Chapter 2





After a very long night of fucking and talking, I’m back to being as smitten with Sookie as I was ten years ago. She’s still just as sweet and beautiful as she was then, but she’s not the same as she was either. Time will do that, though. Her ex-husband sounds like a real asshat so I’m glad she divorced his ass. She deserves better than that.


I wake her the next morning with a trail of kisses from one hip to the other until her fingers find their way into my hair and I hear her moan.


“Morning, pretty girl,” I whisper and move up her body to kiss her lips. “You know you’re the only girl I’ve wanted to kiss good morning?”


It’s true. I loved Aude and there have been a few other girls in the last decade, but not one of them compares to Sookie.


“That’s silly,” she smiles and kisses me again.


“No it’s not. It’s easy to kiss someone goodnight and walk away. But in a kiss in the morning means you want that person next to you,” I explain and kiss her again. I could do this all day.


“What did I do without you for ten years?” she whispers and brushes my hair back.


“It sounds like stalking in some states,” I tease.


“Hush, I did not stalk you. I moved on, I wanted a family, it just didn’t work.” She gives me that smile that got my attention all those years ago.


“Do you still want those things?” I kiss the corners of her mouth and grind my hips against her. She keeps me hard as a rock all the time. I don’t know how she does it but I’m not complaining.


“I do. I got caught up with life and I never got my chance,” she admits. “With Al the time was never right. Or maybe I subconsciously knew he wasn’t the family man type.”


“It might make me an asshole, but I’m glad he wasn’t,” I tell her.


“You don’t sound like an asshole, I agree with you.” Her hands are slowly moving up my back. She rocks her hips up when she pushes down on my ass.


“Mmm… I guess that answers my next question,” I smile.


“Which is?”


“Food or sex?”


“You actually have to ask that?” Her hips rock again and I get to feel how wet she is.


“After the way you reacted to the kitchen I wasn’t sure,” I explain and reach down to move my tip to her entrance.


She pulls my face down so my ear is next to her lips and she whispers, “Can you imagine fucking me in your kitchen? I’m ready to cum just thinking about it.”


“Oh I can,” I thrust into her to the hilt and stay still. “I can see you bent over the island, screaming while you cum when I fuck you from behind or devour this perfect pussy.”


Her pussy pulses around my cock and her legs slide up my sides to wrap around my ribs.


“I think I want to be laying naked on the island when you eat my pussy,” she tells me, “I’ll spread my legs wide and hold your head down so you have to lick up every single drop of honey that you make pour out of me.”


I growl and pull almost all the way out before slamming into her again. “Sounds perfect, pretty girl.”


“Mmhmmm,” she hums, “And you feel perfect inside of me right now.”


I grunt my agreement and start moving in and out of her slowly. My head dips down and I kiss her. I love the little noises she’s making and the warmth of her curvy little body under mine.


Sookie drops her legs to the side, spreading her wider. She starts moaning a little louder when I get deeper and her hands grip my hair tightly.


“This is best,” she moans softly.


“Mmm… yes it is,” I groan and my head drops to lick and suck one of her nipples.


She lets go with one of her hands to push her nipple closer to my mouth and I pause to suck her finger for a moment before going right back to her nipple. She moans when I suck harder and arches her back. Her pussy feels just as tight as it did all those years ago, and it makes me groan when her walls begin to flutter a little.


My hips speed up and when she starts to cum, Sookie takes me over the edge with her. I thrust three more times and then cum deep inside her.


“Fuck,” I groan and drop on top of her while she’s still cumming.


“Mmm, fuck is right,” she moans. Her head turns to the side when an aftershock shoots through her and her back arches up again, thrusting her tits into my chest.


I kiss her neck and up to her ear. “I think I should introduce you to Doris,” I whisper.


“I don’t know what or who Doris is, but if she makes me cum like you do, take me to her,” Sookie smiles.


“Doris is the tub and she has eight jets so I’m sure if you move just right…” I smirk and pull out of her.


“I’m sure we can work something out. I’m no stranger to getting myself off,” she admits.


“I’m sure you’ll be great friends.” I move off of her and ask, “Do you have to get to your office today?”


“Nope. I’m taking my first vacation since moving here. I’m off for the next week. I was planning on either fucking you the whole time, or crying all week if you turned me down,” she laughs.


“No chance of me turning you down, Sookie.” I get off the bed and look outside to find at least six inches of snow on the ground. “It’s a good thing I moved the cars in the garage last night.”


“It’s been weird. This is my first snowy winter. Some days I sit in my picture window for hours watching the snow fall. It’s beautiful and terrifying all at the same time.”


“You’d love the cabin I bought in Lake Geneva,” I smile at her. “We could go snow mobiling up there.”


“That would be fun. Right now I’m still waiting to meet Doris though. I’m getting a little cold.” I glance at her tits and her nipples are hard, standing straight up.


“Then let’s go get you two introduced,” I smile at her.


Sookie rolls out of bed and follows me to the bathroom. I turn the lights on and she gasps.


“Sookie, meet Doris,” I say, gesturing to the tub.


“Seriously, I have the week off. I can easily move in,” she says without taking her eyes off of the tub. “I’m quiet and I’m rarely home anyway. You won’t even notice me.”


I pull her close and say, “I want to notice you.”


“Mmm, I can make myself noticeable,” she purrs and tilts up to peck my lips.


“I know you can. Do you want to give Doris a test run or do you want to try the shower?” It’s a walk-in with two overhead rain fixtures and it’s on a remote so I can start it from my bed if I want to.


“As long as I have you close it doesn’t matter to me.”


“Then the shower it is. We won’t both fit in Doris.” I kiss her head. “This shower has remote start,” I tell her as I push a button on the wall to start it. It’s a fancy system but it’s worth it after long workouts or games that kick my ass.


Sookie doesn’t comment. She pulls my face close for a long, hard kiss. When she pulls back she’s breathless and her face is flush.


“I can’t tell you enough how happy I am we’re here together.”


“Ditto,” I smile.


Steam starts to build so I open the glass door and gesture for her to go first. Sookie steps into the shower that’s more than big enough for two, and I step in behind her and close the door.


“I don’t know if you noticed, but the floor in here is heated. So is the kitchen floor,” I tell her.


“Eric, you have me, you don’t have to point out all the things that make my little heartbeat speed up,” she laughs.


“Yes I do.” I know it’s probably crazy but I was serious about calling movers. “I meant what I said about calling movers, Sookie.”


She looks at me for a moment and I can see the tears forming in her eyes.


“You only live once,” she whispers as she reaches up to stroke the side of my face.


“Is that a yes?” I ask just to be sure.


She starts nodding and says, “That’s a yes.”


I smile and lean down to kiss her sweetly. Her arms wrap around me and my fingers tangle in her hair. We kiss for a while, but that’s as far as it goes before I get cheeky and reach out to start the jets in the walls. Sookie’s not expecting it so she yelps when the water hits her.


“Eric!” she laughs, and playfully smacks my chest.


I chuckle and say, “It’s great for sore muscles.”


“I certainly found a few muscles I forgot I had last night,” she smiles and moves to take advantage of the jets.


“I’ll show you around the house after we’re done in here so you know how to get around your own house,” I smile.


“How do you make me do crazy things?” she asks, returning my smile.


“I’m just lucky, I guess.” I reach for the soap and start lathering up.


We both wash up and after my greedy ass gets her off in the shower, I step out first to get her a towel from the cabinet beside one of the vanities. There are two sinks so she’ll have her own. I hand Sookie her towel and show her how the controls work for the shower and tub since they’re on the same system.


“You can start the tub from the bed too,” I wink at her.


“Is it too soon to tell you I love you for having all these ways to keep me warm?” she asks. “Even with the heat on I freeze when I get up to go to the bathroom to start the shower.”


“The winters take some getting used to,” I agree. “It’s also crazy what a redneck with too much money will buy.”


“I’m not complaining one bit,” she giggles. “I’m having a hard time adjusting to all the frozen things. Myself included.”


“Then you’ll love the towel warmer,” I smirk.


“You’re going to spoil me, Eric Northman.”


“That’s a safe bet.” I wrap my towel around my waist and lead her into the walk-in closet. “I’ll make room for your things in here.”


“I’m just going to say again that this is crazy,” she says. “But it’s the best kind of crazy.”


I grab a T-shirt and hand it to her so she doesn’t have to put her dirty clothes back on.


“You know if it’s too much too fast, you don’t have to do it, right?”


“I’ve never done anything I don’t want to do, Eric. I’m a smart girl, and I know when I’d be an idiot to turn something down. I know that this is going to be the best thing I’ve ever done besides agree to go on that date with you. I also know we’re going to have to get to know each other again. We’re going to fight, and find things we don’t like about each other, but in the long run, as cheesy as it sounds; I honestly believe you’re my soul mate if there is such a thing.”


“I think you’re right,” I tell her and squeeze her hand. I grab a pair of jogging pants and pull them on.


“You’ll learn that I usually am,” she smirks.


“Ah, there’s the lawyer,” I snicker and pinch her ass on my way out of the closet.


“Eric,” she calls my name as she follows behind me, “What is your mom going to think about all this?”


“She’s going to want to meet you. She knows we met in Georgia all those years ago, but I’m sure she’ll be surprised that we’ve found each other again.” My mom’s pretty laid back most of the time. She got remarried three years ago so she’s not by herself anymore. Russell is a nice guy and he adores Mom so I have no complaints.


“My Gran died a few years ago, but she would’ve loved you. She used to tell me I was an idiot for letting you go if you meant that much to me.”


“Maybe we were foolish or maybe we would have failed and hating each other right now. There’s no way of knowing what might have been,” I shrug. “Come on, I’ll give you the tour.”




Once I get the tour… Of my new home! Eric and I head into the kitchen to get something for breakfast. It’s closer to lunch time, but who doesn’t love pancakes?


Are we insane for moving in together one day after we reconnected? Absolutely. Will that deter us? Not at all. I knew when he walked away all those years ago we’d find a way back to each other and I don’t intend to let him go this time. Honestly even if I wasn’t already living in Chicago I would quit my job and move to be with him.


I truly believe he is the one for me. I think I knew it when I bumped into him in the grocery store. I fell a little bit in love when I saw his determination, and his ass, but the things I learned about him that week cemented my feelings. It’s not something I’ve ever said out loud and I don’t know when I will, but Eric has been my dream for the last ten years. And now I’m getting him.


“How soon do you want me to get started with the moving?” I know we can hire movers to pack and move everything for me, but there are a few things I don’t want anyone else to see. Eric will, but I don’t want random men seeing my sex toys and underwear.


“I’ll leave that up to you,” he says. “I don’t know what your current living situation is.”


“I have a small two bedroom house that would fit in your bedroom. I didn’t bring a lot with me when I moved, so my house is pretty sparse,” I explain.


“Are you living in the city or the ‘burbs?”


“I have a brownstone in Lakeview,” I tell him. “I’ve been telling myself for the last eleven months to decorate, but I kept putting it off.”


“That worked out okay,” he smiles and flips the pancakes on the flattop griddle.


“Mmhmmm, maybe my subconscious knew,” I smile. “Alcide got the house in the divorce, so I let him keep everything that wasn’t a personal item. I lived in a furnished apartment in California, so when I moved here all I had was my clothes. I had to buy a real winter wardrobe when I moved here.”


“I was prepared when I moved here,” he says. “You know you could leave your house as is in case there’s bad weather so you’ll have a place to crash that’s closer to your work.”


Huh. That’s a good plan. I don’t suspect he’s going to let me help him pay for anything at this house, so I can still afford the mortgage and the minimal bills for electric and gas. I don’t need cable, but I’ll probably internet since on bad weather days I can work from home if needed.


“Maybe I’ll just go home and grab most of my clothes then, instead of calling a mover.”


“Whatever you want is fine with me.” He puts three pancakes on a plate for me. “The bacon should be done if you want to check it.”


I stand up and go to the oven to check the bacon and it is indeed done. Eric hands me a pot holder to take it out and set it on the counter.


“I don’t know why I’m drinking coffee,” I sigh as I pour a new cup. “Can you make another deal with me?” I ask.


“What kind of deal?”


“Make sure I stop working at a reasonable hour. Alcide got into online gambling and says it was because I was never with him. I worked until ten or eleven at night, crashed for a few hours and I was up at four working again.”


“First of all, your ex is a jackass. Second of all, you’re going to be too busy after seven P.M. getting your brains fucked out to worry about work,” he says seriously.


“That’s what I love about you,” I grin and then I immediately freeze.


“Well the sex is pretty awesome.” Eric glazes right over the love thing.


“So is the snuggling and the laughing, and then more sex,” I giggle.


“Exactly.” Eric grabs a few pieces of bacon and sits down at the island.


I get my plate and set it next to his. “When we’re done with breakfast how would you feel about laying me down right in front of where you are to have dessert?” I ask nonchalantly.


“I think I could leave you alone with this counter and you’d cum,” he smirks.


“Just think of how much harder I’ll cum with your mouth on me,” I smile.


He laughs and says, “I’ll consider it.”


“No big deal if you don’t want to. I’m sure I can find plenty of corners to push you into to blow you.”


“There are lots of corners perfect for fucking in,” he agrees.


We finish eating and then find one of those corners to christen.




“That’s it,” I say as I walk out of the closet. Eric is spread out on the bed and I feel like a sweaty mess. I just finished hanging up the last of my clothes. It’s been three days since we ran into each other after the game and it’s been three really good days.


“Are you sure?” He’s been giving me shit about all the clothes I have.


I look around and say, “Yep, you got all your stuff put up in the spare room right?”


He snorts and says, “Yeah, the one down the hall so your shoes are right across from us.”


“You’re a good man, Eric Northman.” I don’t have that many shoes. Just a little spill over.


“And you have way more stuff than I expected. But I did find some interesting stuff in the unmarked box…”


“Oh yeah?” I smile as I climb onto the bed. “The unmarked box, huh. If I recall correctly that one has a few things that will benefit you as well.”


“As long as you don’t mean that pink dildo, you might be on to something,” he chuckles.


I bite my bottom lip and say, “You don’t consider watching me fuck myself with it a benefit? Or better yet, if you fuck me in the ass with it while you pound into me…” I learned a few things I like with my ex.


“Is that something you would be into, Sookie?”


“It’s considerably smaller than you, so I don’t mind having it there,” I tell him.


“That’s good to know,” he smiles… and he’s using his sex voice.


“Is that something you would like?”


“I think it would be fun to try.”


“Say when and I can be ready for it,” I tell him and I resume my trek to him. I climb over to hover his body. “I like a lot of things I never thought I would.”


“Like what?”


“You’ve already figured out what spanking does to me…”


“Yes I have,” he smiles. “I think that gets you wetter than when I go down on you.”


“Maybe,” I purr, “A well placed finger or two and soft nibbles do a lot too. I love it when your teeth scrape over my skin.” Alcide was a biter; I don’t want full on biting, but a little teeth is a huge turn on.


“You mean like this?” He leans forward and drags his teeth over my cleavage.


“Mmm, yes, sir,” I moan. I can already feel myself getting wet.


“Good to know.” His head drops back.


“What else would you like to know?” I sit up on my knees and rest my center over his cock. I start to slowly rock back and forth.


“I’m sure I’ll figure out the rest, unless you think there’s something I should know right now.” Eric tugs the neckline of my camisole down and starts to pluck and tug my nipples.


“Nope, nothing pressing. I think I’ll like you getting to know my body again,” I say and grind down a little.


“I think I will too,” he says. “You know I’ve been thinking about the deal you asked me to make with you.”


“About not letting me work too much?” I question.


“Mmhmmm, that’s the one,” he nods.


“What about it?”


“Well I was thinking you need an incentive or a deterrent to keep you from working too late.”


“What do you suggest?” I ask and roll my hips a little as I rock.


“Well I’d suggest you get a spanking for working too late, but that’s not exactly a deterrent to you,” he smirks.


“No, sir, it is not,” I smile.


“So maybe the nights you work too late, you don’t get sex at all,” he suggests.


If it wasn’t Eric I would be perfectly content with missing out on sex.


“That is a very nice deterrent. I can agree to that,” I tell him.


“Good. Now what would you like as an incentive?”


“Mmm, I might have to think about that. Just getting to see you is incentive enough,” I admit.


“You think about it and let me know,” he says as he reaches into my yoga pants and his thumb rubs my clit.


“Oh, wow, that would be a good one,” I pant. I’m sure he can feel how wet I already was, but the second he touches my clit my pussy starts to drip.


“I could send you text messages telling you the filthy things running through my mind, and all the things I want to do to you,” he suggests.


“Mmm, I would love that. You have no idea what it does when you talk dirty to me.” Another thing I’ve learned is how to enjoy dirty talking.


“You’ll be racing home to get what I put in those messages, won’t you?”


“Mmhmmm,” I moan as his thumb slowly traces circles around my clit.


“Even if I said I want to pull you over my knee, spank you until your ass is red and then fuck your throat?”


“Fuck yes,” I pant. My head drops back and I want to beg him to stick his fingers in me, but I stay quiet.


“Do you want that right now, pretty girl? I can feel how wet you are,” he purrs and pinches my clit.


I shake my head no and say, “I want your fingers deep inside my pussy. Fuck me until I cum and then I want you to fuck my throat.”


He growls and moves his hand further into my panties until two of his fingers slide inside me. “Ride my hand, Sookie,” he says.


I moan and rest my hands on his abs. My hips move up and down on his fingers, rocking some to get his fingertips to rub over that perfect spot.


“This is going to make me cum so hard, baby,” I pant.


I hold his hand down by his wrist so his hand doesn’t move too much and when his fingers start to wiggle my hips stop so I can enjoy him playing with my g-spot.


“You stopped,” he says and I get a smack on my ass for it.


“Sorry, your fingers feel so good right there,” I tell him, but I start moving up and down again.


“Right here?” He curls them and every time I move they rub my spot.


“Yes!” I cry out. I know my juices are running down his hand and the thought makes my walls pulse.


“Mmm… do you feel how hard I am for you right now, pretty girl?” Eric purrs.


“Yes, you’re so hard, Eric. I want to cum so you can fuck my throat. He deserves to feel good too.”


“Do you want another finger, Sookie?”


“Yes please,” I nod.


He works a third finger inside me his thumb on his other hand comes around to rub my clit.


My hips move a little faster and Eric continues to rub my spot when his fingers brush over it. My pussy begins to contract and squeeze his fingers. I bring my hands up to tug my nipples through my cami and my orgasms takes me by surprise, rocking my whole body.


“Oh… Fuck yes!” I cry out as my body convulses.


“Mmm… that’s so sexy, Sookie,” Eric says as his fingers rub quickly over my spot.


He’s going to give me another rapid fire orgasm, and he knows it.


“Ohmygod!” I scream when orgasm number two hits. “No more,” I whimper.


“Are you sure?” His fingers slow down.


“I can’t…”


“I think you can, but I’ll stop if you want me to.”


My eyes open and when I see the fire in his eyes a strong aftershock hits me. I want to give him whatever he wants so I tell him, “I’m yours, so take whatever you want.”


He pulls me down for a kiss and his fingers speed up again. Eric holds the back of my head so we’re nose to nose as his fingers work me quickly. When tears spring to my eyes, they drip onto his cheeks. I want to tell him to stop, but it’s too good, plus I love turning him on. I know how hard it makes him when I cum.


“Is that what you need?” I whimper when I feel orgasm three approaching.


“Yes,” he says. “Cum one more time for me, Sookie and I’ll let you have my cock.”


“Yes, sir,” I whisper just before I fall apart.


“Beautiful,” he whispers and takes advantage of my parted lips by slipping his tongue in my mouth when he kisses me.


When the kiss breaks I ask quietly, “My throat or my pussy?”


“He’s all yours. You choose.” Eric pulls his fingers out of my pussy and licks them clean one at a time.


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  1. yes, they’re certainly getting to know each other again!…..phew!… it me or is it hot in here?….


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