Chapter 4: Drunk On You



I forgot how good of a kisser Eric was. He was the first serious boyfriend I ever had. We didn’t start dating until after high school was over, though. He was still working at the harborwalk doing the dolphin tours and I was working at one of the restaurants as a waitress. The guys on his crew had a tradition of trying to get the new guy to scam a drink from the bartender at the place I worked at. Eric was the best at it because of his size and charm.


Those two things hadn’t changed since we broke up, but he had obviously grown up at least a little since then if he was living in a million dollar home. His parents did okay but I recalled money being a little tight with so many kids headed for college. Sometimes I thought maybe that had factored into Niko’s decision to enlist in the Marine Corps. I’d never know if that was the case, unfortunately.


“We should take this inside,” I said when Eric tried to push my shorts down.


“If you feel better inside, sure,” he agreed. “You want to hop on my back?” It was a bit of a trek getting back to the house.


“Think you can carry me all the way back?” My nickname since pretty much birth was Thunderthighs.


“I remodel houses for a living. If I can lift beams, I can carry you.”


“Then have at it, Tool Man,” I snickered.


Eric turned and squatted some so I could hop on his back. When I climbed on he hooked my thighs and started walking back.


“So are you still ticklish?” I nibbled on the back of his neck and I could taste the salt of the ocean on his golden-brown skin.


“Maybe. I wouldn’t recommend trying it if you don’t want me to drop you,” he chuckled.


“I’ll take that as a yes. Do you still stutter after you cum?” I whispered in his ear.


“You’re going to have to wait to find out,” he whispered back.


“You’re no fun.” I licked his neck and he growled.


“Oh, I’m plenty fun,” he told me. “We can stop here on the lawn and get started. We don’t have to go all the way into the house.” As soon as we reached the plush grass Eric let go of my thighs.


“Hopefully your hang time has improved or we’ll be done before we get to the house.”


“Says the girl that came in under two minutes the first time I played with her pussy,” Eric smirked. I had my legs around his hips still as he walked through the door to the pool area.


“I don’t need rebound time after one round,” I pointed out.


“I promise not to disappoint.” He walked into the house. “Want to get down before we go up the stairs?”


“That’s a good idea.” I slid down his back and pushed my shorts down.


Eric groaned when he looked at me. We didn’t make it to the stairs. He pushed me up against the wall before the stairs, dipping to lick my lips. Within seconds his tongue was in my mouth, and his hands were working on unzipping my top.


I pushed my hips away from the wall so he could get my hot pink bustier off. There was no need for a bra under it, so I was left in the tiniest pair of panties on the planet. My tongue battled with Eric’s and his hands cupped my tits. I moaned and pulled him closer when I backed up against the wall again. My leg lifted to wrap around his hip so I could rub against him.


Eric growled as he reached down to lift me up. He started rocking his hips against me as he tilted his head down to wrap his lips around my nipple. He started to slowly suckle while he rolled the other one with his fingers.


“Oh fuck,” I breathed. “Get those jeans off.”


Eric continued to suck my nipple as he reached between us to unzip his jeans. He pushed them down and went right back to playing with my tits. One of his hands reached between us to rub my pussy through my panties.


“These are in the way.” He hooked them with his index finger and tugged to rip them off of me.


I wiggled out of the scraps of lace and kicked them to the side. I dropped to my knees suddenly and didn’t hesitate to wrap my lips around the head of his cock. Years ago I was too intimidated to try giving him head but not anymore. I looked up into his eyes and took more of him in my mouth.


“Fuuuuuck, that’s good, pretty girl,” he groaned. One of Eric’s hands went to the back of my head while the other rested on the wall in front of him.


My head bobbed at a good pace. I couldn’t quite get all of him in my mouth, but my hand stroked the rest. Giving Eric head was somewhat of a challenge because of his thickness, but he didn’t seem to mind when I pulled back to flick the sensitive spot on the underside of his cock with the tip of my tongue.


“Mmm, you’re so fuckin’ sexy with my dick in your mouth,” he purred. “I want to fuck you, though.”


“You will.” I sucked just his tip and his eyes rolled back.


“Goddamn when did you get so fuckin’ good at this?”


That had to be a rhetorical question.


“Gay bestie,” I answered as I stood up. “Condoms?”


“Bedroom.” Eric leaned down to give me a hard, deep kiss before he straightened up to lead me up to his bedroom. “Get comfy.” Eric let go of my hand to walk into his bathroom for a moment. When he came back out he already had the condom on.


“That was quick.” I rolled onto my stomach.


“I’m ready to fuck you.” Eric grabbed my hip and lifted me some. He bent over and I felt his breath on my lower lips before he dipped his tongue into my pussy.


I moaned and pushed myself up higher. Going down on him had definitely turned me on even more and I was sure Eric could tell. My toes curled at the way his tongue flicked in and out of my pussy.


“Fuck me,” I moaned after a minute or two.


He kissed my clit before he stood up. He climbed onto the bed behind me. I felt his tip run up and down my slit until he reached my opening. Eric pushed in slowly so I could feel every inch of his thick cock filling me. His hands went to my hips and he pulled me back as he pushed forward.


“Still so fuckin’ tight,” he groaned.


My hips rotated a little on their own as he filled me. I looked back to see him looking down at his cock sliding into me. I rocked forward until just his tip was in me and then I pushed back just as slow.


“I forgot how big your dick is,” I panted when he began to thrust.


“I didn’t forget how tight you are.” He started to rub my cheeks as his hips sped up.


“Oh fuck, that feels good.” I reached down to play with my clit and my eyes closed, allowing me to concentrate on how he felt sliding in and out of me over and over again. It was a serious turn on when he grabbed a handful of my hair to pull me up.


Eric’s lips went to my neck. He started kissing my skin softly. His other and reached around to play with my nipples as his hips pumped.


“You feel so goddamn good, pretty girl,” Eric whispered. “Tell me how you want it.”


“Just like this,” I breathed. I knew I was going to explode soon. I could feel it building fast deep in my belly. When I turned my head his lips caught mine in a heated kiss that made my walls grip his shaft.


As we kissed Eric dropped his hand to knock mine out of the way. His fingers started moving over my clit in slow circles, dipping down to gather more of my wetness every few seconds.


“I want to feel you cum for me,” he whispered into the kiss.


“I’m close,” I replied.


His hips swiveled as he filled me again. The kiss turned sensual and his hand wrapped around my throat, which made my walls grip him again.


“Oh fuck, I’m so close, Eric,” I moaned.


“I know. Cum, Sookie,” he quietly commanded.


His grip on my throat tightened a bit and his fingers on my clit went faster. In seconds I was seeing flashes of light behind my eyes and my pussy was trying desperately to keep Eric’s cock deep inside me.


“Eric!” I cried out as I came.


“Perfect,” he purred. His hips pumped up a few more times before his grip tightened on my throat and he exploded into the condom. “Fu… fuuuu… Fuuuuck.” He stammered.


I couldn’t help the weak chuckle that escaped me. It was an adorable quirk he had.


“You’re cute,” I told him.


“Hush, woman,” he chuckled. He started to nibble on my neck.


“Well it is.”


“Thank you. I need to go get rid of the condom but I don’t want to pull out.”


“One follows the other though, doesn’t it?” I intentionally tightened my walls around him.


“You’re evil,” he groaned. Eric kissed me one more time before he pulled out and went to the bathroom.


I collapsed on the bed and when he came out I asked, “Should I get lost?”


“Only if you want. I still love a good snuggle,” he told me as he climbed back onto the bed.


“I just don’t want to overstay my welcome.” I rolled onto my back.


Eric moved to rest his giant head on my chest. “You’re fine. You know I would tell you if you were overstaying.”


“That’s true.” I tickled the back of his neck.


“That might get you kicked out,” he chuckled as he squirmed.


“Ooooh, somebody’s ticklish,” I sang in a teasing way.


“You know that.” He settled his hand on my stomach, drawing light circles.


“It’s cute. Now is it just the neck or…” I tried his shoulder blades.


“Nope. Not ticklish there,” he said without flinching.


“I’ll have to keep looking when I’m not pinned under a giant.”


“I’d say I’m sorry, but I’m not. You’re a great pillow.”


“Are you calling me fluffy and plush?” I giggled.


“Mmhmm, but I like it.” He turned his head to suck my nipple into his mouth.


“Mmm… You do strange things to your pillows.”


“My pillows aren’t normally so tasty.” He shifted to move to my other nipple to give it the same attention.


“It scares me that you taste your pillows,” I laughed.


“I normally don’t.” Eric moved so he was up on his hands and knees hovering over me. His lips stayed on my nipple, slowly suckling.


“Mmm… Just special occasions then?” I felt his cock twitch against my inner thigh.


“Just when they’re pretty and blonde.” He placed open mouthed kisses between my breasts.


“Brunettes don’t do it for you?”


“Last brunette had fake pillows. Too stiff.” He licked my nipple with his flattened tongue before blowing a stream of warm air over it.


“You poor thing,” I breathed.


“Mmhmm,” he hummed. One of his hands disappeared and I could hear it slowly moving up and down his cock.


“Want some help?” It was a big job.


“Sure.” He released his cock and his fingers moved to probe my core, slipping his thick middle finger into me.


I moaned and wrapped my hands around his shaft to stroke him. Eric’s lips grazed mine before he licked the seam of my lips. My mouth opened for him and just as we found a good rhythm, Eric curled his finger. I moaned into the kiss and in less than twenty seconds I had to pull away because of the sudden orgasm.


“Oh holy fuck,” I groaned as my walls gripped and released his finger. My juices gushed out of me as I came. I was so lost in the moment that I didn’t even think about the lack of condom when Eric slid into me again.


“Shit,” he muttered as he started to thrust. He reached down to hook my thighs, pulling them up as he swiveled his hips on each deep thrust. “You’re so wet, pretty girl,” Eric breathed as he pumped in and out.


“You made me cum a lot,” I replied and pulled my legs up so he could get in deeper.


Eric propped himself up on his hands so he could look down between us. He watched his cock slide in and out. He groaned each time he saw how slick his shaft was with my cum.


“That feel good, Eric?” I panted and reached down to play with my clit.


“So fuckin’ good,” he groaned. “You’re so damn tight… fuck…” His hips moved a little faster so the room with filled with the wet, sticky sound of his cock sliding in and out and his hips slapping against the backs of my thighs.


“Mmm… I want you to fill my pussy with your cum, Eric.” I never used to talk dirty to him. It was obvious he liked it.


“Oh yeah?” he smirked. “You want to know how it feels to have my big dick pulsing and pumping you full of cum?” His thrusts became harder and more deliberate.


“Oh fuck yes!” I cried out. “Will you let me clean our cum off your huge cock? Fuck, harder!”


“Anything you want, dirty girl,” he growled. Eric started driving into my harder. His hips slapped against me and the head of his cock started rubbing over my g-spot each time he pulled back. “I’m not going to give you my cum until I feel your pussy gushing for me again.”


My fingers moved faster over my clit and my back tried to arch. I couldn’t even cry out. My mouth opened and my eyes shut. All I could do was gasp and pant as I got closer and closer to cumming for him. When the pressure exploded I let out a noise that didn’t sound like it was coming from me.


“Fuck. Yes!” Eric shouted. He slammed into me a few more times before he gave me what I asked for. He came buried deep inside of me, completely filling me with his release.


“Ohmygod.” I trembled under him. That was… I had no idea what the word was.


“You have a mess to clean up,” he panted as his hips jerked against me.


Oh right.


I pushed him onto his back with a smile on my face and moved down the bed to get to work. It was a lot of ground to cover.



11 thoughts on “Chapter 4: Drunk On You

  1. Very Nice.

    I know its not always easy to compliment you two on an excellent sex scene because frankly, there’s only so many ways you can write one, no matter how hot they are. But some stand out with some solid chemistry, naughtiness, honesty, and overall sexiness.

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Wow, just reading that gave me a good little cardio workout without actually exercising, lol. It’s great a way to discover your stories are in fact, that awesome; when you’re able to increase someone’s heart rate with just the pleasure of your written words. And let me just say…they were delicious!! 😘

    Liked by 1 person

  3. These two have a thing that lasts and they made a dangerous mistake not using a condom the second round. Anyway, I wonder if Eric and Sookie will try again? Perhaps if Eric tries to cope differently when his brother’s death anniversary comes around again…

    Liked by 1 person

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