Part 6: Good Things


We rolled up to Eric’s place at about eight o’clock Saturday night. It was nice to see my family, but I was grateful to be in New Orleans away from them. I didn’t have to explain every little thing I did in New Orleans. I left my suitcase in the van and followed Eric up to his place. He left the suitcase by the door and dropped on his couch like he’d just crossed the desert.


“So… same time next year?” I closed and locked the door before taking a seat next to him.


“Do you want to deal with your dad next year?” He rested his hand on my thigh.


“Maybe I’ll be pregnant by this time next year,” I joked. “Can you imagine?”


“He’d accuse me of corrupting his precious daughter,” Eric chuckled. He pulled me on top of his long body. “Gran would be happy as a clam.”


“Probably. Although since you showed Dad your condom stash he might not be too surprised. Besides, he knows I’m not a virgin. One of his fellow officers caught JB and me doing it once,” I confessed.


“I imagine that didn’t go over too well.”


“No, not really. Dad tried forbidding me from seeing JB, but that didn’t really work out. Someday he’ll figure out I’m going to do what I want regardless of what he says.”


“Hopefully that sooner now that you’re an actual adult.” Eric’s hands rubbed up and down my back.


“Mom’s going to work on him.” I kissed him. “She likes you.”


“I’m glad she does. I like her too. Gran thinks we’re getting married,” he chuckled.


“We might.” The idea of it didn’t scare me. Not even a week after we met but it felt like it had been years.


“I don’t think it would be a bad idea. I’m pretty taken with you.” He rubbed down over my ass.


“You might just be having sex withdrawals,” I teased. We hadn’t had sex since Wednesday night.


“I thought that might be in Thursday at bedtime. By Friday night I realized it’s just you and how much I like your company.”


“Then I guess I should keep my hands to myself.” I started to get off of him.


“No,” he stopped me. “I like hanging out with you but my hard-on likes you too.” He grabbed my hips to hold me in place.


“Then why is it hiding?”


“Unzip my jeans and I’m sure you’ll see it.”


“You are the rare breed of a grower and a shower.”


Eric chuckled and said, “Would it be bad if I wanted you to stay the night with me tonight?”


“Depends on why you want me to stay. If you want me to do your laundry and reorganize your kitchen, I don’t know if I’m interested,” I smiled.


“Nope, I just want you near me.”


“Naked, right?”


“Naked never hurts. If you just want to cuddle up on the couch I’d be fine with that too.”


“I’d be okay with that. Is there room for two on this couch?”


“Not really,” he chuckled. “Having you on top of me is the easiest way to fit.”


“We could cuddle on your bed.”


“That sounds a little more appealing right now.”


“We should get up.” I freed myself from his grasp and got up. I kicked off my sneakers and pulled off my shirt. That got him go sit up.


Eric got up from the couch and immediately started to strip his clothes off.


“Do laundry and put away clothes tomorrow?” he suggested as he followed me around the wall to his bed.


“Works for me.” I tugged my yoga pants off and left them on the floor. Eric tackled me onto the bed. “You’re such a violent cuddler.”


“I missed having your naked body close to mine.” He kissed my neck as his hips started to rock.


“We’re almost there. Damn underwear.”


“Those are no trouble at all.” He sat up on his knees and pulled my panties down my thighs, throwing them across the room. Eric was already completely naked.


“Props for not ripping them off.”


“I was tempted.” He climbed on top of me again. “I like the way your ass looks in those.”


“They’re also really comfortable.” I pulled his face to mine and kissed him. It was just a lingering peck. “Obviously this is a no panties zone.”


“It is and I appreciate your compliance.” I could feel him getting hard.


“Well it’s to my benefit.”


“Mmm, is that so?” He slipped one of his hands down between us so he could rub my folds. “It seems to be to my benefit too.”


“I think it’s mutually beneficial.” I turned my head a little to kiss his neck. Eric was really into that, from what I could tell.


“That feels good, baby,” he whispered. “It feels good to have you in a bed again.” His fingers slipped between my lower lips so he could rub my clit.


It felt good to be back in a bed with him too. Eric was getting better and better at getting the engines running. His lips found mine and the kisses were full of emotions I couldn’t put a name to yet. I didn’t think he could either. The connection we shared was definitely growing and getting stronger. The trip to Bon Temps proved to me that it wasn’t just about sex. No way would Eric have stuck around with my dad behaving like he was for most of Thanksgiving.


Eric eventually pulled away from me and started to get off the bed.


“Where are you going?”


“To get a condom,” he answered.


“Don’t. I’m on the shot.”


“Oh… are you sure?” He shifted back onto the bed so he was hovering over me again.


“I’m sure. I trust you.” I didn’t usually skip condoms, but I wanted to experience sex without one and I trusted that whatever happened as a result, with Eric it would be okay.


“I trust you too.” He reached down to rub the tip of his cock up and down through my slick folds.


My knees hitched up a little bit and Eric looked down as he slid into me. He filled me in one slow thrust and slowly pulled back. He had a look on his face like he had died and gone to heaven.


“You okay?” I giggled quietly.


“I’m more than okay,” he smiled. “I don’t think I’ve ever felt anything this good.”


“Now you’re pulling my leg,” I laughed.


“I am not,” he assured me. His hips started to move slowly. Each time he filled me his eyes threatened to roll back.


“You’re cute.” I kissed along his jaw. I didn’t know if he was exaggerating his reaction or if it was genuinely that good, but it was cute either way. I’d be lying if I said I it didn’t feel good. There was definitely a difference, but it wasn’t like it necessarily made the sex better.


Eric hooked his arms under mine so he could hold me to his chest as he rolled us over. My legs dropped to straddle his waist as his hands went to my hips to help me rock.


“I love this view,” he smiled, his eyes scanning up and down my body when I sat up.


“I’m surprised you didn’t get me in that van every chance you got,” I smiled as I moved up and down slowly. I liked that we weren’t pawing at and mauling each other. It was nice to take things slow.


“I thought about it,” he admitted. “I was having fun being with you with our clothes on.” His hands gently worked their way up and down my sides.


“I think Gran was impressed with your poker face while we were playing cards last night.” Eric was a great bluffer. He’d managed to clean Gran out of all the Hershey Kisses she’d put in the lot on the last hand.


“Doing hard time assisted,” he chuckled. He pushed his hips up, getting extra deep when he said ‘hard’.


I gasped and rested my hands on his chest. I started to move up and down faster. His eyes locked on mine as I moved. He cupped my breasts and played with my nipples until I leaned forward to kiss him. His hips thrust up to meet me and the angle he was thrusting in at made my walls flutter.


We rolled over again without breaking the kiss. Eric pushed my knees up so he could still get super deep. It was intense and the eye contact put it over the top. It definitely wasn’t just getting off. His forehead was resting on mine when I came. My arms wrapped around his neck to keep him close. His erratic thrusts told me he was right on the edge.


“Cum in me,” I whispered. Maybe I was crazy for trusting him, but I did.


Eric turned his head to bury his face in my neck. When he came a few seconds later it was with a soft grunt. I could feel his thick shaft pulsing as he filled me with his release.


“Damn that was perfect,” he whispered against my neck.


“Best yet,” I agreed.


We laid there quietly with him on top of me. It was nice not having him rush out of bed to get rid of the condom. The soft kisses and snuggles felt really good.


“Still want me to stay over?” I knew he did.


“Are you kidding? I don’t ever want you to leave,” he chuckled.


“Oh yeah? Maybe you should just move in with me,” I joked.


“Would you really want a giant attached to your ass anytime you were at home?” he teased.


“My ass isn’t that big,” I snorted.


“Fine, the giant would be attached to any part of you he can attach to,” he chuckled.


“As long as he cooks for me once in a while and his dirty laundry at least makes it to the hamper.”


“You got it,” he smiled as he tilted his head to kiss my cheek.


“Are we joking or being serious?” I thought we were joking, but it didn’t quite feel like we were.


“I’m joking, but the idea of living with isn’t a bad one,” he admitted. “It’s almost scary how comfortable I am with you.”


“I know. The idea of living with you doesn’t scare me. Even with your questionable taste in music.”


“We could work on music tastes,” he laughed.


“So far it’s the only thing I’m remotely feeling all ugh about and it’s barely on the list,” I told him.


“The only thing I’m remotely ugh about is your dad, but we both know that doesn’t matter to me. Gran has my back,” he replied.


“Plus I can’t control my Dad. If I could, believe me that he wouldn’t act like a dick.”


“I know. That’s why I don’t hold it against you.” He ran his fingers through my hair.


“I do have some annoying habits, I’m sure.”


“I think everyone has their bad habits.” He shifted off of me, resting his hand on my stomach.


“It’s hard to say what my bad habits might be. To me they’re normal.”


“It depends. I may not think you’re annoying at all,” he pointed out. “I’m a pretty easy going guy.”


“I guess only time will tell on that one. I might be the kind of girl who clogs the sink with my hair,” I giggled.


“That’s what Drano is for,” he chuckled.


“Maybe I only leave a tablespoon of milk in the fridge.”


“Then I’ll throw the carton away. I technically don’t even like milk,” he chuckled. “It takes a lot to annoy me, Sookie.”


“Then you won’t mind my tween sensation playlist. Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift…”


“Then we’ll have to talk,” he deadpanned.


“It’ll just be on repeat 24/7.”


“We need to rethink this relationship.”


“What if I throw in some Nickelback?” I was totally trolling him.


“That does it. Out of the bed.” He thrust his hand in the air, pointing at the door as he rolled away from me.


I laughed and pounced on him.


“Get your cute butt back here, mister.”


He grabbed my hips and rolled back so I was on top of him. “Promise me no tween music or Nickelback.” He tilted his head up to kiss my chin.


“Mmm… that’s a pretty big promise from a former Bielieber.”


“I have faith you can make it.”


“You’re probably right. I hate Justin Bieber.”


“Good,” Eric smiled. His big hands rubbed down my back to grab my ass. “Now I can keep you.”


“I do love Kanye–”


One of those hands slapped over my mouth.


“Shhhh,” he shushed me.


I nibbled on his palm.


I liked that we could be playful and joke around. Relationships needed that. After three years with a stick in the mud, I needed someone I could joke around with and have fun with. For the moment, I’d found someone I could do that with. It felt really, really good.




I wasn’t home for long before Amelia came upstairs. She knocked on the back door before coming inside.


“I’m in the bedroom.” My room was just behind the kitchen. The apartment had a pretty open floor plan. The living room and dining room were wide open to the kitchen. A large breakfast bar big enough to comfortably seat four stools divided the kitchen and living space. Amelia had a bigger place than I did, but I had a patio over her sunroom, so that made up for it.


“How was it?” she asked when she walked in.


“It was pretty good. My dad’s not happy but I think he finally got the point. Mom, Aunt Linda, Gran and even Jason liked him. Dad’s the odd one out.”


“That says a lot that they all like him. I don’t actually count your dad. The fact he still like Bill puts him on the outside.”


“I think he liked him a little less when Bill insinuated my mom’s a lush.” I started to unzip my bag. Unlike Eric, I needed to unpack right away.


Bill did said that? Wow. That’s a special kinda stupid. Was Gran around when he did that?”


“Oh yeah. Everyone was except Jason. It didn’t go over well.”


“Man, to be a fly on the wall,” she snickered.


“Gran gave him a verbal swat on the butt. It was pretty fun. She likes Eric a lot, criminal record and all.” I put my shoes back in the closet.


“He must be a charmer.”


“He is. He’s really sw–” The doorbell rang unexpectedly. “Hold that thought.”


I wasn’t expecting anyone. I went to the front door and looked through the peephole to see a big bouquet of pink and white roses. Eric. I opened the door and smiled.


“Are you stalking me?” I teased.


“Nope. I just remembered I hadn’t gotten you roses yet and you love the smell.” He handed me the flowers.


“You are the sweetest.” I inhaled the scent and then pulled him in for a kiss. “Thank you.”


“Mmm, you’re welcome,” he smiled.


“Do you want to come in? Amelia’s here. I’m sure she’s dying to meet you since I was just singing your praises.”


“I was just planning to drop those off but if you want me to meet her I don’t mind coming in.”


“We’ll make it quick.” I tugged him inside. It was no surprise that Amelia was standing in the kitchen. “Amelia, this is Eric. Eric, this is Amelia.”


“Nice to meet you.” Eric smiled.


“Wow,” Amelia responded. She looked him up and down. “You’re a lot taller than I expected.”


“You’re not making out with him to find out if he’s a good kisser,” I warned.


“Awww, man,” she pouted.


“I’m a one woman man, sorry,” he chuckled.


“Amelia’s not.”


“Then it’s a good thing I’m dating you,” Eric said.


“It’s true,” I agreed.


I went around the bar to get a vase from one of the lower cabinets.


“I’m shocked you’re not grilling him, Amelia.” I turned on the faucet and grabbed my gardening shears from the junk drawer.


“I can’t grill him in front of you.”


“Since when?” I snickered. “You never had a problem grilling Bill.”


“Bill smelled like old soup. I didn’t really care what he thought of me and I wanted to make sure he wasn’t lying. Eric doesn’t strike me as a liar.”


“Bill did smell like old soup! How did I never notice that?” Love really messed me up, obviously.


“Maybe there was something wrong with your sense of smell? A lot of things seemed to be okay with you for too long.”


“Maybe, but I noticed the way Eric smelled right away,” I admitted.


“Because he smells amazing and you’re not blinded by your dad’s wishes for you anymore.”


“I can get you the name of the cologne I wear later,” he chuckled. “I just look for the bottle, not at the name.”


“Well whatever it is, you smell really good. Like if I was a cat I’d be rubbing myself on you.” I added flower food to the vase.


“Babe, you rub yourself all over me anyway,” he pointed out.


“I do not!” I kinda did. Only a little. He started it.


All he did was arch an eyebrow at me.


“I have a feeling you do. I’d rub all over him,” Amelia said.


“He starts it,” I said in my own defense.


“I’ve done it handful of times, but you’re pretty good at starting it.”


“You’re a really good kisser. It’s hard not to take advantage.” I finished snipping the roses and arranged them in the vase.


“Are you sure I can’t give him a whirl?” Amelia asked.


“Positive. There’s a new warden in town.” I winked at Eric.


“You’re no fun,” she frowned.


“I beg to differ,” Eric said.


“He’s plenty of fun. I’ll never look at the Bon Temps high school bleachers the same way.”


“I don’t even want to know what you did. At least not until he leaves,” Amelia replied.


“I just hope there aren’t any security cameras down there,” I giggled. I took the vase back to my bedroom and put it on my dresser. My room was going to smell like roses in no time. “I think I’m ordering Chinese takeout tonight. Anyone else interested?”


“I don’t think I’ve ever turned down Chinese food,” Eric said. “I don’t want to intervene on your gossiping, though.”


“I ate just before I got here,” Amelia told me.


“Then it looks like it’s just you and me, Sweetcheeks.” I went back into the kitchen and hugged Eric.


“I thought that was the plan anyway.” He hugged me back, reaching down to playfully smack my ass. “You know, when I move all my stuff in here because I’m a clinger and I can’t get enough of you.”


“You are a clinger,” I laughed. It was cute though, and it was new. We were supposed to want to be around each other all the time.


“You guys are going to give me diabetes,” Amelia snickered.


“You’ll be okay,” I smiled.


“I’m going to go so I don’t get a toothache,” she chuckled.


“I have no doubt you’ll accost him later when I’m not around,” I giggled.


“Of course I will. It was good to finally meet you, Eric.”


“Likewise,” Eric said.


“We’ll try to keep it down,” I said as she headed for the door.


“Uh huh. Enjoy it while it lasts.” Amelia walked out the front door so she could head downstairs.


“Are you planning on getting boring?” I asked Eric.


“No, I don’t intend to. If I do, let me know,” he requested.


“”Oh I will. For now, what kind of takeout do you want?” I went to the drawer full of menus and plopped a stack on the counter. I was kind of a hoarder that way.


“Fan them out and I’ll close my eyes and pull one out,” he said.


I mixed up the pile and spread it out all over the counter. Eric looked the other way while he pulled a menu.


“Ming’s. I like it,” he grinned when he looked at the menu he chose. “How about dinner on me? You have to call in the order, though.”




“I’m happy with sweet and sour and the pot stickers. Get whatever you want,” he said.


“Sweet and sour it is. Chicken okay?” He didn’t seem to be a very picky eater but I wanted to be sure anyway.


“Yeah, chicken is fine.”


“Do you want something else? It doesn’t have to be chicken.”


“Just some rice. Maybe get two orders of the sweet and sour, though.”


“Are you that big of a fan?”


“No, I just eat a lot in one sitting. You saw me on Thanksgiving. I also assume you’ll get your favorite I can share with you.”

“My favorite is beef with broccoli, as long as it’s szechwan. I like the spicy.”


“I like spicy too,” he agreed.


“Good. I’m picky about spicy though. I don’t do curry. Just the smell makes me want to narf,” I told him. “White rice, brown rice or fried rice?”


“White, please. I’m simple with my rice.”


“Me too. Egg rolls?”


“Nah, I don’t like Ming’s egg rolls,” he chuckled.


“Me either! They’re greasy as fuck.”


“They’re greasy and they put cinnamon in them. I’m not interested in sweet egg rolls, thanks. Unless it’s a dessert egg roll.”


“So that’s the weird taste. I knew something was off. I make caramel apple pie egg rolls, by the way.”


“I will take one dozen, please.” He was serious.


“I’ll have to go shopping for the stuff tomorrow after class.” I went to the dining room table to get my phone out of my purse. I called Ming’s to place our order. They were always pretty quick. When I hung up I set my phone down and said, “Let’s see who comes faster; you or the food.”


“Where should we go for this?” He unzipped his jeans.


“Right here’s good for me.” I gave him a quick kiss and then dropped to my knees.


I really liked Eric a lot. I had a good feeling about what was building between us. Whether the food came first or Eric did, I already knew I had won. He was absolutely something to be thankful for.





The End…

16 thoughts on “Part 6: Good Things

  1. What an awesome story. I can see a long and happy future with them.
    I second the idea of a Christmas visit to see how Corbett is dealing.
    Thanks for the Thanksgiving present!

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  2. Excellent! A wonderful ending to a wonderful story! I’ll echo the others who asked for a continuation. This was a terrific story for the holiday, and thanks so much for the Thanksgiving treat! Hope you both had a wonderful Turkey Day! 🙂

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  3. Aww. It’s over 😦

    That was surprisingly un-angsty . Not that I’m complaining lol.

    Loved it. The perfect Craigslist hookup 🙂

    Thanks for a beautiful story Ladies!


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