pay attention to her and I want to spoil her.
I’m putting the cake in the oven when she comes walking in. I have a glass of wine poured and I’m wearing some track pants and an apron. That’s it.
“Honey, you’re home,” I grin as I head toward her.
She looks surprised, to say the least.
“How did you get in here and what smells so chocolatey and delicious?” Sookie asks as she takes off her coat.
“I bribed Jason with the leftover macaroons and a pecan pie. That delicious smell is the chocolate lava cake I just pulled out of the oven,” I tell her.
A smile lights up her face. “You trying to get another threeway or something?”
“I just want you to feel good. I listened to what you said and I’m trying to be a good boyfriend,” I inform her.
“Well this is very sweet of you. Thank you,” Sookie says sincerely.
She bends to take off her boots and then hangs up her coat in the nearby closet.
“Go get into your comfy clothes and I’ll have dinner on the table when you get down,” I tell her.
“What’s for dinner?” She takes the glass of wine I offer her.
“Chicken and broccoli fettuccine. Garlic cheese bread and spinach salad.”
“Sounds delicious,” she says. Sookie comes over to give me a quick kiss and then heads for her bedroom.
I go back to the kitchen and put a bowl together for her. I place another bowl full of garlic bread in the middle of her table and toss the salad quickly. As promised, when I hear Sookie on the stairs I’m just taking off the apron.
“The flowers are lovely,” she says when she walks into the kitchen. “And thank you for making dinner. I could eat a horse.”
“You’re welcome,” I smile as I hold out her chair for her to sit down. For once I’m showing Sookie that I do know how to be a gentleman.
She takes a seat and asks, “Are you eating with me?”
“Yeah, I’m getting mine now.” I go back to the kitchen to get my bowl and salad. “After dinner we have a movie and you’re getting a foot massage,” I tell her as I take my own seat.
“Okay, who are you and what have you done with my boyfriend?” Sookie asks while putting salad into her bowl. She reaches for the bottle of raspberry poppy seed vinaigrette.
“I’m not a prick all the time, Sookie.”
“I know that.” She drizzles some of the dressing onto her salad. “But you don’t really go out of your way like this either. I’m not used to this Eric.”
“I’m sure I won’t be like this all the time, but you were right. My idea of spoiling you is giving you orgasms all night. I know you’re not complaining, but you deserve more. You’re my girlfriend, not my blowup doll,” I shrug.
“Do you have one of those?” Sookie asks with a little smirk.
“I’ve spent time with one,” I chuckle. “My buddy Bobby made me walk around with one during my bachelor party. She got popped and I threw her away before the night was over.”
“Poor girl. All she wanted was a good time,” she frowns.
“I think she got plenty of good times before she met me. I’m pretty sure she was from Bobby’s personal collection,” I cringe.
“Ewww. Who knew Fret Michaels was an upgrade?”
“Huge upgrade. Bobby had a brief affair with Nora after we split. I stopped talking to him then. Nora did it just to get back at me, Bobby did it because he was a horny fucker that wanted her from the day he met her.”
“What a dick.”
“Pretty much,” I shrug. “I’m over it.”
Bobby and I met in junior high school. He was my best friend for close to twenty years. We’d been through a lot of shit over the years. Fucking my ex-wife was crossing a line. I still loved Nora when she left and he seduced her the day after our divorce was final. I found out when he was sitting on her couch in nothing but a pair of sweat pants when I went to pick up Spencer. Dick.
“Thankfully I’ve never had a girlfriend do something like that,” Sookie says. “Although an ex did try to hook up with Hadley once.”
“That’s bullshit,” I shake my head. “Oh, I talked to my parents yesterday and told them I have a girlfriend. They’re excited to meet you.”
“Oh yeah? What are they like?”
“Sweet is the only way I can think to describe them. I’m somewhat like my dad attitude wise. Pam and I actually get our cussing and shit from my grandma Northman. My mom retired from the county and my dad was a banker. They moved to Oregon to be near the ocean, and still have seasons, if that makes sense.”
“That’s what I love about living here. You get the lake and all four seasons in one day if you’re lucky,” she chuckles and moves the salad bowl over to attack her pasta.
“I don’t think I’d want to go anywhere else. Pam is in Los Angeles and she seems to like it, but I need trees, you know? Concrete jungle is a true statement,” I sigh.
“I’ve never been there so I can’t comment. I went to New York once and hated it. The whole city smelled like piss and garbage to me,” Sookie says.
“Been there, that’s also a true fuckin’ statement. LA is just… I don’t get the appeal… There’s a lot to do, I guess. There are way too many cars and the stop lights suck balls.”
“It would be fun to visit, but I don’t think I could live there either.” Sookie reaches for the garlic bread.
“My sister fits right in. It’s too bad you didn’t get to meet her before she left. She would’ve tried hitting on you,” I chuckle. I pause to get up and check on the cake. I pull it out of the oven and flip it onto a plate so it doesn’t keep cooking. “That should be cool enough to eat when you’re done with dinner.”
“You’re a god among pastries.”
“Just wait till you’re on the couch with a heating pad on your stomach, lava cake in your mouth and these bad boys on your feet,” I say, wiggling my fingers as I sit back down.
“Sounds like heaven.”
“Hopefully I don’t tickle you.”
We finish up with dinner and I smack Sookie’s hand when she tries to help clean up. I send her on her way to the couch. I already have the heating pad plugged into an extension cord if she needs it. I pour her a glass of the port wine and take it out to her with the lava cake so she can start on it while I clean the kitchen up.
When I’m done I go back to the living room. I take a seat at the end of the couch and lift Sookie’s feet to rest on my lap.
“That good?” I chuckle as she moans with a bite.
“Mmhmm,” she hums and licks the chocolate off her fork.
I pull her socks off and lean over to pick up the lotion. I squeeze some in my hand and rub them together to warm it up before I pick up her left foot and begin to rub. I push my thumbs into the center of her foot, pushing up to the balls and back down to start over again.
“Oh… my… sweetmotheroffuck…” Sookie groans.
I chuckle at that and keep going. Her feet look so tiny in my hands it’s cute. I shift my hands around and rub circles around the top and down along her ankles.
“I didn’t even ask, how was work today?” I purr.
“Mmm… busy, but profitable,” she answers.  “I don’t know if I’m having a foodgasm or a footgasm right now.”
“Does it matter?” I ask as I kiss her big toe.
“Nope,” she sighs happily.
I set her foot down and lean up to grab the remote. I turn on the TV and I already have The Shining cued up.
“And your show, Madame,” I wink and pick up her right foot to give it the same treatment.
“Seriously, are you dying?” Sookie looks concerned.
“No, pretty girl, just loving you.” I kiss her toe again and start rubbing up her lower calf.
“Mmm… keep this up and you’ll be getting a massage tonight too,” she tells me.
I smile and say, “This isn’t about that. Just relax, watch your freaky movie and enjoy your period package.”
She smiles and relaxes against the couch, moaning every few seconds from either the massage or the cake. She looks happy and comfortable which is exactly what I was going for.
We stay quiet while I rub her feet and calves. When I’m done I take the plate to the kitchen and come back to put her socks back on. I push her forward so I can spoon in behind her. I rest my head on the pillow, my hand over the heating pad and I end up passing out right around the time Jack is axing a hole through the bathroom door.




I’m a little confused and nervous when I get home from the bakery. Christmas is in a week so I’m working later and later, but I don’t remember turning the lights on when I left. Color me fuckin’ shocked when I walk in and see Sookie standing in my living room and I think I smell Mexican food.
“Hi…” I say with an awkward smile.
“Hello,” she smiles back at me. “I figured what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Therefore, I have a small Mexican feast almost ready. But first I’m going to trim that mop up there.” Sookie points at my head.
I push my hair behind my ear and cringe. I guess it is time for a cut.
“I’m perfectly fine with Mexican… how did you get in?” I take off my coat and shoes before I walk over to kiss her hello.
“What fun would it be if I told you that?” She smirks and kisses my jaw.
“Before you go take the key on the E key ring off the hook and use that anytime you want to come in,” I tell her as I reach up to stroke her hair back.
“I guess that’s better than picking your locks,” she winks.
“Considerably better,” I chuckle. “You can even keep the key ring.”
“Oooh, fancy,” she giggles. “Come on; let’s go fix your hair. I think there’s batter in it.”
Sookie takes my hand and leads me to the kitchen where she has a chair set out and her scissors, combs and a set of electric clippers on the table. There’s a fresh towel resting on the edge of the sink and another chair set in front of it. Bottles of hair products are lined up and Sookie gestures for me to take a seat on the chair.
“Get comfy,” she says as she turns on the water. My faucet has a spray function and a moveable hose.
I take a seat and thanks to my height I’m able to rest my head back for her to wash it.
“Is this warm enough or do you want it warmer?” She sprays my head for a few seconds.
“I’ll take it as hot as you can take it on your hands,” I tell her. I like my water hot.
Sookie makes it a little warmer and then wets my hair down. She runs her fingers through it slowly, making sure it’s all wet before she reaches for the shampoo… putting her tits right in my face.
“You know if you took your shirt off we could both get a little thrill,” I snort.
“I thought about it, but decided you would distract me too much. So I settled for the white T-shirt instead,” she says as she flips the cap on one of the bottles. She pours some peach colored liquid onto her palm and sets the bottle down again.
“I don’t know when was the last time I used shampoo and conditioner separately. I’m all about the easy one stop shop,” I chuckle and my eyes zero in on her nipple through her shirt. “Are you wearing a bra?”
“Nope. And I plan on making sure my shirt gets wet.” Sookie begins massaging the shampoo into my hair.
“Shift a little and I can get it wet.” Her nipples are really close to my mouth. I can’t move my head though.
“Nope. I’m busy here.”
“So, I guess I can’t talk you into to straddling my lap while you do this…”
“Worth a shot.” I’m a good boy and keep my hands on my legs as she moves her hands down to the back of my head. Fuck. This feels fuckin’ good.
“Do you just want a trim?” Sookie asks as she rinses my hair.
“You can do whatever the fuck you want. You have to look at me,” I tell her. “My hair grows fast anyway if I don’t like it.”
“I think we’ll go GQ,” she winks. “I promise you’ll look good.”
“Are you going to shave this shit off my face?” I haven’t had time to even think about shaving in the last three weeks. Sookie hasn’t complained so I don’t even worry about it.
“If you want it gone.” She begins massaging conditioner into my hair.
“Can you trim it with the clippers?”




“What’s for dinner?”
“Tacos, enchiladas, refried beans and rice,” she says. “And churros with cinnamon ice cream for dessert.”
“I think you just found my lava cake,” I snort. “Mexican food is my favorite.”
“Good to know. I started cooking the beef last night so it’s falling apart.”
“Mmm,” I hum. She starts massaging down my neck, making me hum again. “You know I’ve never had my hair washed by anyone else? I’m a Supercuts guy.”
“There’s nothing wrong with that. I just figured I’d do it for you. Next time I’ll wash your hair topless,” she says as a spray of water soaks her shirt by her left boob. “Oops.”
“Oh shucks,” I groan when her shirt starts to cling to her nipple. “Do you need me to lick that off?”
“Nice try,” she snorts.
“I will always try,” I smile up at her and reach up to tweak her nipple.
“Hey! Hands off,” she giggles.
“That’s not how you treat a hair stylist? Sorry, I’m new to this,” I say innocently.
“We’ll have to work on your etiquette or Lafayette will get his hopes up.”
“I’ll only come to you,” I tell her.
“That won’t stop him,” Sookie laughs.
I smile and say, “Then I’ll only get my haircuts at home. I wouldn’t want any of your other clients getting funny ideas.”
“Most of my clients are female.”
“Oh, then they can get all the ideas they want,” I laugh and pinch her nipple again.
“I’m going to start deducting churros every time you do that,” Sookie threatens.
“I make sugary treats for a living. I’ll be fine,” I grin and reach around to smack her butt.
“I knew I should have just gone upstairs and got naked,” she sighs and turns off the water.
“No, this is better. The anticipation is half the fun,” I tell her.




“What are you anticipating?”
“I don’t know. That’s why it’s so fun.”
She gives me a strange look and starts towel drying my hair. I sit up when she tells me too and then stand so she can turn the chair.
“Tell me if I need to slouch down. Even with the chair all the way down I usually have to,” I tell her.
“Nope, no slouching allowed. I brought a little step in case I need it,” Sookie says. She holds out a foot to reveal the five inch pumps she’s wearing.
“Smart girl.”
“Thanks.” Sookie goes to the table to get her scissors and a comb.
She combs my hair out and then steps back to consider her options before doing some more combing. She produces one of those cape things and snaps it around my neck.
“Ready?” she asks.
“GQ me, baby,” I nod. I know I’m not ugly, but I don’t see GQ happening.
Sookie tugs up a section of hair and starts snipping. I see clumps of wet hair fall to the floor as she works, moving around my body slowly, pausing to look at me head on and checking to make sure things are even. It takes her about fifteen minutes of snipping and whatnot before I feel her run her fingers through my hair to toussel it.
“I wish I would have brought my blow dryer,” she says. “But you still look sexy.”
“I have a blow dryer in my linen closet upstairs,” I shrug.
“Then I’ll be right back,” she says, and takes off for the stairs.
I, being the typical man that I am, get up to go after the fall apart beef. I really don’t give a flying fuck about my hair being blow dried, but the food. That’s what I’m anxious for. I’ve learned Sookie is a fuckin’ phenomenal cook. However, I’m so distracted by the meat I don’t hear her come back in the kitchen and I get a hairbrush to the ass.
“Shit! Sorry, wasn’t me,” I blurt and drop the lid.
“If it didn’t work for Shaggy, it doesn’t work for you either,” she snorts. “Sit.”
“Yes, ma’am.” I fix the lid and return to my seat.
Sookie plugs in the blow dryer and uses her fingers to style my hair. A few more minutes of moving around me and making little adjustments, and she steps back to admire her work.
“I’d hit it,” she says.
“Oh yeah?” I arch an eyebrow. “My girl shouldn’t be here for another hour or so if you want a quickie.”
“You might miss dinner. Go look at yourself and tell me what you think,” she instructs.
“Your loss,” I wink. I go into the downstairs bathroom. Huh. I’m a sexy motherfucker. I can definitely pull off the GQ.
I go back to the kitchen and find Sookie sweeping up my hair.
“You did a pretty fuckin’ good job,” I tell her. “Thank you. My mom is going to be happy to see the mop gone.”
“Good. Do you like it?”
“I love it. Thank you,” I smile and close the small distance to kiss her.
“You’re welcome. You don’t have to blow dry it every day. I just did so you could see it dry.”
“Will it bother you if I throw a hat or a beanie on it?” That’s pretty much what I do now.
“Nope, not at all,” she smiles. “And the beard is kinda sexy, too.”
“Good to know,” I wink. “Can we eat? My stomach feels like it’s going to eat itself.”
“Go for it. Enchiladas are warming in the oven.”
“Mmm, you’re perfect.”
I go to the oven to pull out the enchiladas and scoop two onto a plate before I go to get some bean, rice, and make three tacos.
Sookie makes a much smaller plate when she’s done cleaning up the hair mess and she sits with me at the table to eat. To say I’m surprised she broke into my house is an understatement. I just hope she understands that giving her my key is a sign that she can trust me. I’m not hiding anything from her. I love her and I’m not going to do anything to fuck this up.



18 thoughts on “Chapter 24

  1. Sookie can be a a regular cat burglar when she’s ready;) This sweet back and forth hopefully won’t end, every few weeks to do something nice for the one you love should be enough for now. Also no vagina or penis shots.Lol


  2. Great chapter! The mutual spoiling & thoughtfulness was terrific. That’s the real intimacy that lasts. Thanks for the fantastic chapter, ladies!


  3. eric is the man. with a wife like nora ,it’s no wonder why he was distant with women. sookie’s got it going on too. i’m loving this


  4. That was a great chapter. Those two just being together, enjoying each other’s company, some amazing food and lots of laughter. I just hope those other girls don’t keep tying to make a move on him. But I’m sure they will. LOL


  5. So my take is, whether Sookie was right or not getting mad about the phone pictures (I found it interesting many were in favour and as many against), IT WORKED!!! They both realised they have to make more of an effort and defy their somewhat tainted beginnings to date and be caring lovers too… And look at that, they are indeed adorable… Makes me want to date both of them right?


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