Chapter 6


I’ve been seeing Sookie going on a week now. So far it’s been good. I know I’m not as experienced as she wants, but I’m getting there. I’ve had to give her another punishment and I was sure not to give her any orgasms afterward. I apologized after she fell asleep though. I’m a mess, I know, but it’ll get easier in time.


I’m taking a solo shower since I left Sookie on Jell-O legs after our last round. She’s adorable when she’s on an orgasm high. I’m just rinsing the conditioner out of my hair when I hear a blood curdling scream. Sookie’s blood curdling scream. I hop out of the shower, dripping wet. I grab my towel on the way, but I don’t put it on. I come to a screeching halt when I get to the living room where the scream originated.


Fuck me.


Sookie looks like she’s ready to murder me and Nora has an evil smirk on her face.


“Nora, did you just walk in?” I ask as I wrap my towel around my waist. I reach over and grab the blanket off the back of the couch to hand to Sookie.


“Don’t I always?” My sister shrugs.


Sookie takes the blanket while trying not to flash my soon to be dead sister any more of herself.


“Sookie, this is my sister, Nora.” I have no doubt Nora left that fact out. Since we look nothing alike it would be easy for her to think it’s an ex-girlfriend or something.


“Hi,” Sookie says as she covers herself up.


“Nice to meet you. Eric didn’t mention he’s seeing someone,” Nora tells her. Not that it makes a difference.


“I haven’t talked to you since I started seeing her,” I say in my defense.


“You haven’t told Mom either or I would have known already.” Nora pulls out her phone and starts tapping the screen. Before I can snatch the phone away she takes a picture of Sookie.


“Goddamnit, Nora,” I growl. “Don’t. I didn’t tell you guys because she doesn’t need to be harassed and I don’t want you two planning a wedding to a girl I just started seeing.”


“Who said anything about a wedding?” Nora shrugs.


“I’m going to go put some clothes on,” Sookie says. Her legs are still shaky when she stands up.


“Sorry,” I mouth and then turn to look at my sister again. “What are you doing here anyway? Why aren’t you off with Roman somewhere?” I’ve barely seen my sister since she started dating this guy Roman a couple months ago.


“He’s out of the country on business. Looks like I might be moving to London with him,” she beams.


“What?! You barely know him,” I growl. I don’t want my baby sister leaving mom and me.


“It wouldn’t be for the rest of my life. I’ve always wanted to go and if things don’t work out with Roman I can always come home. Chill out, big brother, I’ll be fine.” Nora turns to the kitchen that’s the same size as Sookie’s, and helps herself to coffee.


“I wouldn’t be a good brother if I wasn’t protective. I don’t know this guy well enough to trust him. Plus, he has shifty eyes,” I say.


“Pffffft. You have shifty eyes too sometimes.”


“Like when?” I scoff. Sookie comes back out wearing her yoga pants and one of my T-shirts. She looks adorable.


“Like usually anytime anything with tits gets near you,” Nora says. “You get all fidgety and you start blushing. I swear you were going to cry when Sophie-Anne talked to you that one time.”


“Awww a girl made you cry?” Sookie asks and my sister cackles.


“No,” I say and narrow my eyes at Nora. “The girl in question is a little more forward than I’m used to and she… touched me… in front of my mother. I don’t like it when random people put their nasty hands on me.”


“Except for me,” Sookie winks.


“You’re not random and you didn’t try to give me a hand job in front of half of my family and all of my mother’s friends,” I remind her.


“True,” Sookie chuckles.


“For what it’s worth, Mom’s friends would have enjoyed the show.”


“No they wouldn’t have,” I argue. I don’t care what Sookie says, women aren’t that attracted to me.


“Bored housewives about to go through menopause? Uh, yeah, they would have,” Nora laughs. Her phone chimes and she nearly spits coffee at the response she got from Mom.


“What did she say?” I sigh. I’m sure it’s something about child bearing hips or some shit.


Nora clears her throat and turns the phone so I can see it for myself.


Mama Bear: Holy filet of fuck, I bet she’s a swallower.


“What is wrong with her?” I chuckle. I love my mother, I really do. I just don’t know where she gets this shit.


“Was she wrong?” Nora asks. She has the same nonexistent boundaries our mom does.


“None of your business,” I blush.


“Annnnnd that’s a big yes,” Nora smirks.


I look over at Sookie and she looks a little confused.


“You don’t want to know,” I assure her.


“Mom asked if you swa–”


“Nora,” I growl. This is why none of my girlfriends stay. My mother and sister end up embarrassing them. Mom says I’ll know when I have a keeper when they don’t run from them.


“What?” My sister gives me an innocent look.


“Not everyone is as tactless as you.”


“I’m not tactless,” Nora scoffs. “I say what’s on my mind instead of white washing all of my thoughts.”


We’ve always differed there. I’d rather not talk at all, whereas Nora must say everything that runs through her brain.


“Some things just shouldn’t be said.”


Her phone chimes again and Nora looks at Sookie while she asks, “Are those real?”


Fuck me gently with a chainsaw. She’s too much. She needs to stop now.


“No, they’re imaginary,” Sookie deadpans.


I look at Sookie and grin. Finally a girl that doesn’t blush or scoff at my sister.


Mom’s going to love her.


“How do you feel about spring weddings?” Nora asks Sookie.


I throw up my hands and go to get some real pants before I hear Sookie’s answer. The interrogation is still going on when I come back into the room.


“Since you’re obviously not going anywhere anytime soon do you want breakfast?” I ask Nora who is reading questions from Mom on her phone now.


“Egg white omelet and wheat toast,” Nora answers like I’m her personal short order cook.


“Babe?” I look at her, waiting for her order.


Fuck it. I cater to the women in my life anyway, not always by choice.


“I’m easy,” Sookie shrugs. “Surprise me.”


I kiss her temple and go into the kitchen. I can hear everything they’re saying from my spot at the stove. I roll my eyes at just about everything Nora asks. I don’t know why Mom just doesn’t call the house.




“I’m sorry about them,” I apologize once my sister leaves. Mom did call right around the time we started eating.


“They’re just curious,” Sookie says with a little smile. I can’t tell if she’s really not bothered or if she’s just being nice.


“Are you really okay?” I ask and pull her close. I don’t want another Nina/Nora casualty.


“Your sister caught me off guard, but it’s okay,” she says.


“I haven’t seen her in a few weeks so I didn’t even think about her walking in like that.”


“It’s okay, Eric,” Sookie hugs me. “Me and my child bearing hips are just fine.”


“If it makes you feel any better I adore your child bearing hips,” I tell her and kiss the top of her head. “Perfect handles. Actually your whole body is just right for me.”


“Apparently your mom thinks I have just the right amount of junk in my trunk,” she snorts.


“Yet she sets me up with stick figures,” I chuckle. “And I’ll be happy to kiss and bite that junk later.”


“You didn’t get enough nibbles this morning?” Sookie’s hands sneak down the back of my shorts.


I bend at the knees a little so I can nibble on her neck, just below her ear and whisper, “I can never get enough of you.”


“You’re cute,” she giggles.


“You’re crazy,” I smile against her neck. I kiss her ear and stand up straight so she can rest her head on my chest.


“And you weren’t even in the room when I told Nora I like tophats and tails for weddings,” she snickers.


I bark out a laugh and say, “Baby, I’m way too tall for tophats.” Annnnd awkward comment of the day number eighty-seven.


“No, you’re too tall for platform shoes.”


“I doubt they make platform shoes in my size anyway.”


“I have a mission now,” Sookie grins. “If I find them you can be a pimp for Halloween.”


“Or a drag queen,” I blurt without thinking.




“I’ve dressed as a woman more times than I care to admit,” I chuckle. “Nora had a way of getting what she wanted and that usually included doing my hair and makeup.”


“Ummm… just how close are you and your sister?” Sookie laughs.


“Hush, she’s my baby sister and my mother’s daughter. All she has to do is pout a little and I give in. I’m a sucker for my women, and now you,” I tell her.


“And here I am making you act like a hard ass.”


“Mmhmm, I like it though. It’s nice to be in charge of something in my personal life for once.”


“And what would you like me to do now?” Sookie asks.


“Right now… I want you to take off your clothes and bend over the table. The way you handled my family makes you so much hotter, which is making my dick hard,” I purr.


Sookie steps back and takes off the shirt she’s wearing. “All of my clothes?”


“All of your clothes,” I nod.


Sookie wiggles out of her yoga pants and panties and then saunters over to the table to bend over it.


“Like this, Sir?” she asks over her shoulder.


“Just like that,” I smile.


I walk toward her and begin to rub her ass. I can’t get enough of this thing. I kneel behind her and I lick her right cheek before I start to nibble a little.


“Delicious,” I growl.


“You’re a goof,” Sookie giggles.


“Nope, you’re just tasty,” I chuckle and move to her left cheek to give it the same attention.


When I’m done chewing on her ass I make her yelp when I lick through her slit.


“Mmm… that’s better,” Sookie moans and spreads her legs wider for me.


I use my thumbs to spread her lips and continue to lick through her folds. I suck on each of her lips, her clit and then I stiffen my tongue and drive into her core. I moan as her honey covers my lips and chin. She’s so fucking wet right now, and it’s only going to get better.


“That’s so good, Eric,” Sookie pants and reaches back to stroke my hair.


“Mmm,” I purr, sending vibrations through her pussy. I want her to cum before I stand up to fuck her.


I push my pants down enough to allow my cock to spring free and I start to stroke myself as I fuck her with my tongue. I moan again when a fresh wave of her honey pours out over my tongue. I smile to myself and ghost my lips down to her clit. I start sucking her clit hard, moaning into her cunt.


“Ohmygod!” Sookie cries out. Her grip on my hair tightens to hold me in place. “Oh fuck I’m gonna cum…”


“Mmm,” I moan and begin to rub the tip of my tongue over her clit as I suck lightly. I stroke my cock a little faster.


I hear her hand slap the table and her free hand yanks on my hair at the same time her knees buckle a little bit. Sookie shouts my name when she cums and another wave of her honey flows from her.


“Delicious,” I groan and I start lapping at her opening.


I know she wants more, as do I, so I kiss her clit one more time and stand up. I run my tip through her folds before pushing just my head in and giving shallow thrusts.


“Deeper,” Sookie pants and pushes herself backward to get it.


I pull my hips back and tell her, “Say please.”


“Please,” she begs.


I dig my fingers into her hips and pull her back as I drive forward, burying myself inside of her completely.


“Fuck yes!” I shout and I start pounding into her. I slap her ass softly as I fuck her harder than I’ve yet to fuck her.


Sookie cries out and her hand slaps against the table again. The other disappears, probably to rub her clit. I yank her hand out and hold it at the small of her back. I grab the other one and use her wrists to pull her back onto my cock over and over. This is one of those times I can go for hours if I choose to.


I move my hand from her hip to rub my thumb against her rear entrance. “Would you like to feel a nice, hard cock fucking your ass right now while I’m buried inside your cunt?” I know she says she’s done it, but I don’t know if that’s something she likes or if the last guy wanted it.


She whimpers and nods her head slowly.


Good to know.


“Do you want me to slide my cock out and slam it into your ass right now?” I ask as my hips continue to drive forward.


“No,” she says. “I want it right where it is.”


“Good,” I growl.


I pull out of her, making her whimper and I flip her onto her back. I place her ankles over my shoulders and I grab her wrists again. I slam back into her pussy. I want to watch her tits bounce while I fuck her.


“Do you know how good this pussy feels?” I ask and this time I reach down to run my thumb over her clit.


“No,” she moans and her eyes roll back.


“Mmm, it feels perfect, like you were made just for me. I love that you can take all of me,” I tell her and begin to swivel, digging my hip bones into her thighs.


“More,” she moans, “So… so… good…”


I pull almost all the way out and slam back in, grinding my hips as I rub her clit.


“Fuck, that’s good,” I pant when I feel her walls begin to pulse. I pull out and drive in over and over until her head is rocking from side to side with her eyes screwed shut.


“Eric please,” she mumbles, “Make me… fuck… make me cum.”


“Yes, dear,” I grunt.


I let go of her hand and lift her hips. I know when I hit the right spot when she gasps. I pull her down my shaft again and again until I can tell she’s just about to explode.


“Cum. Now,” I growl.


“Ohmygodohmygodohmygod!” Sookie chants and her pussy contracts in a vice-like way when she cums.


“So… fucking… tight,” I pant. I slam into her a few more times before I pull out, push her down to her knees and push my cock between her lips. “Make me cum,” I command.


She gets right to work, sucking me deep into her mouth and bobbing her head quickly. Her hands grab my hips and she sucks hard, trying to get me my release.


Her big blue eyes lock onto mine and that’s all it takes. I thrust into her mouth a couple more times and I lose it, cumming deep down her throat. She swallows and her fingers dig into my hips. My head drops back and my hands smooth her hair out of her face.


Sookie keeps bobbing her head to clean me off and when I start to soften she releases me with a sweet little kiss on my tip. She presses her lips to my lower abdomen and slowly works her way up my torso, over my chest and up my neck until I catch her lips.


My hand threads through her hair and my tongue snakes into her mouth in a slow, sweet kiss. When the kiss breaks I rest my forehead on hers.


“Thank you, Sookie,” I whisper and peck her lips one more time.


“You’re welcome,” she replies and wraps her arms around my chest.




Two days later I meet Thalia for lunch at a restaurant halfway between our offices. She’s waiting for me at a booth off to the left when I walk in. A busboy is pouring her coffee and there’s a menu waiting for me on the table.


“What’s up, hooker?” I ask as I slide into the booth.


“Nada. Still boning McCreamy?”


“Every chance I get,” I grin and flip my coffee cup over so I’ll get some next time the busboy passes.


“Then how exactly are you still able to walk?” she deadpans.


“Because he kisses my boo boos,” I wink. Eric is amazing at giving head.


“Lucky bitch,” she grumbles. “And by that glow I assume he does it right.”


“His tongue should be bronzed,” I sigh happily.


She sighs right along with me.


“How exactly did this start happening? You were hazy at best when I asked last time.”


“I started talking to this random guy on the internet– don’t judge,” I say when she gives me one of her looks. “It was mostly harmless conversation but then it turned into flirting which turned into cybersex and photo swapping of naughty bits–”


“Oh, I saw. I assume he’s Golden Boy? He’s not pissing on you is he? He’s not into golden showers, right?”


I laugh and say, “Yes, he’s Golden Boy. No, he’s not into that, that I know of. He’s never tried to pee on me. He is, however, trying to be less… sweet in bed.”


“How’s that working out? Doesn’t he blush every time you guys get naked?” she laughs.


“Not every time,” I smile. Just this morning he stopped me in the middle of getting ready for work and pinned me up against the wall while he went down on me. That was hot.


“It doesn’t matter anyway. He’s adorable and I hope he works out. He seems like a sweet guy once you get past the stuttering and blushing.”


“He’s very sweet,” I agree. “I like him a lot.”




The server shows up to ask us if we’re ready, but we haven’t even looked.


“Have you talked about meeting the parents or anything, or is this purely sex?”


“I sorta was interviewed by his mom via his sister. She walked in on me butt naked on Sunday morning while Eric was in the shower,” I reveal.


“Awkward,” Thalia laughs.


“Oh she took a picture of me and sent it to his mother.”


“Sounds like my kinda lady,” she winks, “Pure class.”


“His mom asked if I swallow.”


Thalia’s mouth drops open before she falls over on the booth laughing.


“You said only for McCreamy, right?” she asks when she can breathe again. “Wouldn’t want her to think you’re mistreating her boy.”


“Uh, Mrs. Northman doesn’t need to know we call her son McCreamy,” I laugh. “It’s bad enough that she commented about my child bearing hips.”


“I want to know this woman,” she says seriously. “And how did she raise McCreamster? He’s so shy.”


“I’m guessing it’s because his mom and sister have such big personalities. He’s pretty quiet even with me.”


“Huh, that’s just weird. Has he ever told you what his dad was like? Maybe he got his personality.”


“No, he hasn’t talked about his dad too much. I know he was into fitness, but I don’t know much else,” I admit. I don’t push Eric to talk about his dad since I’m sure it’s a tough topic for him.


We finally open our menus so we can place our order when the waiter comes back. I get breakfast for lunch.


“Sorry, I just want to know everything. I might be a little infatuated with your relationship,” she teases.


“It’s okay. Best friends are supposed to be interested,” I smile and sip my coffee.


“Glad we have that straight.”


“So what about you? What happened with that Mustafa guy?” I ask.


Thal started seeing a guy over the summer that I still haven’t met. It started out casual, but Thal doesn’t do casual for long. She’s the reason I was able to handle Nora and Nina. Thalia calls it like she sees it. She also doesn’t like wasting her time so she dives right into the good stuff. If the sex isn’t good she doesn’t bother to stick around for the rest.


“He’s still around. He’s been weird about meeting my friends. I think he’s worried you might get judgy or something. Apparently he hasn’t figured out it doesn’t get much worse than me,” she laughs. “I like him though and he has a big cock that he knows how to work.”


“That’s good to hear. It’s awkward as hell when a guy thinks size is enough,” I say with a shake of my head. Been there, done that.


“Giiiirl, it’s not the size of the pencil but how you write the memo,” she laughs.


“Preach,” I agree.


“You know I can go on all day about bad dick,” she says as the busboy stops to fill our coffee. He’s offended.


“Oh I know you can. I remember Chow,” I smirk. That was the one nighter from hell.


“Tiny and uncoordinated.”


“Plus the Chewbacca breath.”


“Don’t get me started on Chewbacca,” she chuckles. “I told you about the guy that was so hairy my hands got stuck in his back, right?”


My jaw drops.


“Um, no? What the sparkly fuck?” I laugh.


“I didn’t know until it was too late,” she laughs with me.


“I am so glad you couldn’t talk me into approaching relationships your way.”


“If nothing else, it’s interesting,” she shrugs.


“Makes for fun storytelling,” I nod. “You’ll be happy to know that the strangest thing I’ve discovered about Eric so far is that he apologizes to me when he thinks I’m sleeping after rough sex.”


“Can he be any cuter?” she gushes. “And I bet his hands feel like heaven and hell combined when he spanks you… mmm.”


“Pretty much,” I sigh. Thalia knows about my kinks. Nosy bitch hacked my Tumblr account and found all the porn blogs I follow.


“Do you think he’s going to be enough in the long run?”


“It hasn’t even been two weeks and he’s never tried this before, but he is trying,” I tell her. “I guess we’ll see.”


“Well, I hope it works. You seem to glow a little when you talk about him.”


“I hope it works too.”


Our waiter brings Thal her cup of soup and a bread basket. I immediately grab the croissant.


“Whore. I wanted that,” she says, narrowing her eyes at me.


“You snooze you lose,” I stick my tongue out. She’ll get me back when my pancakes come.


“I don’t have anything good to dip in my soup,” she pouts.


“Your spoon,” I grin and take a bite of the bread.


She starts eating her soup, ignoring me as she eats. She’ll be fine in a second.


“Oh here,” I give her the rest of the croissant. I can’t stand that damn pouty face.


“Thanks,” she grins. “Do you give in that easy for McCreamy’s pouty face?”


“Nope. I’m a brat for him,” I smirk.


“I should really talk Mustafa into giving me a little pat on the ass when I’m naughty.”


“I’m surprised he doesn’t gag you,” I snort.


“He loves my filthy mouth,” she smiles.


“I bet he does.”


She makes a motion like she’s giving head as the busboy walks by again. That poor boy.


“He adores it.”


“You need to bring him around. I’ll bring Eric so he won’t feel so pressured to talk to the dreaded best friend the whole time.”


“Do you think Eric can get through it okay? Will he talk?” she giggles.


“If you don’t try to grab his junk when you say hello.” It wouldn’t surprise me if she tried.


“Not with my honey around.”


“Awww… your honey,” I tease.


“I have feelings,” she says, “I don’t always lead with my dick.”


“Just mostly,” I giggle.


Our food comes and Thal gets me back for taking her croissant by stealing a piece of my bacon. We pick off each other’s plates all the time so I’m used to this. While we eat we make plans to drag our boyfriends out so the four of us can have dinner together. I don’t know much about Mustafa, but Thal isn’t easily smitten. She’s got high standards and I love her for not settling. She would definitely prefer to be single than put up with bullshit.


After we finish eating we go back to work. I return some calls and I have to authorize the issuing of paychecks. Just as I’m getting off the phone there’s a chat coming in on my computer from Eric.


Golden_Boy: *sigh* I might have to stop cybersexing you.


Dani Irving: When were you cybersexing me? o___O


Golden_Boy: It’s been a while, but I know you still want me 😉


Dani Irving: I do. Damn work schedule cockblocking us!


Golden_Boy: I was actually going to blame it on my girlfriend screwing me every night.


Now I get what he’s talking about.


Dani Irving: Oh yeah? How’s that going?


Golden_Boy: Good… huh, she’s not around right now… 😀


Golden_Boy: What are you wearing?


I shake my head and decide to have some fun with him.


Dani Irving: A smile.


Golden_Boy: Really?


Dani Irving: mmhmmm


Dani Irving: And heels. Red ones.


Golden_Boy: You know how much I like red on you.


Golden_Boy: And heels.


Dani Irving: I do. Are you at the office?


He could have gone home to work. I didn’t pay attention to see if his car is in the lot when I came back from lunch.


Golden_Boy: For the time being. I’m pretty much done for the day.


Dani Irving: Must be nice.


Golden_Boy: It is 🙂


Golden_Boy: So… I had some free time and knowing you’re in red heels… mmm.


Dani Irving: What about your girlfriend?


Golden_Boy: I’m sure she’d be okay if we have a simple conversation. Of a sexual nature.


Dani Irving: Sounds like an awesome chick.


Golden_Boy: She is. She’s pretty amazing.


Dani Irving: But apparently she’s not getting it done sexually speaking…


Golden_Boy: She’s getting the physical stuff done perfectly. I like you for my cyber stuff.


Dani Irving: Uh huh 🙂


Golden_Boy: You guys remind me of each other.


Dani Irving: How so?


I start to log out of my computer and switch over to my phone to keep chatting with him.


Golden_Boy: Both blonde. Both have great asses. You both have sexy personalities.


Dani Irving: Sounds like you won the jackpot, mister.


Golden_Boy: Pretty much.


I turn off my monitor and grab my purse out of the desk drawer before I leave the office.


Dani Irving: So what would you like to talk about, Goldie?


Golden_Boy: Hmmm. Lets see, I already know what you’re wearing. I really don’t have much.


Dani Irving: That’s too bad.


I get on the elevator and go down to the lobby.


Golden_Boy: What are you doing?


Dani Irving: Looking at dirty pictures.


I’m actually walking out to my car.


Golden_Boy: How dirty? Like making you wet dirty, or eh I could do better dirty?


Dani Irving: I’m sure you could do better 😉


Golden_Boy: Hmm… how dirty do you feel like getting?


Dani Irving: I can get filthy if you want.


I get in the car and turn the key in the ignition.


Golden_Boy: Do you want to hear about what I plan to do to my girlfriend when I get off work?


Dani Irving: mmm… I would love to.


I back out of my parking space and head for home.


Golden_Boy: She’s like you in that regard too. She likes it when I’m rough with her.


Dani Irving: My kind of girl 😉


Golden_Boy: Mmhmm. I think I’m in the mood for wall sex today. I pinned her this morning and spent ten minutes with my mouth on her pussy. Set the tone for the day I think.


Golden_Boy: I’m going to grab her around the throat and push her face first into the wall. I’ll spread her legs and fuck her so hard her hips hit the wall.


I read that at a stoplight and whimper.


Dani Irving: I want that.


Golden_Boy: If she’s really good I’ll move my cock up to her ass and make her moan when I slide in and out in a slow rhythmic motion. I can already hear her cries and it’s making me hard.


Dani Irving: Does she like being fucked in the ass?


Golden_Boy: So far she likes it. She came really, really hard the last time.


Dani Irving: She’s brave to try that with the monster you’re packing.


Golden_Boy: I warned her, she said it wasn’t her first time.


I pull into the parking lot at home and find a space by my building.


Dani Irving: I’m sure she’ll enjoy the wall sex.


I get out of the car and go inside.


Golden_Boy: I hope so.


Dani Irving: I know I would love wall sex *sigh*


Golden_Boy: Yeah? Didn’t you say you hook up with your neighbor? Why don’t you ask him? You know, since you didn’t want to meet me.


Dani Irving: That’s not a bad idea. His truck is parked outside right now.


Golden_Boy: *growls*


Dani Irving: Why the growl? I’ll take pictures if you want 😉


Dani Irving: I’ll let you see my tits dripping with his cum.


Golden_Boy: That makes it all better. Do you want pictures of my cock covered in my girl’s cum later?


Dani Irving: Sure.


I go to my bedroom and change out of my work clothes. I leave my underthings on and step out into the hallway to take a picture of myself outside Alcide’s door. With a little smirk on my face, I email the picture to Eric.


Golden_Boy: Let me know how that works out for you.


Dani Irving: Did you get my email?


Golden_Boy: Yep.


Golden_Boy: That’s why I said let me know how it works out.


Dani Irving: I will.


I go back inside the apartment and close the door. I’m giving it four minutes before Eric shows up here.


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  1. so we get the angst now, eric doesn’t get the joke and becomes a bit of a dick perhaps, will see and I can’t wait. this one’s gonna be a riot sookie mentions the woman nina that eric also mentioned


  2. Tell me he doesn’t think she’s serious?
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  4. Eric’s getting serious but he doesn’t know who with; Sookie or Dani Irving. That is going to mess him up. Love the descriptive sexting.


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    I am loving Eric and Sookie together though it is bittersweet knowing (from the summary) that it is all going to hell…


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