Some People Do

The overwhelming winner on this was to post it all at once. So I’m actually typing up this post on Wednesday evening. I’ve spent the last 2 hours getting all of the pages organized and scheduled to post, so everything should be there now if you’re reading this post. Fingers crossed that I did it all correctly. If not, I’ll be around to make whatever corrections are necessary.

I made sure to label it on the story’s home page, but I want to make it abundantly clear right here and now that this story may have triggers in it since it does touch on child sexual abuse and drug/alcohol use. I made the decision not to get too deep into the trauma Sookie went through, but it is discussed at certain points in this story. The chapters also have trigger warnings where/when necessary, so read at your own risk.

Also, for the record, I want to stress that Missy and I are not addiction counselors or mental health professionals. Addiction is something that has touched both of our lives in different ways, so we do have some experience with it but not nearly enough to be considered professionals. We are not attempting to give anyone advice for how to recover from addiction or trauma. This is purely a work of fiction, so take from it what you will. Please consult professionals if you or someone you love needs help.

For help with substance abuse, please check out the SAMHSA website. If you are a survivor of sexual abuse and need help dealing with that, you can go here. It is never too late to get help, and we would strongly encourage you to do so.

Finally, let’s get to the good stuff! We hope you all enjoy this story. It was a pleasure to write and I think we’re both really proud of the journey these two characters go on in order to get to their ultimate destination. Thank you for reading.

Oh, and get your Kleenex. You’re gonna need it.

Stay safe/healthy and enjoy the ride!

Some People Do
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Opinions Wanted!

Hey all!

So Missy and I finished something that we feel good about posting. It’s relatively short, only 12 chapters in total. However, I thought I would give you guys a choice. Since many people are working from home or are spending far more time at home than usual, I thought we would let you vote on whether or not you would prefer to get the story all in one go or if you would prefer daily chapter updates. This story is complete so we absolutely could post it all at once. Some people like getting daily updates. Personally, I’m a binger when it comes to stories and I get impatient so I don’t generally read things until they’re complete. Unless it’s Wifey, and then I get to read her stuff before it goes online. (kjwrit is alive and well, by the way, just in case anyone is wondering where the heck she’s at.) So it’s up to you guys, our lovely readers.

Some People Do

SUMMARY: Unable to cope with a horrific childhood, Sookie turned to alcohol. In doing so, it cost her her relationship with Eric. She’s gotten help, thanks in large part to an ultimatum from her ex. Now she’s working on making amends, but not sure how to go about when “I’m sorry” doesn’t seem good enough. Sookie knows that her chances of being forgiven are slim. She’s not sure she could do it if the shoe was on the other foot. Eric’s no saint either. He’s had his own demons to face down, and bad behavior to rectify. While he’s never had to kick an addiction, correcting toxic habits and changing learned behavior can be just as tough to do.
Maybe, just maybe, this is a case where true love can win in the end.
“Some people quit drinking too much
And some people quit lying
Some people decide to grow up
But it’s never good timing
Most wouldn’t forgive what I put you through
But I’m here tonight, hoping some people do.”
– Old Dominion


All at once or daily updates?

Drop a comment to vote and we’ll go by majority rules. I’ll leave this up for voting until Wednesday, April 15th, 2020. If it’s a tie, Missy and I will discuss and break it ourselves. Either way, the first chapter will go up on Thursday.

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!

Meg & Missy

Quarantine Reading

Howdy from the bunker!

Just kidding. Not an actual bunker, although it feels like there should be right about now. Missy and I have been writing steadily even though our posting doesn’t reflect as much. For those that aren’t familiar with how Meg’s (my) brain works, I am a FABULOUS idea person. Inspiration smacks me upside the head all the time. It’s very rare when I can’t come up with an idea. Now the follow through? Well, that’s another matter.

However, I heard a song on Amazon’s Country Heat playlist that got the plot bunnies  humping around in my gray matter and the next thing you know, Missy and I put our current story on hold to write up this little beauty. It’s just a one shot, less than 8,000 words. BUT, it’s complete and it’s got a nice citrusy finish. What more could ladies stuck in quarantine ask for? I also included the song that inspired this at the end of the story so you can give it a listen if you like.

I hope everyone is safe at home and doing well, with plenty of good snacks and toilet paper (seriously, what’s with the TP hoarding?!) to see you through this. If you or someone you love has tested positive, Missy and I certainly wish you and yours a speedy recovery.

Happy reading, everyone!


OS_After A Few
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SUMMARY: Eric and Sookie broke up 6 months ago, but in a small town it’s hard to avoid your ex. Especially on a Friday night and after a drink or two. Super especially when you’re still in love with each other.