Double Dip Updates

I have not forgotten about this. I’ve been very busy the last month. So busy I had to make a personal calendar to keep it all straight lol. Because I’ve been such a lame-ass I posted the next 3 chapters of Double Dip (10-12). I am getting ready to go on a cruise — the New Kids On The Block cruise. Don’t judge me… Once I’m home from that I will post the last 4 chapters. We already know what we want to post next! So we are always thinking about you guys (girls) even if we’re not posting.



Double Dip Chapter 10 – Complicated My Ass… 

New Story!! Double Dip

Hey-ooooo! I decided to post one story, and then Meg reminded me of this one, and we decided Double Dip was the way to go. It’s short and sweet (or not sweet depending on how you look at it).

Summary: Can two best friends stay best friends when they unknowingly fall for the same girl?

Enter if you dare… mwahahahaha….

Chapter 1: Monkey Business



And we decided on a little eye candy for our previous and next buttons….