Devil’s Night

Here’s a little early Halloween treat for you lovelies. Missy and I wrote this just a little over a week ago when we got into a slump on another project.

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Sookie’s married to an abusive asshole and falling in love with her husband’s business partner. A chance meeting with a witchy woman and the Moon Goddess Emporium might just give Sookie the out she needs to live her happily ever after with a man who treats her right.

Never try to fuck over Carrie Underwood. This chick will bury you.

This was inspired by her song Church Bells and the video for it is embedded at the bottom of the page if you’d like to hear it.

Cubbies are hanging on by a thread here, so if y’all could say a quick prayer in their name, I’d be forever grateful.

We might be back with another goody for Halloween tomorrow… I’ll let Missy decide.

Happy Devil’s Night!