Chapter 34


The next morning I sneak out of bed before Eric wakes up and go out to the kitchen. I’ve spent the last three weeks practicing making stuffed French toast. I think I’ve finally got it down. I’m as quiet as I can possibly be so I can bring him breakfast in bed.

The first thing I do is get bacon cooking in the oven, and then I get my batter ready. I carefully follow the recipe and once I have it ready I start slicing up the French bread I asked Eric to pick up for me. He asked why, but I wouldn’t tell him. He’ll find out soon enough.

Once the bread is sliced I cut pockets into each piece and spoon some strawberry preserves into the little pockets I’ve made. After that the pieces get battered before being cooked in butter on the stove. I cross my fingers, say a prayer and hope I don’t burn anything.

Apparently God is smiling at me today because I get it all right. Nothing is burned, it all tastes good and I’m proud of myself. I make two plates, pour two cups of coffee and carry it all into the bedroom. Eric is still sleeping and I hate to wake him, but cold food is gross. So I climb up on the bed and kiss along his jaw to wake him gently.

“Baby wake up,” I say softly in his ear.

“Mmm,” he moans and tries to flip over.

“No, no, no I have breakfast for you.” I stop him from rolling over. “You can go back to sleep after you eat if you want.”

“Five more minutes,” he mumbles.

“Okay but I might eat all your bacon.”

With this his eyes pop open.

“How did you get bacon?”

“From the fridge. I cooked it,” I grin.

He’s silent. His eyes dart back and forth between me and the food on the nightstand. I think he’s trying to figure out what’s happening.

“Am I being punked?” he finally says, the small smile tells me he’s joking.

“Nope. I practiced this for the last three weeks, but I got it.” I get up and grab his plate. “I promise you won’t get food poisoning,” I say as I hand him the plate.

“You did this… for me?” he asks, truly stunned for some reason. He takes the plate and he has an entire piece of bacon in his mouth before he looks at the rest.

“Well for both of us since we need to eat, but I thought this would be a nice surprise.” I sit on the edge of the bed.

“I love this surprise,” he smiles and leans over to kiss me. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. That French toast is stuffed with strawberry preserves, so be careful not to burn your tongue,” I warn him, and get up to get our coffee.

“This is amazing, Sookie,” he says when he takes a bite of the French toast. “And you didn’t burn the kitchen down I assume since I don’t smell smoke.”

“Your kitchen is safe and sound. The smoke alarm didn’t go off and I didn’t need a fire extinguisher. I can officially cook a meal.” I climb up on the bed with my plate.

“I’m proud of you, and this is an awesome way to be woken up. I love you, pretty girl,” he smiles again.

“I love you too.” I’m so relieved that everything has turned out because I was sure I’d screw it up somehow. But Eric’s first bite convinces me I’ve done well. It’s only one successful meal, but it’s a start. “Oh, and there’s more bacon keeping warm in the oven.”

I’m pretty sure he could just eat a pound of bacon for breakfast and be happy.

“I think I love you more now.”

“Want more? I can get it for you,” I offer.

“Nah, maybe if you were in high heels and an apron I’d have you walk around, but I think I just want you here right now.”

“I left my maid’s uniform at home,” I tell him. “I actually have one.”

“Keep it in California, we can use it for roleplay when we go back,” he suggests and takes another bite of his French toast.

“I’ve got plenty of outfits to play dress up with. We’ll probably need to get a safe or a lockbox to keep my toys in since it would probably put your kids in therapy for life if they found them.”

“Uh, yeah. I didn’t even think about that.”

“I won’t bring them all, just my favorites for when you go out of town for work. Then I can send you naughty videos.”

“I think I hit the sexual jackpot with you,” he laughs. “I wouldn’t mind naughty videos if I was just in the other room. Also, you can come with me on my work trips.”

“Until I start working. I’m lucky I was smart enough not to go blow my money on unnecessary plastic surgery and overpriced sports cars.”

“You’re perfect as is, you don’t need any surgery and you aren’t a sports car girl. You’re practical, I like that about you.”

“My big splurge was the house, but it’s way worth it.” I reach for my coffee to take a drink.

“Your house is gorgeous and I agree well worth the splurging. Do you really think we’ll be okay here? Especially with more than one kid it’ll be cramped,” he says.

“Yeah, but I don’t think we’ll find an apartment bigger than this one. We would have to look at houses. That would be a pretty big commitment for us to make.”

“We can rent houses too, Sookie. We don’t have to buy,” he shrugs. “This place is pretty big. I think I’m used to having so many people and making sure everyone has their space. I worry one of the kids will get in your way. But… I guess they don’t all come over at once.”

“Well I’m sure there will be times when we get in each others way but that’s just the way it goes,” I shrug. “If you want to look at houses we can. I want us to be comfortable, whether it’s here, in a house we rent or a place we buy.”

“Okay, we’ll see how it goes once you’re in.” He finishes his breakfast and sets the plate on his nightstand. He lies back down so he can watch me eat.

“So what do you want to do today? It’s the last day of your fortieth year after all…”

“We have dinner with the Herveaux’s right?”

“Yes! You’re right. I completely forgot,” I shake my head. “What time are we supposed to be there again?”

“Five; giving us like seven hours before we have to get out of bed. Unless you want to go somewhere, I say we stay naked and frolic around the house all day.”

“Whatever you want. Isn’t that part of the birthday boy package?” I set aside my plate and lie down beside him.

“It is,” he nods. “I wouldn’t mind going back to sleep either.”

“You can do that. We were up late.”

“I think that’s what I want right now,” he says and then yawns really big.


Sookie’s up to something. She’s way too smiley right now. And not the ‘I just had the best orgasm of my life’ smile I give her from time to time, but a devious, excited smile that makes me nervous.

“Are you almost ready?” she calls from the bedroom when I’m finishing my hair.

“Yeah,” I step out of the bathroom and let out a groan. The girls are on display and they look very nice right now. “We aren’t going to make it with you wearing that dress.”

“We have plans, mister,” she says firmly. “You can play with my twins later.”

Sookie retrieves a pair of sparkly fuck me shoes on and that does nothing to help my situation.

“I’ll wear them while you have me bent over later,” she winks.

“I’m holding you to that,” I say as we head out.

“Good. It’ll be a nice way to recover from the birthday spanking.”

“Mmhmm, forty-one is going to make it rough for you to sit for a couple days,” I chuckle.

She pouts and says, “Then go easy on me.”

“Of course,” I say and wrap my arm around her shoulder.

“I still think it’s crap that I’m getting your birthday spanking,” she says.

“We can forgo the birthday spankings if you really want to, but I think you’ll enjoy them more than me.”

“You don’t know until you try,” she says and then slaps my ass.

“That was enough, I’m not a fan,” I grin and jump when she smacks me again as we get to the passenger side of my Escalade.

I open the door and help her in. I manage to slip my hand under her skirt and pinch her ass just before she sits earning a light, playful smack on my chest. I laugh as I close the door and go around to the driver’s side.

“I don’t know what vegetarian shit she’s going to make this time,” I tell Sookie once we’re on our way.

“She said something about vegetarian sushi when we talked a few days ago,” she says.

“That sounds terrible, and not very filling,” I laugh. “I have a frozen pizza for later.”

“Good call,” she smiles.

We pull into Alcide’s driveway a short time later and Sookie waits for me to come around and help her out. We walk to the door hand-in-hand and I ring the doorbell. Sookie is excited about something, she’s fidgety and it’s cute, but a bit scary.

Alcide opens the door and gives me a big smile. “Happy birthday, Gramps,” he says when he opens the door. He reaches out to hug Sookie and then me before leading us into the house.

Sookie is walking a little faster than me which is weird, but maybe she’s excited to see Maria-Star…


I’m frozen.

The first person I see is Levi with a little brunette wrapped around his arm. And then one by one I take in the rest of my kids, all with huge smiles on their faces. I don’t even notice the other people in the room when I look down at Sookie by my side. She has a huge, cheesy grin on her face as she looks up at me.

“Happy birthday, baby,” she whispers.

“I’m going to get you for this later,” I smile and kiss her temple before Alyssa hugs me around my waist.

“Happy birthday, Daddy,” my princess says while squeezing me.

“Thank you, princess,” I reply and lean down to kiss the top of her head.

I’m greeted one by one with hugs and birthday wishes from my friends and then I notice it’s time to meet Levi’s new girl.

“Dad, this is Felicia,” he introduces me. “Felicia, this is my dad, Eric.”

“It’s nice to meet you,” I say and reach out to shake her hand.

“You too, Mr. Northman. I’ve heard a lot about you,” she says.

“All good I hope,” I smile and I feel Sookie slide her arm around me. “This is Sookie.”

“Nice to meet you, Felicia,” Sookie says, extending her free hand.

“Likewise,” Felicia says.

Maria comes over and says, “Eric, you’ll be happy to know that Sookie arranged tonight’s menu. No vegetarian sushi allowed.”

“I appreciate that,” I laugh. “I was dreading it when she told me. What do we have? I’m actually starving.”

“All of your favorites,” Sookie says. “The kids had to help me with the menu, but if you leave hungry it’s your own fault.”

“I don’t think that’ll be a problem,” I say when my eyes land on the food. I think about a beer, but decide against it.

“Well help yourself but save room for cake,” Maria says.

“Thanks,” I mumble. My eyes glaze over when I see the bacon wrapped jalapeño poppers. “I think I’m in heaven,” I say when I reach the table and see a lot of my favorites along with some the kids love. I love that Sookie is including them and making an effort to talk to them.

“It’s a good thing I’ll be making sure you get your cardio in later,” Sookie says, and then pinches my ass before excusing herself with Alyssa.

“I see why you’re in such good shape,” Alcide says when he approaches as he watches Sookie walk away.

“Don’t you think you should be worried about your own girl?”

“Oh she wears me out,” he laughs. “You think I can talk her into going to The Cathouse with me?”

I know she’s fine with a lot of things, but that will never happen. “I highly doubt it,” I shrug.  “I don’t suggest you even ask.”

“I think you’re right.” I follow his eyes and Maria is watching him from across the room like she knows exactly what we’re talking about.

“You’re going to get yourself in a lot of trouble if you keep that up,” I remind him.

“I’m just trying to keep things interesting so we don’t end up like you and the former missus did,” he reasons. When Sookie comes back to the kitchen with Alyssa at her side and the twins following behind them to watch Sookie’s ass while she walks he adds, “Think you’ll put a ring on Sookie’s finger?”

“It’s a little soon to think about that, but she’s working in the right direction. She’s a good woman, Al. She accepts me and all of my baggage. She’s good to my kids, and she even made me breakfast in bed — that’s huge. She’s moving in with me, at the apartment,” I inform him. I haven’t really thought much about marrying Sookie, but I know it is a possibility in the future.

“That’s great. When did you decide that?” he asks. “And when did Dumb and Dumber get x-ray vision?”

“We talked about it yes…” I trail off when I notice what the twins are doing. I nudge Al to walk with me and I come up behind James, he’s usually the trouble starter. “What’s so interesting?” I ask, startling the boys.

“What?!” James jumps. “Nothing,” they sputter in unison.

“Really? ‘Cause you dorks have been staring somewhere you shouldn’t like the cure for cancer’s written on it,” Alcide stares them down.

“No we haven’t,” they lie, not very smoothly either.

Al turns and looks closely at my forehead. “Nope, no ‘born yesterday’ stamp up there. Try again, Tweedledum.”

“I’ve had this talk with you guys. Your punishment can extend to baseball season if you keep it up.”

“But… we were just looking in that direction and she stood in the way,” Mark tries.

“You’re only making yourself sound dumb,” I say and they look at each other. I hate it when they do that, I never know what they’re going to say or do next.

They shrug at each other after a few seconds and James finally fesses up. “We couldn’t not look, Dad,” he says like that answer will really work.

“Eric, I have a solution to this little problem. I’ll go get my screwdriver, you hold ’em down–”

“Okay, okay, we’ll stop!” James says.

“Good. I really didn’t want to perform my first ballectomy at my best friend’s birthday party,” Al says.

“At least you know she’s hot,” Mark shurgs and I roll my eyes.

“I don’t need you guys to inspect any part of her to tell me that. Stop. Now, or I will let Al get the screwdriver.” They sigh and walk away from us, smartly not looking anywhere near Sookie.

“Were we ever tools like that?” Al asks.

“Yes,” I admit. “Do you remember what Aude looked like at seventeen?”

“Yeah,” he grins wistfully. “Man am I glad I let you have her. I wouldn’t have turned her gay, though.”

“Fuck you,” I laugh. “She came into the relationship gay, she checked out girls worse than the twins. I just thought she was being catty when we were out together. Turns out she has a boob fetish.”

“Yeah, we’ll know for sure after Sookie,” he smirks. Asshole.

“I hate you sometimes,” I say and punch him in the chest. “Plus, she already like girls too. That’s a bonus for me.”

“You lucky bastard,” he shakes his head.

“Yep,” I say, popping the P. “Now that she’s trying to learn to cook she’s pretty much perfect.”

Music comes on and it takes all of three seconds for Sookie to start dancing.

“Ugh. I need to look somewhere else before Maria gives me a ballectomy,” Alcide groans and goes to talk to Levi and Felicia.

I walk over to where Sookie and Alyssa are and take a seat in Alcide’s recliner so I can watch a bit. She’ll come sit with me when she’s done, and I can already feel the twins staring at me for watching Sookie’s ass. It’s my ass to look at though.

When Alyssa goes to the bathroom, Sookie comes over and sits on my knee.

“Having fun?” she asks.

“Yep, and thank you,” I say and kiss her cheek.

“You’re welcome. I’m seriously surprised none of the kids blew the surprise for you. Have you eaten yet? I’m starving.”

“I have, but I can eat again. You’ll probably have to roll me out later,” I snicker and pat her hip so she gets up.

I get up behind her and follow her to the food table. I’ve had a lot of snacks, but I haven’t eaten any tacos. I need tacos.

“Who made this?” I ask, I know Maria tries not to cook meat, but she will every now and then.

“They’re catered from El Sombrero,” she smiles. “Ryan said you had an eating contest there with him and Levi a few years ago.”

“Yep, and I murdered their little asses,” I snort.

“I’m not surprised,” she laughs. She’s seen me around Mexican food enough times at this point to know I don’t fool around.

“Just wait until you try it, it’s amazing.  I’ll task you with getting the recipe so we can make these at home,” I say as I take my first bite.

Sookie watches my eyes roll back a little before taking her first bite. She moans and nods her head.

“Amazing, right?” I ask with a mouth full of chicken.

“So good,” she says, and takes another bite.

I’m making my third taco before Sookie finishes her first. We need to work on her eating skills.

“I still don’t get what takes you so long,” I say just as she finishes.

“I do this thing called chewing,” she sasses. “You should try it.”

“Chewing is overrated, pretty girl,” I purr and lean down to kiss her greasy lips.

“Says the guy that’ll be complaining about an upset stomach in half an hour.”

I glare at her; she’s probably right so I should stop now. I end up eating one more taco. I know Maria-Star told me to save room for cake and I know she makes good ass cake.

Speak of the devil.

“Hey, birthday boy,” Maria says as she walks up. “Are you ready for the cake?”

“I’ve been ready for cake since I walked in.”

Maria-Star gathers everyone around and Sookie leads me to a chair at the end of the table. She kisses my forehead and slips away to get the cake.

My little princess comes over to stand next to me while they bring the cake out. Everyone is singing ‘Happy Birthday’ as Sookie brings it into the room and I don’t know what it is, but it looks chocolate and amazing.

She sets the cake on the table and I’m glad they went with numbers instead of trying to put forty-one candles on the cake. The house might burn down.

“Wish for something good,” Sookie whispers before she steps behind me.

I don’t need to wish for anything. Right now everything is right in my life and I don’t think there’s anything more I can wish for. I blow out the candles and sit back.

I let Maria cut the cake and learn it has fresh strawberries in the middle. This is going to be good.

I have my back turned, talking to Sookie when Alyssa calls me.

“Daddy,” she says from behind me and taps my shoulder. I turn toward her and before I see her I have a face full of cake.

My princess just smashed cake in my face.



10 thoughts on “Chapter 34

  1. That’s so sweet of Sookie doing the breakfast in bed she’s trying for Eric. Then it was about time Eric (w/ the assist from Alcide) to put the smack down on the twins is was over do. Cute banner at the end!


  2. Awww Sookie ‘cooks’… Nice surprise party… It was sweet of Sookie to organise this for Eric… I think he realises how lucky he is but still…
    I want to slap the twins (Eric’s ones) so bad… WTF is wrong with them… Though it sounds as if Eric and Alcide were just as bad as teens…


  3. Nothin’ says I love you more for a woman who thinks a kitchen is where you stop leftover take out, than cooking. Lovely family chapter…


  4. Yay, for Eric and Alcide coming down on the twins! Had a giggle when Al decided to move lest he get a ballectomy! Man that sounds painful lol.
    Very cool that the party has gone well 🙂


  5. that was good, from Sookie learning to cook, to Alcide and Eric taking care of the boys, about time…. and Eric now has backup. but the best part was when Alyssa shoved cake in Eric’s face, can’t wait for the reaction Kristie


  6. Lovely chapter; practicing the breakfast in bed was a really sweet thing to do. Good family times & I was relieved that Eric & Alcide put the twins right about checking Sookie out. She did so well with the party, including his family will be very important to Eric.


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