Who Has 4 Thumbs and Sucks at Updating?

Missy and I do!

First of all, happy belated New Year to all of you. Over the holidays I did get a new computer. My Chromebook is my favorite thing right now. I really have no excuse for not updating other than I just completely forgot about it. Missy asked me to last Friday and I was like yeah, sure, got it covered. *wink wink*

Cut to 3 days later and she has to remind me. So I got right on it. Hopefully y’all are still interested. I’m sorry for the delay. I hope the holidays were good to everyone. I’m excited the Eagles won yesterday’s game, if only because the Patriots get on my damn nerves and I don’t even watch football.

Chicago is getting blanketed in snow tonight so I hope everyone is somewhere warm and safe. If you’re in the southern hemisphere, I hope you’re somewhere cool and near a beach because that’s where I’d be if I could.

I’ll set a reminder for myself to update again tomorrow. Only 2 chapters left of this story. I’d like to finish it before the Olympics start because I am a total geek over the games and I’m not even a little bit sorry about it.

Happy 2018, friends!

13: Engagements

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