About Us

This blog contains explicit content meant for audiences over the age of 18.

If you are not 18, or aren’t interested in reading porn, please hit the back button on your browser now.


We aren’t interested in reading you bitching and complaining.

No one is holding a gun to your head forcing you to read this blog.

All whiners will be spammed and deleted.

This is your warning.

Now that we got that out of the way, this is the place for Makesmyheadspin and Missy Dee’s collaborative efforts. If you follow either of us you’re probably aware of the following.

  1. We love Alexander Skarsgard.
  2. We like to write porn.
  3. We like angst.
  4. If we can combine the two we look something like this…

If you weren’t aware of these things, why are you here? Just wondering. This blog will contain stories that contain some taboo subject matter and we cannot guarantee you happy endings. There will be angst. There might be cheating. Missy & Meg don’t like to give their characters and easy time and there will be no apologizing for the journey the characters take. If you’re going to stick around and read, please put on your big girl panties prior to delving into our work, mmkay? We’re all adults here.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope that you enjoy our work.

Meg & Missy

Dirty Lemons

Disclaimer: This is a fanfiction website dedicated to Southern Vampire Mysteries and the True Blood fandom. We do not own any of the characters created by Charlaine Harris or Alan Ball. This is purely for shits and giggles, not for profit. Thank you.

120 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I got on my big girl panties and I’m ready to read!! Bring it on ladies!!!

    Missy Dee, I hope this means you are recovered and doing well! Lots of well wishes and good vibes to you, my dear!



  2. So, So stoked!! Lil missy I hope your doing better!! I’m assuming if you’re collaboration with the great and wonderful Meg that you are doing better? I definately don’t want you to quite writing but I want you to get better first so if you’re ready darlin I can’t wait LOL…
    Meg, you are awesome sauce and I can’t tell you how fucking happy I am that two of my favorite authors are collaborating together!! We are the most fortunate reader on the planet and we THANK YOU LADIES!!! MWAH!!


  3. This is seriously exciting news. Missy Dee & MMHS together, writing lemons & gifting us with your joint awesome talents, I am so excited!!! I’m going shopping tomorrow for some new extra strong grown-up panties with added angst absorbtion pads, cos I’m gonna need them. But it will be so worth it!
    PS welcome back Missy.


  4. This should be great! 2 of my favorite Ericotica writers collaborating to bring us all the porn we want & maybe a little plot too…And I have to agree with NinaStringz – best blog warning ever! Keep those nasty bitching whiners outta here! They just take up wasted space!


  5. This is going to be epic! I can feel it way down inside! Porn and angst, it just doesn’t get any better than this.I can’t wait. When is it going to start? Not that Im in a hurry or anything, just looking forward to it.


  6. Great to see the two of you collaborating. Two dirty minds at work…Ericotica, aka porn, and angst…my house will never get clean, but WTF? Some things take precedent! The two of you writing together will be – just WOW! CAN NOT WAIT! I’m so happy to read Missy’s doing so well; Meg – your A/N’s to “anonymous” are so funny! The warning on the home page had LMAO! I’ll look forward to reading whatever the two of you come up with! I know it’ll be smutastic!


  7. All I Can Say Is , Can’t Wait For The Yummies That Are Sure To Come From The Two Of You Writing Together, And Please Hurry And Post The Suspense Is Killing Me !


  8. Wait! Wait! Wait! My big girl panties are in the wash…….*runs off to do laundry….Ok, I’m ready now, and patiently waiting with my newly washed big girl panties on.


  9. Anticipation, anticipation
    It’s making me late…
    It’s keeping me waitin….

    I promise, I am trying to be patient but its hard when you know to expect an awesome sandwich smothered with lemony goodness!!! I’m drooling already. *sigh*


  10. I love the writing by both of you so combined it sounds just amazing… Love the lemony end of things and I cope with the angst (mostly) so look forward to see where the story goes…

    Very happy Missy Dee is feeling better!


  11. I’ve just had my wisdom teeth extracted so please take pity on me and update both stories! I’m missing the daily updates from months back 😦


  12. I am loving I’m on fire story i just so into the story and wanting to know what line they are going to cross. I think the story is more interesting than 50 Shades of Grey and more forbidden and that why I love it. Can not wait to read the next stories of the fire series. Keep up the good work.


  13. Hi girls, absolutely loving the stories I have read so far 😀 I’d love to read the ‘light my fire’ story, but I can only see a few paragraphs of each chapter. Am I doing something wrong? (sorry to sound like a dill, but I’m new to wordpress & found the link on your fanfiction page)


  14. I just finished reading your awesome awesome Fire Trilogy. It was sexy, soo very dirty and sometimes heart wrenching to read but I loved every minute of it. Hope you all are still working on Breakeven, another great story of yours I’m loving! Maybe even finish off Play with Fire? 😉 that would be a treat as well.


  15. Not sure if its only me but when I pull up new chapter (chapter 17) for breakeven I get chapter 17 of play with fire. Am I doing something wrong? But also wanted to say loving everything you guys write! Keep up the amazing job!


  16. Hi ladies, my bestie and I are in love with the explicit content and easy ready reading but we have noticed that you use characters (not personalities, but names and other similarities) from another series we read a few years back. Are we missing something, what’s the connection?


      • This is a site devoted to Eric and Sookie fanfiction based on the show True Blood and book series The Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris. That’s why you’re seeing the same characters over and over again but in different stories. How did you even find us without knowing that?


        • Ha! I googled dirty reading one night in my phone when my last steamy read ran out…. And tere ya were! Love it! I never really got too far into the DVD set maybe like third or fourth season, but I love loved the books! Does that count for me to be a fan??? Pretty please???? Ps what is trolling??


  17. I just finished the last chapter you have posted on your ‘Ever The Same’ story. The story is going very well. Like that they have decided to give the relationship another go for themselves rather than for their yet to be born daughter. Thoroughly enjoying reading the story.

    PS. For the comment problem I used this link which gave me an idea on how to fix it. 🙂


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