Lay Low 8

I ripped off a receipt from the credit card printer for a customer to sign and put it up on the counter for him. The front door of the shop opened and Sookie stepped in. I hadn’t seen her since she left my house Tuesday morning. She had a pretty smile on her face and I wondered if she had the same urge I did to pounce on her.


“All right, you’re all set,” I said when the customer finished signing the receipt. I gave him a copy of the invoice for his repairs and saw Sookie go to the time clock located in the oil change bay.


The customer turned and left. Moments later my lube tech, Felipe, came bursting through the door from the shop. He was soaking wet and pissed off.


“I’m going to fucking kill Andre,” he told me. Andre followed, laughing his fool ass off.


Uh oh.


“Why? What happened?” I asked.


Before Felipe could answer me, Andre answered, “He was taking a shit and I ran the hose through the hole in the wall back there and let ‘er rip.”




I laughed. Hard.


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