Chapter 22


Despite the rain falling all day, Sookie and I still go out for dinner. The restaurant isn’t too far from the resort so we’re able to catch a cab. I’d forgotten all about the role-play we’d been talking about until we’re on our way back to the room and Sookie calls me Mr. Northman.


Oh yes…


“Angel, I’m going to go to the restroom, I’ll be out in a minute,” I tell Sookie when we walk in. This will give her a chance to stage whatever she wants to.


“Okay,” she smiles. “I’ll be here when you’re ready.”


I lean down to give her a quick kiss before I go into the bathroom. I take a piss, wash my hands and then decide to brush my teeth. This is going to be fun. I don’t necessarily get off on paddling my girl, but I’ve done it before and I know Sookie likes it. After a few minutes I’m done with everything and open the door to go the room. I have to smile when I find Sookie. She’s in the process of shoving the bible into her bag. I have to hold back at laugh when I see the somewhat stealthy, yet determined look on her face.


I clear my throat and cross my arms over my chest.


Her head turns and in a snooty tone she demands, “What the hell are you doing in my room, Mr. Northman? Aren’t staff members supposed to knock before barging in on a guest?”


“I did knock. You didn’t answer so I was concerned that my guest might be hurt. Apparently I was wrong. My guest is robbing us blind,” I reply.


Sookie waves me off. “I’m fine. You can go now, Señor Tightass.”


“Mmm, I don’t think so, Miss Stackhouse,” I say. I take a few steps closer so I’m right behind her. I grab her wrists and hold them behind her back. “I’m going to have to hold you until the cops show up.”


“What for?” she scoffs. “You can charge this crap to my room.”


“Mmm, but your credit card has been declined. That’s what I was coming up to tell you in the first place.”


“Bullshit. That card has no limit,” she argues, struggling against my hold and rubbing her ass against me at the same time.


“I’m sure it doesn’t when it’s not on the stolen list, little thief,” I purr, pulling her hands tighter.


“And I’m sure we can settle this without the cops,” she replies.


“Apparently you have no money to bribe me with. I can’t see how we could settle anything,” I tell her. “Now, come with me.” I tug her arms and start to lead her to the door.


“I could work it off,” she offers. Sookie grabs my cock and adds, “I’m sure you can think of jobs that need doing.”


“Funny, I don’t think I can,” I smirk. “Do you have any suggestions, naughty girl?”


“I could get on my knees and give you the best head you’ve ever had.”


“I doubt you’re good enough to skip Mexican jail time,” I shrug without removing her hand from my erection.


“Your loss then,” she shrugs too. “Can you just make the call so I don’t have to smell your taco breath anymore?”


“On second thought…” I pull her back to the bed and take a seat. I notice she’s already put the paddle and the rest of the toys out on the bed. I tug her down so she’s lying across my lap with her ass up. “Maybe you just need a little spanking to remind you what happens to naughty little thieves,” I say, rubbing her ass.


“Get your filthy paws off me,” Sookie hisses, struggling weakly.


I pull back and smack her ass harder than I usually do.


“I promise jail would be much worse, princess,” I growl and spank her again.


“Ow!” Sookie whines and tries to cover her ass.


“None of that.” I grip her wrists tighter. I pull her skirt up, leaving her ass bare. Naughty minx went out without her panties. I lean over to grab the paddle and rub it over her right cheek. “If you think the last one hurt…” I bring the paddle down on her ass, making her whimper.


“Ouch! I’ll pay my bill, Mr. Northman,” she whines.


“Oh, yes you will, Miss Stackhouse. I think I’ll take my payment with what promises to be a subpar blowjob,” I say and give her one more swat with the paddle. I drop the paddle and reach between her thighs. “You either like the way the paddle feels on your behind or you can’t wait to get my fat cock down your throat. Which one is it, Miss Stackhouse?”


“The paddle,” she smirks. “Your subpar cock doesn’t excite me.”


I remove my fingers and pick up the paddle again. I give her two more swats and say, “My subpar cock is going to be the biggest you’ll ever swallow.”


“I doubt that,” she snorts.


I paddle her four more times, harder than I’m sure she expects. When I’m done I growl, “Get on your knees.”


Sookie does as she’s told while rubbing her red backside. I unzip my pants to pull out my cock. I’m completely hard already.


“Suck,” I command as I hold my shaft in one hand and her hair in the other so I can guide her head.


Sookie opens her mouth and sucks on my tip. Her head bobs, taking more and more of me down her throat. Her hands settle on my hips and she relaxes her jaw so I can fuck her throat. Tears form in her eyes and I see her thighs rub together as my hips thrust.


“Mmm, is that making your pussy wet, Miss Stackhouse?” I purr.


She makes an affirmative noise and when I nudge the back of her throat, she swallows my cock.


“Let’s see if your mouth is good enough to pay off your room or if I’ll have to take it from your wet cunt,” I tell her as my hips jerk when her throat massages my head.


Sookie hums and her soft, pink tongue peeks out to lick my sac. I have to hold back my groan, but she can feel my cock pulse in her mouth.


“That’s pretty good, little girl. Almost too good for someone so young. I bet you suck a lot of dick, don’t you?” I accuse in a growly sex voice that I can’t help. Fuck. Her mouth feels fucking good.


“Mmhmmm,” she hums and moves her hand to wrap around my shaft. Her head begins to bob and every few strokes, she spits on my cock to keep it nice and wet.


“You love having a big dick down your throat, don’t you, Miss Stackhouse? I see what a slutty little girl you are now and I bet your pussy is dripping, imagining my long, thick shaft sliding in and out of it…”


“I’m fucking drenched,” she says and sucks on my balls.


My head drops back as her tongue swirls over my left nut. Fuckfuckfuck… I pull her head off of my balls and take her wrist to pull her up to her feet.


“Lift your skirt and bend over the bed,” I direct her.


She gathers up her skirt and asks, “Gonna spank me some more?” Sookie smirks as she bends over the bed.


I smack her ass and say, “Maybe I should call one of my colleagues to gag you with his dick while I fuck you… Is that what you want?”


“Wouldn’t be the first time,” she replies.


“Dirty girl,” I growl and spank her again. I step forward and rub my head through her folds. She wasn’t kidding. She’s fucking drenched. “You ready to feel this inside of you? My long, thick, bare cock rubbing in and out of you? Stretching this tiny little cunt?”


“Fuck yes,” Sookie answers. “Give it to me.”


I lean forward to grab her throat as I slide into her pussy. Fuuuuck… she’s so fucking warm and wet and fucking tight.


“Is this what you want?” I grunt as I pull out and slam back in, gripping her throat tighter.


“Mmm… yes. Make my slutty little cunt cum for you,” she growls at me.


I continue to pound into her again and again. When I feel her pussy begin to flutter I stop.


“I don’t think you deserve to cum yet,” I tell her. I pull out and smack her ass again.


“Please?” Sookie pants.


“Beg me to let you cum, Susannah,” I growl as I slowly slide back into her. “You were such a naughty girl.”


“Please, please, please let me cum all over your big cock,” she pleads.


I swivel my hips, making her moan. “I’m not sure I believe you really want it,” I say, slapping her right cheek.


“Oh fuuuu… please, Mr. Northman,” Sookie whines and her walls pulse around me. She’s right on the edge.


I spank her one more time before I start to drive into her tight cunt hard and fast. Sookie gasps on each stroke. The sounds coming from her mouth are some of the sexiest I’ve ever heard.


“Do it. Cum all over my big dick,” I grunt.


“Yesyesyesyesyes! Fuuuuuck!” Sookie screams and her body shakes violently right before she explodes.


“Mmm, fuck,” I groan. I pull out and flip her onto her back. I slide her to the edge of the bed, throw her legs over my shoulder and start drilling into her cunt. My thighs slap into her ass over and over. I lift her slightly so my head is rubbing over her g-spot. Her walls squeeze me tighter as I feel a second orgasm approaching. “Give it to me, Susannah,” I pant when I feel my own orgasm creeping up on me.


“Ohmygodohmygodohmygod,” she chants, her arms moving frantically to grab onto anything she can. “Fuuuuuck!”


“That’s my girl.” I drive in a few more times before I pull out and shoot my load all over her mound. “Fuck!” I shout. My hips are jerking uncontrollably. I drop my head back to catch my breath. “Are you going to stop stealing shit from my hotel now, Miss Stackhouse?”


“Mmm…” she moans with a satisfied little smile, “I don’t know if I learned my lesson yet.”


“Get on your knees and suck me hard again if you want another lesson, Susannah.”


“Gladly,” she pants and slides off the bed to her knees in front of me.


I hold up my softening cock and say, “Suck your honey off of me, Miss Stackhouse. Tell me how good you taste.”


She takes as much of my length in her mouth as possible and slowly pulls back, bathing my cock. Sookie moans and looks up into my eyes.


“Mmm… like honey,” she purrs and leans in to suck me again the same way.


“Now you have me curious,” I tell her. My fingers twist into her hair and I pull her up off of her knees. I pull her hair, tilting her head back and I dip down to lick her lips. “Mmhmm, so sweet, little girl,” I hum.


“I know.” Sookie wraps her hand around my shaft and strokes while her tongue slips into my mouth.


“Lie down and spread your legs,” I whisper into the kiss.


She lets go of me and pulls her dress over her head. Sookie flashes her bright pink backside at me when she climbs up onto the bed. She lies on her back and spreads her legs wide, and reaches down to part her lower lips for me too so she’s completely on display. I lick my lips as I pull my shirt off and kneel on the bed with my face hovering over her cunt. I look up to meet her eyes and drag my tongue from her ass all the way up to her clit, tasting my own cum mixed with hers.


“Definitely sweeter than any other girl I’ve ever tasted,” I moan and lick her again.


“More,” she whispers.


I make her gasp when I slide my tongue over her rear hole and then up to her core. I dip my tongue inside of her and start to fuck her like that. I bring my hand up and stroke her clit with my thumb.


“Ohhhh fuck, that’s good, Mr. Northman,” she moans and grabs my hair.


“I know.” I thrust my tongue into her again and again. I pull back to watch as I push three fingers into her. I start to pump in and out, twisting to find her sweet spot. When I find it I watch as her pussy contracts around my fingers. I know if I speed up I can make her squirt again, but that seems to wear her out, so I stay nice and slow.


Her back arches and she starts tugging on her nipples. Sookie’s moans get louder and louder as she gets closer to cumming again.


Just to push her along I dip down and start to suck her clit, hard the way she likes it. I flick the tip of my tongue over her swollen nub, dragging her orgasm from her.


“Yesyesyesyesyes,” she breathes and her thighs squeeze my head as her walls pulse.


“Mmm, mmm, so good, Miss Stackhouse,” I moan as I pull my fingers out and rub my tongue over her core to lick up her honey. “Do you think you’ve learned your lesson?” I ask.  My cock is solid after eating her pussy. She’s fucking delicious.


“Oh yes. I’ll be a good girl now.”


“Good enough to sit on my lap and make me cum for you one more time?” I ask. “I want to fill you up…”


“Mmm… good,” she moans.


I get up from the bed after kissing her clit one last time. I get up to take my pants all the way off and go to sit in one of the fluffy reading chairs. I wrap my hand around my length and begin to stroke.


“I’m ready,” I smile.




“You know you’re not supposed to carry me over the threshold unless we’re married, right?” Eric’s got me scooped up in his arms on our front porch. Today is our three month anniversary and we’re moving into our new house.


“Angel, you only move into a house once. I want to do this right.”


“Okay,” I chuckle and push the front door open.


As he walks inside I can see that the hideous paint and wallpaper are gone. Much more neutral tones are on the walls and the floor is nice and shiny. I am in love with this house.


“I have a surprise for you,” he says and kisses the tip of my nose before he sets me on my feet.


“Oh yeah?”


“Mmhmm,” he nods. He takes my hand and leads me up the stairs to our bedroom. “Go through that door,” he says, pointing at the bathroom door.


“Ooookay…” I walk over to the bathroom and gasp when I open the door. No more gross tile and dark wallpaper with gold and pink flowers on it.


The bathroom has been modernized completely. There’s a walk-in shower stall with a big rain showerhead, his and hers sinks and a tub big enough for both of us. And the tile floor is warm.


“Eric,” I breathe. It’s like he somehow got in my brain and stole my dream bathroom design. “This is beautiful, babe.”


“I wanted to give you something brand new,” he says and leans in to kiss my forehead.


“You definitely did that. Thank you, Eric.” I hug him tightly and kiss his chin.


Everything is perfect. The colors, the dark wood, the countertops, the tiles… it’s just perfect.


“You’re welcome, Angel,” he smiles. “Do you know where you want to put everything when Rasul gets here with the truck?” he asks.


“I think so. Are you okay with putting Penny in the back room?” It’ll be our family room and I can have my nicer, more formal living room in the front. The Southern girl in me requires that we have that space.


“Yeah. You’ll be able to see her from the kitchen,” he grins.


“Babe, you can see her from space,” I giggle.


“See, you got me Penny and I gave you a new bathroom. Win, win,” he chuckles.


“I can take long ass baths while you make sweet love to Penny,” I wink. “Or is she just your fluffer?”


“She’s definitely my fluffer. All the sweet lovin’ is for you.”


“Mmm… we’ll see about that. We should start bringing boxes inside.” There’s a bunch of stuff piled into our cars. Rasul is bringing the furniture.


Eric follows me back downstairs and just as we’re walking out of the house Lafayette pulls up with Jesus in the passenger’s seat. I guess they’re back on this week. As we walk to our cars I wonder about Eric’s friends. He doesn’t really seem to have any.


“Hello, boys,” I greet Laff and Jesus. I give each of them a hug hello.


“Sookie, you look beautiful and tan,” Jesus says.


“Thanks. Mexico was a lot of fun. We had a great time. This is my boyfriend, Eric. Eric, this handsome devil is Jesus,” I introduce them since they haven’t met yet.


“Nice to meet you,” Eric says, reaching out to shake Jesus’ hand. “Thank you guys for helping.”


“It’s no trouble. I wanted to see where my boy will be spending his free time,” Jesus says. Judging by Lafayette’s sour puss, that’s not exactly a good thing.


Eric chuckles and says, “Once you meet Penelope you’ll probably want to be here all the time too.”


“Who’s Penelope?” Jesus looks from Eric to me. Laff being so quiet is making me nervous.


“She’s Eric’s new TV,” I explain.


“She’s beautiful,” Eric says wistfully. “Come on, I’ll show you guys the house.”


Jesus follows Eric but Laff stays outside with me.


“What’s wrong?” I ask as I open my trunk.


“I’m jus over his shit,” Laff sighs. “I love him, but he a jealous sumbitch.”


“So maybe it’s time to let him go,” I suggest. “If you’re unhappy, it’s not worth it.”


“I keep hopin’ he change. It’s hard to let go.”


“I know,” I frown and rub his arm. “A real break could be good for you both. Let him see what he’s missing. Sometimes a man needs a wake-up call to get his shit together.”


“You right. You wanna know the worst part? I ain’t gonna get to ogle the shirtless Viking with Jesus ass around.”


“You poor, deprived man,” I say sympathetically. “I’ll just have to text you pictures from the beach. You’ll have to crop my tits out of the shot though.”


“That’ll work,” he chuckles. “I’m sure I’ll catch a glimpse here and there. Have you seen this other dude helpin’?”


“Not yet, but I’ve heard things. You probably wouldn’t mind getting him and Eric alone in a room if they were into men.”


“Mmm, I may needs to send Jesus on his way then.”


“That might be a good idea. I can always take you to pick up your car later,” I offer.


“We see how he act. Now show me this house you spent all this money on with a dude you barely know.”


“Bitch, you’re just jealous,” I tease and nudge him with my hip. I grab a box from the trunk and so does he before we go inside.


“It already looks a fuckload better with the new paint,” Lafayette comments as we walk in. I can hear Eric and Jesus walking around upstairs.


“Definitely. I like the light mocha in here way more than that salmon/rust color.” I head into the kitchen and set the box down on the counter.


“I knew you like ’em chocolate,” he laughs as he sets his box down too. Laff looks up toward the ceiling when we hear Jesus laughing. “Sound like someone got a crush.”


“I don’t blame him.”


Laff shakes his head and asks, “How was Mexico?”


“Minus one little blip, it was great. I’d love to go back sometime.” I head back out to get more boxes.


By the time we walk back in Eric and Jesus are downstairs again. “Angel, wait until they get here with the truck. There’s a dolly on it and we can take stacks in instead of one at a time,” he says. “Just stack them up here and I’ll bring them in.”


“I can bring them in. I’m not going to start unpacking until everything is in so I might as well help,” I reply.


“Alright,” he says as Rasul and Pam come around the corner with the truck.


“But I promise not to do any heavy lifting and make you look inferior,” I chuckle.


“Good girl,” he winks.


As we head for the front door I jump on Eric’s back. My legs wrap around his waist and I playfully nibble on his neck.


“I would hate for you to have to punish me later,” I whisper in his ear.


“Liar,” he whispers back as he walks outside with me on his back.


“And Lafayette says we hardly know each other,” I snort.


“He’s a fool,” Eric chuckles.


Pam and Rasul get out of the truck. He’s a big guy, possibly taller and definitely broader than Eric.


“Mmm… I see why Pam likes him,” I say under my breath.


Speaking of Pam, she’s wearing hot pants and a tank top. I’m pretty sure she’s not wearing a bra. Good lord.


“It’s his winning personality, I’m sure,” Eric replies quietly.


“Uh huh.” Homeboy is built like a fucking linebacker.


Eric walks up to them with me on his back still. “Angel, this is Rasul, Gram– Pam’s friend. Rasul, this is my barnacle, Sookie.”


“Nice to meet you, Rasul. I’ve heard a lot about you and I’ve disregarded most of it,” I tell him.


“You too,” he smiles. “Pammy has said nothing but good things about you.”


“Thank you both for coming today. We really appreciate the help,” I tell them.


“I think this one just wants to see me all sweaty and shirtless,” Rasul laughs, pointing his thumb at Pam.


“I saw it this morning. It was good then too,” Pam says.


“Classy,” Eric says shaking his head. “Angel, I have to let you down so I can get sweaty with Rasul.”


“That sounds like the sex dream Laff will be having later,” I snort and slide down his back.


“I’m sure it will be. Ras, let’s go in, I’ll show you the house real quick,” Eric says.


“What do you think of the bathroom?” Pam asks once the boys go inside.


“It’s gorgeous. Eric did a great job on it,” I reply.


“I helped with the colors,” she tells me.


“They’re perfect. I love the little bit of green you mixed in.”


“Thanks,” she smiles. “You kids did good with this place.”


“I think so. It’s bigger than what we were looking for, but I love it. Maybe someday we’ll grow into it.”


“You better not miss a pill or that’ll be a lot faster than you want. I know that boy keeps you naked most of the time,” she snorts.


Then she would be surprised by how often we fuck without taking our clothes off, not that I’m going to tell her about that.


“Don’t worry, we’re not ready for little Northmans yet,” I assure her.


“Let me know when you are. Adele and I will have nurseries ready for them.”


“Oh I have no doubt.”


“Let’s go see if my boy is shirtless yet. You’re going to love this, he’s… mmm.”


“You and Lafayette can fight over him,” I laugh as we head inside. Unfortunately, my best friend and Jesus are arguing in the kitchen. Shit.


“I’m not coming back this time, Lafayette,” Jesus’ voice rises. “If I go, that’s it.”


Uh huh.


“Then get yo ass out,” Lafayette says, flicking his hand toward the door.


“This might be even better than the shirtless boys,” Pam whispers.


“Why, so you can fuck the tight ends?” Jesus fires back.


Oh boy.


“Is he talking about our boys?” Pam whispers to me.


“Mmhmm,” I nod.


“Or do you only do it for money?” Jesus accuses.


Uh oh.


Lafayette’s nose flares before he looks away. I can see his fists clench. It’s taking all of his willpower not to punch Jesus right now.


“I think it’s best you leave before I do something I don’t want to do in Sookie house,” he says calmly.


“Sookie, do we have any popcorn?”


“Yeah, nice knowing you,” Jesus grumbles before he storms out of the house without saying goodbye.


What a mess.


“You okay?” I ask Laff.


“I might need a hug. Miss Pam, I’mma need to borrow yo boy,” he jokes humorlessly.


“Oh, that’s fine. Make sure he takes his shirt off first. So much better that way,” Pam grins.


I shake my head and go give Lafayette a hug. “I’m sorry, sweetie.”


“I be alright,” he whispers.


“You always are,” I whisper back as the boys come downstairs.


“This is a great house, Sookie,” Rasul says.


“Thanks.” I let go of Lafayette. “Did Eric introduce you?” I ask Laff.


“Yeah, on they way in,” he says. “Come on, let’s get this party started.”


Lafayette is the first one out. Pam molestations her boytoy on their way out and I see Eric cringe.


“Could be worse,” I tell him.


“How? She’s nearly naked and I think he’s been checking out your tits too,” he groans.


“We could catch them fuc–”


“Please, don’t,” Eric says, cutting me off. “It’s one thing to catch my forty-year-old Grams fucking. Seventy… just no.”


“You asked how it could be worse,” I shrug.


I take his hand and lead him outside, only to find Pam and Rasul dry humping each other in the back of the truck.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 22

  1. That was hot. From the beginning of the chapter to the very end. All those lemons intermingled at the end with some drama. Not Sookie/Eric drama so its all good. Enjoying reading how much you are making Eric cringe with Pam’s antics. Look forward to more!!! 🙂


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