Lay Low 6

Inviting Sookie over was a spur of the moment kind of decision. If I was being perfectly honest, work was kind of boring when she wasn’t around. I liked talking to her. She held her own with the guys although they were careful not to get too far out of line with her. Of course there was a healthy amount of checking her out but it was a lot of look but don’t touch.


Des was cool about a lot of things but Sookie being made to feel uncomfortable wasn’t one of them. Not only could it cause legal problems down the line, but he also had an eight-year-old daughter. Ariana was rapidly approaching the age where boys were going to pay attention to her appearance. Jace, his son, was barely out of diapers but I knew he was trying to teach the kid manners.


Not that I wanted to sexually harass Sookie, exactly, but there was definitely something going on with us. I didn’t know if it was just flirting, trying to figure out what was going on or if we were trying to avoid the inevitable. Personally, I thought it was a big mistake to dip my pen in company ink but something about her was making me reconsider that idea. It was unique to her, though.


Beers were cold and the grill was hot by the time Sookie arrived. She crept around the side of my house like a spy might, sticking to the shadows and ducking under the windows. I admired her willingness to keeping up my nonsense. When she knocked on the door I went over to it and asked, “What’s the code?”


Spies had secret codes, right?


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