Chapter 2


After leaving the home I head over to my house. Sookie and I exchanged numbers. She gave me her address and I promised to be at her place within the hour. I want to run home for a change of clothes if we’re going to be showering. Plus I need more condoms.


I know her grandmother, but I don’t know Sookie very well yet. I want to know what makes such a sweet girl like her attracted to me. I don’t think I earned the reputation of bad boy, but for some reason I have it. I like girls, a lot. I was truthful with Sookie when I confirmed not all girls get a second call. However, Sookie is different. She’s pretty, sweet; she seems to have a good head on her shoulders. She has her life together and not out looking for a quick fuck like a lot of the girls I meet these days.


Once I’m home I go to my nightstand and grab a handful of condoms. I don’t know what we’re going to do, but I want to be prepared. I find my overnight bag and throw in a pair of swears along with a nice button down shirt and a pair of slacks in case we do go out on our date. I make a quick trip to the bathroom to grab my toiletries. I take a look in the mirror and brush my hair back. I look good… I think.


I lock up my apartment and hop in my car. On the way over to Sookie’s I stop to get her a small bouquet of roses and then finish the short trek to her house.


When I arrive I park on the street. I take my bag out of the backseat and carry the roses in front of me as I walk up and ring the doorbell.


She opens the door, wrapped in a robe, and smiles at me. “You moving in?” Sookie jokes and glances at my bag.


“I like to be prepared,” I wink. “For you.” I hand her the roses.


“Thank you. Roses are my favorite,” she says and takes a step back. The rose from earlier is still tucked behind her ear.


“Good to know.” I step inside and lean down to give her a soft kiss as I close the door behind me. “I brought another twenty condoms and some clothes in case we leave your house,” I tell her.


Sookie’s jaw drops. “Twenty? I wouldn’t be able to walk by the time you were finished with me.”


“I just grabbed a handful,” I laugh, showing her my hand. “We obviously don’t have to use them all. We don’t have to use any if you’d rather sit here and talk.”


“Oh I’m sure we’ll talk.” She turns and heads for her kitchen.


I follow her and when she bends to get a vase I grab her hips and pull her ass against my crotch.


“I’m talking about more than harder, or faster,” I tease, rubbing myself on her gorgeous ass.


“I had other words in mind too.” Her hips sway a little before she stands up.


I reach up to wrap my hand loosely around her throat to hold her close to my chest. “What words would those be, Angel?” I whisper and tilt her head to kiss just below her ear.


I feel her shiver and she sets the vase on the counter before she says, “Fuck me, spank me, make me cum…”


I stifle a moan, but I can’t hide my cock twitching against her. “I’ll give you whatever you want, Angel,” I purr. My hand tightens a little around her throat and I reach into her robe with my other hand to find her bare breast. I roll her nipple between my finger and my thumb before I begin to tug on it.


Sookie sucks in a breath and then whimpers, “What about my pretty flowers?”


“I can get you more,” I reply. I lick her neck from the base up to her ear. I begin to nibble on her lobe as I move my hand to her left tit to give it the same attention.


“Mmm… that feels good.” Sookie shrugs out of her silky robe and lets it fall to the floor.


“How good, Sookie? Is your pussy dripping for me yet?” I ask.


“You tell me,” she answers.


I let go of her nipple to reach down so I can rub her folds. She’s drenched.


“Mmm, good girl,” I breathe. I pull my fingers away and paint her bottom lip with her honey. “Lick it off and tell me how good you taste.”


Her soft, pink tongue peeks out and slowly runs along her bottom lip. She moans and says, “Like honey.”


Fuck she’s hot. I want to push my dick into her to coat my shaft in her juices before I pull out and watch her suck it off, but I don’t know her well enough to fuck her bare.


“Would you like more?” I ask, reaching down to rub her clit.


“I want to know what you taste like,” she moans.


I release her long enough to strip my clothes off, leaving them on the floor with her robe.


“It’s all yours. Taste whatever you like,” I say, holding my hands out to the side, offering myself to her.


Sookie turns to face me. Her lips slowly begin kissing their way down my chest. She bites my nipple playfully and wraps her small hand around my shaft. I brush her hair back, thrusting slowly into her hands.


“Would you like to go to the bedroom?” I ask. Fuck, her hands feel good.


“Not yet,” she says between kisses along my abs. Sookie drops to her knees and looks up into my eyes as her tongue runs the length of my shaft.


“Mmm, that feels good, Angel,” I moan, twisting my fingers into her hair. I want to guide my tip in and fuck her throat.


Sookie’s lips part and she traces my head around them. Her tongue flicks against the tiny slit at the very tip, licking up my pre-cum. I groan quietly, rubbing her head with my thumbs. As I watch her full lips and soft, pink tongue on my tip more and more of my fluid seep out for her.


“Come on, Sookie, suck my tip,” I softly command, keeping my eyes on hers.


I see mischief in her pretty blue eyes right before she moves her mouth away from my tip. She kisses her way down my shaft to my sac and lightly tongues my right nut.


“Fuck, that’s good, Angel,” I breathe. I want to rip her head back and slam my cock down her throat, but I’m trying to be good.


With her lips closed, she moans against my sensitive skin, making my dick twitch in her hand. Sookie gives my other nut the same gentle treatment before she licks her way up my shaft again. Her eyes meet mine and finally, her full lips wrap around my head and suck hard.


“Mmm,” I moan. I keep myself from thrusting in and allow Sookie to take her time. I’ll be able to torture her later. “I can already see myself pulling out and cumming all over your pretty lips,” I whisper.


She smiles and swirls her tongue around my head as her hand pumps my shaft quickly. Every few strokes she sucks on my head before returning to the soft, teasing swirls.


As I watch I can see it. Sookie sitting right where she is with her face in front of my cock and her gorgeous mouth wide open while I stroke myself to completion. I’m being soft and sweet since I don’t know her well enough to know how rough she likes it.


“Make me cum, Angel,” I say, looking deep into her eyes.


Her lips close around my head and her wrist twists as she strokes me. She hums and her tongue flicks the little slit at my very tip, trying to coax more of my cum out.


“You want it?” I ask, slowly thrusting my hips. With my visual and her soft hand and lips I doubt it’s going to take much longer.


“Mmhmmm,” she hums.


I wrap my hand around hers to help her stroke, squeezing a little when we get closer to her lips.


“Yes… that’s it,” I pant. “Where do you want it?”


Sookie pulls back and opens her mouth nice and wide for me.


“Fuck!” I shout right before I explode, cumming all over her lips and tongue. A strong aftershock hits me when she closes her mouth to swallow and some of my release dribbles down her chin.


“Mmm…” Sookie moans and licks up my cum. “That was tasty, thank you.”


“You’re welcome,” I pant. I help her to her feet and pull her into my arms. I don’t give a fuck that her mouth is still full of my cum. I crash my lips onto hers and scoop her up by her thighs. “Where’s your room?”


“Down the hall and to the left,” she replies and begins nibbling on my neck.


Halfway down the hall I push her against the wall and rub my shaft through her wet folds. “I’m still fucking solid for you,” I tell her. “I want to slide in right this second and pound you into the fucking wall.”


“I want it too,” she breathes and tugs on my earlobe with her teeth.


I groan as I rock my hips. “Are you on birth control?” I ask as I rock harder.


“Mmhmmm. Are you clean?” Sookie pants.


“Yes,” I assure her as I position myself at her entrance. I thrust forward, filling her completely in one stroke. “Fuck… you’re so fucking wet.”


She grunts and says, “Make me scream for you, Eric.”


“Yes, ma’am,” I pant. I position her legs over my arms and I begin to drive into her wet heat over and over, slamming her against the wall. Each time I surge forward I grind into her, rubbing her clit with my pubic bone.


“Yesyesyesyesyes!” Sookie cries out. Her nails dig into my back and her walls begin to pulse.


“That’s it, Angel, cum all over my dick,” I growl as I slam in as hard as possible. I smack her ass and dip to nibble on her collarbone.


I feel the sting of her nails clawing at me as she cums. “Ohmygodohmygodohmygod!” Sookie screams when her pussy clenches hard around my shaft.


“Good girl,” I pant as I continue to drill into her through her orgasm. “Are you ready for it, Sookie? Do you want my cum deep inside your tight little cunt?”


“Fuck… yes,” she pants. “Give it to me, Eric. Please.”


I hold her tight against the wall, pistoning my hips. “Fuckfuckfuck,” I growl when my balls tighten and my shaft swells. I drive in one more time so my tip is as deep as it can get when I explode.


I wrap my arms around her and complete my journey to her bedroom, staying buried inside her. I lie her down on the bed before I slowly pull out.


“Watch,” I whisper. Sookie looks down just in time to see my cum seeping out of her core.


“Mmm… that’s sexy,” she whispers. She reaches down and gathers some of my cum on her finger. Her eyes meet mine as she sucks her finger clean.




“You’re going to keep me hard doing stuff like that,” Eric tells me without taking his eyes off of my fingers.


“Want me to stop?” I offer.


“Nope,” he shakes his head. He reaches down to drag his cum up to my clit with his thumb.


My hips jerk but I don’t try to dodge his touch.


“So what do you do when you’re not flirting with the ladies at bingo?” I ask.


“I own a bar,” he admits. “My manager is probably going to shit himself when I tell him I have plans tonight,” he smiles. He twists his hand and slides three fingers into me as he continues to rub my clit.


I gasp and my hips move with his fingers.


“Mmm… you should tell him you picked up a girl at bingo,” I smirk.


“Nope. He doesn’t know about bingo.” Eric’s pinky finger moves down to massage my rear opening, but he doesn’t apply any pressure.


“Awwww, but you’re so cute up there winking at old ladies. Maxine Fortenberry told Gran she’d make a man out of you,” I giggle.


“I’m all man,” he assures me and I feel his softening cock rub my clit as he fingers me. He curls those fingers to rub my sweet spot.


“I’m star–” I pause to gasp when he finds it. Fuck, he’s good. “Starting to get that,” I finish.


“Tug your nipples. I want to watch,” he whispers as his fingers speed up.


“Ye… yes, sir,” I pant and my hands go to my breasts to pinch, pluck and tug my nipples for him.


“Gorgeous, Sookie,” Eric breathes. “Are you going to cum again?”


“Mmm… mmhmm,” I hum. I can feel the pressure building fast deep in my belly.


“Good girl.” I feel his pinky nudge my ass again. “Do you want to feel this inside of you?” he asks, this time applying some pressure. I’m so wet my juices are dripping down to lubricate my ass.


“Mmm… never done that before,” I pant. “Don’t stop.”


His fingers move faster over my spot. “That’s why I asked if you want to feel it,” he says quietly.


“Yes,” I moan. My ovaries tingle and before I can get another word out, my back arches and I scream when I cum.


Eric lets out a satisfied noise before he removes his hand and sucks his fingers clean. He helps me slide up the bed and he snuggles in next to me, kissing my nipple before he settles his head on my chest.


“Are you alright?” Eric asks when I’m still breathing heavily after a couple minutes.


“Uh huh,” I pant. My fingers start running through his silky hair. “So much for that shower.”


“We can still do that,” he says quietly. “I can get down on my knees and make sure your pussy gets nice and clean.”


“I don’t think my legs are functioning properly,” I inform him.


“Do you have a bath we can both fit in?”


“If you were two feet shorter, maybe,” I chuckle. He’s a damn giant.


Eric goes silent for a while, drawing light patterns on my stomach.


“So… you were raised by Adele?” he asks curiously.


“Mmhmm. My dad died in Desert Storm. My mom died of pneumonia when I was three,” I explain.


“Grams raised me too. I never met my mom and my dad passed away when I was six. He hit a patch of black ice and skidded into a tree.”


I frown at that but don’t bother offering my condolences. We both know it’s pointless this far down the line.


“Your Grams is a fascinating woman.” His grandmother has the kind of vocabulary that would make truckers and Marines tell her to tone it down.


Eric chuckles and says, “That’s one way to put it. She’s my best friend. I’d do anything for that crazy woman.”


“She mostly speaks highly of you.”


“I was a rebellious teenager. My rough patch lasted into my early twenties. I’m actually surprised she says anything nice at all,” he smiles, turning his head to look up at me.


“She calls me Sugartits, you know?” Gran gives her a dirty look every time she does it.


Eric shifts onto his elbow and dips his head to suck one of my nipples.


“Mmm, it fits,” he moans before moving to the other nipple.


“I won’t be telling her she’s right,” I smile.


“I won’t either,” he says. He kisses my nipple, my lips, and then settles on the bed again to snuggle into me. “Mind if I ask what made you kiss me?” he asks. “Not that I’m complaining, you don’t seem like the type to fuck a guy you don’t know in the garden though.”


“I’m not,” I admit. “I uh… for the last three months I’ve been taking care of a seven-year-old girl with advanced, rare stomach cancer. She died this morning.”


Eric stays quiet for a moment before he rolls on top of me and kisses me hard on the lips.


“I’m sorry,” he whispers against my lips. He hooks my arms and rolls us so I’m on his chest. He wraps his arms around me, holding me tight.


“Me too. She never gave up hope that she was going to get better. There was so much fight in her little body. Every day I went to work she would add something new to the list of things she wanted to do when her doctor sent her home,” I tell him. “I don’t think I ever saw her get scared or cry. She was too busy making other people smile to get sad or feel sorry for herself.”


“She sounds like the kind of person the world needs more of,” Eric says absently, rubbing my back. “What’s her name?”


“Annabelle Lincoln,” I answer.


He nods, but stays quiet.


“I guess you could say I was using you a little bit. It’s been a sad day. I didn’t want to think about it for a while. It’s hard not to bring my work home with me sometimes, you know? I think it would be weirder if it had no effect on me at all.” I graze my fingers up and down his ribs.


“It’s okay that you used me,” he whispers. “You’re a caring, compassionate woman. Of course you’re feeling sad. You’re welcome to use me as much as you need.”


I smile against his chest and turn my head to look up at him. “I think I’ve done enough damage for one night.”


But if he’s still here in the morning…


“I’m an animal,” he chuckles. “If I stay much longer I may try to talk you into riding me.” He moves his hands down to squeeze my butt. “I would love to watch you sit up and slowly rock your hips over my cock.”


“If I wouldn’t have been up since four this morning, I’d be a whole different Sookie.”


“What kind of Sookie?” he asks, continuing to massage my back.


“The kind that would happily ride your cock and anything else you may want me to try riding,” I answer.


“Mmm, well I can wait for her to show up,” he smiles. “For now I’m fine cuddling with you.”


I gasp dramatically and ask, “Why Eric Northman, what kind of girl do you think I am? Cuddling on the first night…”


“The kind that allows me to fuck her hard against the wall before she cums all over my hand. If you didn’t cum when you did, the kind of girl that would’ve allowed me to slide a finger into your ass. And the kind that had a long, sad day so you need to be held.”


It’s a sweet but dirty answer. I keep my inner smartass in check instead of teasing him further.


“That’s a very good answer,” I whisper.


“Go to sleep, Sookie. I’m not going anywhere,” he whispers back, giving me a little squeeze.


“Why did you let me kiss you?” I ask quietly and snuggle into him.


“You have the sexiest lips I’ve ever seen. That gorgeous blush that crept up every time I looked at you. You smell good. I knew you would be a great girl if you were raised by Adele.”


“That’s a good answer too.” I kiss his chest and focus on the sound of his heart beating.


Eric begins to hum softly as he rubs my back. He’s a pretty good cuddler. Annabelle briefly crosses my mind before I drift off. As sad as it is that she died, at least now she’s free. I envy her for that. The last thing I remember is Eric kissing the top of my head before I pass out.

10 thoughts on “Chapter 2

  1. I am really enjoying this story. The sexiness is off the charts. I really like how he calls Sookie angel. It’s fun that they can have hot sexy and then talk and snuggle. It’s amazing how comfortable they already are with each other. If Eric was like this I would fall hard and fast. Great chapter!!!!


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