Chapter 19



The ride home was a blur but as soon as we got back to my room there was a blizzard of clothing flying everywhere. I made sure the door was bolted and the shades were down. Godric wasn’t supposed to be home until later because of a wedding at the golf course, but sometimes he stopped by the house. I didn’t need him perving on us, and he’d try.


Sookie was fighting with her panties so I reached down and ripped them off.


“Problem solved,” I smiled.


“I don’t even know why I wear them around you anymore,” she chuckled. She took my hand to guide it between her thighs. “That’s what playing with your dick in the truck did to me.”


Oh yeah, she had her hand down my pants.


I pushed her back toward the bed and then lifted her by her thighs to toss her on it. Sookie hadn’t told me if she had a goal in mind but I knew she hadn’t reached it or I would have heard about it. She landed with a bounce and a giggle, that is until I bent down and latched onto her clit.


“Oh shit, yes,” she breathed. Her small hand went to the back of my head to hold me in place as her hips rocked up.


I was more than happy to give her what she wanted. My tongue flicked quickly, making her back arch. My hands went up to Betty and Wilma to tug on her nipples while my mouth worked her clit. I could feel her juices flowing from her. When I released her clit to plunge my tongue into her, she whimpered in a way that made my cock pulse.


Sookie tugged on my hair and said, “Get up here. I want your cock, Eric.” She normally wasn’t so forward, unless she had a few drinks in her.


“Yes, ma’am.” I scooted her up the bed and climbed on top of her. My lips caught hers again and she reached down to rub my swollen tip up and down her slit. Fuck, she was so wet.


On the final pass she reached her opening and rocked her hips up again, taking my head into her drenched core. Sookie’s legs wrapped around my ass and she used her feet to pull me down so my dick slowly filled her. Her back bowed with every inch as I pushed in. Her arms wrapped around my shoulders and her fingers threaded through the back of my hair. There was something different in the way she held me.


“How do you want it?” I asked her between kisses on her collarbone.


“It doesn’t matter as long as you’re in me,” she moaned. She used her feet as leverage to help pull her hips up so she met me on each slow, shallow pump.


I pushed in deeper, getting another moan. Slow and deep it was. Those moans were like fucking magic. When I was as deep as I could get, I swiveled my hips to grind against her and both of us groaned.


“Fuck, that’s good,” I panted.


“Mmm, yeah, and it’s all yours,” she reminded me. Her legs dropped to the side, giving me more room to work.


Well if that wasn’t an invitation to mark my territory…


“All mine?” I slowly pulled back and drove in a little harder.


“Fuck!” Sookie cried out. “Yes, Eric, all yours.”


“Is that how you want it angel?” I drove into her again.


“Yes, again,” she panted. Her hands moved down to my shoulder blades, digging her nails into my back.


So I did it again. And again. And again. She cried out with every hard thrust and it felt fucking amazing.


“Fuck, I love your pussy,” I told her. It wasn’t romantic, but it was true.


“Mmm and my pussy loves you,” she told me. She purposely clenched her silky walls around my cock.


Ugh, fuck.


“Knock that off or I’ll finish before we get started,” I warned her. I pushed her thighs apart the way I wanted them and I knew the change in angles had my cock sliding into her just right. “Ah, fuck… Fuck, that’s fuckin’ good.”


Her hands went to her tits and she started tugging on her nipples. Sookie’s walls continued to flutter and squeeze my dick each time I drove into her. I could see the muscles in her stomach starting to twitch as her first orgasm started to build. Her eyes closed as she drifted one hand down her body so she could quickly rub her clit. All that did was make her pussy go wild, squeezing and massaging me.


“I feel like a fuckin’ teenage boy with you,” she smiled before she let out a quick gasp.


“Trust me, you don’t feel like a boy of any age,” I assured her.


“Good to know,” she smirked. “I just meant that you make me cum so damn fast.”


“Good. And didn’t mean for that to sound like I’ve been with a boy,” I said, making her laugh, which made me laugh and everything stopped.


“I hoped not, but you and The Hobbit are so close…” Sookie had a gorgeous smile on her face with a little twinkle in her eye.


“We’re not that close,” I laughed.


“You never know. You two could’ve gotten a little frisky in college,” she giggled. “Girls do it all the time, who’s to say boys don’t?”


“I didn’t, I promise,” I said. I wasn’t into men.


“I’m glad we have that cleared up.” Her fingers slid down around my shaft before moving back up to stroke her clit again.


“Me too.” I dipped my head to kiss her and then we rolled over so she was on top.


Sookie lifted herself off of my cock, standing up all the way so she could turn around so her back was to me. She positioned my tip at her entrance and slid back down my length. When she leaned forward I got a perfect view of my cock, slick with her juices, sliding in and out of her as her hips rocked up and down.


“I figured we haven’t done it like this yet,” she said over her shoulder. I felt her fingertips slide up my inner thigh, gently massaging my balls when she reached them.


“This is good,” I agreed, watching my cock slide in and out of her. In no time I was sure she felt my balls get tighter. I grabbed her hips and began to thrust up hard and fast. Fuck… So close…


Sookie fell forward, catching herself on her hands between my thighs. I could feel her walls pulsing and fluttering around my cock.


“Fuck, Eric,” she cried out. “I want to cum with you.”


I didn’t think that would be a problem. When I slapped her ass it put her over the edge and it took me with her.


“Fuuuck! Yes!” I shouted as I filled her with my release.


Sookie’s body shivered as she leaned back to collapse on my chest. She grabbed my hands to wrap my arms around her.


“I think our bodies are in sync,” she panted as my cock began to soften and shrink out of her.


“I think so,” I agreed, rolling to the right and tightening my arms around her.


“I guess this is the definition of being someone’s other half?” she said, turning her head back to try to look at me.


“Could be. It’s a first for me,” I said. Never mind that it should be my only. Her little elbow in my gut told me I hadn’t completely fried her brain.


“Oooh, guess what?”


“You’re double jointed?”


“When I get a little smaller than this there are some ways I can bend that I haven’t yet,” she told me. “But I was going to tell you that I love you too.”


Best. News. Ever.


“Is that you or your pussy talking?” I asked just to be sure.


“Definitely me. I figured it out before the sex,” she answered.


“Just checking.” I kissed her neck.


“So are we doing the couple thing?” She actually sounded nervous.


Because I was still an asshole I asked, “Swinging?”


“Eric,” she said with a small nervous giggle. “You know what I mean.”


“Like you want me to be romantic and take you on dates?” I could definitely do those things. She had no idea.


“Yeah, sometimes.” Sookie rolled over so she was facing me. “I know you’re an asshole, but I want to be able to call you my asshole. That didn’t come out right,” she laughed.


“I know what you meant and I figured that would be part of the package,” I told her.


“Just making sure. I’ve never felt like this about anyone so it’s a little scary.”


“I think it’s going to be fine,” I said confidently.


“If you think about it, it’s like we’ve been a couple since Vegas,” she said, kissing my chest.


“I think I said something like that at the bar,” I reminded her.


“Emotions were high, I can’t remember back that far,” she chuckled.


“Then don’t be surprised when I tell our kid that I was officially made a Navy SEAL the day it was born,” I said seriously.


“You want me to have your babies?”


“Godric made me think about you having Deputy Dickhead’s. Mine were cuter.”


Sookie chuckled and said, “I don’t know, he still had those dimples…”


“You mean face craters,” I corrected.


“You really don’t like him, huh?” she snorted. “Adorable dimples, but our babies will be cuter than if I had them with him.”


“If you had our babies with him that would be a real problem for me.”


“Oh yeah?”


“Would you want me having our babies with Dawn?”


“I would’ve disowned you,” Sookie told me. “But until today I didn’t think you wanted babies with me.”


“You never asked.”


“If you weren’t sure you wanted a relationship, why would you be sure about babies?”


“True. Okay, so I just thought about it… It’s complicated.” Her telling me that it was over with Ben could have been a game changer. There was no way of knowing, though.


“You’re a boy,” she shrugged. “You don’t know what you want until you almost lose it.”


“That’s not true. I know I want pizza right now.”


“You know what I mean, asshole,” she laughed, tickling my side. “And if you promise to help me work it off tonight I’ll have pizza with you.”


“Oh but this is Chicago pizza, not that sad sack Arizona pizza.”


“Then we have to burn a lot of calories,” she shrugged.


“Nah, I’m taken. I’m letting myself go,” I joked. “It’s sweatpants and housecoats from now on.”


“That’s too bad. My new hiking buddy might take me away from you, then,” she sighed. “I’m going to be this hot little number with Betty and Wilma high and tight while you blimp out. I’ll be out of your league soon enough.”


“Yeah, yeah, you go hiking alone,” I reminded her. She told me as much earlier. She must have forgotten that, too.


“I do, but I’m going to get one. There are a few people out there when I go. Last week I saw this tall man with abs you could grate cheese on hiking shirtless. If I’m not mistaken he did give me a flirty smile…”


“Not even one date and you’re trading me in,” I sighed.


“You’re letting yourself go.”


“So you only like me because I look good?” That was kind of fucked up considering her recent struggles.


“I’m teasing, Eric. I like you for so many reasons. Your looks are somewhere toward the bottom of the list,” she chuckled.


“Just checking. It’s hard to tell what’s real with you sometimes.”


“No, I don’t only like you for your good looks. They’re just a bonus on top of your sexy personality and your kick ass sense of humor,” she replied. “And the way you look at me… I didn’t know what it was until tonight.”


“Now you know. Come on, let’s get some pizza. Well, I’ll get pizza. You can have a salad or light yogurt.”


“I will have one slice of pizza and salad.” Sookie gave me a quick peck before she rolled off of the bed and went toward the bathroom.


I got off the bed and grabbed her one of my shirts. I took it to the bathroom and behaved myself through a shower with her. Things between us finally felt settled. Even in the very beginning, before we slept together in Vegas things just didn’t seem right. Something was missing between us, but as we walked to the main house with our fingers laced together I finally knew what that thing was. We had found it together.


20 thoughts on “Chapter 19

  1. Interesting ending , it wasn’t exactly how I expected it. It seems like their relationship is just beginning . Their jokes about liking each other for their looks makes me wonder if they will last long term. I will just have to imagine . I really enjoyed this story, thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. There really needs to be something more here…I’m left with way too many questions. Do they buy a house together? What happens at work since they work together? Does Sookie go back to being a stylist? Does Eric restart his basketball career? If so, how does that affect them? Heck, how do Pam and Godric react? Please don’t leave me hanging like a teenage boy on prom night…


  3. Sweet ending. I love how he blurted out that he loved her at the club. I’m so glad they got their shit sorted out and are now together. You always deliver a wonderful story.


  4. Great ending! I loved that things are now settled between them pending getting used to being a couple… In a way they are the same great friends they have been since the beginning but in another, everything is different now as they really look forward to a future together… Really rooting for them…
    Another great story… ladies you never disappoint (even if half way through any story we all may get a bit antsy!)


  5. Aww, I loved this. So sweet and a little fluffier than I expected. But that’s a good thing coming from an angst wimp like me. At first the Dawn thing made me cringe… I just don’t like her. But it turned out good and my dislike was justified. Note that this one is done, I have to wait for another one to finish. I love you guys and y’all are so freaking good at this. Congrats.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Loved it!! I was worried for awhile because Eric couldn’t seem to see the bigger picture available for the two of them. But what can I say, Sookie was right, he acted like the typical guy in this one. Just because he said something in jest / while joking, he expected her to understand his underlying meaning. I could completely understand way Sookie felt so confused with her emotions and feelings for him. Hell, I could even see why he too was so confused over what their relationship meant to him. Still, I’m so glad it all worked out with that one true moment of truth; when he finally told her he loved her…beautiful! Wonderful story!! Thanks so much for sharing!


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