Play With Fire Chapter 1

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Missy and I just couldn’t wait to start posting anymore so here is the first chapter of Play With Fire. At this point we’re about to start chapter 41 and I’d say we’re getting close to winding the story down but with us, who the hell knows. We thought we’d be done in less than 30 chapters. You can see how well that worked out for us.

Pretty much nothing about this story is safe for work. There is plenty of plot here but there’s a ridiculous amount of porn. If you’ve read our work you know what we’re capable of in the lemon department so don’t be surprised if you see things that are out of the box. I’ve always been of the opinion that if I’m bored writing it, you’re bored reading it. That’s no fun for anyone.

So sit back, have a glass of wine and hold onto your panties because the first chapter starts with a bang.

Happy reading!

Meg & Missy

∞ ∞ ∞

The bell goes off all over the house to let us know there’s a lineup about to start. The Cathouse is always busy on the weekends, especially on Friday since its payday. On any given Friday I can book up to six or seven parties if the men just want to come in and get off. Usually I’d go running for the parlor at the sound of that bell, but I have a client coming tonight. Over the last six months Eric has become a regular for me. He’s a great guy and I enjoy seeing him. I know I probably shouldn’t have a favorite customer, but he’s good to me.

In addition to the rate he pays to spend time with me, he brings me gifts and sends me flowers. It’s like the best friends with benefits relationship ever. This is a business relationship at the end of the day, after all. I like him, of course, or I couldn’t have sex with him, but that’s as far as it goes.

He’s a customer.

There’s a knock on my door a few minutes later and I open it to find another one of Pam’s ‘kitties’ standing in the hall. Her real name is Claudine, but around here she goes by Neveah. Some of the names the girls come up with are pretty crazy. We all have our niche, and Claudine likes playing up this angelic/fairy look. It works for her, though.

“Hey, come in,” I say and wave her inside.

“You should see what just walked in,” she says after she closes the door. “A guy in his late twenties, looking like he’s about to have a panic attack.”

“That’s nothing new,” I smirk and go over to my closet. Eric likes red, so I try to wear it when he’s coming.

“He was with his mother,” Claudine says. “She brought him here to lose his virginity.”

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